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Gary’s boss had been surprised, but pleased, when he showed up on Tuesday. The bald head looked very good on him and gave Gary a more confident air. Everyone had turned around and looked at him twice. He managed to act like his head was always this way. He was wearing a new dark navy blue shadow suit with a white shirt and a blue and yellow tie. Samantha had used something on his head that made it look not quite so pale and white as it really was. The district boss was pleased, he had been afraid he would have to tell Gary to get a haircut. That stuff down to his shoulders was out dated for a young up and coming executive.

Three weeks later, on Thursday it was announced that Gary was being promoted, his boss was going to the new location on the other side of the city and Bob was also going with. There was going to be a dinner to include wives on the first Friday of the next month to make the formal announcement. Gary thought this was just the time to get his revenge, no, time to fulfill his wife’s fantasy. He had looked on line and found just the clipper set he needed and ordered it shipped to his office. It came 10 days later. The secretary signed for them and brought the package to his office. Would he do his wife and then tell her about the dinner, or tell her about the dinner first. He decided to tell her about the dinner first.

Samantha was excited. She was really more than pleased, it was a raise in pay, which they would need if she had indeed gotten pregnant, and she would get a new outfit just for the occasion. They had a small celebration, the big one would be next week, so it was a bottle of wine which he brought home with the Chinese take out. She added a candle to the table and a romantic evening was all in place. Samantha hardly ever drank, but for this occasion she said she would have just one. Alcohol always relaxed her just a little too much, even one glass. This one time he thought it would be ok, there wasn’t much to clean up after they ate. They lay together on the couch and watched tv for a while. He felt her interest every time the woman with the really short hair came on. Mostly they just kept comfortable. Let’s go up to bed, he suggested. As usual, before they went to bed, she went to wash up a little. Gary got everything ready while she was away. He turned the lights down with the dimmer switch. She didn’t pay much attention as she started for the bed, taking her robe off. They usually slept in the nude together. She loved the feel of his hairless body against her. He took her quickly by surprise before she got into bed and had her sitting in the chair while he tied her to it with her arms behind her.

She started to say something so he put a piece of tape across her lips. No talking he said. She struggled some, but not much as she realized that he was going to do to her what she had done to him. She immediately was turned on and began to wet herself. Her auburn brown hair flowed down her back almost half way to her butt. Gary made two ponytails, pulling them tightly up against her head, fastening them with thick rubber bands. He had gotten her shears from the sewing table her grandmother had given them as a wedding gift. Pulling the first one out he used the shears to cut it off as close to the scalp as he could. Then the second one. He laid them on the foot of the bed as he got out the clippers. He had read the instructions, even putting a little of the oil that came with them on the blades and turning it on at the office. He attached the largest guard that came with the set. It would leave the hair behind at about 1 ½ inches. I do hope you are enjoying this my love, he said as he ran the clippers from front to back across the top of her head. The long auburn hair slid to the floor much like the rain off a silk umbrella. There was soon a pile of it as he continued and did the sides and back also. He took the guard off and put on the smallest guard. It snapped back on and he began at the base of her neck in back, raising it slightly as he went up to the crown so that there was a nice transition. Now he said out loud, if I can just do it this way all the way around. He turned the lights all the way up so he could see what he was doing. The left side then the right. It looked pretty good, but he was sure she would have to go have it professionally finished. He had moved the big floor mirror over in front of Samantha so she could see how she looked. There were tears in her eyes at the loss of her, but the wet between her legs decried that she was angry. While she was still tied up, the played with her breasts and fingering her wet vagina caused his own cock to rear it’s beautiful head. He snapped the clippers back on and soon soft mound of pussy hair was gone. He put the clippers down and went to the bathroom. He returned with the shaving cream and the razor. Covering the now bald mound with cream, he shaved it smooth, then cleaned it with the warm damp washcloth he had brought. Now my love, he said as he knelt down, put is face into her crotch, he began to use his tongue to tickle her clit and lapped and sucked the pussy juice as it flowed freely. After he had brought her to orgasm three times he got up and gently took off the tape. As he untied her, he apologized for not being as rough as she wanted.

Samantha came out of the chair like a tigress. She urgently shoved him onto the bed and took his tool into her mouth. When he was hard and nearly ready she once more from the top lowered herself down until it was fully inside her. He had a big cock that filled her but felt so good this way. As she moved up and down she came to her own orgasm and moaned as each one shuddered through her body. When he shot his wad, she didn’t continue to work this time. She quickly got off and swung around putting her dripping cunt into his face. As she took his still partially erect cock into her mouth to suck off the cum and pussy juice, Gary did the same, slurping, sucking and licking her vagina until it was clean.

Afterwards they filled the tub and relaxed in the warm soothing water. He ran his fingers through her now very short hair and she rubbed his smooth head and played with his hairless cock and balls. After a while he rose to the occasion again. This time she let him do all the work and just enjoyed the ride. She made him wash her hair out with shampoo, rinse it, and blow it dry. Looking in the mirror she laughed and ran her fingers through the soft hair that was left. You are definitely not a hair stylist. But I love it. Kim will just have to touch it up a little tomorrow. Then we’ll both get new outfits for the dinner next week.

Kim wasn’t really shocked when Samantha walked in. I figured something like this would happen she said. I should be angry that you didn’t come to me for a hair cut. But I suppose this was much more fun. Oh, it was, said Samantha. Gary didn’t go to cosmetology or hair stylist school. See what you can do. But, I think he likes it this short, at least he didn’t shave me bald. They laughed and talked a lot about her experiences and her hopes for a baby. No, Gary doesn’t know that we are trying for one. He gets one more surprise, soon I hope.

At the dinner, Samantha was smashing in her new outfit. Gary was very sharp looking in his new charcoal grey pinstripe suit as he got up to make his small speech. He thanked everyone and brought Samantha up to be introduced. She nudged him aside and said it was a real honor to be married to such a wonderful man and to bring more honor on his head, she looked at him and smiled, besides telling him and you all how much I love him, I would also like to tell him, and you, we are going to have a baby. She had just found out that day.

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