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It was the start of a new school year at Kennedy High and the new teachers were getting to know each other and their fellow teachers. Stacy and Susie were all excited and being single wanted to meet some nice single male teachers. They were hanging out in the teacher’s lounge when in walked Carla Chavez a Latin bombshell. The men’s heads turned and watched as she entered the room. Her lightening rod figure was accompanied by a long waist length shiny black mane. Stacy and Susie introduced themselves to her and learned she was of Brazilian decent. She had been doing graduate work in the states and her English was good. She walked away with her long hair swaying too and fro. Stacy and Susie looked at each other and they being rather plain knew their chance of competing against Carla for the attention of the single teachers were slim. The weeks passed and with her sexy figure and her shiny black mane that was either in curls or high up in a twist or long ponytail Carla got all the attention.

One day they were having lunch in the cafeteria with one of the more experienced teachers Stella when in walked Carla. Stacey commented as she walked by ” Look at that Latino hotty. The men just go crazy over her.” Susie spoke ” It’s that long thick shiny mane of her bouncing around her butt that attracts them. I wish I could just chop it off and then see what the single men think of her.” Stacey responded ” Yes, I bet without all that hair she wouldn’t be so attractive and we’d have a chance with the single male teachers.” Susie spoke ” Yeah, but she would never lose that hair voluntarily. We’d have to tie her up and knock her out to do it.” Stella an experienced teacher in her late 50’s looked at Susie and Stacey. She spoke ” Are you two serious about cutting Carla’s hair off short to improve your dating chances?” Stacey replied ” Yes, Do you have any ideas on how we can do it?”
“Let me think on it and make a few phone calls and I’ll get back to you later in the week” replied Stella.

Two days later Stella ran into Susie and Stacy at the copy machine. She told them she had a plan but it must be kept secret with only the three of them knowing about it. They would meet after school in her room. Just then up walked Carla with her tight pants and her long shiny black hair in curls. Stacey reached over and touched her silky shiny hair. She looked at Carla and said ” Carla, you sure do have lovely hair. It must take a lot of your time.”
Carla replied ” Oh yes, I spend an hour washing it , drying it and putting sponge rollers in it. I trim the split ends myself. It is my pride and joy.” Susie joined in ” Yes, Carla you have beautiful long hair have you ever thought of cutting it?” ” Oh no, I could never do that but thank you both for your compliments.” replied Carla.

The three ladies met in Stella’s classroom where she explained her devilish plan. They decided to implement the plan the next Friday night. Wednesday noon they saw Carla in the teachers mail room. Stella approached her ” Hi Carla. Me and a few other teachers are going out Friday after work to the local night club UR1 after work. Why don’t you join us and have some fun? I bet you’re a real good dancer and the band is one of the best. We can meet you their at 6 pm to have a few drinks and get to know each other better. Carla looked at Stella and said ” Ok, It sounds like fun” ” Great, I’ll tell the other ladies your coming.” replied Stella.

Friday night came at Club UR1 and in walked Carla with her long shiny black mane down and wearing tight jeans with a sexy red top. Stella, Stacy, and Susie were waiting for her. They motioned her over to their booth and bought her a drink. The ladies were doing great talking about work, family and the past. Men would come up and ask them to dance especially Carla who was very good. It was 9 pm when Stella gave her partners the signal. While Carla was in the bathroom Stella took from her purse a bottle of clear liquid. It was the new knock out drug XB22. She put a few drops in Carla’s drink and stirred it. Carla came back and took a huge gulp of her drink. Stella, Stacy and Susie excused themselves and told Carla they were just going to the next room to check out the action. They left the booth but stayed close by as it took 20 minutes for the drug to hit. Carla slumped over at the booth with her head on the table and quickly the ladies came over. Stella motioned to the bouncer who was a friend of hers to come over. ” It looks like our Latino friend cant’ hold her liquor. Can you help us take her out to her car so we can take her home? The bouncer agreed and soon Carla was in the back seat of her car and Stella took the car and apartment keys out of her purse and drove them quickly to the Apartment with Susie in pursuit. Stella was in charge at the apartment ” Take this chair into the bathroom and put her on it. ” Stella took out a cape and placed it tightly around Carla’s neck. Stella took out of a bag a large pair of silver shears. ” Who wants to go first while the other two hold her up.?” asked Stella. ” I will.” said Stacy. While Stella and Susie held Carla’s pretty head still Stacey sectioned off a nice thick ponytail of shiny black hair. ” How short should I cut it? Asked Stacey. Susie spoke ” Let’s cut it down to three inches. We don’t want our Latino girl to have long hair for a long time.” Stacey agreed and closed the shears at the three inch level. Schinip, schniip, snip went the shears as they cut through the thick pony tail chopping it off. Stella gave Stacy a rubber band and she tied it around the ends and placed the tail in a plastic bag. Next it was Susie’s turn and she combed out a nice large section of shiny black hair with a resounding SNIP, SNIP. She reached out and touched it. ” No wonder the men love to touch it. It is soft and silky. My God I must be holding up 28 inches of locks here. ” Stella pushed Carla’s head down and from the back took a thick section of hair and made it into a thick ponytail. SNIP,SNIP, Schinick, went the shears through the hair. She banded the end and spoke ” Yes, ladies I think we can expect a nice return on our investment when I put this up for sale on Ebay or Hairtrader.com .” as she held up the cut pony. Stacy took one more section off and Susie finished the job. Carla was left with hair no longer than 3 inches on her scalp and the ladies made sure to clean up all traces of the cut off hair. They gently put Carla into bed and left back to the club to get the other car. They left Carla’s purse on the sofa in the front hallway. The went to the club and had a celebratory drink. Stacy spoke ” Well, ladies the deed is done. No more long haired Latino for competition. I’ll see you on Monday morning.

The 7am teachers meeting came and the three conspirators waited for Carla to enter and enter she did. A Gasp was let out as she entered the room. The three ladies gasped but for a different reason. Carla had gone to a beauty shop or someplace that weekend. She had the short crop hairstyle of Halle Berry in Catwoman and the men were going crazy trying to get close to her. Stella finally got Carla over to their little group. ” Carla, What happened to you and your hair? We came back and you were gone. We looked for you but couldn’t find you. ” Carla spoke” I don’t know. I must have gotten really drunk and chopped off my hair and tossed it into the garbage. I got up Saturday morning in shock but luckily Jose’s Salon is just around the corner from my Apartment. He did a real nice job don’t you think?” Susie just sat stunned ” Yes, he did a very good job. You look amazing.”
Carla walked away to the adoring men. Stacy was disgusted when she spoke ” How were we to know that the Latino girl would look Hotter with short hair than long hair. I give up. I think I’ll go see Jose and see what he can do for me.” They all go up and went to their classrooms.

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