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Allessa was driving home, coming from a party late at night. She had a lot of fun and she drunk a few wines. Driving home she had to think on all the nice things happening at the party that night, she felt fine. She did not carefully look at the road but driving home went steady on. Almost at home she saw some policemen and women standing along the road, one of the policewomen was pointing to her and made clear that she had to go to the side of the road to stop, just a few hundred yards from her home. One of the policewomen came to her car and ordered her to come out. He asked her or she had drunk alcohol that night. Allessa afraid of the consequences sad no, only some mineral waters. The policewoman said to her that he saw here driving like somebody who was drunk and told her that she liked to take a little test. She asked her to walk straight to the policeman standing further away. She walked slowly in her nice outfit to the policeman. For the party she had bought some new clothes, like a shirt, a short skirt and very nice black leather boots with high stiletto heals. The policeman looked at the policewoman while she was walking in his direction. Without noticing it herself Allessa was not walk very straight anymore after the wines she drunk at the party. Finally she was at the policeman who asked her again or she had drunk or not. Allessa said no again, while she was going with her left hand through her silk black long hair almost ending at her bottoms. The policewoman walked also in the direction of Allessa and told her to follow her to the police-car to have an extra check on drinking alcohol. Now Allessa had to blow in a little instrument till it gave a sharp sound. When she heard the sound she stopped blowing into the device. The policewoman looked at the red led on the device and called the policeman again. She showed the devices to the policeman who just said yes to her. To policewoman told Allessa to turn with her face to the car, put her hands on the roof and spread her legs. She told Allessa that her walking was not very straight and that the device had figured out that she had drunk to much to be able to drive. The policewoman arrested her for drunken driving. Her hands where locked behind her back and she was brought by another policewoman to the police station where she got registered and locked into a cell till the next morning.

Although her uncomfortable situation in the cell she managed to get some sleep, the alcohol helped her to get sleep on the bed with a very thin mattress in the cell.

In the morning she got some breakfast and was taken out of her cell to wash herself. A police officer told her that she should face the judge who should decide what should be happening with her. He told her already that she properly had to face some time in jail! A policewoman locked her hands behind her back again, her long hair was kept between her locked hands and her back. She could feel it again with the top of her fingers. It felt so smooth.

After a short drive she was facing the judge. The policewoman had told her during the trip to the courthouse that it was judge Taylor not the nicest judge around. It was an old judge, well known of his ‘against drinking and driving’ policy. Most people convicted by him where send to prison for a long time. The policewoman unlocked Allessa’s hands form her back and ordered her to close the top buttons of her shirt, because she had to face the judge. After that they entered the courtroom, Allessa did not feel very happy because this judge was dealing with her case, no luck today. All the nice feelings she had after the party yesterday, where long gone. Only looking into the cold eyes of the judge made her sick. What should this judge do with her, she had only drunken three glasses of wine. He could not do much to her, at least she hoped. She came back into reality when she heard her name calling. The judge spoke to her, asking or she was Alissa Jenkins. She told the judge that she was the one. The judge asked her or she admitted that she was drunk when she drove her car. Allessa understood that it had no sense to ignore the charge and said that she had only three glasses of wine. The judge looked again to her with his steal blue eyes. Starting from her head, looking slowly down her shirt, short skirt and leather boots. He asked the policewoman, arresting Allessa last night, some questions and looked again at Alissa. He asked her or she was aware of the danger driving a car after drinking to much, she easily could have created an accident and killed somebody. Allessa told the judge that she had have everything under control. The judge shouted at her and told her that the policewoman had just told that she couldn’t walk straight anymore, loosing her direction several time during the alcohol test last night!

The judge told her that he did not need anymore information. He convicted Allessa to five years imprisonment in a special prison for drunk addicts. Allessa couldn’t believe her ears, five years just drinking three glasses of wine during the whole night! She was almost at home when it happened. She looked at the lawyer who had to defend her case. He told her better accept the verdict and not try to apply to it. This judge could even be worse.

She was lead out of the courtroom by the policewoman, now cuffed on hands and feet to be prepared to go to prison straight away. No time to say good bye to her parents and little sister.

During the trip to the prison she had to think on the last 24 hours, the nice party with her friends, dancing, talking and drinking, not eating that much. she saw the policewoman staring at her, she was the opposite of Allessa, where Allessa was dressed in fancy clothes and had long black hair with a kind of hazelnut tint, was the policewoman strictly dressed in a tight police uniform with quit short hair, with her ears exposed and the hair at the back was not touching her collar at all. Allessa could not imagine that she could live such a life, dressed in ugly clothes.

The drive took already some time and Allessa was not sitting very comfortable with her hand and feet locked in chaines. The policewoman smiled at her and sad ‘this is only the beginning’, looking at her beautiful black hair. Allessa had read stories where women in prison where forced to wear their hair in a bread all the time. Only as a little kid she had wear it in two separate breads, but since she was eight years old, she always had wear it loose, never short. Sometimes she went to a salon to snip the ends of the hair away far down to the chair, just to keep it healthy. The hairdresser always had to bow to reach the end of the hair far down the chair even it was tilled to its top position.

Finally they reached a grey bulding, when the car came in front of it, Allessa could read the words ‘Female Correctional Facility for drunk addicts’. The policewoman told her that this was the place where they brought all woman addicted to alcohol to get special treatment. The car stopped in front of the building. Two female prison guards where already waiting for Allessa. The policewoman got out of the car to open the door for Allessa, to get out. She handed over some papers to one of the prison guards and keys to unlock Allessa’s cuffs.

The policewoman was entering the car again, it turned around and leave the prison yard again. Allessa was entering the prison between the prison guards still locked at hands and feet. She was brought into the registration room to register and fingerprints where taken. One of the prison guards that they would take pictures later and looked at her shiny hazel tinted long hair while she smiled to Allessa. The other prison guard told Allessa to follow her to the next station to get her prison uniform. The clothes she had to wear the next coming five years.

While she was entering the room, she saw racks full of ugly grey prison uniforms, containing a nylon shirt and a cotton skirt. One of the prison guards start taking her measures and noted
them down. Allessa was ordered to strip now and putting all her belongings in a box. The prison guard shouted at Allessa that she also should take her underwear off, she will become that also from the prison. The other prison guard brought her the prison uniform including grey underwear. Everything was grey, only her shiny black hair had a different color. She went again with her hands through her hair to feel how soft it was. While she was doing that the prison guard shouted at her again to get dressed. This was not a beauty salon at all, orders had to be taken directly. Allessa got dressed, felt the nylon from the shirt around her body, which gave her a certain kind of sensation. The prison guard walked through her to close the top button of the shirt and told her that this was the way she should wear her prison uniform all the time. Finally she got some cheap grey shoes to finalise her outfit. The prison guard took the chains again and locked her hands and feet again, attaching her hands on a belt around her middle.

Allessa was ordered again to follow the prison guards. She expected that pictures should be taken now, properly with her inmate number also on the photo. They had to walk for a while, it went not very fast because of the chain around her ankles. She walked between the two prison guards and saw further away light coming out of a room, just after a huge door with prison bars. One of the guards opened the door to let her through, with a loud bang she closed the door again and locked it. Allessa was now in front of the door, she read the word ‘Prison barbershop’ just above the door and a cold feeling was going through her body. She did not have much time to think, the prison guard commanded her to go inside. She walked inside and saw a huge barber chair, such classical model, you did not see in modern saloon anymore. Beside the barber chair was another prison guard, she had her uniform covered with a white nylon coat, such as you see barbers wearing. She was a firm woman having pretty short hair. She looked very interesting to Allessa’s shiny black hair going with her eyes slowly down from the top of her crown to the end of the hair just above her bottom.

Then she turned the barber chair and told Allessa to sit down, not an easy job, because she was still locked in chains. The prison barberette turned the barber chair in its original position. It was the first time Allessa saw herself in a huge mirror wearing her grey prison uniform. She looked awful in the uniform, what a difference with the nice clothes she weared during the party just 24 hours away. Her world had turned upside down. The barberette walked to a counter to get a tissue and wrapped it around her neck, followed by a big gray nylon cape that she closed tightly around Allessa’s neck covering her whole body and the main part of her legs. The barberette start combing her hair out which was quit a job, because she had no change to do her hair the last 24 hours. Allessa was afraid what should happen now. She looked at the counter and saw some pairs of scissors a traditional barbers knife and two different pairs of clippers. Especial looking at the clippers gave her a cold feeling going through whole her body. She could not imaging that these ‘cold steeled’ devices touch her head. Hopefully not. Her hair should just get into shape again, she hoped.

The barberette took her comb away and looked in the mirror at the prison guards standing behind her chair. One of the prison guards told the barberette to go for the usual thing! Allessa did not have any clue what that might be, ‘the usual thing’. A haircut or just washing her hair? She feels that the barber chair is slowly going up, the barberette is putting it higher to make work easier. The barberette start taking a pair of scissors walking back to the barber chair and start cutting on the left side of Allessa’s head just below her jaws. Allessa looks in the mirror she chunks of black hazelnut shiny hair falling into the cape and on the floor. She cannot believe what she is seeing, it looks like that they will give her a certain kind of bob. She cannot imaging how that will look above the ugly grey prison uniform. The prison barberette keeps on cutting going slowly around her head. Allessa feels water getting into her eyes. She can hardly stop crying. Not much later the barberette is finishing cutting at Allessa’s right jasws. Allessa things that she now will be released from the barber chair put the barberette walks now to the back of Allessa’s head and starts cutting again. Allessa see again falling hair on her shoulders and on the floor. The barberette cutting lots of hair away at Allessa’s back she feels cold air touching her neck above the tissue. The barberette walks to Alissa’s right side and start taking hair away of the sides, releasing her ear. For Allessa this is a very strange feeling, getting cold air around her ear, she never saw her ear exposed like that. Some times she had her hair in a bread, but the hair was always touching the top of her ear. Now not anymore. It looks like she starts to get a certain kind of boys cut! Finally the hair was taken away on her left side too. The barberette start finishing with the scissors just around her left ear. She had no side bars left. Allessa looked into the mirror and saw herself sitting under the large grey cape with short hair now. It felt very light, but she had still tears in her eyes, she could not believe that the barberette had taken away most of her beautiful shiny black hair. It looked now a bit impressive to her, sitting in the chair, still chained with the two prison guards behind her, almost standing on both sides of the barber chair.

The barberette walked to the counter again, followed by Allessa’s wet eyes. She picks up the clippers now and Allessa almost gets a heart attack, what is she going to do? Properly only finishing of the neck with the clippers? The barberette walks to the back of the barber chair and pushes Allessa’s head forward till her chin touches her breast. Allessa things that she only needs it to clear her neck line. The barberette’s left hand keeps on top op Allessa’s head to keep her head firmly in the same position. Than she hears a loud sound of the clipper, switched on. A little bit later she feels the cold steel of the clipper blade in her neck. She does not have the slightest idea which blade is on. Just cleaning her neck she expects the 0 blade. She did not she any attachment when the barberette tooks the clipper from the counter. The barberette takes the clipper slowly up and Allessa feels a cold strip of air touching the back of her head while the cold steel of the clipper is going higher and higher up, finally it stops just below her crown. Now Allessa is fearing the worst, what are they going to do? Shaving her head bald, she cannot believe that. The barberette takes a new strip of hair at her back and lifting the clippers up again ending high at the back of her head, and another strip of hair is taken away. Cold air is touching the back of her head more and more. She sees the clipper coming to the right side of her head, leaving a white strip of skin. Now Allessa knows, they will shave hear head to the scalp. She is panicking, but cannot do much, while she is chained and her head is firmly kept in place by the barberette! The barberette is now just behind her right ear with the clipper, starts moving around her ear, leaving a pale white strip there too. After that she starts taking away all the hair left on Allessa’s right side, while the prison guards are having fun seeing Allessa’s hair disappear. Not much later all the hair on Allessa’s right side is away, the right ear is standing out now. The barberette starts working on the back of Allessa’s head again, pushing her head another time forward and keep it firm in shape. The same procedure is repeated, the barberette works her way up from the back of her head to the sides. Now Allessa is almost fascinating at what is happening, chunks of hair are taken away with the clipper. Her left ear is standing out now, no hair
left there too. Finally the barberette is finished taking the hair away around Allessa’s head. She has a certain kind of crewcut now. Maybe that is where it will end, but no, the barberette is coming with the clippers to her front head now, pushing the clipper just into her hair in the middle of her forehead, slowly pushing it tightly down to the end of her head where she had taken away the hair at her back already, leaving a certain kind of landing strip. The barberette moves the clipper strip after strip over Allessa’s head taking a way the last shiny hazelnut black hairs, leaving just pale white skin. The last moves are made over her head to make it totally bald! Allessa looks in the mirror again and can not imaging what she is seeing, just a hairless head above the large grey cape, tightly around her neck. No hair is left at all! The barberette takes the clippers away, coming back with a brush to take away the shorn hair around Allessa’s neck on the cape. She releases the cape from Allessa’s neck and takes away the tissue. What is left is Allessa in the chair in her grey prison uniform and a bald head. She does not like anymore at the beautiful woman in the fancy clothes with the long black hair as she appeared at the party yesterday evening. She looked totally the opposite now.

The prison guard commands Allessa out of the barber chair. She barks at her that her prison induction is almost finish now, only pictures should be taken from her bald, freshly shorn head.

The prison guards guiding Allessa out of the barber shop to take pictures of her with her bald head. One of the prison guards tells her that she should stay like that for the next coming five years. Every week she will be guided by the guards into the barber shop to get her head shaved, no exception, bald is what female prisoners would be in this prison.

It does not take long to get the pictures taken and finally Allessa is brought into her cell. The prison guard takes away her chains, tell her to go into her cell. With a loud bang the cell door is closed. Leaving Allessa alone. In the middle of her cell, she touches her shorn bald head and feels how soft it is feeling, almost pretty. She has to get used to it.

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