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Every time when I look in the mirror I watch my gorgeous long blond hair that comes down to half my middle. I wear it already my whole lifetime long to the middle of my back. In fact I did not know better than it was on this length. To maintain it, I always went to the same beauty shop. They knew exactly how I liked it. I went there already with my mother, although the personal had changed over time, they knew how to do my hair. Every six weeks I went there to get it snipped off a little bit at the ends and to re-energize it, so it stayed healthy and shiny.

At one day I looked in the mirror again and I got the feeling that I needed a change, just another model, possible shorter, just to makes it easier to maintain. But on the other hand it looked so trustful to have it on this length and color. I went to my work, taking the commuter train and realized myself that I start looking how other women wear their hair. It interested me when women wear their hair short, especial the short cropped styles I liked. Even on my job I looked at the other women to see how they wear their hair. I talked to one of the women with a short haircut with the ears exposed and asked her about her experience with it. She told me that she liked it very much, it was easy to maintain and walking around feeling the fresh air around her ears felt also very good. She went every four weeks for a haircut. She advised me to look for a traditional barbershop when I liked to have my hair done, because in the beauty salons they were not always in for a short haircut on women.

So time went on and every time I looked again in the mirror I felt that I needed a change. I visited the beauty salon still to get my hair done the way it was always done, but I start hated it and for two month now I had not visited the beauty salon even more. I talked again to the short hair woman on my work and she told me just to do it. I should not regret it get it cut short.

During traveling up and down to my work I had seen a barbershop not far from a train station the train always stopped. I decided to try that barbershop when I was finally ready to get it cut, just leaving the beauty salon for what it was.

Still weeks past and my hair really need some maintenance, but really taking the steps to get it cut was not in my mind yet. Passing the barbershop with the train it looked like it starts calling to me in please come in and we have it cut.

Finally on a Saturday in autumn, I had enough from my long hair; it starts to look bad without the usual maintenance even after I had washed it. I decided that the time had come, took my favorite clothes from the cupboard and start to dress in a white satin shirt and black leather pants, took my boots and my leather trench coat and off I go to the train station to visit the barbershop I had already chosen during my trips to my work. It felt good, walking in my leather trench coat with the belt around my middle strapped in the fresh autumn air.

I took the train till the train station where the barbershop was situated. My heart was pounding when I left the train to walk to the barbershop, but the fresh autumn air and the soft feeling of the leather and satin clothes around my body gave me a boost. I had to walk just for 10 minutes to get there, but it looks ages.

Finally I was in front of the barber shop and could have a look inside. It had an antique interior with old style barber chairs and I saw barberettes dressed in old style barber clothes; a white nylon coat, covering a white shirt with a black tie and black skirts. This was what I like, cut in an old style barbershop but just by a woman. I took the final step through the door, my heart even pounding harder and walked in. One of the Barberettes greets me and asks me what I want. I tell her that I want a haircut. She tells me that they almost only cut army personal in this shop and they are not used to women’s cuts, but she smiles and say that she can gives me a man’s cut of course. I tell her that I am in for a short haircut with the ears exposed, going there into stages from longer to shorter. She says that’s not a problem. She takes my trench coat to take it away and asks me to seat down in the second barber chair. The other barberettes smile at me when I sit down. I look at the barberette and see that she has a short haircut, like the one I have in mind.

The barberette walks to the end of the shop to gets a nylon cape and a tissue. First she wraps a tissue around my neck covering the collar of my satin shirt and then wraps the cape around my body and closes it to the neck with a cord. Even the capes are old fashioned as everything in this barbershop. At one moment I like to run away when I look in the mirror seeing myself covered by the barbers’ cape with the long blond hair covering a big part of it. At the other hands sitting in the barber chair feels comfortable, the leather of the chair touching my leather pants, the satin shirt now covered by the barbers’ cape. It gives me a sensational feeling. It is the total atmosphere in the barber shop with he barberette dressed as a real barber(ette). Old barber style in a modern fashion. I look again in the mirror, realizing that this is the last time seeing me with the long blond shiny hair, but I have enough of it after all those years!

I hear the barberette asking what I like. I hear myself saying in a dream that I like to have it chopped off at shoulder length first to see how that is looking. When I am not satisfied I like to go further, just have the ears half exposed and the neck still covered, properly after that having it cut short with the ears exposed and in the neck short. The barberette says to me again ‘no problem’ let’s start doing it.

She starts combing my hair out for the last time and making it wet all over, pumps up the barber chair, so it is easier for her to work around my head. She takes a pair of scissors from the drawer and starts cutting on the left side of my head just above the shoulder. Slowly she snips the hair away, from the left side to the back. I am following every snap in the mirror, feeling that I do no have power over my own hair anymore and that excites me. Now the hair just above my back is removed, long trashes of hair are falling into the cape and on the floor. I can see that the barberettes has a certain routine cutting a way the hair, finally she reaches the right side of my shoulder and removes the hair there too. The last long trashes are falling in the cape and after 15 minutes my hair is just above my shoulders. Much to fast for me, I liked that it had go on for a while. The barberette asks me or I like it. I tell her that although my head is feeling lighter now it feels still as to long hair and asks her to continue to the next stage as we agreed.

The barberette likes it too, I can see that she has fun cutting my hair shorter. It is quite in the salon on an early Saturday morning, she has time enough to cut my hair. Again she combs my hair and makes it wet. She pumps up the barber chair a little bit more. I feel even more excitement than before, feeling great under the barber cape. I am happy that I took my leather pants this morning. It feels quit sensitive now, I like the smell in the barber shop even that’s authentic and it is quiet, no modern music playing loud as in the beauty salon, just the sound of the scissors, snipping hair a way. Also the leather smell from the barber chairs is penetrating my nose. I am pleased to see the barberettes in their nylon barber coats it all belongs together. I am happy that I’ve chosen this barber shop and I hope that it takes a long time to get to my final haircut. I get the imagination that I will leave this salon with a quit short haircut. It depends all on the barberette, what she finally will do with it. I feel that I’m in her power now. She can do with my hair what she wants. That is my decision now!

After wetting the hair again, she picks up her scissors
and start working on the left side of my head, snipping new chunks of hair away, now just half of my ear. It is the first time in years seeing my left ear like that in the mirror. The only time I could see my ears before, was when I wear my hair in a bread, but this look more natural, just as I like to see it now. After exposing the ear half, she starts lowering down the cutting to remove the hair in my nape, just above the tissue, working her way through my back side, she came to the right side of my head and snipped the hair there also half way my ear away. Now my head felt even lighter than before, could swung my head now already, without moving all my hair around, it was already that short. The barberette asks me or I like it and or I should left is on this length. Without hesitation I tell her that she can continue, exposing the ears total, I like the cutting very much. She smiles at me and say I do so too. Let’s enjoy more.

She starts taking away the hair from the cape and around the chair. It really piles up and I cannot believe that all the hair came down from my head. She sweeps the hair into a kind of whole in the floor, together with all the hair from the other cuttings done by the barberettes. Also the other barberettes looked how my hair was shortened and they smile to me and say that I should continue, it can only gets better says one of them to me, and so it feels, I realized myself that I had to do this much earlier, years ago already, but I was not ready for it.

The barberette walks back to my chair and asks me again or I am ready to gets my ears exposed. I am certainly be, is my reply. She starts wetting my hair for the third time today and walk to the left side of my head again. Now she takes firmly the hair on my left side between here fingers and start snipping it away. She works from the top of the left side down to my ear. Soon my left ear is exposed and I feel the fresh air touching it. She walks to the other side of my head and start snipping away the hair between her fingers too, leaving only an inch of hair. When I look in the mirror I see both ears exposed now, no hair touching them anymore. It really feels cool, fresh air is around both ears and I like it. I am really excited about it. I wonder what she will do with the hair at my back, I soon will figure out. The barberette start just below my crown, taking the hair again firmly between her fingers and start snipping it away work very secure to my nape and from right to left at the back of my head, taking the same amount of hair away. Finally she lowers the barber chair to shorten the hair at the top of my head, leaving only 2 inches of hair there. My hair has a kind of man’s shape now, but still look feminine enough. When I look in the mirror I am surprised by the shape of my face. It look much better without all the hair around. I love it so much that I know that I will wear it for a long time like this. The fresh cool air has not only touched my exposed ears now but it all around my nape too. The barberette asks me how I like it. I smile at her and say that it looks and feels great.

I expected that the barberette is going to take away the cape now and remove the tissue, but she stays between me in the barber chair and the mirror and look me straight in the eyes. She asks me or she should try one more step to go, to make my hair more in a military shape! I should look great with such kind of haircut, she tells me. I thinking about it and asks her how short she will go, because for me it is already short, compared with the amount of hair I had entering the barbershop almost an hour ago. She smiled to me and said that will be a bit of a surprise. I am knowing what I am doing and I am pretty sure that you going to like it. I can see how you react on short hair! I do this work for already fifteen years and has cut many peoples hair, most men, but also women. When they come in this salon they always like it cut from long to short, believe me you will be surprised by how it will look and feel.

She stepped aside and I looked in the mirror again to my new hair do, when I looked I felt again the sensation from the short haircut, my satin shirt and leather pants, even the nylon cape with the tissue around my neck gave me a nice feeling, the smell of the old barber shop with its authentic leather barber chairs and the way the barberettes where dressed makes me to let the barberette doing the surprise cut she had in here mind. I had already taken that decision before that she was in charge how short my hair should go. As in a dream I heard myself saying to the barberette, please do what you like to do with my hair. I am convinced that you know what to do!

The barberette said great, lets do it then. She starts pumping up the barber chair again even a bit higher then the last time. Cleaned my ears and nape with a brush and walks to the drawer. She opens it and take a clipper out of the drawer. It is a red one with the word Oysters on it. She comes with the clipper back to the chair and puts the power cord in a socket on the barber chair. With her left hand she pulls my head forward so that the back of my head is fully exposed in the light and she can see what she likes to do. She switch on the clipper and I hear a loud humbling sound. Almost at the same time I feel cold steel touching my nape, going up slowly to the crown of my head, where the clipper stops against the comb she holds against my head. A strip of cold fresh air is touching the path just made by the clipper. I wonder how much hair is left there! She pushes the clipper again against my nape and starts making a new path just at the right side of the previous part going to the top of my head again. She repeats it a few more times at the rights side, but before coming to the side of my head she moves to the other side of the back of my head to start taking the hair by moving the clipper several times from my nape up to the top of my head. Cold air is now totally touching the back of my head. I should soon know how short it is, because she comes to the left side of my head to shave the hair away there too. She starts at the back just beside the already shaven part of my head and pushes the clipper firmly up again to the top of the side. Now she is at the back of my left ear and I can see the clipper blade going up again. It looks like almost no hair is left. The barberette smiles again and says, Ôhoney I am taking a way the hair at the back and sides with a Ô0’ blade and make it short at the top, we call it here a high and tight crewcut, all the military personal visiting us get such a cut. We specialized in it. Believe me you going to like it.’ While she is talking she moves the clipper around my left ear removing all the hair with the Ò0Ó blade, working up to the top of the side, shorten the hair with the comb and clipper there. She walks to the right side of the chair and removes all the hair with the clipper there too going up with the clipper time after time, only leaving hair at the top of my head now. When I look in the mirror I see a shaved naked skin just around my head, and this feels great and looks amazing. Why did I not visit this barbershop earlier to get it done. I like this feeling of touching my hair with a clipper so much now. In the mean time the barberette lowers the barber chair and start wetting the hair on top of my head. She takes a small kind of scissor from the drawer and starts cutting the hair pretty short on the top of my head, leaving maybe a half inch. While she is doing that she pushes my head against her nylon barber coat. I feel the nylon of her coat touching the back of my head where no hair is left, while she is cutting the hair at the top of my head. Finally she takes the clipper again, holding the comb at the top of my head shearing all the hair away thats coming through the comb leaving a flattened part behind. A few more stripes from the front of my head to the crown and she is done.

Now honey we done, what do you think. I am gasping for fresh a
ir when I look in the mirror. This is beyond I could imagine when I walked into the barbershop. It looks really cute on me, my head feels so light and fresh. I just could say thank you to the barberette. She had done a very good job. I was glad that I allowed hair to do a final cut.

She brushes away all the hair in my nape and behind my ears, walks to the drawer to pick up a bottle. She holds the bottle above my head put some kind of perfumed water in it, giving it a smell and an icy feeling on top of my head. She says to me, this is what we called ice water. We always finish off cuts like this, people like it. Now she unclothes the barber cape and take away the tissue. I look again in the mirror still siting in the barber chair looking to myself from the boots at the bottom up to my leather pants and white satin shirt and at the fresh shaved high and tight crewcut. I cannot suppress a ‘Woh’. What a change, no difficult hair doing anymore, just shampoo it under the shower and let it dry and finished it is.

Slowly I come out of the barber chair looking around the chair to see still many hair, although the long strings are gone already. I get compliments from the other barberettes too, they all like it. I am going to pay the barberette and she hands over my leather trench coat to me. I take it and tightly close the belt around my middle to feel the soft leather against my satin shirt. The barberette advises me to pull up my collar against my freshly shorn nape. She says let that cold leather touch your nape, it will give a special feeling and so I do. She is right it really feels great every time the skin touches the leather.

I thanks here again and walk out of the barbershop with almost no hair left. I decide to have a little walk outside. It feels so good in the cold autumn air walking in the leather trench coat. Outside the leather from the collar against my shorn nape feels even colder. I definitely go back to the barbershop in four weeks time, I promise myself to get it done again the same way by the same barberette. I wonder what my colleagues will say on Monday when I will see them again, especial the colleague with her short hair.

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