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Gary was just going to check his email when he got home. He had left early for work that morning and Samantha, his wife, didn’t to be to work until 10:00. The computer was already on, which was unusual. For some reason he decided to see what had been looked at. Checking the history the first thing he saw was haircuttingstories.com. Curious, he logged into it. He could immediately tell which ones had been looked and decided to see what she was interested in. After about three, he found that her interest was mostly on women who were forced to get their hair cut short. Gary decided to see what else there was and clicked on the men’s category. He was really excited by the ones where the guy was gotten into a salon, usually in a back room, and the guy got his head shaved or a shaved high and tight flat top. Gary was so involved that he hardly had time to go in and clear the history when he heard Samantha shut the back door behind her.

He was flushed and felt guilty. He decided that he would take her out to dinner. On the way home he just nonchalantly asked if she had ever thought of getting her hair cut. No, she said. You love my long hair and while it’s sometimes hard to get going in the morning, it’s always worth it to have you run your hand’s through it while making love. How about you? Have you ever thought of getting your hair cut short? No, Gary said. I’ve kept it this long since junior high. It’s kinda grown on me, he laughed. Nothing more was said about hair cutting for a week or two. But, every time he looked on the computer he saw that she had been back reading those stories over and over. What Gary didn’t know was that Samantha had found out that he was also reading the men’s hair cutting stories. It got so that every time they made love they were playing with each others hair.

Samantha decided that perhaps she could get Gary into her salon. She had known Kim since they were kids and after Kim opened her own salon used it exclusively. Kim even had one of those back rooms for special clients. She confided in Kim what she wanted to do. She thought Kim might be shocked. Surprise, Kim laughed and said that Samantha wasn’t the first girl who wanted to used her chair on her man. They made an appointment for Samantha to be the last customer on Monday which was usually a slow day. Samantha would get Gary to come and pick her up there, since that was the day that they drove in together and although it was her turn to drive she would get him to do it, explaining that she had a hair appointment and it would be easier if he came and picked her up.

On Monday, Gary was having a meeting with the boss so he go dressed in his best suit, a white shirt and tie, instead of the blazer he often took to the office for the just in case need. He probably should have gotten a haircut, he thought. He liked it at his shoulder, and he was hired with it that way, but he knew that one of these days his boss was gonna say something about it. The meeting went well and they discussed the coming expansion to the other side of the city. The district boss would be there tomorrow to decide who would take over this position when he took over the new business. Gary was his selection although Bob also had a shot at it. They both had impressive resumes. Bob was older, but a bureaucrat stuck on doing everything the same old way. Gary had moved up fast in the company; he aggressively took on tasks and brought new innovative ideas to get things done. His boss thought that was what the company needed. He didn’t say anything but gave Gary a long look, and Gary could feel that he was thinking about his hair.

Gary was excited, when he left work, at the prospect of moving up and being the number one man at his business. Samantha wasn’t waiting at the door to her salon when he got there, so he parked the car and went in. There didn’t seem to be anyone else there, the receptionist was getting ready to go out the door. She said that Samantha was in the back with Kim finishing up and it shouldn’t be long. He could go on back. She put up the closed sign in the door and locked it. She turned out the front lights and told Gary to come on with her, Kim would let them out the door when she left. The receptionist said goodnight to Kim as she walked past, and said she brought company and laughed as she went out the back and locked that door. Kim said hello to Gary, she had also known him all these years. Samantha was finished and getting out of the chair. Kim said to Gary, it’s not too late, we’ve got time to give you a trim. At first the hesitated then after thinking that a little haircut might just do the trick for tomorrow in meeting the district boss.

She wiped the seat off and told him to sit down. She needed to get some different equipment unless he would like to have his curled. No he laughed as he sat down. After he took his jacket off and sat down, she told him to go ahead and loosen his tie. I’ll be right back, Kim said. A few minutes later she came back with what looked like an old fashioned doctor’s bag. She went behind him and asked Samantha if she would like to help. Gary turned his head to see what they were doing. Kim told him to just sit still, he would be ready in a minute.

Samantha came around one side and Kim on the other. Gary wasn’t thinking very fast as each girl snapped a handcuff on his wrist and clamped it to the arm of the chair. He was busy looking at his wrist and pulling on it before he realized they were tying his legs to the bar his feet were resting on. What’s going on? What are you doing? Neither girl answered. Kim went behind him and put the paper tape around his neck and the drape she fastened very tightly. Gary was trapped. He was also turning a little red with frustration. On the other hand, somewhere inside he was getting excited. He felt his cock begin to swell. As Kim walked out the door she said good night guys, just lock the door behind you when you leave. Have fun Gary.

It was quiet as Kim walked away, down the little hall, opened and shut the door. Gary even heard the little snap as the key was turned in the lock. Sam, what are you going to do? He asked just a little too loudly. Give you a haircut, she said. He heard the clippers snap on, he heard the pop and the quiet buzzing as the teeth passed each other. She turned them off. Kim said I should put this on first before I do the top. She put a small guard on the top. The clippers were snapped back on. With a comb she pulled the hair straight back on the top of his head, but the guard right on the skin at the forehead and pushed back. Oh God, she thought as the hair piled up in front of the clippers. Gary was thinking the same thing, except he could also feel his dick getting bigger. Samantha had to go over the top several times before it was all off and his long light brown hair was piled up on the floor behind the chair. She said to take the guard off to do the sides. Samantha took the guard off. The left sideburn rolled onto his shoulder then into his lap. That was a lot of hair, Gary thought. He moaned softly as he began to leak into his shorts. Samantha did the left side, then the back and then the right side. She turned the clippers off and turned Gary around. Gary hadn’t seen his ears in years, they were small and nicely formed and lay against his head. At least they don’t stick out like Dumbo, he thought. I think a little shorter, don’t you honey? She asked. Kim said to use the red clippers for that and to clean up the neck and around the ears. You would have to excuse Samantha, she had never cut anyone’s hair before and she did forget to put a guard on the Wahl clippers that were red, she also missed the six zeros and the little letters that said, “balding clippers”. She snapped them on and started all over again at Gary’s forehead. It was too late when she saw the bare patch of skin that now ran down the middle of his forehead. She had turned Gary back around from the mirror so he didn’t see it, but he felt the chill there. With only a small pause, she proceeded to finish, going over his whole head twice until there
wasn’t even a thought of a hair sticking up. She brushed his head and neck off with the brush, like Kim had told her to do. Then she undid the drape and the paper tape. Removing the drape she could see his bulging cock. She took his tie off and undid his shirt, pulling it out of his pants. Then she undid his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants down, then decided it was too much trouble to pull his briefs down, she cut the elastic band with the scissors and then ripped them off, having to cut through the reinforced edges. She massaged his swollen cock until he gasped for her to stop. She then took it in her mouth and began sucking on it, taking it out and licking on it. He was nearing his climax so she let go and climbed up onto the chair, massaging his chest and pinching his nipples. Then she began kissing him and making little bites on his neck. Samantha herself was quite wet by now. She got down and took her blouse and skirt off, then her panties and bra. She climbed back up and sat down on his ready to explode cock. This was a position they had not done. Him, half sitting back and she on top going up and down. Her sweet spot was rubbed each time and she herself began to shudder with a multiple orgasm when Gary exploded hot cum way up into her vagina. He kept working it as long as it held up. When they were done she got off and with a warm damp cloth cleaned him up. While cleaning him she pulled up a few of the hairs around his cock. Hmmmmm. She looked at him and said, I think we’ll get rid of this too. She turned him half around and snapped on the wahl clippers again. It was really close to the skin, shaving it would make it smooth. But Kim hadn’t told her where the razor was, nor the shaving cream either. Again she cleaned it off with the warm washcloth. Then she took it back into her mouth and began sucking. Then she raised it up and began licking his balls and wetting her finger and feeling his asshole. He was surprised a little when the rooster began to raise up again. They hadn’t done it twice in this short of time in a few years. It was slower getting there, but with her continued ministrations and then moving up to his chest and nibbling on his nipples and little bites on his neck, then running her breasts across his face and letting him suck on her nipples, he lost control and his cock took over. It was thrumming as she climbed back on and once again began to raised up and down. It lasted longer this time because he had already cummed once. But when he finally came again, it seemed to be with the same force, again planting his seed deep inside her. She cleaned him up again. That was soooo good, she said as she moved back behind him. We should have done it earlier. She rubbed his head. One more thing she said as she snapped the wahl clippers back on. She went towards his chest. No, he said, don’t do that. Yes, she said. While you are under my control, I want to feel your naked skin all over. She clippered off his chest hair then she did his legs as far down as she could. We’ll finish when we get home she said. She brushed the loose hair away. Then she unlocked the handcuffs and untied his legs. As he stood up, she buttoned his shirt and pulled up his pants. He zipped them up and buckled the belt. She told him to put his tie back on. Then she helped him on with his coat.

She cleaned up all the hair and the chair, like she told Kim she would do. She rinsed out the towels and made everything neat. Ok, she said, we can go. But now you’ll have to buy me dinner. We’ll finish the job when we get home. She turned out the light and they walked to the front. She opened the door and then locked it behind them with the key Kim had given her. She would bring it back tomorrow. Kim would want to know the “details”. He drove them to a little cafĂ© they used. The waitress didn’t recognize him at first and kept giving Samantha the eye, like, does your husband know you are out with another man. Samantha finally broke the wondering with: “how do you like Gary’s new hair cut?” Oh Lord, said the waitress. I thought you had found a new young stud. No, said Samantha, the old “stud” works out right well. And she and Gary laughed while the waitress turned just a little red.

At home, after Gary undressed she told him to come into the bath. They had one of those whirlpool jobs that they often used together. It was after he got in that he noticed the razor and the shaving cream on the side. The water was warm and soothing. What the hell he thought. This is better than just reading about it. He relaxed as Samantha spread the shaving cream over his head and shaved it smooth. Then he sat up on the ledge while she shaved his chestnews: and arms. Why not, he thought. It will grow back. Samantha was thinking, I think I’ll keep him smooth. This is so cool and erotic. She could feel her excitement rising as she had him lay out on the side and she shaved his pubic hair, cock and balls. She then did his legs and turning over she did his back and the back of his legs. Spread you legs she said, then she shaved in the crack of his ass, running her thumb all around and poking at it lightly. He slipped back into the warm water to rinse off. It did not stop his cock from erecting again. She had her fun earlier, she let him do it on top in the water this time. That had always been good. She liked the feeling of them holding each other and banging together. It was so good when they reached their climax together. They had been married for 4 years now and she didn’t tell him that she had quit taking her pills. She hoped they had a boy and she wanted him to grow up and be just like his dad.

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