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Well it is a long time ago, when I was less old than I am now, but from 1994 onwards, I grew envious of youths and young men with their bowl cuts and step cuts. By this time, I was well into my thirties, and considered myself too old for one, but still hankered after one. On extended holiday in 1997, the bowl cut was still very popular, even when it’s popularity was waning . I should explain at this point that I am a long-time hair fetishist going eight back to the days of enforced short back and sides in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Eventually, I took the plunge; I found a back street barbershop with a young barberette. I had been growing my hair out for months in anticipation of this, and it had reached the bottom of my ears. I walked in the door – a clean and tidy shop, nice frontage, the other barberette was obviously at lunch somewhere. No one else in the shop. With a smile she beckoned me to the red leather chair and put the cape around me. What are we doing? She asked with a smile. “Can you do a step cut” (n.b. bowl cut = another English term for a bowl cut) I asked, she smiled and said yes. She traced her finger around my head, and we agreed where the line would fall, about 1cm above the ears, and dipping down at the back. What length do you want the back and sides she asked, no.2 I said (about 6mm). Getting a massive purring pair of clippers out, she put on the no.2 attachment and shaved all the hair up to the occipital bone, whilst leaving the longer hair hanging down. Slowly she wet my hair with a spray and then combed it all down. Reaching for the long cutting scissors, she carefully cut the line above my ear, curving it around the ear into a strong dipped undercut. Forming the back into a strong dipped undercut, she worked her way around the other side of my head eventually completing the line.

She now worked on thinning out the hair at the top until the top layer was just the right length. Smoothing the hair down – she showed me the back with a mirror and yes, I looked 5 years younger already !

Driving off from the barbershop 10 minutes later, I spent all the time looking at the hair in the rear view mirror of the car – I had finally done it! got a decent bowlcut after all of this time and fulfilled my fantasy !

My next step was to get it properly dyed, to hide the grey hair which I did myself, and I had a cool couple of days enjoying my bowlcut, and looking at myself in shop windows. Fantasy achieved

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