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Kate awakens strapped to a metal table. She is unfocused and unaware of her surroundings. She hears the clicking of heels and looks up. “ Hello slave,” says the woman. Her partner remains silent. Kate begins to cry out loudly, screaming for help. Kate feels a tight pulling of her hair, she realizes it is attached to a rope and it almost feels like her hair is being pulled out by the roots. She begs for the pain to stop, Mistress lets go and decides to oblidge her new slave.In response the woman produces scissors and cuts Kate’s hair into a shorter bob. The hair gathers on her naked body, she tries to fight but her head is held tight. “ Now slave, for that’s what you are going to become. An obedient  fucktoy. You are going to address me as Mistress.” Again Kate screams out in horror trying to get help from the crazy captors. This envoked the rage in Mistress, so Mistress unstrapped Kate and proceeded to hogtie her with her wrists and ankles tied together behind her back. Then Mistress put on a studded strap on and so did her partner. They proceeded to fuck both her pussy and her mouth at the same time. The large dildo was being rammed hard into her cunt, causing her extreme discomfort do to the length of the dildo. But even more discomforting was the dildo rammed down her throat, with such a veracity that she choked and almost vomited. This fucking went on till her cunt was raw and her mouth dry. “ Now slave, I believe you have something to say to me?” Kate looked down to the floor, coughing and sputtering  a low “ Yes, Mistress.”
Kate was tired and defeated. She just said those words to end the brutal rape. Maybe if she played along for a little more, they’d just let her go, or so she thought. Mistress unbound her and made her kneel in front of her. “slave eat Mistresses pussy.”  Kate flinches and recoils away. In an instant Mistresses fury is unleashed. She grabs a riding crop and begins whipping Kate’s ass. Kate moves and tries to escape but Mistresses partner grabs hold of her and Mistress proceeds to crop each breast ten times. Then her pussy gets ten licks of the crop. Then Kate is turned over and given ten smacks on each ass cheek. Mistress then proceeds to drag her to an old fashioned barbers chair. She is strapped to the chair by her arms and legs, and a vibrator is shoved deep inside her cunt. While in the chair Mistress binds her tits tightly, the pain is so extreme and a large gag is inserted into her mouth to keep her sobs quiet. Slaves ass is in pain so it  hurts to sit. Mistress then proceeds to cut slaves hair into a choppy style, while slave orgasms .Slave is beginning to feel the pleasure that is pain.
Kate is fading in and out between consciousness and pleasure now.  She is beginning to accept her fate as a slave and enjoying it. Mistress then collared slave and led her on a leash to a X-cross in the room.  slaves arms and legs are strapped to the arms of the cross. “ slave I want you to beg me to make u my slut, to be used as my whore.”  slave weakly nods her head. Mistress responds by taking the whip and whipping slaves back. Leaving red marks. slave writes in pleasure and pain. “ Mistress……” Another crack of the whip. Kate is beginning to forget herself, she just wants the pain to continue. Another crack, followed by another. “Mistress, make me your whore, to be used,”

“Good slave, but you will receive another 5 lashes for not begin quick enough with your response.”  The lashes were slow and painful, yet for slave they were pure pleasure. She began to cum on the cross.  slave accepted her fate and was content. As she was let down Mistress bend her over, tied her hands to her ankles. Mistress then began to fuck her ass and slave kept begging for more. Mistress then used the 12 inch dildo, with its immense thickness, tearing open her asshole. All the while her partner added clamps to slaves cunt lips and started to stretch them out. Slave was in bliss. She never wanted to be anywhere else again.
Slave began to want more, more pleasure, more transformations, to become a slut for mistress. After slave was lead off the cross, broken and obedient. She crawled to Mistress and begged to please her, to eat Mistress out. Mistress gave her permission and slave plunged her tongue deep into Mistresses pussy.  slave wanted to please her Mistress. When Mistress came, slave was sure to lap up every drop. Mistress then bounded her hands behind her back with leather restraints. She then ordered slave to tongue her asshole, to give it a good cleaning. Slave did this with such vigor of a young lover on her honeymoon. Mistress then bound her legs, and hung slave upside down from a high chain, leaving her  body dangling. After she did, Mistress’s partner brought out what looked like to be a prod or a wand. Mistress nodded and she began to poke slave. The electrical current from the wand caused slave to tremor and spasm. The prodding continued, slave was poked in her ass and pussy. When she thought it was over, another spasm shot through her. Slave couldn’t think anymore. Finally, after what seemed like hours the pain stopped, and Mistress dragged her to the chair once more. She cropped slaves hair very short this time into a pixie haircut. The scissors keep cutting away, leaving no more than 3 inches of hair.Not only was a vibrator in slave but a butt plug as well. Slave was moaning in ecstasy and pleased that her Mistress let her cum and was turning her into a true slave.
Slave didn’t think anymore. She just knew to breathe, drink, and please her Mistress. Mistress guided slave to her next and final form of transformation. Slave was bound by her tits and heavy weights were attached to them, pulling down heavily. Next a hook was shoved in her ass, making her feeling like a worm on a fishing rod. She was then hoisted up, the weight of her body on her tits and ass, the pain was excruciating but slave didn’t care. Mistress’s partner whipped slaves tits and Mistress toyed slave with a vibrator, making her orgasm many many times. Slaves body was tormented and ripped apart, but she knew this was pleasing her Mistress. Mistress lowered her down, taking the weights off her tits and removing the hook out of her ass. Slave was then lead to a chair, where upon Mistress then brought out of a bucket. A cock made entirely out of ice, she rammed it hard into slaves cunt. The freezing cold of the cock chilled slaves body and made her tremble. To keep slave in the chair Mistress tied slaves legs to the chair, making slave look like she was inviting a fucking, The ice slowly melted in slaves pussy and in time it melted away leaving only a mixture of cum and water.Mistress ordered slave to eat her out, slave went at her pussy with a passion and as she did Mistress began to clipper slaves head. The vibrations sent waves of pleasure through slaves body. The short hair fell to the ground leaving only stubbles on the sides and back.Soon all slave had left was a flattop. The sign of her new life. Mistress then dragged her out to the bathroom and had the enema bag prepared. It held 3 quarts and was roughly shoved into slaves ass. It began to rapidly fill slave making her want to burst.The warm soapy liquid just kept coming and slaves body was cramping in pain. As the enema emptied Mistress dragged slave to the bathtub and proceeded to urinate one its head. Marking her property. Slave was in bliss.

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