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It happened when I was in my Intermediate some six years ago. We were in Satyanarayana puram, Vijayawada. In our next portion a young couple lived. Husband’s name was Arun and his wife’s name was Silpa. They were very friendly with our family. I used to spend my time whenever I found leisure time.

One day we had no classes as one of our lecturers passed away. My parents and my sister went to attend a local function. As usual I went to my neighbour’s house.

“Come in Leela”, Silpa aunt invited me as I stepped into their house. She was mixing a paste in a bowl. I asked her what that was.

“It is a mixture of fenugreek seeds and curd. It is a good pack for our hair. I soaked some fenugreek in curd last night and ground them just now. If we apply this paste to our hair it will shine like silk. Not only that our hair becomes lively” explained Silpa aunt.

I have never heard about that type of hair pack. So enthusiastically I touched it. It was very smooth but sticky. Aunt’s hair is very thick and it is waist length. Aunt started applying that paste on her hair. In ten minutes she applied it to all her hair. We had a chit chat for some time. After some forty minutes she went into bathroom to wash her hair. She came out after fifteen minutes. Her hair was wet. She asked me to blow it dry with drier. I plugged the drier and dried her hair.

In ten minutes it became semi damp. Aunt asked me to stop blowing hot hair. She then took a hair brush and started combing it.

“Shall I brush it?” I asked my aunt. “Sure” she handed the brush to me.
The brush was gliding very smoothly on her hair.

“Leela, how will I look like if I cut my hair short?”suddenly she asked me. I could not understand her question. “What aunt, why do you want to cut your hair?” I asked with surprise. “Your uncle is saying that I will look very beautiful with shoulder length hair”, she said.

“Your hair is very thick and jet black in colour. Moreover you have pear shaped face. I also think that short haircut suits you well”, I told examining her face. She laughed and took the brush from me. Then she went to the phone and rang up a number. “I am calling my friend, Rupa. She did beautician course. When we met at a function last month she also advised me to go for a short hair. Now I will ask her to come over here to give me a haircut” . Then she requested her friend to come to her house immediately.

“Why are you in a hurry to get your hair cut, Aunt” , I asked with enthusiasm. “Tomorrow is your uncle’s birthday. So I want to surprise him when he return tomorrow from his business trip”, said Silpa Aunt.

After half an hour door bell rang. Silpa aunt opened the door to receive her friend Rupa. Aunt offered snacks to us. Then she told Rupa why she wanted to get her hair cut. Rupa appreciated her.

“Did you bring scissors?” Silpa aunt asked her friend.

“Yes, Yes. I am ready with everything. Oh it seems you washed your hair just now. It makes my task easy. Shall us start the work?” Rupa said.

Silpa aunt went in and brought a stool. She placed it at the centre of the room and sat on it. Rupa approached her and removed the head band she was wearing. I was watching eagerly. It was a thrilling experience to watch a hair cut from a very close quarters. Before that I saw only trimming of split ends. But now I am going to watch cutting of long hair.

Rupa brushed Silpa Aunty’s hair thoroughly. Then she sprinkled some water on her hair. “Shall I cut upto here?” she asked placing her palm just below Silpa aunt’s soulder.

“Yes, But I want cute hair cut”, said aunt.

“Sure, I will give you U shape cut leaving your hair just below your shoulders” said Rupa.

Rupa took scissors into her right hand. She cut Silpa aunt’s hair with her left hand and gave first cut. Half of her hair fell on the floor. Rupa gave the second cut and remaining half of her hair fell leaving her waist length to shoulder length. Now it was equal at the end. Rupa took the brush and brushed again. Then she made it wet againg. She started cutting from aunt’s left side. Scissors are moving slowly. After ten minutes Rupa gave Silpa aunt a perfect U cut hair. Aunt looked at the mirror and felt very happy.

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