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When the women where ready, I saw Danielle disappear behind a curtain.

Some moment later, she came back with a trolley containing some round bowls and some rather large brushes. Danielle started to brush mu hair and applied some liquid. It felt rather cold. Although the smell was rather strong, it was far better then the Perm solution.

In a short moment the top of my head was covered with the dye. It didn’t look dark at all, even lighter then my own hair, but what could I do, I was still tied to the chair.

“Do you bleach it?” I asked rather hesitating.

“Not at all. This does look rather light, but it will get darker in time. Just watch”

Danielle worked her way through my hair and in a moment my whole head was covered with dye..
She took some time to massage it in and until every strand was covered.

I supposed that Danielle was ready by then, but in a moment I discovered that I was wrong.
Danielle lifted some hair using a comb and took a sheet of Aluminum foil. She putted the foil under the strand and started applying another color. Using a brush and her fingers she Massaged until the strand was covered and then folded the Aluminum foil to a neat package.

She then took a different strand and the same procedure repeated. Only with a different color. She keeped doing this until my head looked like some kind of antenna. Completely covered with foils.

“Now just wait….” Danielle said.

“Don’t you think he looks good? He is a kind man. I think every man should be treated like this…”

Although the women that said this clearly wanted to humiliate me, she didn’t have the slightest clue how true she was. I enjoyed every second of it and started hoping that after this dye experiment more would follow. At least a rinse and shampoo would follow, but would the women let me go after that? I could only imagine. Wait and imagine.

… To be continued

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