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I have only recently come across this site and have loved reading so many of these stories, as I definitely have a hair fetish. I am looking forward to sending in some great fictional stories of my own but thought maybe I should first tell you the true story of my first experience of being cropped.

My name is Sophie and I am now 36 years old. I am a single lesbian woman with a real zest for life. I had always had very long straight auburn hair which reached down past the middle of my back. I was 22 when I had my first girlfriend. Kate was 27 very pretty and extremely bossy which I quite liked. Kate was a few inched taller than me, a blonde with a shortish bobbed hairstyle and a really gorgeous body. After a few months we moved into a flat together and spent many long evenings. well need I say more.

One evening after a few too many glasses of wine Kate was sitting there running her fingers through my hair when she suddenly told me that she had always wanted me to have my hair shorter as she thought it would be really sexy and cute. I was quite shocked at the thought and told her no. Throughout the evening she kept hinting about my having it cut and with each fresh glass of wine, my resolve slowly ebbed away.

Kate kept on hinting until eventually I agreed although I thought I could talk my way out of it before she could get me to a salon. Little did I know that she had no intention of waiting. A few minutes later she called me into the bedroom, come and sit she said, I will give your hair a good brush before bed. She brushed it for several minutes and then secured it in a ponytail. Oh that had felt so good. Next I felt her hands as her fingers started stroking my breasts. Before I knew it she had undone a few buttons of my blouse and pushed both the blouse and then my bra down past my elbows. She continued to massage my breasts and came round and sat astride me on the chair.

She took hold of my ponytail in her hand and pulled my head back before kissing me hard. By this time I was really turned on, that was until she pulled away and that’s when I saw she had a large pair of scissors in her hand and a devilish smile on her face. “I know you all too well” she said, did you think I didn’t know you only agreed because you thought you could get out of it later. Well my girl, you cant.

With that she pulled my head back again. I couldn’t fend her off as my arms were being held by my bra and blouse. Before I could even speak, I could hear and feel the scissors cutting into my hair. Schnick is a really good word to describe the sound as time and again the scissors closed until my head was released and there in Kate’s hand was my long ponytail.

“Oh god your hot” she said before kissing me again and I could not help but respond because the whole experience had left me so turned on. What followed was one of the best nights of sex I have ever experienced and by morning I had completely forgiven her.

That was 14 years ago and since then I have gone from long to short twice more although never quite enjoyed it as much as the first time. Now my hair is long again, falling down to about the middle of my back. Will it stay that way? Who knows as I am always open to suggestions. !!

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