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Martina was the beautiful young polish girl who worked in the big house. I worked in the garden. I always smiled and spoke to martina enjoying our brief moments together.
She was tall slim and very pretty. she wore square framed glasses that looked slightly too big for her and she had long brown hair tumbling down her back and front. It was straight and you could tell it had not been cut for years. Martina hid behind her long hair. she was very shy.
The people in the big house were often away for weeks at a time and during one of these absences I made it my mission to relieve martina of her long hair.
I cornered her one morning in the hallway and I told her she was very pretty hiding behind her long hair and glasses. Take off your glasses I said let me see the real you. She took them off. I cant see you properly she protested. you are so lovely I told her.
Her long hair hung down. I pushed it away from her face, sweeping it over her shoulders. Why do you never cut your hair I asked her. I do not have an english hairdresser she said, only a polish one and she is too far away.
Let me do it for you I begged her I am very good. She believed me and she agreed to a haircut. She said please not too short, I never have it short. I had other ideas.
I had my barbers bag out of my car and her seated in the kitchen caped with a big towel within minutes. she was very trusting as I brushed through her long locks for the last time.
I drew her hair back into a ponytail held it tight and immediately cut into it across her nape. please please not this short she protested but I cut straight through it and severed it from her head.
You will look good short cropped I told her , keep still and I finish your new hairstyle and I dropped her ponytail into her lap. she looked forward giving me the chance to push her head right forward.
I ran the cordless clipper into her hair on the middle back of martinas head and pushed up and forward. it quickly removed a line of her shortened hair and I ran them over her head and down the middle dumping a big pile of her hair into her lap.
No too short she protested again. keep still I said I must finish what I started. With her head forward I clipped the back of her head to a number one. then I shaved the top forward into her lap piling it up with the rest.
She passively sat still while I clipped both sides to the match the rest. Her hair was everywhere but not on her head anymore. I rubbed my hand over her clipped scalp. perfect I said, you are even more beautiful now you cant hide behind your hair.
She cryed when she first saw herself in the mirror , shocked at her appearance. I hid her ponytail in my bag and swept the rest of her hair into the bin.
 I took her hand, martina you are so pretty you dont need that hair I told her. You are the most beautiful of all without it.
Now when I catch glimpses of martina with her dresses on she has a buzzcut , very feminine and sexy and I have her ponytail in my collection

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