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During the five years I was married to Chris, I never once revealed how much I wanted to shave her head bald. While we made love I would imagine her sitting on a chair in the kitchen, a cape fastened around her neck, a frightened look on her face, and her fingers deep inside her pussy. Suffice it to say by the time I plunged the clippers into her hair, I shot my load into her real-life vagina.

Unfortunately, my actual conversations about shaving her head never got past a casual comment. I would mention that some actress went bald for a role, and I thought she still looked pretty. One time I even told Chris that she could carry short hair with her beautiful features. She replied that she would never cut her hair above her shoulders because it was too wavy, and she would look like a Chia pet. I almost told her a buzz cut would solve that problem, but I did not want to take it to that level. It was not worth revealing my fetish knowing I had no chance of actually realizing my dreams. I was relegated to keeping all my fantasies alive through videos, magazines, and the internet. However, I really wanted to experience having an actual smooth head cupped in my hands, as I blew my load inside her mouth.

Chris never learned of my fantasies. I neither told her nor did she ever find my stash of paraphernalia or an undeleted webpage. We divorced amicably realizing we could find better partners. With no kids we made a financial settlement and moved on with our lives. In recognizing some of our failures I grasped that I should have told her my sexual desires, and I vowed I would not hold back with the next woman in my life.

After a few casual flings I started to date Rachel, and we wound up in an exclusive relationship after a few months. I knew from the first time I read her profile on line that she was the one I was looking for. She said she was turned on by knew adventures and would try almost anything once. When it came to sexual activities, this attitude surely bore out. We tried every position in unusual places at crazy times. The mile-high club is not that easy to engineer in these days of high security. I loved that she liked to dress provocatively. She enjoyed wearing stockings under her skirt and almost showing the tops to her coworkers. She would also forego underwear on many occasions allowing her waxed pussy to catch the breeze. One time in the mall she let some guy catch a glimpse, as she rode up the escalator.

After one year I took my vow to heart, and I was ready to tell her about my desire to give her a shiny scalp. That night we were going to have an anniversary celebration with all the special trimmings. I bought her beautiful diamond earrings, made a reservation at one of the best restaurants, and was ready to make love to her like no tomorrow would ever come. That night she dressed to the nines. She wore a matching garter belt and seamed stockings under a beautiful blue dress. Of course, she went au natural. I gave her the earrings before we left for dinner, and they topped off the whole ensemble.

Now here is an example of where life can be so serendipitous. As we were waiting for the main course, Rachel told me about Diane in her office. Diane’s daughter was having a school headshave fundraiser, and Diane was going to participate. Being the avid fan of bald women that I am, I have seen enough Youtube videos of these fundraisers to know where this was going. She further explained that many of her colleagues agreed to attend, and that she also was interested. Now I could hardly control myself, but I asked her if she really wanted to do this or just felt obligated to go along. You know my motto she said, “I’ll try anything.”
Now, I obviously was not going to talk her out of it. I had to figure the best way to tell her that she was making a dream come true for me. I was not going to fuck up the karma by pretending I did not care. “I think you will look great, and I am not going to miss you getting shaved. Give me the details and I’ll be there.” She asked me again about shaving her head, and I told I could not wait to make love to a bald women. I even told her that I would shave her smooth, if during the event she only received a clipper cut.
The next two weeks went by quite quickly. Rachel kept talking about being bald, and I revealed to her all of my pent up fantasies. She played along and gave me a thorough description about going out dancing wearing a miniskirt, boots, and nothing to hide her shiny scalp. I even agreed to have my head buzzed. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” she said.

That Saturday we arrived at the school, and her colleagues Diane and Jim came up to us to ask if we were ready. They were the first ones done from her office, and they sported a total clipper shave. We reached up to touch their heads and immediately went back to our own. “As ready as we’ll ever be,” I said. With that said we were led to the chairs in the center of the gym. I had a camera and asked Jim to film us being shaved. I turned the chairs to face each other, so we could watch one another become bald.

The barbers did not waste any time, and I watched the one working on Rachel pull the clippers straight back through her brown locks. At the same time I felt the cool air on my own scalp. The barbers were very professional, and in a matter of minutes they finished. My greatest fantasy had come true. My beautiful Rachel had no hair left on her head. We both got up and immediately began to rub each other’s heads. “Why don’t you two get a room,” laughed Jim, as he handed me back the camera.

“That’s what we plan to do,” answered Rachel with a big laugh. “Diane, I hope we raise a lot of money. I know we have plenty of hair to donate to charity. I’ll see all of you Monday. Sorry we cannot stay longer, but we have a previous engagement.” As we left the school she elaborated, “I did not want to tell them that the engagement was a razor shave and sexcapade, but they know what we are up to.”
When we got to her place Rachel went into the bathroom to retrieve the razors and cream, while I stripped off all my clothes. She told me to come into the bathroom with a chair from the dining room. Upon seeing her, my dick stood straight up. There was a beautiful, buzzed women in a corset and stockings in front of me. “Shave me bald,” she demanded as she sat down. I rubbed her shoulders for a minute, while I warm up a towel in the sink. I placed it on her head, and I reached around to pinch her nipples. She started to moan and wanted me to fuck her before we started. I told her not yet, and I removed the towel to spread the cream on her head. Slowly I glided the razor over her head revealing a pale lustrous scalp. She wanted me to shave her again and then rub this lotion she got from a barber to make her really shiny and soothed. As I applied the balm my fingers felt the hard smoothness of her head, and I was enraptured. Rachel broke my daze by screaming “eat me now.” I carried her to the bed and buried my face into her pussy. Within moments she came in huge waves, while grabbing my head and jamming it farther into her. I could barely breathe.

Once Rachel caught her breath she worked on me. She knew I wanted to hold her head, while she gave me a blow job. With me standing on the floor she knelt in front of me and began to suck and caress my penis. I kept rubbing her smooth firm head from the nape to the crown. Just before I came, she removed my dick and had me come on her face and scalp. She laughed, “I must be some sight,” as she wiped off my cum. She seductively licked her fingers to heighten my enjoyment of a life long fantasy fulfilled. After resting a little while, I hooked the camera up to the TV to watch our shaves. By the end of that great short film, I had my joint deep inside of her.

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