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I went to high school and played basketball and volleyball and ran track with Amy. She was a year behind me, but we are the same age. Amy actually was held back a year in the 8th grade for athletic reasons. Amy developed into a first-class All-State center in high school and eventually earned a full scholarship to UM-Crookston and played there four years. I was recruited by the same school as well as some other schools and was on my way to UW-Eau Claire, but I became pregnant my senior year of high school and ended up in barber college 6 months after I miscarried.

One day, Amy and I were at a gym with some guys playing pick up basketball. We had no trouble competing against males, because we were much better than almost all of them. There was that day when Kevin McHale was there, but that doesn’t count.

One of the guys on the other team was John. I had noticed him a few times before. he was a rather good player, but he was only about 5 foot 7 or 8. John thought he was much better than he actually was. Amy liked his smile and immediately was attracted to him. I told her to go for it, because he wasn’t going to make a move on someone six inches taller than he.

It turned out that John ended up on another team in our battle of 5 on 5 halfcourt. Amy and I had a large height advantage over all the guys on the floor, plus we could run many of our two-person schemes from high school. We had three mediocre players on our team, but John and his four teammates flat out stunk. We quickly won 15-1, and then everybody took a break. John by now had no problem speaking to Amy, but it was all hype. He told her he could have wiped her off the court if it was just 1 on 1. Amy is not the type of person who takes kindly to that type of talk, so she told him to name the time and place, and she would play him 1 on 1 to 15-win by 2. John said, “Now!”

Amy then offered a little wager. She looked at me and winked. Amy told John, “If you win, I’ll treat you to a T-Wolves game.” If I win, you have to visit my friend Annie’s shop for a new look.” John didn’t know what type of shop I ran, and for all I know, he could have thought I ran a clothing shop. What I did know was that the T-wolves ticket Amy talked about was MY TICKET. I told Amy she better win, or she’d be visiting my shop.

Well, it didn’t take long for the game to become a farce. Amy posted John up again and again and killed him with turnaround jumpers off the glass. When John tried to drive, Amy blocked several of his shots in a way that they ricocheted off the glass for easy rebounds. She won 15-2.

Amy then told John that all three of us were going over to my place. It was a Wednesday night, and I had no intention of cutting a stranger’s hair in my apartment. I told Amy to make it tomorrow at the shop since we are open late on Thursdays. Amy agreed and told him to meet her in front of Lakewinds Natural Foods the next day at 6:15 PM.

At 6:35, Amy and John entered the barber shop. Indeed, John had thought I owned a woman’s clothing store and was going to be forced to dress up in drag. he was almost relieved to find out he was just getting a haircut.

Amy knew all the terminology and told me to give him an MF with 00000 sides. MF means military flattop, the shortest type where the hair is totally shaved off on the sides and back and just a tiny horseshoe is left on top. The center of the top is mostly shaved to nothing as well.

I told John that Amy was about to change his appearance drastically, and it would take 6 to 8 months to grow back where it was then. he had about 3 to 3 1/2 inches of hair on the top and only a little less on the sides.

John said that a bet was a bet, and that he had already figure out he was going to be scalped in some form or fashion.

I popped the clippers on and slowly guided them up John’s right side taking off all his hair with each swipe. He flinched when he looked in the mirror and saw his scalp with only peach fuzz where I had cut. He stayed brave and never said a word while I took off all his side and back hair. I then took some hot foam and rubbed it on his burred parts. I took my razor and shaved the fuzz to smooth baldness.

I then took my 00000 blade and put it back on the clipper. Slowly, I began to shave John’s top hair into a short horseshoe. Because his head was sort of flat to begin with, I was able to take it shorter than normal. His longest hairs after it was done were about 1/4 inch, whereas on average scalps, it is around 3/4 inch.

When I was done, Amy gave a standing ovation and asked John if he wanted to go play horse for another wager. For those who don’t know, horse is a basketball game where you have to make an identical shot if the other player makes the shot first. John was a camper, or a masochist, for he asked what was on the line this time. Amy said, the same as last time, only it would be his pubic hair to go next. The next day, Amy asked me how to shave pubic hair, and I gave her implicit instructions. The next time I saw the two, John was now totally bald. Amy took a razor and got rid of his flattop. I jokingly told John not to bet any more or he might lose body parts. Amy whispered to me that she had just forced John to lose sperm. The two became quite an odd couple, and when I saw how happy they were, I realized I was missing out on dating some nice, cute, sexy guys who just happened to be shorter than me. Within a few weeks, I was going out with a guy five foot six, and after the second date, I had him in my chair ready to be transformed. That will be my next story when I get a chance to write about it. A quick tease: He became the father of my daughter.

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