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When my wife left me i turned our home into a guest house. Only sixteen rooms for rent but i slowly built up a loyal following of friendly people who came to stay.
I was lucky to get good staff to help me. I paid above the rates and my staff always did a great job helping me run what was a very busy but secluded and quiet establishment. We had high standards and we treated all our visitors like royalty.
Over the years i learnt that it was always easier and less stressful to employ older staff. they did a better job and had less problems with life and they were more reliable.
That all changed when one day a younger girl asked me for a job as a waitress. At first i was not convinced it broke all my rules.
But something about her attracted me. her eyes were blue and beautiful and her light brown hair hung down her back. The sides were flicked back and her fringe hung half across her face.
I gave her a job subject to training and a trial period. Lots of people thought i had gone mad to take a chance with a girl like her.
She wore the waitress uniform well and she learnt quickly . She was polite to the clients and she worked long hours.
Our local policeman warned me her whole family were rogues and not to be trusted. but i didnt listen.
Over a period of time small things went missing, nothing much. spoons loo roll coffee. I knew it was her. But i let her dig herself deeper into a bigger and bigger hole.
Finally she pinched some cash from the till and she did it with more and more regularity. Just small amounts each time but still she did it.
I kept a record of her thieving but said nothing to her. Then on the late shift on a quiet sunday evening with just her and me on duty i confronted her with the evidence.
She knew she had been caught, she begged me not to shop her to the police. She said she would go to prison this time for sure. I had the phone in my hand ready to call our policeman.
But i didn’t call him. I told her she had betrayed my trust and she needed to be punished. I told her she had two options. Prison and the shame that involves or a very short haircut.
She really had no choice. I took the guilty waitress to room four. That was a room only i had a key for. Normally it was empty or had spare things stored in it , but i had prepared it ready for her.
The waitress was tied to a chair in front of the mirror. I brushed her gorgeous long hair for the final time, from her roots all down to the tips and her hair was ready to be taken as her punishment.
I gathered her thick ponytail together and bound it with a band tightly on the back of her head. i held it up and pulled it tight.Without a word i picked up the shiny kitchen scissors and plunged the open blades into her long hair.
They were new and sharp and her hair was fine and cut easily.I closed the blades again and again through her hair chopping it short.Nine cuts and her crowning glory was no more. I lay her ponytail on the table.
Short means one centimetre all over i told her. She nodded. I picked up the clippers and turned them on. She sat there with her head hanging forward, at this point i felt guilty about clipping her but she had to be punished.
I held her head down with my left hand on the top of her head and i clipped the whole back of her head with the other. Her lovely brown hair fell to the floor.
I ran my fingers into her hair above her left ear and pulled her head down. then i clipped her right side in lines from top to bottom.
I put my left hand under her chin and tipped her head back and without mercy i shaved over the top of her head. I moved to her left side and quickly i finished the punishment clipping of the guilty waitress.
Her long hair was clipped down to a centimetre all over her head. I brushed her hair again. this time it did not take so long.She was untied and i watched her brush her hair from her blouse and skirt onto the floor.
The waitress was told if she wants to stay out of prison then once a month on the sunday late shift ,   she will be taken to room four and clipped back to a centimetre. she agreed.
Now my waitress has stopped pinching things and i get to enjoy her working for me sporting my buzzcut and sunday late shifts will never be the same again

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