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Sarah Fisher went to the Jeffery F. Brown School, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts. She was very happy there; she loved the classes, the campus, and most importantly partying with other teens from America’s elite families. She was regretting the party she had gone to over the weekend though, it had been at a nearby day student’s house, and somehow word got out about it, and most of the campus turned up. With all the noise they were making, a neighbor got the State Sheriffs department to come and break it up. The school was smoothing everything over with the Sheriffs office, and the state. Because of all the rich families and their large annual donations to the school, most of the students got off with only a little reminder about the rules. Sarah was not so lucky, she was told to come to the Deans office at 12:00. It was 11:55 and she knew she shouldn’t be late, with one final brush of her hair she started over to the Administration building.

Sarah’s hair was her best feature, not that her body was unshapely, but her long golden brown hair was the most beautiful hair in the school. She took the best care of it, with her parents sending her top products from high class New York salons. It showed too, Today she had left it down loose in a golden curtain down to her butt. The sun caught it just right making it glow.

In seemingly no time at all she had arrived at the administration building, she took a deep breath and made her way in. She figured that she would get a nice long lecture, maybe some detention for supplying the alcohol for the party, but she wasn’t too worried, she just didn’t know what her dad would say about his little girl getting detention.

The dean was waiting for her when she entered his office, he did not look happy.
"Good Afternoon Sarah, please sit down", he said gesturing to the mahogany chair in front of his desk, "now, I understand that you supplied the alcohol for the party correct"?

"Yes, sir", Sarah meekly replied.

"Now, I’ve talked to your father, he and I both agree that you deserve something more than what everyone else has been getting, what you did is a crime punishable by heavy fines, and possibly even jail time. We have of course talked to the Sheriff, and due to our annual donation to the Massachusetts Police memorial fund he has waived all charges, but it is still a blot on our perfect image. This combined with your poor grades, has made your father and I decide that the best punishment may be a more un-conventional one".

At this two large men in security uniforms came in, and the dean continued on. "We have decided that you will learn your lesson if we take your most prized possession away, your hair".

Sarah went completely white, and then red as she got up and started yelling at the dean. The security guards quickly subdued her however and soon had her tied to the chair. They then stood back so the dean could do the job.

He removed some nice shiny Andis clippers from his desk drawer, along with a heavy cape that he threw over her, snapping it tight around her neck. She kept on screaming at him, but due to the handcuffs and rope holding her hands and feet to the chair, it was a token struggle. The dean calmly plugged in the clippers and turned them on with a pop, he put them to her forehead and moved them into her hair, they chopped away mercilessly, and in not time had cleared a broad streak of stubble through her hair. The loose strands fell lifelessly to the floor as the dean made another pass. Within moments, there were just a few stray strands on Sarah’s head. After finishing those off too, the dean took out some shaving cream and proceeded to lather it onto Sarah’s head. He then took out a razor, and carefully shaved off all the stubble. By this point Sarah had stopped yelling, after seeing that there was nothing she could do. She now sat with tears in her eyes looking at all her beautiful hair scattered in piles around the chair. Soon the dean had finished, and after wiping off the last of the shaving cream, he slid the cape off her. Before he released her he had some last words.

"Sarah, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson, I know this must seem incredibly harsh to you, but your father and I feel it’s necessary. Maybe now that you don’t have to worry about hair, you’ll have more time for your studies. Now I’m going to let you go now, I’m sure you need some time and space to process this. I realize that you are probably very angry at me right now, but I can assure you that anger will not solve this. I would recommend going for a nice long walk, here’s a hat to protect your head. If you don’t want to face your friends yet, you can come here and for dinner and I’ll have some food brought to you."

With that the dean had the security guards untie Sarah and he handed the hat to her. She slipped it on and walked out without a word, as the dean cleaned up all her hair.

Sarah walked down the lonely country road thinking about her life and what she was going to do with it. As she was heading back to school she realized that there was more to life than partying. Starting that night, she stepped up her work ethics, and at the end of the year graduated at the top of her class. She is now in Guatemala working with the Peace Corps. Though she enjoyed the feeling of having her head shaved, she was sick of the looks she got, so she has grown her hair out to shoulder length.  Due to her work, she normally keeps it pulled back in a pony tail, though summer is supposed to be hot this year so that might all change…

This story is dedicated to the teenage girl who posted a request on October 20, 2006. I hope you liked it.

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