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My name is John. I am a barber and have been for some time. I especially enjoy it when a young man comes in and asks me to remove his hair. Let me tell you about one of my most recent experiences.
It was a Thursday afternoon. Business is generally slower in the afternoon so I guess it helped me be more aware of what was going on.

The door opened and in walked a gorgeous girl with black hair hanging to her butt. She was wearing a sexy black dress with high heels. I noticed she was pulling something but didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. She marched directly over to my chair and sat down. As she was getting in the chair she asked if I cut ladies hair. I told her “I sure do.”

I caped her and asked what she wanted.

” I want a horseshoe flattop.” Came out of her mouth.

Not exactly what I expected to hear but it was exciting none the less.

“May I ask why,” I queeried.

“I have joined the Marines and want all the guys to know I am not to be messed with,” was her response.

“Do you want it all at once or stages,” I asked

“I was hoping you would do it in stages. I brought a suitcase with changes of clothes. I would like to change clothes after every cut if that is ok with you. I also brought a video camera to capture the entire haircut,” she replied.

I told her that both the camera and the wardrobe changes would be fine.

“How would you like me to start?”

“Give me a chin length bob.”

It was both a shame and a delight to see all this hair attached for the last time. I grabbed my clippers and started removing hair. In just a matter of seconds there was a mound of hair on the cape. It didn’t take long for the bob to take shape. After I evened it up, I brushed her off and removed the cape.

As she stood up she began to swing her head. Boy this was one fine haircut on one fine girl.

She excused herself to the restroom and returned in just a few minutes wearing a red turtleneck.

Upon returning to the chair, I asked what she wanted next.

“First shave underneath the bob”. I quickly got to work. Before you knew it the hair under the bob was gone.

“Do you want me to uncape you yet?”

“No now give me a bowl cut.”

I quickly removed the hair below the ears.

She then asked me to do something that surprised me and turned me on at the same time. “Would you kiss my nape?”

I was honored to do so.

“After we finish my haircut today, I have a surprise for you,” she said. I uncapped her and let her model her sweater and fresh bowl haircut. After a few minutes she excused herself again. When she returned she was wearing a soft sweater dress with fur trim around the cuffs and the neck.

At this point she said she wanted a standard flattop.

The flattop is one of my favorite haircuts to give so I was delighted. With already short hair, it wasn’t long and she had a crisp wonderful flattop if I should say so myself.

As she got up this time the fur around the collar just made her haircut even more alluring.

When she returned she was wearing a red dress that was twice as sexy as the black one she wore when she came in.

“I’m ready for my horseshoe. Just make sure you shave the back and sides and the part on top that is not hair.”
The clippers had not even warmed up when I was finished. I grabbed a hot towel and begin to shave her head. With each stroke I was getting more and more aroused. I had always wanted to do this. What’s more I had always pictured a bald woman shaving my head. Was this my day.

When I finished and uncapped her. She stood up and grabbed a fur stole. She was one vision of loveliness.
She said, “I told you I have a surprise for you.

Sit down in your chair”.

I did so and she caped me and grabbed my clippers and begin to remove my hair.

She said, “I noticed how much you liked giving my haircut. I thought you might like receiving one as well.”

Finishing up with the clippers she began to shave my head. With each pass of the razor I found myself getting harder and harder. Evidently she noticed. When she finished she wrapped the stole around me and pulled me to the back of the shop.

After our intense session, “I told her it was a shame I would not get to cut her hair anymore.”

She told me that she had lied when she said she was going in the Marines. “The truth is that I could have the opportunity to give her a fresh haircut daily as long as she could shave mine daily.”

This was to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

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