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Teresa’s older sister by three years came home for a visit from College. They decided to visit the mall. Teresa wore her raven hair up in a twist but when she entered the mall she visited the restroom and when she came out there was a difference. Her thick raven hair was hanging down to about six inches above her waist with big curls on the end. Her skirt had been pulled up so it was just above her knees. Valerie noticed ” I see my sister is letting her hair grow out.” They went down the mall and as they did Valerie noticed the boys paying more attention to Teresa with her long hair down her back moving back and forth than to her with her shoulder length straight hair. The sisters had always tried to look similar but Teresa had decided to go in a different direction with Valerie off to college. Jealousy started to enter into Valerie as she was being showed up by her younger sister.

When they decided to leave the mall an hour later Teresa slipped into the restroom. She put her hair back up and slid her skirt down past her knees.

That night at dinner Valerie looked at Teresa who had her raven hair up in a twist and then looked toward her mom and said . ” Mom, have you noticed how long Teresa’s hair is getting?” ” No, I haven’t? Teresa come over here.” commanded her mother. Teresa got up and walked over to the end of the table where her mom was sitting. Her mom turned her around and released the pins holding up Teresa’s long raven mane. The soft thick hair tumbled down Teresa’s back to a spot a bit below her bra strap length. Teresa’s mom looked at the shiny mane and remarked ” Why your right Valerie it is getting quite long isn’t it. Too long for a girl her age. That is why Teresa’s been wearing it up around the house. You know I’ve always tried to keep you two girls hairstyles similar. Well, after dinner I’ll just give her a good haircut.” Teresa looked at her mom ” I don’t want my hair cut. I like it long. Daddy say something! “Teresa’s dad looked down the table at Teresa and then at her mom. ” Now, Teresa your hair is getting too long for your age and when it comes to personal styles with you girls I always let your mom handle those issues. ” Valerie then added her two cents ” Mom, I think that since Teresa has tried to hide the length of her hair from you that it should be cut shorter than mine to teach her a lesson. ” Teresa’s mom looked at her daughters long silky raven mane as she went back to her seat. ” That’s a good point you make Valerie but now it is time to finish dinner and clean up. ” Teresa sat down with her loose hair hanging down the back of the chair and leered at her older sister.
Teresa finished dinner and went to her room. She wanted to be alone.

7 pm came and there was a knock on Teresa’s door. It was her sister Valerie ” Mom says it is time for your haircut and she wants you in the kitchen NOW.” Teresa came into the kitchen and there was an old kitchen chair surrounded on the floor were old newspapers. A blue cape was on the chair. Her mom spoke ” Ok, Teresa come over and sit down.” Teresa’s mom had her lift her raven mane up and out of the way as she placed the cape tightly around Teresa’s neck. She brushed out Teresa’s soft thick mane and commented ” My, my Teresa your hair is almost to your waist. Valerie, how should we cut your sister’s hair. What style would you suggest?” Valerie came over and looked at Teresa’s attention getting hair and lifted up a section.” I think since she tried to hide the length you should give her a short bowl cut with a buzz cut neck area. ” Teresa shook her head ” No mom, Please don’t cut it that short. Valerie is just jealous of how pretty I look.” Teresa’s mom thought for a moment and looked over Teresa’s soft shiny hair hanging down the back of the cape and spoke to her daughter .” I think a nice bowl cut will look cute on you and you do deserve a bit of punishment. It might have been all the way to your waist and past if you older sister hadn’t spoken up and told us. First I need to cut off the extra length and get it closer to where I want it. ” Teresa’s mom brushed her hair into a tight ponytail and tied it off with a rubber band. Then she grabbed the clippers and with a click and a buzz she dove them into the thick ponytail. It was Teresa’s mother tradition to save a least one piece of long hair from all her daughters home haircuts. The severed ponytail came free and Teresa’s mom handed it to Valerie. Valerie grabbed it and waved it back and forth in front of Teresa. ” Well, well, what do we have here? I’d say about 17 inches of long black hair. I guess the boys in the mall won’t be looking at this anymore.” said a taunting Valerie. Teresa’s mother took a spray bottle and wet down the remaining hair and combed it out. It was a rough looking shoulder length bob. She first cut nice short fringe bangs into Teresa’s forehead area. Then she took the silver scissor and cut a line at top of ear level and began cutting the hair into a bowl shape. Soft shiny raven hair fell onto the cape and to the floor. Her mom continued to cut around Teresa’s head further creating the style. Then she grabbed the clippers and inverted them and using a comb help do the bottom edges. Small clips of hair fell onto the newspapers. She then put a $3 attachment on the clippers and did the neck of Teresa. She spoke to Teresa ” Ok, by the time your hair grows out long again you will be old enough to have it long. ” She hands Teresa a mirror and removes the cape. Teresa looks and gasp ” Oh, my God. It is way too short. My friend will call me a freak.” Valerie came over ” I think you look just great.. For a Boy..A Little Dutch Boy on a can of Paint Ha!Ha!” Teresa getting madder yells out ” Mom, tell Valerie to shut up! It’s all her fault anyway. I wish she had stayed at school! ” Teresa’s mom spoke and told Valerie to go to her room. Teresa’s dad hearing the yelling came in and came up to his youngest daughter. ” Teresa, I think you look cute with your hair cut like that and besides your hair grows fast anyway. Your free to go back to your room and I’ll help your mom clean up the mess. You know there are times like this that I wish I had sons instead of daughters but your both God’s gift to me and I love you both.”
Teresa got up and went to her room vowing revenge of her own on her big sister.
The End

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