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I have been watching her for the past year, planning; learning her habits and schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, her brother drove her into town to sell their baked goods. Everything she sold was homemade and delicious.
During the week, he worked at Shultz’s Saw Mill. Sarah rented a small booth in a co-op located in a run down strip mall.
I had plans for that little cunt; all women are cunts to varying degrees.

I should know, I was married to the ultimate one for 10 years; then the bitch filed for divorce. The cunt took half of everything we owned; at least what she and her attorney could find; lets just say most of my money was hidden in my mattress.

I know better now, I am older and wiser; I will never marry again. I will get a young innocent woman and mold her to my preferences and carnal desires; break her will, isolate her; make her my slave. Sarah Bontrager would soon be mine. When I was done with her, she could never go back to her old way of life and would have no real place in the modern world: just my world. Tonight when her brother gets out of work, he will find his truck with four flat tires, the result of slow leaks, compliments of a valve stem tool.

The telephone line to the strip mall will be disabled. Sarah will be taken after dark when she goes out back to the dumpster.

I parked my truck at the back of the parking lot out of sight and folded the rear seat in the up position. The parking lot in the old strip mall was full of potholes and broken asphalt. The lighting in the back parking lot was terrible; most of the lights were out, those that were working, taken out. I stood in a dark corner and waited.

Sarah lifted the cover to the dumpster and I quietly stepped behind her, putting my gloved had over her mouth, pressing the trigger on the taser; 750,000 volts of electric pulses, dumped directly into her central nervous system, disrupting her neurological impulses; causing a loss of balance and muscle control. I eased her to the ground, placing a ball gag in her mouth and securing her wrists behind her back, then her ankles with plastic Flexi -cuffs, ending with a red silk scarf for a blindfold.

I carried Sarah to the truck and put her on the floor behind the front seat, ” I have a present for you Princess.” I said, putting a red leather dog collar with an attached brass nameplate around her neck; securing the collar to the trucks tie-down with a short training leash; the nameplate engraved with her new slave name: “Princess”.

We had a two-hour drive ahead of us and I took all of the secondary and back roads to avoid traffic. After fifteen minutes on the road the affects of the taser started wearing off; Sarah started struggling in the back trying to scream through her gag.
” Behave my pretty girl…. be quiet; you can’t get loose and nobody can hear you.” “We have a long drive to your new home.” “I had Princess engraved on your new collar.” “Do you like my present little lady?” “Are you familiar with the origin of your name, Sarah?” “It is Hebrew for lady or princess.” “Very fitting, don’t you think, Sarah, my little slave princess.” “Do you listen to music Princess?”
“By good music, I mean Classical of course; I have an extensive collection. ” “My ex -cunt of a wife would rather watch television, the fat pig that she is.” ” She knew I loved to go dancing and never showed an interest after we were married.” “My mother was a dance teacher; my favorite style is ballroom, so elegant…. so refined; you will learn to dance and appreciate good music.” “I don’t care if it is against your religion, good people all over the world dance; that is not an exclusive ticket to hell.”
Do you like to read?” ” I have an extensive library….” “Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans prized educated slaves?” “I hate stupid women like my ex-wife; she never even read one of my books.” ” You want to know something else, she hated to travel.” “You are going to learn to love it.” ” That soap opera watching cunt: good riddance!” I selected two CD’s: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons & Handel’s Messiah for us to listen to on the long ride home.
I pulled the truck into the garage then closed and locked the door. I got her out of truck and helped her to her feet, using the leash and collar for control. I cut the flexi-cuffs binding her ankles and walked her down the cellar stairs to the training room; never having done this before, I had no idea how long it would take to break her. Fortunately I did have some contacts that were experienced Dominants in such matters.
Minerva for one, Minerva is my mentor and confidant. After my divorce, I went to her dance studio looking to brush up on my skills; we ended up as dance partners and have entered and won dance competitions together. We are not compatible as steady lovers; we continue to dance together; Minerva introduced me to the community.
I installed an immovable steel pole of my design in the middle of the floor. I made Princess stand with her back to it, attaching the short leash on the fixed rings at the top with a locking carabiner. There are three movable steel rings that will slide up and down the pole; I slid one of these rings to her wrists and attached another locking carabiner to the flexi-cuffs; she could not sit or lie down unless I removed her leash.
Taking her face firmly in my hands, I said ” I am going to take your gag off now, you can scream all you want; the basement has been sound proofed.” ” I will be back in 18 hours; after that, talking without permission will be severely punished.” I warned, kissing her mouth and removing her bonnet.
Princess was quiet for about an hour, then the pleading, screaming and questions began; of course, I could not hear or see her unless I switched on the lights and video cameras; the frosted block glass windows I installed were covered on the outside to block out all light. When the screaming began, I telephoned Minerva then watched Sarah on the monitor for a time; afterwards, I went to bed.
When I woke up, Minerva was waiting for me in the kitchen drinking coffee and watching Princess on the monitor. I poured myself a cup and sat down next to her. “I brought bagels and pea bacon, I was waiting for you to eat; if you cook, I’ll do the dishes. “I want one of those poles,” she stated, staring at the screen. ” I would have never thought of using caribiners that way.” “After we eat, you go downstairs alone, as we discussed; I will stay here and watch.” she said, getting up, kissing my mouth. Pouring herself another cup of coffee, she sat back down to watch the monitor, pressing the zoom key.
“Your Princess is very pretty, I approve.”
I went downstairs to check on my little slave girl. In her dark gray knee length dress, white stockings and black sensible shoes, she reminded me of a scared little mouse…. but a cute little mouse. It was now time to unwrap the package and examine the contents. “Please, I…. I can’t hold it anymore.” “I have to go to the bathroom, please…. oh God, please help me.” she cried, squirming at her bonds.
Ignoring her pleading, I removed her shoes and stockings. Next, I cut off her dress with a pair of scissors; followed by her bra and panties. I placed the scissors on one of her nipples, closing the blades just enough to pinch. Sarah stopped squirming and become quiet.
“Be silent Princess, you were warned about speaking without permission; shall I cut it off?” “You have permission to speak.” “Please…why are you doing this to me. ” “Who are you?” I….”Wrong answer.” I said calmly, increasing the tension on her nipple; her urine running down her legs; tears were running down her face in shame and fear.
“Please, I am begging you, don’t cut it off!” She pleaded “Please, don’t cut off my nipple…. Master.” I said, correcting her, increasing the pressure…. “Please, don’t cut off my nipple Master.” “I am begging you Master, I will be good.” You will be a good what? I
asked, “I will be a good little slave Master,” “Much better, but you still have to be punished.” I replied, removing the scissors from her nipple. “Tell me again who I am, little Princess.” I whispered, putting my face close, kissing her mouth again, the cold steel of the scissors, touching her vagina.
“You are my Master, I am your slave.” “I am your property.” ” Please don’t cut me Master,” She whispered. “I will be lenient with you this one time.” “You will receive a lesser punishment,” I advised her, removing her leash. “Get down on the floor on your knee’s.” “Lets just see how long your hair is shall we.”
I removed the hairpins from her braided bun letting her braid drop down her back. Sarah’s hair and braid was dark brown, very thick and soft, ending just below her round buttocks. What a shame I had to cut her beautiful hair, it will take years to grow that long again. “How shall I punish you Princess, shall I cut off your Labia Majora; your cunt lips?” “You still have permission to speak.” “What shall your punishment be?” “Please cut my hair Master.” “Do you know why you are being punished little lady?”
“Because I spoke without permission after I was warned not to,” she answered “What else Princess?” “Because I deserve to be punished for disobeying you Master.” “That is correct, what you say is true; you are not a stupid girl, as I said before; I hate stupid women.” What is your purpose in life now little my pretty little slave.” “To please and serve you Master.”
I removed the last carabiner, releasing her from the pole, and cut the flexi-cuffs on her wrists. “Do not remove your blindfold.” “Get down on your hands and knees.” “Put your legs together.” “Please cut my hair, don’t hurt me, don’t cut me Master,” she begged.
“Good girl.” “Put your hands closer together and lean forward until your cunt is higher then your pretty little head; wonderful, now put your forehead on your hands.” “You are a pretty little thing…say it.” I ordered, gently stroking her nipples, watching them get hard.
“I’m a pretty little thing.” She replied, her face and neck turning pink behind the blindfold. “When ever I walk into a room, you will always get into this position.” “Do you understand?” “Yes Master, I understand.” “Your nipples are getting hard, my pretty girl.” “You have beautiful breasts.” “You obviously enjoy having them stroked.”
“If I say down, you will assume this position.” “Your slave understands, Master,” “If I say heel, what does it mean?”
“I am not sure, Master.” she replied, “Guess?” I ordered. “I will kneel with my back straight.” “Good answer; heel…stand.” “Excellent, you are a natural.” “Along with your punishment, you will receive a reward; I have decided not to shave your head…. for now.” “I do that with all stupid disobedient girls who do not immediately submit and comply.”
“Turn around, it is time for your haircut.” I took the scissors and positioned them just below Sarah’s shoulder blades. I slowly cut through her silky braid savoring the moment, putting the severed braid in my belt.
“Turn and face me.” “Unbraid your hair and finger comb your ponytail.” “Do you have anything to say to me Princess?” I said stroking her ponytail. “Thank you for not shaving me bald Master.” I removed her blindfold and took her hair out of the ponytail, fluffing it out. Sarah’s hair was now much shorter; it just touched the top of her breasts.
“We are starting over, you may not speak!” I said, squeezing her ass cheeks, spreading her pussy lips, my fingers probing her flower; enjoying her wetness, and arousal. “Your heart beat and breathing have increased, your sex betrays you.”
“Since you urinated on my floor, you will scrub the entire floor on your hands and knees.” “You will use your Amish garments for cleaning rags.” “If I am pleased with the floor, I may feed you.” “I am expecting a guest, Mistress Minerva.” “She is a slave owner and my equal.” “You will address her as Mistress, and obey her commands.”
“Mistress Minerva will be assisting me in your training and grooming.” “If she were your owner, and you urinated on her floor, you would be mopping the floor with your hair; then she would shave your head.” “Mistress Minerva is very interested in purchasing you; she is a very wealthy, refined woman, but a cruel mistress.” “If you continue to please me, I may keep you, my pretty girl.”
“There is a slop sink and cleaning supplies in the closet,” I said pointing to the door. “There is no hot water, just cold; you will have to earn the privilege to bath in hot water.” “There is a blanket in the closet for you to sleep on when you are done.” “You will also find the necessary toiletries to keep clean.” “Your hair will always remain unbound.” “I’m going upstairs to await my guest, get busy!”

I locked the door at the top and bottom of the stairs and walked to the kitchen. “Very well done Michael, I was convinced you really were going to cut her nipple off.” “She must have been terrified.” “I believe she will be most compliant from this point on.” “Such repressed sexuality just under the surface ready to be brought out.” “I realize that Minerva, did you see how easily
she is aroused,”

“Conditioned response will be one key to her submission,” “I intend to have her begging for my touch to avoid your punishments.” “I will be her protector as well as her Master.” “I believe that will work with her Michael.” “If your theory
pans out and you are successful, you will eligible for membership to the Sanctorum.” “I’ll wait for you in your bedroom; it’s my turn to be on top my dear; watching you with her has made me horny as hell.”

After we made love we took a long nap, then it was my turn to be on top and we did it again; Minerva was just couldn’t seem to get enough for some reason. Perhaps it was because she was looking forward in playing the heavy; good Master, bad
Mistress. Minerva possessed a wonderful sense of style and knew how to dress.

She was a very beautiful woman; a natural redhead with long thick hair that fell to the middle of her back. At six-two, Minerva had the slim graceful figure of a dancer and creamy complexion. Minerva owned two women that lived in small apartment, located in the same building as her studio.

They were also her employees and she received an income from their labor. One of her girls was a registered nurse/ physician’s assistant; the other a hairstylist/make up artist in a high end salon that Minerva owned, which incidentally employed a dozen ordinary people; they had no idea that their employer was Minerva’s slave.

Minerva’s slave girls were former dance students with signed slave contracts, registered with the Sanctorum; they were bound for life and their contracts could be sold or transferred to other members. My plans for Princess were eventually to share my bed; that being primary; a companion/ housekeeper, secondary.

The Sanctorum was a very old secret society; membership was for life, disclosing its secrets: by slaves or slave owners, depending on the severity could mean death. Minerva told me it had its own courts as well as a ruling council. The Sanctorum is a self-sustaining entity with members throughout the country. The Sanctorum has unbelievable financial resources at its disposal. They insured that registered slaves receive housing and medical care for life.

Minerva went into the bathroom to change into what she called her “Mistress Attire” in preparation to train Princess: black silk blouse, black slacks and of course black riding boots. She fixed her long red hair in a ponytail. Minerva came out of the bathroom with the black leather-riding crop and announced “Let me at that little slut.”

When we arrived in the basement, we found Princess asleep on the spotless floor by her training pole wrapped in her blanket.
Minerva wasted no time and struck the floor with the riding crop near Sarah’s head. “Wake up slut, is this how you greet
your Master’s guests
?” Princess woke with a start, throwing her blanket side, assumed the position.

“Michael you described her to me as being very pretty.” “Well, I suppose that is a matter of taste, I think her rather plain myself, barley adequate.”

I watched Princess tense at these harsh words, but she knew enough to remain silent and hold position. “Just look at her fat hairy legs?” “Do Amish men actually find that attractive?” “What a dog she is.” Minerva said laughing. I walked over to where Minerva was standing and quietly said Heel Princess, look at your Master.”

I pushed her hair away from her face and looked into her brown eyes brimming with tears. I wiped them away and smiled at her. “I think she is very pretty, Minerva.” ” Of course you have complete charge of her grooming and make-up.” “These are things that she has to learn having been brought up Amish.” I added, stroking her hair. “You will wax your legs my pretty girl.” “Mistress Minerva will teach you to enhance your natural beauty for men’s pleasure.” “You have permission to speak, but only to answer questions.”

“What does your collar say slut?” Minerva asked “My Master says he engraved the nameplate with my slave name: Princess”
Sarah replied. “Sarah’s name in Hebrew translates as Lady or Princess.” I added “Do you know what else is engraved on your collar, slut?’ Minerva asked “No Mistress.” “It says Princess, property of Master Michael.” “Lady and Princess are also common names for hairy bitch dogs like you.” Minerva said laughing.

“When I own you, I will shave you completely bald and keep you that way.” ” That will be so delicious, my own hairless bitch.” “Do you know what electrolysis is bitch?” “No Mistress.” “It is a method of permanent hair removal making you permanently bald.” Minerva answered, watching Sarah shudder.

“You do not own her yet, Minerva.” “For now I will choose her hairstyle, not you.” “Your hairstylist Mandy will cut her hair to suit my taste; that was our agreement.” I said raising my voice, pretending to be angry.

“Yes of course, lover. “Minerva said, soothingly “There is no need to be angry.” she said, kissing me. “She is just a slave after all.” “I will abide by our agreement, but my methods are my own.” “I suggest we go upstairs where can discuss this in private………………………..”

Once upstairs, while I opened a bottle of Dunnewood Merlot 2001(California), Minerva fixed a platter of cheese and fruit. “A toast to Minerva, your performance could have won an award, but you will have to settle for this fine Merlot.” I announced raising my glass in salute. Minerva bowed and smiled taking a sip from her glass.

“I was watching her reactions very closely.” “Princess obviously thinks herself pretty, conformity to look and act the same, as opposed to individuality is encouraged in the Amish culture; particularly for women.” “I observed her for a year before I abducted her.” “When she thought no one was looking, she studied the young women buying her baked goods.”

“Did I tell you that she hid a small mirror in her booth, as well as fashion magazines in the ladies room vanity.” “How could you possibly know that Michael, about the fashion magazines?” “Because I installed a hidden fiber optic camera in the ladies room.” “Princess particularly likes the pictures of handsome young men.”

“I have her on video, masturbating; the magazines her visual aid.” “I have still pictures taken from the videos to send to the Elders in her community; a threat to insure her obedience and compliance.”

“You naughty voyeur, you never told me about that!” She laughed, leaning forward; unconsciously touching herself, one of her many tells. I knew that she was getting aroused…I would make her wait this time. “I was saving that as a surprise my marvelous teacher.” I said, refreshing her glass, my hand lingering on hers.

I did show her the deference she was due; Minerva had influence in the Sanctorum.

“Did you watch other women as well?” “Of course not Minerva, it was strictly business, I couldn’t allow myself distractions.”

“I had to make sure that Princess was the one.” I stated. “Don’t be so serious, I was only teasing.” She said, smiling. “Is a full body wax what you had in mind for her, Michael? “Yes, what do you think of the hairstyle I chose for her?” I said, handing her the picture I downloaded and printed.

” I prefer pixie cuts my girls.” “It keeps them in their place.” “Did you know Mandy had long honey blond waist length hair?”

“I had it cut short and layered, then bleached to a much lighter color; Mandy hates it, constantly begs to go back to her natural color.” “But yes, that medium bob would suit your Princess well; the long bangs and hair framing her face, almost a long bowl cut, don’t you think?”

“Now that you mention it yes…. I do favor the bangs a great deal.”

“Eventually, she will grow it long again, that being my preference; she will keep the bangs and shorter hair framing her face.”

“Sarah’s hair will never be as beautiful as yours, Minerva.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say.” She smiled touching her hair, yet another tell. I knew Minerva was very vain about her hair; poor Mandy often received the crop, even when she styled Minerva’s hair to perfection. Minerva was a terror just before a dance competition.

“You could always dye hers the same color as mine,” She suggested.

“Your natural color could never be duplicated, my dear teacher,” I said, getting up kissing her neck, stroking her ponytail.
“To do so would be a sad counterfeit; as diamonds are to coal.”

“Bring her a bowl of oat meal as we planned and see to it that she takes her vitamins.” “Spend about an hour with her.”

“Use your crop if you wish, but do not hit her in the face.” “You know how much your beautiful red hair turns me on, I can’t wait to eat you out.” I said, kissing the back of her neck.

Minerva went downstairs and began training her in basic slave etiquette using the crop for any reason, real or imagined.
Minerva put Sarah’s hair up in pigtails and ordered her down on all fours, and lead her around the basement on a leash; making her bark.

Sarah received her dinner: cold oatmeal with skim milk served in a dish on the floor, telling her “Since you are a, fat ugly hairy bitch and you should can eat like one.”

Holding onto her pigtails and forcing Sarah’s face into the bowl of oatmeal, making her eat like a dog.

“You made me look bad in front of your Master.” “You will not only be bald when I own you, I will have your breasts and clitoris surgically removed; bald bitch dogs have no need of them; maybe a total hysterectomy.” “Then I’ll have your teeth pulled making you a proper cunt licker.”

“Afterwards, no man will ever look at you again the way Michael does now.”

When she was done eating, Minerva made Sarah chew her vitamins.

Before Minerva came back upstairs, she attached Sarah’s leash to one of the sliding rings and left her blanket just out of her reach, but not the pail for her sanitary functions.

When she arrived upstairs, I turned off the heat to the basement and shut down the lights. Although I went down her as promised, Minerva didn’t return the favor, returning home to check on her girls.

I went downstairs to check on my Princess and found her leaning against the pole shivering. I removed her leash, picked up her folded blanket, and sat on the couch. “Tell me what is on your mind, little lady,” I inquired kindly.

“Please, Master…I am so cold, may I have my blanket?” “Come and sit next to me…. Sarah, “You will soon be warm enough.” “That’s it get closer, put your head on my shoulder.” “Now, let me put the blanket over you, we will share our body heat.”

I put my arms around her and held her, talking softly until she stopped shivering. “You did well today, although you made a bad first impression with Mistress Minerva.” “You are very pretty with
your hair down.” I said, taking her hair out of the pigtails “Just like the girls in the magazines you like to look at…. in secret.” I said, kissing her forehead.

“I know everything about you, my pretty girl.” “You were never meant to be a little Amish mouse in a gray dress.” “Do you really know what I did alone in the bathroom, Master; what I did is a sin.” “Not in my world it’s not, Sarah.” “You live in my world now.” “You will not be judged for that, nor punished for masturbating: sexual gratification is a natural as breathing.”

“How old are you, Sarah?” Twenty- three, Master.” “And yet you are not married, why?” “I don’t know….” “I don’t know, Master.” I corrected, “I do not know, Master.” She replied, “I do not know is not an answer; that is an evasion, a childish excuse.” “I have no interest in children.”

“I am not a child, Master… I don’t want to marry an Amish man.” “Much better my pretty girl, that was an intelligent, honest answer.” “I value honesty Sarah; I will never punish you for telling the truth.” “You will be severely punished if you lie to me.” “Are you warm now?”

“Yes, Master.” “Do you wish to be sold to Mistress Minerva.” “No Master.” “Please don’t sell me to her; she will do terrible things to me…I” “Hush, I decided to keep you for now.” “Do you desire to please me, Sarah?” “Yes Master.” “Turn around and face away from me.”

” Yes that’s right, just like that…. good.” “You have beautiful breasts, so sensitive; your nipples are already hard.”

“Does this feel good, my pretty girl, your Master…. a man stroking your breasts?” “Yes Master, much better then when I do it.”

“Are you aroused Sarah, are you wet between your legs?” “I already know the answer.” “Play with yourself, make yourself come for your Master.” “That will please me.” “You are a pretty little thing.” “Marvelous, relax, enjoy it; tell me when you are coming.”

“Remember little Sarah, if you lie to me you will be punished.” “I can sense your orgasm rising, your sex betrays you.”

“You know you want to come, yes that’s it moan louder if you wish my pretty Sarah.” “This is why God made you a woman
and gave you a clitoris.”

Sarah was definitely vocal in her orgasm, this time she did not cover her mouth with her hand, as she did while masturbating
in the ladies room. She came close to sliding off the couch with all her squirming. It was obvious that she was intent in pleasing herself as well as pleasing me; no wonder she didn’t want to marry an Amish man, she would probably intimidate the hell out of the poor pious bastard.

“There is a bowl with a few apples at the bottom of the stair; get them and bring them here.” Biting into one of them, I said. “You must be hungry, the other two are for you.” “Mistress Minerva is in charge of your diet.” “We both agree you can stand to loose twenty pounds in keeping with your height and frame.” “The apples will be our secret.” “Sit on the couch and eat your apples.”

“When you are done eating, you may use the bathroom in the next room.” I offered, getting up and punching in the numbers on the electronic keypad to unlock the door. “I am pleased with you this evening.” “I will enjoy having you in my bed when the time comes.” “For now, until your training is complete, you will sleep on the floor; with your blanket.”

“Do you really think that I am pretty Master?” “I think you are very pretty, my horny little slave girl.”

The next day, Minerva arrived with Mandy to give Princess her full body wax. Mandy was a small and petite at five-three with blue eyes and a clear complexion. Her hair was blond and cut short in a neat pixie cut, as Minerva described to me the day before.

I would estimate her age to be between 30 & 35. Minerva had dressed her in a simple white smock with white pants and plain white nurses shoes. As slave etiquette dictates, Mandy assumed position immediately upon entering my threshold. “You may stand, Mandy, let me get a good look at you.”

“Turn around slowly………….you have very nice manners, you assumed the position smoothly and gracefully.” “Thank you Master Michael.” She replied. “The basement is unlocked.” “The kitchen is the second door to your right; the door to basement is open.” “Go downstairs and introduce yourself to Princess.” “Explain the procedure to her as this will be her first time.”

“Your Mistress and I will be having coffee and will join when we are finished.”

“May she interact freely Minerva, it will put Princess at ease?” “You may, Mandy.” Minerva replied. “Be discrete, as we discussed.” “Go to the car and get your case and have everything prepared to start in one hour.” “I want all of her hair removed from the neck down.” “Yes Minerva” Mandy replied “I shall treat her as a paying customer.”

The waxing would take the better part of 3 hours. Minerva and I retired to the kitchen and had breakfast together. During breakfast, she received an important call on her cell phone, changing our plans.

Minerva told me that she would be leaving Mandy with me until tomorrow morning. She would be meeting with her accountants. “While Mandy is here, why not have her cut Princess’s hair.”

“Mandy tells me the Salon is booked straight the next two weeks with no openings.” “Besides, I need to return the favor from yesterday, as I left in haste.” “As a special treat you may have full use of Mandy until then.”

“That is very magnanimous of you Minerva, I accept, but as I said before; diamonds to coal, my gracious teacher.” Minerva went downstairs to tell Mandy of the change in plans, then left for her appointments.

Mandy returned to report that she was done, and stood in the library waiting for further instructions. “You have permission to speak freely, come and stand before me.” “How long have you been owned by Mistress Minerva” “Six years Master Michael.”
Mandy replied.

“Obviously you know your place and what is expected of you; being comfortable in your subservience; you may address me as Michael” “Remove all of your clothing…. slowly, that’s it……………………………….you have a very nice figure.”

“Thank you Michael” “Your Mistress advised you that you were to pleasure me.” “I will comply with your wishes.” She replied.

“Go upstairs to the bathroom.” “I left to door open for you.” “You will find unopened toothbrushes, a fresh tube of toothpaste along with mouthwash on the counter; use them and wait for me there.”

I fixed my pretty girl her lunch: hot oatmeal with warm skim milk, plain yogurt, and a banana, orange and mint tea.
After she ate, I ran my hands up and down her body enjoying her smooth skin. “This is so much better, don’t you think?” “Don’t worry, you will get used to it, the first time is always the worst.”

“You will be getting a proper haircut by Mandy later today” “I am very partial to the style, very sexy. “Do your aerobic and stretching exercises on your pole as you have been instructed. I will unlock the bathroom for you before I leave.

Mandy was waiting for me, as instructed. I brushed my teeth, finishing by rinsing with generous amounts of mouthwash. Turning to her I reached out took her hands pulling her close. Taking hold of her ass cheeks, I kissing her mouth enjoying her sweet taste. Mandy returned my kisses, hesitating slightly at first, but soon was probing my mouth with her little tongue.

I started to undress, Mandy helped me off with my clothing, “Princess is waiting for her haircut.” “She is doing her exercises now, the ones Minerva taught her…. thanks, just put everything in the hamper.” “You did an exceptional job with the full body wax, I’m very pleased with the results.” “I need your help with something else, I need you to make her jealous, can you do that for me Mandy?”

Mandy put her arms around my neck, kissing me, her little tongue probing…. teasing. Her small hands caressing my chest, and then kissing, my chest an
d stomach.

Mandy’s hands now stroking my testicles, getting me hard. “Do you like that Master”?

“Order me to lick and suck your cock.” She said, seductively.

“Not yet you little vixen, I want to taste you first.” I said laughing, playfully slapping her bottom, “Get into the shower.”

We took turns lathering one another with Pear’s soap. Mandy shampooed my hair giving me a wonderful scalp massage, and then I did hers. After we toweled off, I ordered her to my bedroom and made her lie on her back with her legs spread.

I went down on her, licking and sucking, probing her clitoris with my tongue.

Mandy’s hands were in my hair, pushing my head against her dripping pussy, verbally urging me on. Just as her orgasm crested, “Stick you finger in my ass…push.” Mandy’s orgasm came in waves, her sweet juices covering my face as I licked like mad; and then, she went limp.

I lay down next to her, playing with her hard nipples watching her stretch her arms above her head, as she touched her hair and frowning momentarily; a possible tell. Smiling she rolled over and hugged me, kissing my face “Thank you for being so considerate and allowing me to be myself.” “I didn’t know what to expect.” She said.

“Tasting your juicy peach is all the thanks I need.” I replied, playing with her short hair.

“If I owned you Mandy, I would keep you all to myself and not share.” “What about your Princes?” “You would have to take turns.” “I think I would prefer you with long hair.” I added, continuing stroking her head.

“How long would you make me grow it, Michael?” “First we go back to your natural color.” “I’m a honey blond.”

“I love that hair color, honey blond it is Mandy.” “Next you would grow out the layers; no bangs for you.” “Long honey blond, blunt cut all one length to your shoulders.” “Just my shoulders?” “Would you like it longer Mandy?” I said feigning surprise.

“Before I signed my contract with the Sanctorum, Minerva promised never to cut my long hair.” ” It used to be waist length.”
” Minerva makes me have my assistant bleach my roots every three weeks, and use thinning shears because Minerva does not like it too thick.” “I hate it this way.”

“Please don’t tell her I told you, she might make me cut it even shorter.”

“Of course I won’t, it will be our secret.” I assured her, kissing her lightly on the lips.

“I want you to visit often, you taste like peaches.” “How about to the middle of your back, Peaches, maybe longer…depending…” “Depending upon what? She asked, sitting up looking at me.

“Depending…. Oh how shall I put this?” I said teasing

“Depending on how jealous you can make Sarah.” “You could use a haircut Master, just a trim of course.” “I will do it in front of her naked, then go down on you to see what you taste like.”

“Very good” “I have to check something first, then we will go to the basement together.”

Mandy got dressed in her white outfit looking neat and professional, blow drying her damp hair and putting on makeup:
finishing with dark pink lipstick. I put on my L.L. Bean terry cloth robe and boxer shorts.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs, she kissed my cheek, leaving the pink imprint of her lips there; then reapplied her lipstick. Taking her cue, I mussed up her hair, slapping her ass making her yelp and giggle.

Sarah hair was shampooed and conditioned in the slop sink. I made her sit on a bar stool while Mandy cut Sarah’s long hair.
Sarah received a long pageboy with curved eye framing bangs. Mandy then finished Sarah’s makeover, by applying makeup.

The first makeup Sarah had ever worn. My little lady looked incredibly hot and seductive.

“Shake your head little lady.” “Sarah shook her head from the side to side; when she stopped, the cut falling neatly back into place. I put my hand in her hair, kissing her mouth “You look lovely.” I whispered in her ear “Good enough to eat.” I said, kissing her, pushing a Hershey’s Kiss into her mouth with my tongue.

“This cut looks great on you.” Mandy said to her “It is just long enough to pin up and will look very pretty curled.”

“Let me show you.” Taking a curling wand, Mandy styled Sarah’s hair in luscious ringlet curls.

“I am ready to give you your trim now Master Michael.”

I sat on the barstool and sent Princess over to sit on the couch. Mandy started by wetting my hair with water then combing it to check for cowlicks and find my part. “I’m feeling a little warm, I’m going to take off my to.” She said, leaning over and kissing me.

Mandy removed it leaving her lacey bra on to cover her small pert breasts. Mandy dropped the comb, as she bent over in front of me to pick it up; I leaned forward and squeezed her cute little ass.

“Your pants also, I want to see what color your panties are.” “I’m getting warm myself, I have to keep the temperature like this for Princess.” I stated removing my robe, sitting back down in my boxers.

I kept interrupting my haircut, by grabbing her and kissing her mouth. I undid her bra and dropped it on the floor, Mandy just leaned in closer, rubbing against me with her breast, her nipples getting hard; leaning in kissing my mouth.

I pulled her panties down around her knees; Mandy took them the rest of the way off.

I could not see Princess, as my back was to her. Mandy told me afterwards that she couldn’t sit still and was frowning.

After she was finished, I stood up pointing at the floor. Mandy got down on her knees before me. I took my boxers off “Very nice haircut, you little vixen.” “Princess, come here………….. Kneel by Mandy.” “Get closer to me so that I can play with your curls.”

Mandy put on quite a show, licking and sucking. Fast…. slow, running her tongue up and down the shaft, teasing around the head; deep throating. I came in Mandy’s mouth, and like the wonderful little vixen that she was, swallowed it all, not spilling a drop.

“Go upstairs and wait for me in the library Mandy.” “I have to get Princess settled in for the night.”

Mandy gathered her clothing and haircutting equipment, a big smile on her face. I turned to Sarah, who was still on her knees, waiting.

“You have had quite the day.” “A complete body wax, haircut and all.” “Stand and face me.” “Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

I removed a heresy’s kiss from my robe pocket, unwrapped it and put it in her mouth.

“You look lovely, my pretty lady.” “Tomorrow you will given a sport bra, panties socks and sneakers to wear.”

“When you lose the weight, I may turn the hot water on.” ” Now go to your pole and I will attach your leash.”

“Mandy is a delightful little thing.” “She will be sharing my bed this evening.”

“I believe that Minerva is trying to tempt me with her, perhaps trade even for you.” “Good night.”

Mandy was waiting in the library for me when I returned, curled up on the overstuffed leather couch. “I am in the mood for Chinese take-out.” “There is a menu on the corkboard near the telephone in the kitchen.”

“I want chicken & cashews, plus a pint of hot & sour soup.” “They make the chicken & cashews right; no celery.”
“Order something for you, then call the order in for delivery.”

After we ate, we cuddled on the couch and listened to music. Mandy chose the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, her favorite piece of music; then, we shared a bottle of chilled Inniskillin Riesling Ice Wine.

I genuinely enjoyed just being with and holding her. As Minerva stated: ” my methods are my own”; as are mine. Discipline and cruelty will merely produce an obedient drone.

I want to experience all aspects of my slaves, not just their bodies. They have needs to satisfy the same as I.
Loyalty, affection, subservience, obedience; coupled with intelligence, all these are attributes of a desirable female slave.

That evening in bed, Mandy kept me well satisfied.

Minerva arrived the next Saturday morning with bras, panties, and socks and several sizes of Nike sneakers for Sarah to try on.
She also brought Katherine, her other slave girl. Katherine was about Mandy’s age, brown eyes at five-eight with a
well- rounded voluptuous figure, well suited to bearing children.

Her short hair was light brown with blond highlights added and styled in a short bob with short curved bangs.

Like Mandy, she was dressed all in white, except she was wearing her white lab coat instead of a smock. Katherine would be giving Sarah a physical and compile a medical history. In addition, she would be drawing blood for lab work.
I planned on putting Sarah on birth control.

While Katherine was giving Princess her physical, Mandy styled her Mistress’s hair in a chignon. Minerva would be attending a gathering; a gathering was a meeting of the Sanctorum.

Minerva was being summoned to sit on the tribunal of a Master for selling one of his slaves into prostitution to an outsider.

Minerva advised me that she would be out of state for the next five days. She would be taking Mandy with her to attend to her needs, especially, her hair and makeup.

The doctor that Katherine worked for was on vacation for two weeks.

Minerva made arrangements to have Katherine & Mandy’s small apartment painted, then new carpet put down. If nothing else, Minerva was a very well organized efficient woman, making full use of her time and money.

“I know it’s an imposition, would you please let Katherine stay with you while I am gone.” “She has allergies too fresh paint, not to mention the new carpet.” This will give the place time to air out thoroughly.”

“I think that you will enjoy having her.” “Katherine has a very analytical mind.” “You enjoy chess, I will very surprised if you can beat her.” “As a matter of fact, I will bet you a dinner at Salvatore’s that you lose 2 out of 3 games.”

“I will take that bet Minerva; enjoy your trip.” I said, thinking, “I certainly will be enjoy this buxom beauty.”

After her physical, Sarah was given her bras, socks and panties. After trying on several pair of Nikes; we determined that her correct size was 7 D; Katherine would return the others and get one extra pair in her correct size.

Minerva went to check on Sarah’s new hairstyle.

” Not bad, at least now she is a well groomed little doggie.” she said, stroking Sarah’s curls. “Did Mandy leave you makeup to practice with slut?” “Yes Mistress” “Thank you for my undergarments and sneakers.” Sarah replied

“It is about time you remembered your manners little doggie.” Minerva stated, stroking Sarah’s face with the riding crop.
“I will be gone five days.” “Katherine will be staying with your Master.”

“You will be provided with a jump rope and exercise mat.” ” Your diet will be modified to include more proteins.”

“When I return you had better have lost 25lbs., otherwise I will beat you.” ” Besides, after being with Katherine for five days, he will probably forget all about you.”

Minerva and Mandy left for the airport. I directed Katherine where to put her suitcase and makeup case.
I gave her my car keys, credit card and a grocery list, and then sent her shopping.

I also told her to purchase five outfits: Babydolls & Teddies, explaining that is all she would be allowed to wear the next 5 days.

“If there is anything special you would like to eat, by all means purchase it”

“Be warned, I am a competent chess player.” “If you want desert, be prepared to win two out of three.”

Katherine drove away with a big smile on her face.

I found Princess wearing her new bra, panties and sneakers skipping rope. I sat down and watched her breasts bouncing up and down for a while, then called her over to sit down next to me.

This time, she knew what to do, putting her head on my chest anticipating and craving my attention.
“From this point on, when we are alone, you have permission to speak if you have a question or concern.”

“However, you will begin with by asking: “May I have permission to speak?” “Give me your hand, place it here, your fingers like this at the base of your throat.” “This will be our non verbal signal.” “I will either nod yes or shake my head no.”

“May I have permission to speak, Master?” “Yes.” I replied, “I can never go back to my Amish community.”

“I don’t want to go back now.” ” Mandy and Katherine seem so free, it is hard to explain.” “They are so feminine.”
“They were very kind to me.” “They seem so happy to be owned.”

“They are happy because they have totally submitted.” I replied. “They are secure in their femininity in ways few women will ever experience.” “How many husbands do you suppose put forth such time and effort to totally know their wives.”

“Will I be like them?” She asked, “You are like them.” “Your nipples are hard as we speak, am I right?”

“Yes.” she replied, snuggling closer.

“Are you horny my pretty girl, do you want come?” “Yes Master, do you want to fuck me?” She asked.

“Such language, where did you ever hear that word?” “I just want to please you, Master.” “Then don’t be vulgar.” I replied
“I would prefer that you say make love.” “And no, I do not want intercourse, I want oral sex from you.”

“I left a basin with hot water and a wash cloth on the stairs, go get it.” “Here it is Master, do you want me to wash you?”
“Of course.” I replied “That is right, gently…take your time.” “Good girl, I think that it is clean enough.”

“Put the basin back on the stairs.” “Did you notice how Mandy did it?” “Yes that’s right.” “Lick the entire shaft…………….Marvelous.” “Take your little tongue and lick the entire circumference of the tip.” “Very good that feels wonderful.” “Start sucking, good……….yes…. that’s it…watch your teeth.” I warned, lightly cuffing her head.

“Get your hand out of your panties and stop playing with yourself.” “Concentrate on what you are doing.” I admonished, cuffing her again.

Very satisfied, I just lay back on the couch with my hands buried in Sarah’s hair until I exploded in her mouth.

“That was very nice for your first attempt at fellatio.” “You will have to learn to swallow it all unless you like having semen on your face.” “Now clean the semen that you spilled on me with your tongue; then go wash your face and brush your teeth.”

When Sarah returned, she sat back down on the couch with me, snuggling close, with her face on my chest.

“Close your eyes and get ready to kiss me.” I took a Hershey’s Kiss from my pocket, unwrapped it, and put it in my mouth. When I kissed her, I pushed it into her mouth with my tongue. “For you my pretty girl.” “Now you will taste like chocolate, when I kiss you.”

“Take off your bra and panties now, but don’t touch yourself.” “I will do that for you.” “Wonderful, you are absolutely dripping.” “Your panties must be soaked.” “Now kiss your Master.” “Marvelous, you taste like chocolate.”
“You are a horny little thing.”

“Please Master, please let me come, your horny little slaves begs to let her come.”

“Stroke my cunt…. mmm, just like that…put your fingers in there…………….oh, that feels so good.”

” I’ll be so good…I’m coming… I want to suck on it again…kiss me; kiss Master……………

Sarah orgasm was incredible; after she peaked, she just collapsed against me, softly crying.

I stroked her hair and held her until she stopped.

“I want you to keep me.” “I want to stay here with you.” “Please don’t sell me.” “I will do anything you say, my Master, my owner.” “I can cook and clean house.” “I will be anything you want me to be.”

“I want you to listen to Mistress Minerva and show her that she is wrong about you.”

“You will have to work extra hard to lose the weight.” “I have some books on beauty and makeup for you
to read in your spare time.” “Katherine will help you with that.”

“Tomorrow, I will bring you a lighted makeup mirror and everything you will need to practice.”
“I promise I will not disappoint you Master, I have to exercise now, with your permission of course.”

Katherine returned from her shopping trip and put the groceries away. We went into the library and I put on some music that was suitable: a CD of Traditional Strip Club song that I bought on a whim for a dollar at a flea market.

I sat back and watched her strip to the music and model the different baby dolls and teddies, settling on red, and the last one she tried on.

We played chess until 4:00 PM; Minerva was right, I lost five out of seven and greatly enjoyed myself. I would like to think that that sexy little morsel distracted me.

That was not the case; she was a much better player then I. I did notice a couple of tells. When she was attacking, she always made a loose fist before each move; while defending, she always touched her right cheek.

Katherine was warned that she would play her best or I would tie her to the pole for the night.

Watching her, I concluded that her mannerisms were precise, yet feminine; Katherine would be a delight to own.
I left Katherine in the library and went to the kitchen to prepare Sarah’s meal.

Sarah was given a grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, carrots and white rice for dinner. I was very generous with her vegetable portions, a special treat for hard day of exercise. She was also given a large cup of jasmine tea with her meal. Sarah was excited about receiving her mirror and makeup tomorrow. “Master, are you going to have my ears pierced?” She asked.

“Do you want to have your ears pierced?” “I’ve always wanted to have them pierced.” Sarah replied.

“Katherine says that she can do it and has stainless steel posts in her medical bag.” “Is that so.” I said, smiling.
“What else does Katherine say?” “She explained everything about my birth control pills and says I am very healthy.”

“She thinks that you are handsome and loves your big house.” “She hates living in that cramped apartment.” “She said that she loved my haircut and wished that her hair was longer.”

“I had intended to have your ears pierced, Sarah.” “In addition to that, I will have Katherine pierce your clitoral hood and have a permanent 18kt. gold ring inserted.” “I will be eating my dinner soon.” “I will talk to you again in the morning.”
“May I pleasure you again, Master?”

“No, but I like the way that you asked, your choice of words.” “Get some sleep, you have exercised enough for today.”

I walked away thinking, “She is coming along just fine.” “Sarah will be willingly sharing my bed sooner then I thought.”
“I am assured admittance to the Sanctorum.”

Katherine was waiting for me in the library, curled up with a copy of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman.

“The shrimp is cooling in the refrigerator, along with a bowl of cocktail sauce.” “I will put the steaks in the broiler for us as soon as the shrimp are well chilled.” She added.

“Very good,” I commented ” I am going to take a nap until dinner is ready, give me a least an hour.” “Set the dining room table with the dishes from the dining room china cabinet.” “The linen is the 3 bottom drawers along with the good silver.” “Do not forget the good crystal.”

We shared a couple bottles of Alamos Pinot Noir 2002 (Argentina) a nice red wine of moderate price.
Katherine chose the dessert: New York Cheese Cake with fresh blueberries.

I questioned her during dinner, asking about her profession, making small talk. I drank sparingly and mostly listened, the wine loosening her tongue.

I found out that she loved poetry. The only time she read it was at work; Minerva did not approve, viewing poetry a waste of time.

This issue was a shame. For one, Katherine having to read it behind her Mistress’s back, and for Minerva not allowing her this harmless intellectual pleasure. I would keep this bit of information to myself, a minor infraction at best, certainly not one for her to be whipped.

I did give her permission to be herself, because of this, I assumed a certain degree of confidentiality; slave girl or not.
As I have said before, I have my own methods.

As is my preference, and as a prelude to foreplay, I showered with Katherine as I did with Mandy.

While her hair was still wet, I combed it straight back away from her face, tucking the sides behind her ears. As she stood admiring her reflection in the mirror, I stepped behind her; kissing and licking her neck and ears; caressing her curvaceous buttocks.

“What a shame your hair isn’t longer Katherine, I would love to see you with a ponytail.” Katherine just sighed, not commenting. “Princess’s hair will eventually be much longer.” “Her present style is merely transitional.”

“Minerva suggested that I cut it much shorter; like Mandy’s.” “I believe that bangs suit her; you are beautiful with or without.” “I would prefer your hair longer.” “In keeping with your professional image, you would keep it pinned up work.”

This brought a smile to her face, as I knew it would.

Katherine turned, put her arms around my neck, kissing my mouth, “It would be wonderful if you would buy me from Minerva.”

“I will trust you not to tell her that; a girl can dream can’t she?” Katherine was quite perceptive in concluding that I would remain silent. I could not afford her even if I were a member of the Sanctorum, which was the only way I could purchase her.

If I could afford her, I doubt Minerva would sell her to me. Of the three, Sarah, Mandy and Katherine, Katherine was the most complex

Intellectually & intuitively, she was Minerva’s equal. It would be a pleasure to explore her complexities. For the present, as long as she trusted me and was forthcoming, her perspective about her Mistress was invaluable.

“King takes queen…. or shall I say King will take the queen to bed.” “We have five days to checkmate one another, Katherine.” “You know where my bedroom is; wait for me there.”

I went to the library, locking the door behind me. Going to the wall-to-wall bookcase on the east wall, I pushed the hidden catch allowing one side to swing inward revealing a hidden room. Entering, I closed the door behind me.

My entire house has concealed fiber optic cameras and microphones in every room.

This is the Master control room for the entire property. The dummy room is hidden in the basement. Minerva knows everything about the dummy one; this one is a secret and will override everything. To Minerva’s knowledge, there are only cameras in the basement and outside perimeter.

I have a friend whose land is adjacent to mine. While I own 20 acres, David has at least 1400. I purchased most of my furniture from David, as he deals in the unusual and the unique. Most importantly, David is discreet, a most desirable quality in a friend.

Whenever David goes out of town for any length of time, I keep an eye on his property and feed his dog Socrates. Aside from his new wife Laura, Socrates is a one-man dog.

Socrates and I have a unique relationship. I let him out to do his business and feed him, Socrates mostly ignores me.

Up until the time that he married, David was a very private person. I always called before I went to visit.

David told me that I am always welcome. I even attended his wedding. Out of respect, I still will call first, emergencies aside.

My primary occupation is an Electrical Engineer and inventor holding multiple patents. I own a small business employing six people installing complete security systems of my own design.

I have a natural aptitude with computers and will build and incorporate them into the client’s security systems. Like my friend David, my clients are very wealthy and value discretion.

I installe
d David’s security system. David and I remodeled the library containing the hidden room.

In addition to my security business, I am a silent partner in a business that manufactures stun guns and tasers, all government and police contracts. None of these are available to the public, all state of the art and my design. I gave one to David awhile back, although I have no idea what he will do with it.

He and his wife are most proficient with firearms; and there is always Socrates.

There are no paper blueprints for the one I used on Sarah. I custom built it for myself, the blueprints, in my head, as are those for my security system.

After I ran a diagnostic on the system, I joined Katherine in the bedroom.

We picked up where we left off in the bathroom. I made Katherine get on her hands and knees on the bed and entered her from behind.

My instincts about her were correct, Katherine enjoyed having intercourse in this position.

She begged me to pull her hair while I was fucking her. Katherine liked it hard and fast and was capable of multiple orgasms. Actually, she liked intercourse in any position as long as it was a little on the rough side. After we finished making love we went right to sleep. Katherine was up early and prepared breakfast: sourdough pancakes,
pork sausages and hot coffee. “Do you want me to bring Sarah her breakfast?” She asked.

“We will eat first.” “Then you can bring it to her.” “I am going outside for a couple of hours to cut some wood.” “I have four cords done so far and hope to get three more cut and stacked for the season.” “Do you want me to help you?” She offered.

“That won’t be necessary, I need the exercise.” “Pick up around the house…. on second thought, it could use a good dusting.”
“I am sure that you can find your way around.”

I lost track of the time and was outside for most of the morning. When I returned, I found that Katherine had dusted and vacuumed my entire house. She greeted me at the door, assuming the position. Fresh from the shower her wet hair was combed straight back and shiny with hair gel. Katherine was wearing a red teddy, had put on her makeup; she was wearing blood red lipstick; I loved the look.

“You may stand slave girl, give your Master a kiss.” Katherine put her arms around my neck and complied. That was quite a work out; I’m soaked with perspiration.” “I must smell terrible,” I continued, “You smell wonderful.” She replied. “Don’t you want me to shower first?” “I love the smell of clean sweat.” Katherine answered, continuing to kiss me. “Do you like my hair?”

“Get down on your hands and knees and I will show you how much I like your hair.” I did her doggie style, right there on the floor the way she liked it, fast and hard, slapping her ass and pulling her hair; afterwards I made her clean me with her mouth.
“Assume the position…. very nice, I’m going to take a shower, then we will have lunch.” “Do not move until I return.”

After we ate we brought Sarah her makeup mirror and makeup, as well as her noon meal. After Sarah ate, she and Katherine took turns skipping rope and exercised together.

I turned on the hot water to the slop sink and the bathroom allowing Sarah free access for a hot shower and a toilet.
The girls had worked up quite a sweat together trying to out do one another at jump rope.

I suggested that they shower together while I watched. They soaped each other down, washing & conditioning each other’s hair and drying themselves off. Then they spent half-an-hour doing each other’s makeup. I observed that Katherine enjoyed brushing Sarah’s hair.

When they finished, I sat on in the middle of the couch, calling them over. With one slave girl on either side, I announced, “We are going to have a kissing contest.” “There is cheese cake with blueberries in the fridge.”

“The best kisser gets a piece” Having two naked women on a couch trying to out do one another is an experience every man should enjoy at least once in a lifetime……………………….. : I declared the contest a tie.

Katherine and Sarah spent a great deal of time together during those 5 days. In a sense, Katherine was Sarah’s mentor, as her gentle influence encouraged and taught Sarah the etiquette of the slaves as mandated by the Sanctorum. No doubt, it also helped her be more at ease with her previous repressed sexuality, by having another woman’s perspective. Having an exercise partner was another bonus.

On efeatedour last evening together, Katherine and I were sitting together in the library sharing a bottle of Dunnewood Merlot.
Katherine again told me something about Minerva that was quite insightful. I had always assumed that Minerva was bi-sexual
or a lesbian.

I saw no purpose in having female slaves unless you intended in having sexual relations with them. Minerva enjoyed the power and prestige of being a Mistress, a dominant. Katherine and Mandy were for the most part a source of income.
Not that she mistreated them; they were more like unpaid servants for life. Minerva preferred the company of men.

This was a puzzle. If she preferred males, why have female slaves? This was not a question that I could just come out and ask her. I needed her support to enter the Sanctorum. In any case, it was none of my business.

When Minerva returned, she was very pleased with Sarah’s progress. She put on quite the show when I refused to sell Sarah to her, pretending to be angry. I gladly took her out to dinner at Salvatore’s twice, once for losing our bet, the other because we both craved their veal marsala.

Three months had come and gone, Sarah had safely lost the required weight and was very tone and trim. She was now allowed upstairs during the day, and was given her house cleaning duties. In this she excelled; in addition too cooking and baking the recipes that her mother and aunts taught her.

I purchased a variety of leotards for her to wear around the house. They hugged her contours and showed off her beautiful figure; a constant reminder for her to maintain her optimum weight with diet and exercise.

Sarah was required to read one book a week and we discussed it, reviewing what she had learned.
I purchased some used textbooks and brought home library books on music and music appreciation; Sarah received constant exposure to all aspects of my collection, and learned to enjoy the classics.

On the first day of the fourth month, I have placed a calendar on the refrigerator. On the last day of the month, Sarah will be allowed to sleep in my bed and we will have intercourse. For now she will be sleeping on the floor at the foot of my bed.
Each day she will place an X on the calendar to record the passing days. She was not allowed orgasm until then and must pleasure me with her mouth.

The day finally arrived and I failed to qualify beforehand exactly when it would begin. At exactly 12:01 AM, while I was still asleep, Sarah got up off of the floor and got into bed next to me, waking me up. “What do you think you are doing?” I asked.
“You said I would share your bed and I have been good.” She replied, snuggling closer. “Do you realize what time it is?”
“It is the last day of the month.” She meekly relied, adding “Are you angry with me?” “No, technically you are right; it is the next day and I did promise.” I replied, putting my arm around her.

“Are you going to make love to me now?” she asked, kissing my neck. “Later.” “Oh.” she sighed, disappointed. “But you have been good, my pretty girl.” “You do know your place.” “That deserves a reward.”

“You may address me by my first name when we are alone, such as now.” “Will that satisfy you until morning, Sarah?”
“Yes Michael, I can wait until morning.” she replied, kissing my mouth and snuggling closer “Good night, Master.”

The alarm was supposed to go off at 7:00 AM, but did not; I woke up instead to my little princess’s sweet kisses on my face.
you sleep well, Michael?” “Do you want me to prepare your breakfast?” “Yes, very well indeed, and no; you and I will be going out for breakfast.” “Are you well rested little princess?” “Yes Michael, thank you for asking.” “I’ve never eaten in a restaurant before.” “I am sure that you will enjoy the experience, but first things first.” “Stand at the end of the bed”….”Heel”….”Down.”

“Tell me what you want,” I ordered “I want to feel you inside of me Michael.” “I want you to suck on my breasts.”
“What else do you want, Princess?” I asked, getting out of bed and stroking her moist cunt with my fingers.

“I want to lick your cock and suck on it.” “Who am I?” “You are Michael, my Master.” “You are dripping with desire my pretty girl, your sweet flower is my property as is the rest of you.” I took her on the floor in the bedroom. Sarah’s sweet orgasm was incredible…I’m coming…. ooh God it feels so good…Master…. I want to suck on it…. yes, oh yes…………………..make love to my cunt……………………………………………………………After she came; I rolled her over on her back, pounding her until I achieved mine.

After we showered, I said “There is a large package wrapped in brown paper in the hall closet for you; bring it here.”
Sarah ran to the closet bringing it back to the bedroom, and then carefully opened it, folding the paper and putting it to one side.
“I decided that leotards might not be practical for outside attire.” “I will bet my eye teeth that the blue jeans are a perfect
fit.” “Katherine washed three times adding fabric softener at the end of the wash cycle.” “Minerva chose the blouse: Chinese silk, a beautiful shade of jade green.” I added.

“Did Mistress Minerva really select this blouse for me, it is very beautiful? ” She exclaimed, rubbing the fabric on her face.
“I thought that she hated me!” “Minerva is a practical women.” “She has resigned herself to the fact that you are mine and not for sale or trade.” “Minerva has a wonderful sense of style.” “In attempt to appease her and smooth things over, we will be meeting her for breakfast.” “Then we will be taking you shopping for clothing; I defer to her sense of style in women’s attire.”

Sarah thanked Minerva for the blouse and Minerva…well, Minerva was Minerva. We went to the different women’s clothing stores; Minerva chose the clothing and Princess dutifully tried them on. Minerva did not ask Sarah’s opinion about anything. What she did chose for her looked good on Sarah and was most appropriate; I concurred with all her selections. The shopping excursion took less then 2 hours, as Minerva no doubt scoped out her selections ahead of time.

After Minerva left, I took Sarah to a jewelry store and bought her a pair of 18-karat gold hoop earrings; she put the stainless steel posts she was wearing in her pocket, putting the hoops on before she left the jewelry store. Sarah left the store beaming, she looked beautiful and she knew it. My final purchase for her was perfume. I have always been partial to the scent vanilla.
We went to Macy’s going directly to the perfume counter. The woman behind the counter would not stop flirting with me; much
to Sarah’s displeasure. All that Sarah could do to show her displeasure, was to stand close to me hanging to my arm; however, if looks could kill………………………..

I bought her a bottle of spray cologne: Vanilla Fields by Coty and received many hugs and kisses while we were in Macy’s, some no doubt for the benefit of the flirtatious sales clerk. We spent the rest of the day in bookstores, browsing.

Seven months after Princess’s abduction, I was summoned to a gathering of the Sanctorum. Sarah would also be attending for her interview in preparation to sign her slave contract. Minerva would act as my advocate.

The gathering was held in a building that previously was a Grand Old Hotel on the Hudson River, which was remodeled and restored to its former glory by the Sanctorum. Security on the grounds was extremely tight; we went through 3 checkpoints
before we reached the Grand Hotel Main Building.

The three of us were escorted to the waiting room off of the main lobby. Minerva directed Sarah to strip as she would be naked and on display for most of the weekend; slaves were not allowed clothing once the gathering started, unless they were assigned to serve refreshments.

My initiation and oath would be before the council of 50, which consists of a Grand Master/Grand Mistress representing
each of the 50 United States. Afterwards, I would be given a gold signet ring upon which the Sanatorium’s seal is engraved.

I was also required to bequeath 51% of all of my financial assets and real property to the Sanctorum, at the time of my death.

It should be noted: the Sanctorum considered Slaves real property. Following this paperwork, I was given a retinal scan and my right hand was scanned to record my fingerprints for security and identification purposes.

Lastly, I gave them a cashier’s check in the amount equal to 20% of my net worth, predetermined by their forensic accountants.

I was forth coming in declaring everything, including the money hidden in my mattress. The benefits of membership far out weighed the initial cost. Their code of ethics was quite simple, loyalty, honesty and secrecy to the Sanctorum and Masters/Mistresses of the brother and sisterhood.

After my initiation and paperwork, I was shown to my room by a naked blond slave girl to rest for the gathering- proper,
followed by an informal get-to- together of owners and slaves. Minerva’s room was adjacent to mine; she left me a note to meet her in the lobby at 7:30PM;I took a shower and a nap, setting my alarm for 6:30PM.

During the informal get- to -together, Sarah was required to serve refreshments for one hour to the dominants in the ballroom, as were the other slaves present. She was dressed in a French Maid’s Outfit as were all the other slaves assigned to that duty; there were no males slaves present.

Minerva was introducing me around when the pieces to the puzzle about Minerva’s sexual preferences were coming together.
Of the Fifty Grand Masters & Mistress’s present at my initiation, only ten were women; the men out numbered the women four to one. Dominants, male or female must only be an allowed to own female slaves. “Michael did you hear what I just said?”
“No, I’m sorry Minerva, I was just thinking how lucky I was to find your dance studio.” “Without your help, I would never be here today, my marvelous mentor.” “You were saying.” “You are welcome Michael.” “Now that you are one of us, I wish to thank you as well.”

“Your Sarah has created quite a stir among the gathering.” “The concept of stalking and abducting an Amish women; not to
mention successfully turning her into your slave and having her sign a contract.” ” I as your mentor share a small portion of the accolades.” “As well as my own for bringing you into the fold, so to speak.”

“I was saying, that there is someone I want you to meet.” “She wants to purchase Sarah from you.” “Before you say no, hear me out.” “Your account in Luxemburg.” “She is willing to transfer one two hundred fifty thousand dollars to your account.”

I felt a small hand touch the small of my back; my beautiful Princess had turned in her maid’s uniform and was kneeling naked beside me. Sarah placed her hand at the base of her throat as I taught her. I smiled at her and shook my head, indicating that she did not have permission to speak.

“No Minerva, I respectfully must decline her offer.” “I know you so well my student.” “I knew that you would say that”
“Grand Mistress Maud is the prospective buyer.” “The answer is still no!” “Will you at least meet with her Michael?”

“Of course I will meet with her.” “She is after all a Grand Mistress.” “Then I will schedule a private audience with her Michael.”

“While I an gone, consider her offer.” “Ke
ep in mind two hundred fifty thousand dollars to her is like one hundred dollar to you and I.”

Minerva left to talk with the Grand Mistress and I gave Sarah permission to speak “I signed my contract with them, Master”
“I have never seen so many beautiful naked women before, all of them slaves; I am so happy.”

“I expected to be groped and leered at, but that was not the case.” “Everyone here seems so organized and relaxed.”

“The people here are unique my pretty girl” “You are not some whore or slut on display.” “A slave practices her art, as does a
Dominant.” “Much like the geishas of Japan.” “You are a valued piece of property to be guarded and protected.” “Leering and groping is considered bad form and could lead to censure or expulsion.” “There are other factors I will not discuss here.” “Did you eat?” “Yes, we were fed before we served refreshments.” “It was explained to me that my primary duty now is to attend to you.” “I will be going back to your room with you later for the rest of our stay.”

As we were talking, I could her a familiar voice calling to me from across the room. I looked up to see my divorce attorney
Matt Alderman wave to call me over. Kneeling naked beside him was his receptionist, Nancy, looking lovelier then ever.

“Congratulations Michael, welcome to the Sanctorum.” “Is this the one I have been hearing so much about?” She is quite pretty.”
“Thank you Matt” “I have finally found my place in the world” “And you Nancy, you are looking lovelier then ever.”

“Thank you Master Michael, but if you will excuse me, I am required to serve refreshments soon.”

Matt and I found an empty table and sat down; Sarah kneeled down next to me. “Do you still hate your ex wife- Michael?”
“I don’t really hate her per say.” “I was betrayed by her.” “She did commit adultery.”

“On the other hand if it were not for her…”I know what you mean.” Matt interrupted. “If it were me, I would have ruined her by now.” “Both financially and mentally.” “First, she would crawl back begging, then be under my thumb…finally, I would sell the cunt.” Matt raised his hand motioning to a pretty blond slave carrying a tray with glasses of champagne. “Thank you, I will take two.” He said handing me one. “You look very nice with clothing, Cindy.” “Send my regards to your Master.” “You are dismissed.”

“A toast to you Michael, may you acquire many more!”

Matt was obviously well into his cups. This would be my opportunity to get some answers. I found out that Grand Masters are not elected, but appointed by a consensus of the fifty.

Grand Mistresses serve at the pleasure of the Sanctorum; they may make recommendations, but their number is limited to
ten; Grand Masters have the weighted vote. The value of Mistresses lies in their ability to secure women slaves for the Masters.
Wealthy, intelligent women such as Grand Mistress Mandy are considered an asset to the Sanctorum as a whole.

It was announced at the gathering proper that Grand Mistress Athena would be stepping down due to health reasons.
A replacement would have to be chosen by the fifty. Minerva was rumored as a possible replacement; being highly regarded
by many of the fifty; especially by her mentor; Grand Mistress Maud.

The last piece of information was the most valuable of all; Male slaves did not exist in the world of the Sanctorum.
Masters or Grand Masters found guilty of serious offences could be put to death; males played for the highest stakes of all”

My meeting with Grand Mistress Maud was not what Minerva expected; I turned down the second offer as well; politely of course. The Grand Mistress was gracious, telling me that the offer was on the table if I were to change my mind.

Minerva’s anger was barely contained. The only indication of such was in her green eyes; I expected lightning bolts to strike me down from the looks that she gave me. “What’s done is done Michael.” “It is certainly your right to refuse her offer.”
“If you do reconsider, I would be willing to give you unlimited access to my girls.” “I would keep their incomes of course.”

“This is your day after all, go back to the ballroom and mingle, I will be with you shortly,” she added, kissing my mouth and biting my lip enough to hurt and smiling. I was tempted to swap her ass as she walked away, but thought the better of it.

One year had now gone by. Minerva had not achieved her goal to be a Grand Mistress; a Grand Master was installed in that vacancy. Minerva and I had grown apart, no longer spending as much time together.

During the previous five months, I took off some time from work, and did some traveling. Sarah and I went to Hawaii for two weeks. I rented a convertible; we spent another month just touring the country, staying in the best hotels, many nights for free;
compliments of the Sanctorum.

Minerva showed up one evening with dressed to kill. She was wearing a tight black dress and her makeup was impeccable.
Minerva’s beautiful red hair was curled and pinned up; the way she knew I liked it. “We are both too stubborn for our own good”

“I want things to be the way that they were.” she said, kissing my mouth. “Let me make things up to you.” “I promise that I will
make this an evening that you will never forget.” I was thinking “My beautiful Minerva, I’m sure it will be an evening neither
of us will forget.” “Shall we dance first, my marvelous mentor, just the two of us?” “I shall lock Sarah in the library for the evening so as not to disturb us.” I replied.

We danced, shared a bottle of Giesen Riesling 2006 (New Zealand), and then danced some more. Minerva was quite passive this evening and I did some things I had never done to her in the past while dancing; I patted and squeezed her ass and played with her hair; first taking the hairpins out letting it down and playing with her loose curls as we danced; and she let me, seemingly enjoying the attention.

Minerva suggested we go to my bedroom; she wanted to spend the night. Once there she said “There is the matter of oral sex
owed to you lover.” She said removing her slinky black dress. “Lie on your back and close your eyes; relax I will take care of everything.” I did as she requested, anticipating what would come next. “Are the condoms still in your top dresser drawer?”

“As always.” I answered, on the bed with my eyes closed. “I will get them out for when you will pleasure me.”

Minerva started by stroking my penis with her hand, then licking the tip. I felt something cold on my neck; I opened my eyes. Minerva had removed my taser from the drawer and pressed against my neck. “Surprise lover!” She said, smiling, depressing the
switch, the arc of electricity jumping between the electrodes. “You ungrateful bastard.” “You cost me a great deal of money, not to mention my chance to be Grand Mistress.” I just lay there not moving. “That should keep you in your place for awhile.”

“You are a fool Michael, telling me about your hidden control center in the basement.” “For a security expert, you are not very secure.” “While you and Princess were on vacation, Maud and I made some modifications.”

“What do you think of that?” She exclaimed, placing the taser on my testicles and again pressing the switch.
“Maud is five minutes from here, I am going to pick up my cell phone and call her”……………. “She is on the way, Michael.”
“The offer is still on the table except now the offering price is a dollar.” “You are going to take it.” “Did I mention we planted
bogus evidence showing money in off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands proving you lied to the Sanatorium’s auditors.”

“If you want to remain a Master in good standing, you had better do as you are told, little boy.” Leaning forward kissing my mouth, she again zapped me with the taser.

Minerva then put the taser on the bed next to me. Turning her back to me, she bent over to pick up her dress.
I sat up and slapped
her shapely ass, hard, causing her to shriek with surprise and fright.

I picked up the taser, a smile on my face “Minerva, Minerva…my beautiful teacher and mentor.” “What have you done?”

“How….I don’t understand………”You mean this.” I interrupted, offering her the taser. ” But, I tested it myself, just like you showed me Michael; the electricity jumped between the electrodes…………………………..

“Very simple my dear; let me explain.” “There is a hidden switch inside this unit that can only be activated by a samarium cobalt magnet of a specific polarity.” “This mentioned magnet is contained within this titanium ring that I always wear.”
I stated, holding up my hand. “Without the ring, the sparks are just for show.”

“We still broke into your security system…” I laughed and just shook my head. “Every room in this house has multiple fiber
optic cameras and microphones.” “Everything you have done has been recorded.” “The room you know about is not the Master Control; that is elsewhere.” “As we speak, there is a live feed over the internet on an encrypted connection to a few concerned Grand Masters.” “You have incriminated yourself, as well as Grand Mistress Maud.”

“What happens now Michael?” “Get dressed and pin up your hair, Maud will be here shortly” “Why pin up my hair?” “Just do it Minerva, that is not a request.” Minerva meekly did as she was told. “I am going to allow you your dignity for now; we are still equals.”

“Go downstairs and let her in, I need to get dressed.” “I will meet you two in the kitchen; you know how I like my coffee.”
After Minerva went downstairs, I turned on my laptop to monitor things from upstairs. As soon as the Grand Mistress was in the house, I disabled all the electronic locks, keeping them from leaving. I also jammed any cell phones from working inside the house.

I found them both waiting for me in the kitchen. Maud was calm and collected sipping her coffee; Minerva was sitting next to her with her hands over her face crying. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down facing them.

Maud was the first to speak “For goodness sake Minerva, stop crying and try to act like a Mistress for the short time you have left as one.” “All the doors leading to the outside are locked and you somehow jammed my telephone reception: by the way thank you for the coffee.” “You are welcome Grand Mistress.”

“Good form Master Michael, I detected no sarcasm in your voice.” “None was intended.” I replied.

” How long until the enforcers arrive?” She asked. “They will be here in approximately ten minutes.” “I have disabled the cameras and microphones to this room.” “You may speak freely.”

“We should have been more careful” “Minerva underestimated you and I overestimated her” “Minerva is in love with you
Michael; and was too proud to tell you; she is jealous of your slave, Princess.” “My love for Minerva and her jealousy towards your Sarah has been our ruin.” “You however will come out of this a wealthy man”

“I care for her deeply, despite everything that has happened” “Do you understand what I am telling you, Michael?”
“I understand perfectly, Maud.”

The enforcers arrived and escorted Maud and Minerva from the premises. Grand Master Arthur remained
to brief me on the upcoming events. “The Tribunal of 13 will take place in 3 days” “Mistress Minerva and Grand Mistress
Maud will be defending themselves.”

“I have known Maud for over forty years” “Her financial savvy has greatly increased the Sanctorum’s coffers during that time” “You will of course will testify against them for their crime against you” “If they are found guilty, and they will be found
guilty, they will be stripped of their titles and made slaves.”

“It is your right to claim 20% of their net worth; the rest will go to the Sanctorum” “In Maud’s case, you are looking at close to
six million dollars” “I would ask you a favor” “Lay no claim on Maud’s person” “Allow her to be a community slave of the Sanctorum” “Maud still can still be of some service to us because of her financial savvy; The 50 will remember your generosity.”

Minerva and Maud were found guilty as Grand Master Arthur predicted. Minerva became my property, per the prior stipulations
of her Mistress’s contract. Katherine and Mandy’s contracts were transferred to me; I would now receive their incomes.

I am a wealthy enough Master to now afford four lovely slaves, and because of this, my standing in the Sanctorum grew immensely. I received multiple offers to purchase Minerva: I turned them all down; I had plans for her.

I will close down her dance studio; the beauty salon shall remain opened. Katherine may continue on with her profession and both she and Mandy will now live with me. After all, I have eight bedrooms, plenty of room for all of us.

Minerva finally got her pole; she is bound to it in the basement. In 5 minutes she will have been standing for 24 hours.

I expect to problems from her; Minerva is a broken, disgraced women. Unfortunately, I will have to make an example of her.

Like Maud, despite everything that has happened, I do care for her. Minerva will make a marvelous slave…………………..

“It is time, Michael.” Katherine informed me, we are ready. We went down to the basement to prepare Minerva for her new life.

Taking her face in my hands “I am going to take out your ball gag” “You do not have permission to speak” “You will listen,
slave Minnie; once known as Mistress Minerva.” “You will have to earn the privilege to serve me.” “You will be the sevant
of my three girls standing before you.”

“Slaves though they may be, their loyalty to me is absolute” “You will be their servant, a slave to slaves.”

“And now for your collar Minnie” “Although only a prototype, it will do the job.” I said locking it into place.

“You are confined to this house.” “You will not be allowed outside.” “This collar will prevent it.” “The electrical shock will
will render you unconscious if you attempt to disobey.” “I will have your permanent collar completed it a few weeks”
“It will be smaller and prettier, but just as effective; it will also be waterproof.”

“My girls have decided that you need a haircut” “It is unseeingly that a slave’s servant have longer hair then theirs.”

“But first, there is the issue of oral sex owed.” I released her from the pole and made her kneel before me. Mandy brought me her scissors. I cut her beautiful long hair level with the nape of her neck as she went down on me, as the girls watched.

Katherine ordered her to sweep up her hair, and throw it in the trash. Minnie’s haircut was not over: Mandy would do the honors and finish it. But first Princess ordered her to the slop sink and ordered her to wash her body and shampoo her hair; cold water only.

The first cut was a chin length blunt bob, that when blow-dried and brushed out was quite attractive on her.

“Is her hair short enough Michael?” “I want it as short as yours Mandy.” “When your hair is shoulder length again, you may
allow her to grow it out again.” “By then, she may be worthy to serve me.” “We will see.”

Mandy gave Minnie her final haircut, a short pixie cut with bangs. We left Minerva crying on the floor, tied to her pole

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