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As long as I can remember I’ve had long hair. Since I was 16, I let it grow really long and in the last 3-1/2 years, at the most, I had it only trimmed.

Now I’m nearing 20 and my hair, which is now dyed bright red, almost reaches my buttocks, which can be quite a bother, especially when I’m in the gym or on the tanning bed. Nevertheless, my long hair is my pride, and I never would cut it short.

That’s I believed until the day before yesterday.

Everything started such harmlessly. My friend Andrea and I had agreed to meet at her home for chatting, and have a lot of fun. As we had the intention to go to the disco afterwards, I went into the bathroom, took off my jeans, top, and everything else. There I was standing, like I had been created. Large blue eyes, brows plucked into a nice arch, and a small stud in my nose. Crowned by my long splendid hair with a diagonally cut bangs, OK, my breasts could be larger, but my two piercings are showing to advantage. I was thinking how I’d look if I got another ring somewhat below, or maybe a tattoo. The thought pleased me…

Well then, I quickly put on my clothes, make up, brushed my hair, packed my laptop and went off in my small black Chevy.

Once I arrived at Andrea’s, I first looked into the mirror. Everything matched, so I got out of the car and rang. Andrea was looking good, she had put her blond, shoulder long hair into a simple braid.

Soon we started to browse the Internet, to chat, as I thought, but Andrea had other ideas.

She wanted to really annoy the men. She showed me a site for hair fetishists, and thought that they could be easily led up the garden path. That seemed be true, because all postings on this site seemed to be in relation to baldness, and to being shaved bald. So then we logged on to a well known mail site, and quickly made up a new identity. Then we downloaded some pictures of long haired girls who had their heads shaved. An about 17 year old American girl, who auctioned her magnificent hip long hair for a good cause, was now my Avatar. It really was quite easy.

Within a few minutes of having posted in the hair forum, I had gotten several offers to shave off the long hair of the girl in my picture. We really were having quite a good time. And with the rising alcohol level in my blood it was also more and more funny.

In the meantime there were some 20 men who wanted to shave my girl’s head, before I sent them packing, by sending them a picture with the shaved head, telling them that I had just shaved it myself.

But one of them really got to me. I didn’t tell Andrea, who in the meantime had fallen asleep. He sent me some head shaving videos and some about self shaving too.

While I was watching the video I was playing with a strand from my bangs.

After the video he told me that I should give it a try… Hesitantly I took one of Andrea’s scissors from the bathroom and continued playing with a strand of by bright red hair. I took the scissors and placed them at chin height. Then higher… higher… just at scalp level. I was replaying the video in my mind, and suddenly I had cut off the strand.

Above my forehead there now was a one inch wide area with a length of about 3/8”. I got scared, and also because the tickling sensation was so extreme. On a shelf in the bathroom was a small clipper, which Andrea probably used for shaving her pubic hair. When I switched it on, the vibration was terrific. I almost had to laugh when I started to wonder where else on her body she might be making use of the vibration.

I placed the clipper at my hairline and instinctively wanted to start shaving. I was like in a trance. Unfortunately my mane was too thick. So I took the scissors and started cutting wildly, until I looked like a plucked chicken. The longest hair on my head was about 3/8” long. Still in a trance I grabbed the clipper, this time it worked. To my later initial regret, without any attachment; path after path the clipper ate through the rest of my hair, until there remained only about 0.02” of red stubble.

I really had shaved my long hair. I stroked my shaved head with my hand. Then I started to wonder how it would feel if the scalp up there were smooth… I took a can of shaving foam, and soon my head was covered with foam. With a disposable razor I shaved path after path, until the last hair had been shaved off.

I only left the eye brows; otherwise there wasn’t any hair on my head that really made me horny.

Now I had an idea; I didn’t want to prevent Andrea from being able to feel the same.

In my ecstasy I took the scissors and the clipper to the sleeping Andrea… 

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