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I came to this dream city of Mumbai about two years back. My father is rich and he decided that I should get the best of education here. So he bought a flat in an apartment so as to have complete peace for me to study. He also bought a computer for me and there this story started to happen. I spent all my free time in surfing the sites showing female head shaving and shagging vigorously. Somewhere in my mind I had a feeling that whatever was happening with me (about being so crazy about this fetish was abnormal) and I started to be aloof from the other students of my college.

There was another apartment in front of mine. The window facing my bedroom belonged to a very beautiful 18 years old girl. She had extremely beautiful hair, very thick, straight, reaching up to her waist. It was a delight for any head shaving fetishist to dream about chopping them off and running straight edge razor on that skull. So it goes without saying that she was the main character in my dreams whenever I masturbated.
Somehow I got a feeling that this girl was a bit irritated, since whenever she found me looking at her while she was combing her hair, she came to the window and shut it with such a force as if she was banging her fist on my face.

On last Sunday, I was watching a movie on some English channel. It was interesting. A kid of about 10 years of age had such a tremendous willpower that he could move a steel cupboard from one place to another just by sitting at one place, concentrating and giving command to that cupboard to move. He also helped the army with his power of concentration in that movie.

I got an idea.

I was sitting in the window in the same afternoon waiting for the girl to open her window since it was her usual time to come home and sit in front of her dressing table to comb her beautiful hair. She came, opened the window, saw me sitting there, showed her anger on her face and she was about to bang the window shutters on my face, and it happened. I was concentrating intensely on her and giving her command that “You must not close the window when you notice me watching you.” I kept repeating this command in my mind, staring at her face. And it worked!! She held her hand on the shutter for a while, thought for a while, and moved back to her dressing table keeping her window open. My God!! I could not believe it. She actually responded to my command.

Now it was the time for me to act. Next day I was standing at the corner of road approaching our apartment. This was the time when she used to come home from her school. I was giving her command that she must stop here and talk to me. Concentrating hard, I kept repeating this command in my mind. There she came, looked at me and actually stopped near me.

“Hi” she uttered. “My name is Riya. I stay in the apartment next to you.”

“Yeah…Yes Yes Of course I know it. I saw you many times from my window. My name is Atul! Nice meeting you”

“What do you do? I mean I saw you going out with lots of books”

“Yeah I study here in the ABC institute of hair dressing” I planted first seed of my master plan. Actually I studied in the engineering college and had nothing to do with hairdressing institute.

“Wow!” her eyes were wide with surprise! “I didn’t know that there is a hair dresser next to my apartment.”

I noticed the praise in her voice. “Actually I had very recently taken admission in this institute. It will take about three years for me to be a professional hair dresser.” I safeguarded my position by this statement.

“How much have you learnt so far about hairdressing? .. Oh I am so sorry… I am being very curious about your studies”

“It’s absolutely alright with me. Actually being new to this city I do not have many friends here. It is so nice of you to talk to me.” I was approaching towards my goal very slowly and steadily. And it worked. She immediately said…

“Why don’t we go to my home and talk there?” and we started walking towards her apartment. She is very beautiful. All these days I was watching her from my window and now from so near. She looked stunning. About 5feet 5 inches height, brown and very expressive eyes, her lips inviting me to take them in mouth and the best part was hair. It was like silk… so smooth and shining, I was controlling my urge to fondle them, stroke them. I was looking at her… fully mesmerized.

“Hey Atul, What’s wrong? Are you OK?” She woke me up from my trance.

We settled down in her living room. Now the next plan… She went inside to bring some tea for me. And I started concentrating on my mission. I was giving her command “Ask me to cut your hair” I kept repeating it in my mind with full intensity till she came and continued it even after she entered the room. I kept staring in her eyes and continued giving her my command.

“Do you have all the haircutting equipment with you?” She asked me. It was working! And it was working really fine!!

“Well! Not all of them, but I have the basic equipment.”

“Such as?” She asked with little more curiosity.

“Such as ….” I got an idea “Why don’t you just drop in to my flat and have a look at it yourself?”.

“SAY YES … SAY YESS…” my mind started giving her command with urgency.

She was thinking. I didn’t want to give her time to rethink about it and said “Come on.. Lets go right away..”

“SAY YES … SAY YESS” Commands continued with more force.

“O K Lets go.. but I will have to come back soon because I have to do lot of homework today.” She said. “Let me change my uniform. I will be back in a minute.” She went inside to change.

Actually I had only one hair cutting equipment with me and that was a straight edge razor. I had bought it after I saw a couple of clips on the net and wanted to learn the technique to handle it. Every time I held it in my hands and tried to imitate the barber in the video clip, I got solid hard on. I didn’t know how I was going to react in front of Riya when I show it to her.

She came out of her room. I could not keep my eyes away from her. She was looking so cute and sexy in the outfit she was wearing; she had worn blouse of very light shade of pink on denim skirt. She had kept her pentene hair loose with parting at her right side. It seems she had never cut her bangs. I controlled my urge of going near her and stroking them. “Come on… lets go…” She said.

I took her straight to my room where I had kept my computer. I offered her some snacks which my mother had sent from my place. The idea was to prolong her stay in my room and let her have a look at some of the books lying on my table having nice pictures of bald ladies. And it worked. By the time I came back from the kitchen she had a book in her hand and the page she was looking at was of the pictures of head shaving of a beautiful girl. She kept the book hurriedly when she saw me coming in.

“So? What all equipment do you have?” she asked me.

“As I said, I have not yet bought the complete set of equipment but my friend gave me this as a gift when I left my town.” I removed the straight edge razor from my drawer and handed it over to her.

“What is this?”

“This is called ‘Ustra’ – I mean the straight edge razor in English. Why? Have you not seen it before?” I asked.

“No. Not really. How does it work?”

“It is used for shaving, Beard and Head shaving in particular.”

She was inspecting the razor rather curiously. “How do you use it?” She asked me suddenly.

My situation was rather critical. A straight edge razor in the hands of a beautiful girl and she is asking me how is it used. Bulge in my jeans was evident of my mental state.

“It … It is used … I mean …” Stammering and stammering. For a moment I thought that I was going to loose the battle. Immediately I got myself composed and said …

“Do you want to see its use on a video?”

“Do you have a video of it?”

“Yes of course I have got a few clips in my computer” and without listening to whether she was interested or not I just switched on the computer. And the next moment a clip was being played on my computer showing a head shave of a young and beautiful girl.

“Oh My God!!! How can she do that? Such a beautiful hair! My goodness all of it is going… Shit… What’s wrong with this girl…. Oh my God … OH My God…”

She went on giving remarks without blinking her eyelid. Suddenly I noticed that her hand was caressing her hair … she was feeling her skull by finger combing her hair. And the clip ended as suddenly as it started.

“That’s all?” I didn’t understand exact intentions of her question, though I replied her in my own way.

“I have got quite a few. Do you want to see them?”

“NO …NO… its all right now.”

“Have you not seen any bald girl before?” I asked her

“Of course I saw. A friend of mine had shaved her head in the Temple. Do you know? I read in the newspaper that two of the Xavier Girls had also shaved their hair last month.”

“Then why were you so surprised to see the clip?”

“Reading in the news paper and actually watching it is very different dear” She said with little more intimacy.

“And doing it on you will be much more different isn’t it?”


“Just a second, I will keep these plates in the kitchen and join you.” I left the room but before going I played another head shaving clip on the computer.

Now was the time, I had to hit the Jackpot. It was like now or never. I went inside the kitchen, composed myself, took a few deep breaths and then concentrated. I started giving her commands now. “You will ask me to shave your head now.”

I picked a jar full of water with me and entered the room. She was engrossed in watching the shaving on computer screen. I settled myself besides her. I don’t know whether she noticed me sitting next to her. The next move was quite risky. I extended my hand and started stroking her hair.

She was shocked and immediately gave me a look. I couldn’t understand the meaning since that look was so blank. It was my turn now to react immediately.
“You have beautiful hair. Haven’t you ever cut it short?” I didn’t stop stroking and fondling her hair.

“Actually, I thought of it many times but my mom gets wild with the thought of me cutting my hair. She thinks I look better with long hair.”

“Aren’t you big enough to decide what suits you better?” I asked her, now feeling her skull through my fingers. Her juicy lips were so near my mouth that I had to use all my concentration power for not diverting from main motto. “Do you want me to give it a try on your hair?”

“Wh… What do you want to do?” she asked me with lots of stammer.

“Whatever you say… I don’t mind using all my skills to make you a beautiful bald girl. You know something? You have such a good shape of head that it will look so beautiful without hair. Trust me.”

My touches on her head through her hair were giving thrilling sensations to her. She was shivering. Her lips were trembling. I was seeing complete surrender in her eyes. “What will I tell my mother? She will be mad with me …?”

“Just tell her that some stupid kid spat a chewing gum on your head and you had no option than shaving it all off.”

She closed her eye tight. All her muscles were stretched. I could feel the tension all over her body. I slowly lifted her face and planted a very soft kiss on her lips. She immediately hugged me tight, rested her head on my chest. I could smell the fragrance of her hair. That was making me all the more wild. My left hand was on back of her head. I stroked her hair roughly.

“Listen Riya, one should experience the thrill and madness sometimes. It is really healthy. I feel this is our age to experience it. Are we going to do this madness when we are grown up enough and married and have kids? I feel this is the right time to have this experience.”

“Can I … Can I think little more about it? Will you give me some time to think about it?”

“Then you won’t do it ever in your life because one gets such a wild urge only once in lifetime.”

She was quiet for some time. Her trembling also subsided to some extent. She looked in to my eyes and said “Let’s do it”.

Whew!! I told myself not to bother about the huge bulge being seen from my jeans. I also told myself to neglect the rock hard nipples of Riya seen from her transparent blouse and concentrate completely on the task. I took the jar of water and settled myself in front of her. “Where do you want me to begin Riya?” I asked her softly.

She was stroking her hair and feeling her head full of hair for the last time. She didn’t even receive my question. “Ummm?” she asked me.

“Shall we start?” She nodded slowly and affirmatively on my question.

I took the comb from table and combed her silky soft hair for the last time. She too was enjoying it. I didn’t want to wet all her hair and shave it in the traditional manner. She had her natural parting in right side of her head. So I decided to start from her right side. I took a small portion of her hair from right side and combed back rest of her hair to her left side. Then I took water from the jar and put it at the roots of the part of hair I was holding in my left hand. Riya shrunk her shoulder with the touch of water on her head and closed her eyes. The sensual expressions on her face were making me crazy. I took the straight edge razor and placed it on her parting. I made my first pass of razor with very soft hand. About an inch of her head was bald with my first stroke. I realized that Riya had stretched all her body with this first pass. I took her hand in my right hand and placed her fingers on the smooth part of her head from where her hair was shaved. She immediately released her body with another shrunk of her shoulders. I realized that she had an orgasm.

She looked at me with a smile. I made another pass at the part of her head where I had made her hair wet. Front of her right side of head was bald now. Then I took another portion of hair from the back side of her right. This time I had to pour little more quantity of water because her hair was really thick. I massaged the roots of her head where I had poured water. Riya closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage. I took the razor in my hands and told Riya “Open your eyes Riya, I am going to make you bald at the back side of your head. Enjoy.” She smiled at me and bowed down her head with the soft touch of my hand. I took the bunch of hair of that part and asked her to hold it in her hand and then started making the razor strokes. Just in a couple of minutes her hair was free from her head and it was resting in her hand. Riya came to know that she was bald at that place. She slowly lifted another hand and stroked the shaven part of her head. This time her smile to me was wider than before. Half of her head was bald now.

“Do you want to see yourself in the mirror Riya?” I asked her.

“No! I will see the final look.” I saw the urgency of getting it finished faster in her voice. So without wasting any more time I parted the remaining back side with comb and started wetting it with ample of water. Riya had closed her eyes and was enjoying every bit of it. I bowed down her head. All the hair from front side of her head made a beautiful curtain in front of her eye. She lifted her left hand and tried to tug it behind her ear unsuccessfully. I took the razor and started scrapping her hair from her skull. I was in such a condition that I would discharge any time. I had to take lot of efforts to control myself. It was over. Her head was clean from the three sides.

Now the final part and most interesting part of this mission had remained. All the hair from left of her forehead was hanging in front of her as well as me, as if the wall between her and me. I lifted her chin with my left hand, moved the curtain of hair from her face a bit with my right hand, bowed down and took her lips in my mouth. I was French kissing her. She closed her eyes and responded to me by putting her hands around my neck.

After a while I was ready with her wet hair on her forehead.

“Are we ready for the final touch Riya?” She nodded her head and closed her eyes with anticipation. “I want you to keep your eyes open this time.” I said.

“Just notice the process of hair raining in your lap. You will enjoy it.” She smiled and nodded affirmatively. I took my razor and started shaving from her crown to forehead. Riya enjoyed every second of it as her hair started falling in her lap. She shrunk her shoulders once again. Now I was sure that she had another wild orgasm this time.

It was getting more and more difficult for me hold my nerves and control my orgasm. As soon as the final strand of Riya’s hair fell in her lap I jumped and discharged heavily in my jeans only. What a wild orgasm was that. I was Cumming and Cumming for ages.

I woke up from the sleep with loud alarm I had set. Oh My God! What a dream!! I wish it comes true some day. I got up from the bed because it was the time of her opening the window. I had to change my jeans and bed sheet which was smelling badly because of my cum spread all over it.

There she was, standing in the window. She noticed me watching her and banged her window on my face – as usual.

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