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7 Years later

Jack had now been working in various salons for the past 6 years. He had left school as soon as he could and then moved from salon to salon, gaining experience and his great talent as a stylist had been recognised wherever he worked and he was now one of the top freelance stylists in the world of fashion. His love for hairdressing had increased and his skill with dressing long hair was amazing but his real love was for cutting off hair, the more the better.

During the past years many girls had sat and watched as far more of their precious long locks than they had been prepared to lose, had tumbled down from his ruthless scissors, but because of his skill in cutting they usually forgave him and loved the finished result. During his early days, his sister Catherine was often the model, albeit sometimes reluctantly, as he tried a new cutting skill, but he had created some stunning styles for her. Her hopes of allowing her hair to grow long again after the first time he had cut it had of course not happened and she had allowed him eventually to cut it as he liked. They often talked about that first time he had used scissors on her long hair and how nervous and upset she had been.

His biggest regret however, even now, was that he had been unable to cut Trisha’s beautiful long hair. He had hoped that he would have the opportunity later after her hurried departure from his house, but because of the crisis, the family had sold their house quickly and moved away and Catherine had lost touch with her but thought she had moved abroad. In the subsequent years that he had been hairdressing he had never come across another girl who had been so obviously sexually aroused by the thought of having her long hair cropped and he often thought of her wonderful hair and how much of a thrill it would have been to have cut it.
In his work for fashion houses, he would quite often be asked by the designers to restyle the models’ hair to suit a particular collection and he enjoyed studying individual girls reaction when told their long hair would have to be cut. This week he was working in Italy for a leading Fashion House and the designer decided really short-cropped hair on his models would suit his collection. There were six girls and they had no option if they wanted to work for the designer so a few days before the show he had met the models and the designer and he listened to his ideas and then commenced the restyling of their hair.

He began work on the girl with the shortest hair, which was about an average length of two to three inches, and cut it into a very short head hugging pixie style with the front hair cut back really short to the hairline. The girl sat calmly as her hair became shorter and shorter and the designer adding comments about the required shape. Although Jack had cut the nape hair quite short he was encouraged to cut it really short with clippers and finally the designer was satisfied. The girl was led away to have her hair shampooed and blow-dried by one of his assistants and he would check the final result later.

The other 5 models had watched him work with varying reactions but he noticed that two of the girls in particular had looked particularly nervous. He smiled inwardly and knew that they would be the last two girls he would be working on and obviously that would greatly increase their apprehension and therefore his enjoyment when he cut their hair. The next two models also accepted the restyling of their hair stoically and in fact looked quite pleased at their transformation and they were led away. He motioned the next model forward, a dramatically beautiful girl with a gorgeous tumbling mane of rich dark shoulder length hair and he could hardly wait to send his scissors plunging into the lovely hair and strip it from her head. However, she did not sit down and instead turned to the designer and burst out with a torrent of Italian that involved her touching her lovely hair and obviously pleading with the designer not to have it cut.
Jack understood very little Italian but could tell from the firm expression on his face and the near tears from the model that she was not going to win the argument. Finally she spat a few angry words and then flounced out of the room. Jack knew that the girl must love her long hair a great deal as the designer was very important and the girl would be losing a great deal of prestige and money by refusing to model for him. A typical Italian shrug came from the man and he smiled at Jack and said, “She might be saving her hair but she will lose a lot more than that. I will get a replacement girl this afternoon.”

The two remaining girls exchanged resigned glances as they realised they would have to allow their hair to be cut or be treated similarly and Jack motioned one of them to his chair. She came forward reluctantly, her just below shoulder length hair swaying slightly with her movement and sat nervously in the chair. Her dark chestnut hair was very beautiful and had been extremely well shaped but 10 minutes later most of her lovely hair was lying in piles around the chair and as her long locks had fallen from his shearing blades, tears had streamed down her face. She was led away, her hands fingering her cropped hair and Jack gave a little smile to himself as he wondered how her usual hairstylist would react when he saw what had happened to his skilful creation on her lovely hair.
Now there only remained the girl with the longest hair, a lovely rich dark heavy straight waterfall of hair that streamed down her back almost to her waist. Jack would have loved to have been able to have dressed her hair in upswept styles before cutting it off, but of course there was no time to do that. Instead he would be cutting her beautiful hair very short, very much against her wishes – that would be an even more exciting alternative!

He covered her body with the cape as she sat in the chair and she looked sadly at her reflection in the mirror as he freed her hair from the enveloping cape and allowed it to spread in a dark silken blanket across her back. She was swallowing nervously as he picked up his scissors but then meekly bowed her head before being asked and Jack saw a slight movement in her lap and he realised that although the girl was very upset at the thought of losing her long hair she was also already sexually aroused. He grasped a great sheaf of her long hair at the back and without bothering to section the hair he just forced his scissors through it close to the roots. The great mass of hair came away from her head quite easily and a slight moan came from the girl that was probably a mixture anguish and pleasure. He tossed the huge lock of hair to the floor and without pausing grasped another great sheaf of her lovely hair and he smiled as he saw more movement under the cape and he himself grew hard as he chopped away at the luscious long hair.

The fashion designer was watching closely with a little smile on his face as the model almost writhed in the chair in a mixture of misery and ecstasy as her long hair was chopped off. When Jack had cut off all the long hair and replaced them with clippers, the girl in the chair could hardly restrain herself and she worked frantically on herself, not caring about being seen and gave long sobbing moans as she eagerly moved her head into the buzzing clippers. Finally her body gave a long shudder and she subsided weakly in the chair and watched the rest of her hair cut close to her head. When Jack finally, reluctantly switched off the clippers she looked a little shamefacedly at the two men and ran from the room. Jack and the fashion designer looked at each other and then burst out laughing, the designer saying with a smile, “That must be one of the best haircuts you have ever done!” The fashion show was a great success and there was quite a lot of publicity about the models short hairstyles which obviously could only help Jack’s growing reputation.

To be continued.

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