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It was a normal Monday evening when Bob Walker’s wife told him to go a few houses down and pay the 19 year old babysitter Gaylene for last weeks work. Bob walked down and knocked on the door. Gaylene answered and when she opened the door awkwardly. Bob told her he was there to pay her. She told him to come inside. She spoke ” Mr. Walker I just painted my nails could you put my hair into a ponytail. Here is a brush and a hair tie.” Now, Gaylene had butt length honey blonde hair like Lady Godiva and a young sexy body to match it. She turned around as Bob proceeded to brush the long soft golden tresses into a nice tight ponytail. Gaylene spoke “Mr. Walker do you think I have pretty hair?” ” Why yes you have very lovely hair Gaylene.” replied Bob. Gaylene turned her head a bit toward Bob “Is my ponytail good enough to be apart of you hair collection Mr. Walker or can I call you Bob?”

Bob came to a stop ” What are you talking about Gaylene?” ” You know the collection of ponytails you have in a box in your workshop in the basement in the bottom right drawer behind the small cans of furniture finish.” Gaylene told him. Bob stood in stunned silence for a moment. “Now how did you find those and why bring it up now?” asked Bob. Gaylene looked at Bob with a devilish smile and took hold of her long silky soft ponytail. She spoke ” How, I found them is now irrelevant. The important this that your `Hair fetish’ not be blabbed all over the neighborhood. I mean what would people think?” Bob was getting a bit mad as he heard her speak. ” Ok, what do you want me to do in return for your silence? How much money do you want?” ” Oh, Bob it won’t cost you anything. I just want you to add my ponytail to your collection. You would like it in your collection wouldn’t you.” said Gaylene with a `got you’ smile. Bob looked at Gaylene like a man caught in a bear trap. ” I suppose your hair would make a nice addition to my collection.

When do you want me to add it to my collection?” ” My parents are leaving town this Friday and Saturday. I want you to do it after you bowl on Friday night.” said Gaylene.” I usually go right home after bowling. How do I explain my lateness to my wife?” responded Bob. ” Oh, but Bob you don’t go right home after bowling. You stick around with your bowling buddies and have a few drinks. I believe you’re a Budweiser and Old Manhattan drinker. You spend a minimum of an hour and a half bull shitting around. That will give you time to cut my hair and be home on time. I shudder to think what your bowling teammates and buddies would think of you if someone told them of your `hair fetish’ and your ponytail collection. You can park your car in our garage in place of my parents.” Bob was really getting mad now. Not only had the young little witch found out his top personal secret by snooping around his home but had stalked him on his bowling night. He knew he was being framed and yet he knew he had a secret fantasy to his hands on her golden tresses ever since she became his babysitter over a year ago. Bob looked at Gaylene in the eyes and spoke. ” So the agreement is that if I come over and cut off your ponytail on Friday night after bowling you will keep your mouth shut and forget forever you found my ponytail collection.” ” Yes, when your finished with me Friday night I’ll never mention to anyone about your hair fetish.” responded a smiling Gaylene. Bob closed the door behind him and went home. His wife saw him and said ” Well, did you pay Gaylene?” ” Yes, I did.” replied Bob. His wife continued talking “You know I think that girl has such lovely golden hair. I wish mine was like that. Don’t you think she has pretty hair Bob?” ” Yes, I would say she has pretty hair. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go downstairs to my workshop” replied Bob as he headed to the basement.

Friday night came and Bob was into the third game bowling. He heard a voice say ” Hi Bob” and when he turned around their was Gaylene. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a revealing tight blouse. Her long golden tresses had been curled and just top the bottom of her cute butt. ” I just stopped by to see how you were doing and remind you of our evening appointment later.” she said with a smile. Bob looked back ” Don’t worry I’ll be there. You just be ready.” She walked away and when his fellow male bowlers found out that was his babysitter they made comments on how they would love to baby sit her some night etc. Bob finished bowling and told his teammates that tonight he had to run home as there was an emergency.

He pulled up to Gaylenes house and the garage door was open so he drove in. Gaylene was at the doorway and closed it behind his car. Bob entered and spoke ” Where do you want me to cut your hair?” ” Upstairs in my bedroom bathroom. I went and bought a brand new clipper set from Walmart so you should have everything you need to do a proper job. Follow me Bob” she commanded. Bob eagerly followed the swing mass of curly blonde hair upstairs. They got to the bathroom where a chair was set up and the clipper set laid out on the counter. ” I’ll be right back I have to go change into something.” said Gaylene. She returned wearing a bathrobe. ” Ok, Bob I want you to cut my hair topless.” and with that she removed her bathrobe. Bob’s mouth dropped open. There she stood with nothing on but a tiny pair of panties and her golden hair covering her body. Her breast were of nice size and Bob hoped he could get a chance to touch them. She sat down in the chair. ” Ok Bob I’m ready for my haircut.” spoke Gaylene looking in the mirror. Bob felt his need for revenge and pulled tight the soft golden tresses into a tight ponytail. He figured the ponytails length to be a good 36 inches. He was going to make her pay for the frame up. God she was a pretty young woman. He tied off the ponytail and asked her if she was ready. He reached for the scissors but Gaylene reached out and grabbed his hand. ” Bob, I don’t think you’ll need the scissors. I want you to buzz cut my head. I want to look like Demi Moore did in G.I. Jane. I’ve already put a #2 attachment on the clippers. Bob, I want you to have all my hair.” Bob was now in complete amazement. ” Are you sure you want your head buzzed. I mean once it’s gone it’s gone.” Gaylene looked in the mirror back at Bob ” Yes, I’ve been wanting to do this a very long time.” Bob looked at the head of Golden tresses before him and paused. Just whose fantasy is being turned into reality here. Hers or his or both of theirs. Suddenly revenge wasn’t on his mind. He turned on the clippers and placed them at the front forehead of Gaylenes head and pushed them back toward the ponytail at the rear top of Gaylenes head. She had chosen well as the oysters cut through the soft hair with no problem. He made a few passes going front to back holding tightly onto Gaylenes long ponytail. He then worked the sides. Then he pushed her head down and came up the back of the neck. He had visions of the frontier scalping scenes he had seen in the old western movies with him just taking the hair off. He could feel himself getting turned on with every passes as the ponytail got closer to being removed. Bob couldn’t believe that all of Gaylenes golden locks would soon be in his bowling bag in a bag going home with him. Finally the long ponytail was free. He held it up and looked at it. Gaylene saw it in the mirror ” I think that should rate a special place in your collection with extra care.” said Gaylene as she took it and placed it on the counter. Bob looked with fondness at Gaylene and said. ” You look terrific without all your hair and I think getting a buzz cut was a stroke of genius. I just have to go over it in a few places and you can feel it. I need to shave your neck without the guard to finish the cut. Your going to shock the world tomorrow young lady.” Bob buzzed over the rough spots and shaved Gaylenes lovely neck clear. He even took an opportunity to brush off her lovely breast that he wish he could make love to. Gaylene got up and got a hand mirror and started feeling her head. ” It feels so cool! I mea
n it is an awesome look! I have one more thing I want you to do before you leave Bob will you follow me. He pulled her over to her bed and he saw a towel with a can of shaving cream sitting on a stool. ” I want you to shave my pussy clean. I trust you not to hurt me and be very careful.” said Gaylene as she dropped her panties and laid down on the bed and spread her legs revealing a soft light blonde bush. Bob elevated Gaylenes pussy area with a pillow under the towels and went to work. He used the clippers to take off the top layer and then went to work with the Gillette twin blade system. He was in Fantasy heaven and Gaylene was feeling it too by the sounds she made as he worked quickly and carefully to remove her patch. He finished and wiped her off clean with a damp cloth from the bathroom. She sat up and told Bob.” I want to reward you for your great work tonight.” She pulled down his pants and started giving him head and grabbed his balls.
“Now I want you to make love to me with my newly shaved pussy and my buzzed hairdo.”

Bob had a hard on before he pulled his pants off and tossed his bowling shirt across the room. Bob explored every inch of Gaylenes young vivacious body. They made passionate love like long lost lovers who had been away from each other way too long. He gave her all she could handle and more. When it all ended Bob could only think of what his bowling buddies would think of him now. He was one lucky man and he knew it. Bob looked at Gaylene ” You are a special girl. That was great Gaylene.” Gaylene looked back at Bob ” I bet I surprised you tonight didn’t I?” ” Yes, you did in many ways but now I must be getting home before I have to come up with an excuse.” replied a smiling Bob. He got dressed and gave Gaylene a loving parting kiss. ” Thanks for letting me cut your hair.” Bob took the clear bag holding Gaylenes soft golden tresses out to his car and put them gently inside with his bowling bag that he kept downstairs in his workshop.

Sunday came and in the afternoon Bob was out working in his yard when out rushed his wife. ” Bob, your not going to believe what I heard just happened!” ” What is it?” asked Bob. ” You know our babysitter Gaylene”said his wife . ” Yes, what has happened to her?”Bob asked. His wife continued ” Her parents got home late last night and found she had buzzed all her hair off Saturday and tossed it away someplace. She now looks like Sinead Oconnor. They say they will never leave her home alone again.” Bob looked at his wife ” Yep that is one thing about young kids these days. They are always full of SURPRISES especially teenagers. That reminds me you need to call her and tell her we need her Tuesday night as it is our Anniversary.” ” Yes, hair or no hair she is still the best babysitter we can find.” replied his wife as she hurried to pass the gossip along to the other neighbors.
The End

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