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Claudia looked at the ringing phone.  She didn’t need caller ID to know who it was.  He had said he would call six months after Claudia had buried her husband who died unexpectedly from a melanoma.  He had died before she could serve him with divorce papers and now Steve, her husband’s best friend, was calling to remind her that her husband wasn’t the only one who knew of her infidelity.


“Hi Claudia, its Steve”

“Yes”, she said.  “I knew it was you when the phone rang.  You always were punctual.”

“I think we need to meet to discuss your punishment.”

Punishment?  She really had loved her husband and was truly sorry for cheating on him.  She was sorry that she had ever mentioned to Steve that wished she could be punished so that she could clear her conscious.  Whatever happened to the good old days when dad swatted you on the rear or sent you to your room without dinner?  But that was for kids and the adult price for redemption was much greater.

“Okay, but where?”

“Starbucks on the corner of Main and Warner, 10 o’clock.”  And the conversation was over.

The next morning Claudia stood in front of the bathroom mirror combing her blond hair which she felt had always been one of her best features.  Not that she wasn’t attractive, no just the opposite.  Some would call her down right hot, but she felt her hair was the first thing that attracted men’s attention.  Claudia wondered what kind of punishment Steve had in mind.  He wasn’t the type to get physical and she knew a few of the girls he dated and they had nothing but positive things to say about him.  In fact, if the truth be known, she was very much attracted to Steve, but hadn’t seen anything good coming out of cheating on her husband with his best friend.

Knowing Steve would be on time, Claudia arrived at the Starbucks a few minutes early.  She wasn’t surprised to see him waiting for her.  She smiled at him and then walked to the counter to order a latte.  Sitting with her coffee steaming in the morning chill, Claudia and Steve exchanged pleasantries and caught up on what each had been doing for the last six months.  Finally, Steve got to the point.

“Claudia,” he said, “I know you are someone who feels the need to clear her conscious for stepping out on your husband.  I’m willing to help you ease through this process.  I will punish you for your indiscretion.  I’m not going to tell you what the punishment entails; only that it does not involve any physical pain.  Also, you may leave at any time.  I would never consider holding you against your will.  I think you will feel like a new person when it’s over and hopefully put all of this behind you.  I’m not going to answer any questions.  If you agree, be at my house tomorrow at 10 in the morning.  I think you remember where I live.”

Steve got up and left, leaving Claudia in a daze.  She hadn’t expected him to be so secretive and so direct.  Thinking about it, she wasn’t sure what she had expected, but she knew she had to do this to put her guilt behind her so that she could get on with her life.

Early the next morning Claudia arose and began getting ready to meet Steve.  She had spent a good deal of time yesterday thinking about what he had in store for her.  She decided that he probably was going to make her do his laundry for several months or clean his house for a while or maybe wash his car or all of these.  She didn’t know, but felt it best to wear sweats with her hair pulled back into a pony tail.  She would try to be as comfortable as possible.

Once again Claudia arrived on time for her meeting with Steve. Her common sense told her that it wouldn’t be a good idea to be late meeting someone who was going to punish you.  She knocked on the door and Steve greeted her with a warm smile and a big hello which helped relieve some of her tension.

“Okay,” he said, “Let’s begin.  Just a reminder, there will be no physical pain and you may leave any time you wish, but I think you won’t leave until it’s over and your conscious is clear.  First, don’t speak unless you’re spoken to and second, go into my bedroom and take off your clothes and put on the terry cloth robe lying on the bed.”

If it wasn’t that she wanted so badly to pay for her transgressions and be done with it, she would have turned and walked out.  She didn’t like the idea of silence or nudity, but he did give her a robe so technically she wasn’t nude.  After disrobing, she walked back into the living where he immediately ordered into master bedroom bathroom.

“You’ll notice the toilet lid is down.  Straddle it facing the wall.  Thanks for putting your hair in a pony tail; it makes it easier to put this cape on you.  Now let’s let you hair down and give it a good brushing.” 

He pulled the scrunchy out of her hair and began giving it a vigorous brushing all the time complimenting her on the beauty of her locks.  Finished with the brushing, Steve used a spray bottle to wet down her hair and asked her to turn around facing him.

He took out a bottle of shampoo and quickly lathered her hair.  He was massaging her scalp with the tips of his fingers and noticed that her eyes were closed, savoring the feeling.

He bent over and whispered in her ear, “Claudia, does this give you a déjà vu moment?”

“Yes”, she replied, “I remember last year when I cut my arm and had stitches.  I wasn’t supposed to get the bandage wet nor raise my arm over my head.  I had absent mindedly mentioned out loud that I wasn’t sure how I could wash my hair and you had volunteered to help out, which you did.

“Anything else?”

“Well, I said you were quite good and if you enjoyed it so much you should consider going to beauty school and you said that while you liked do this you couldn’t quit your job.”

“True enough.  Anything else?” he inquired.

A smile came to her face followed by a little girl giggle.  “I remember that you were standing in front of me and being seated on the toilet I was looking straight into your crotch and you had quite the bulge.”

“What a fine memory you have.” he replied.  “Now open your eyes and tell me what you see.”

Claudia opened her eyes to find a familiar bulge in Steve’s pants.  “I see you’re just as excited today as you were last time,” she said.

“Same excitement, but this time the results are going to be a bit different.  Claudia I’m going to cut your hair today.  That’s your punishment.  How short I cut it depends on you.  You are going to unzip my pants and while I continue with your shampoo, you will pleasure me with your mouth.  If you refuse to do it, I will shave your head. A trim or your head shorn bald, all depends on how well you suck my cock.”

Well, Claudia thought, this isn’t such a bad deal.  I’ve always had a thing for Steve anyway and I probably would have sucked him off the first time, but my husband was due home anytime and even though I knew I was going to divorce him, he didn’t need to walk in the front door and see his best friend’s cock in my mouth.  Anyway, she had never had any of her dates complain about her ability to give a blowjob so she was certain the worst case scenario would be a slight trim, something she could use.

Without saying a word, Claudia unzipped Steve’s pants and pulled out his cock.  She gave it several strokes with her hands and then deftly slipped it into her mouth.  She found herself enjoying the soothing massage of the shampoo and the length and girth of his cock.  She playfully wondered what his cock would feel like in her pussy. 

All at once, Steve told her to stop moving her head up and down on his cock.  He grabbed a fist full of her hair in each hand and commanded she keep her head perfectly still.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth,” he said.

With that, he thrusted his hips in and out.  Tip of his cock to the base of his cock in her mouth. Time and time again.  Pleased with himself, he pushed his cock deep down her throat one last time and released his load.

Claudia swallowed.  He pulled his dick out of her mouth and told her to put it back into his pants which she did.

With that, he rinsed his hands, helped her up to the sink and rinsed her hair.  After wrapping her hair in a towel, he led her to a table in the dining room and sat her down.  He finished towel drying her hair and then combed it out.

Steve then sectioned her hair down the middle and also from ear to ear.  He told her how pleased he was with her performance in the bathroom and was going to take just an inch or so off the back.  Claudia was pleased for two reasons:  One, she could use the trim and two, the way he had sectioned her hair and clipped it made her think he had some serious practice and would do a professional job. 

Steve very carefully trimmed Claudia’s hair by letting down an inch or so from each section on her nape until he was satisfied with the look.

“Okay, now I’m going to give you a wet set,” Steve announced.

“Wet set.  You? Where did you learn to set hair?”

“Watch yourself Claudia.  Don’t break the first rule of silence again or there will be serious consequences involving you hair.  Fair question though, the past six months I’ve been going to beauty school part time.  I don’t intend to graduate.  I just wanted to learn some basics.”

With that pronouncement, Steve quickly set Claudia’s hair using medium sized curlers.  Once finished he took off her cape and ordered her to lie on her back on the table.

“Open your robe so I can see your pussy,” he ordered.  Claudia quickly obeyed.  She couldn’t believe this was happening.  First a wonderful shampoo, oral sex with a guy she would date in a heart beat, her locks trimmed and set, and now she just knew she was going to get that large cock in her pussy.  If this is being punished, she thought, give me more!

Steve was disappointed to see that her pussy was shaven.  He had hoped to be the one to do it.  Oh well, onto the next step.  He quickly dropped his pants, pulled her hips down to the end of the table and mounted her.  For the next hour Steve ravaged her pussy bringing her to climax on several occasions.

Claudia was thoroughly spent and couldn’t believe how wonderful the sex was.  The only thing he could have done is used his tongue to make her cum.  As if he was reading her mind, Steve told her that oral sex was part of his usual performance, but today she was being punished, not rewarded.

Steve directed Claudia back into the chair and quickly put the cape around her neck.  She had noticed combs, scissors and hair clippers on a nearby counter as she moved to her seat.  Hair clippers, she thought, thank God all he did was give me a trim.

Claudia knew he couldn’t be taking the curlers out of her hair as it wasn’t anywhere close to being dry.  She was going to ask what was next, but then thought better of it.  Suddenly from behind, she heard and smelled hair spray being applied to her hair.

“I know what you’re thinking:  what is he doing using hair spray while my hair is still in rollers?  Since you were wise enough to stay silent, I’ll tell you.  This is a new technique for holding your curls even when the rollers are removed while your hair is still damp.  Sort of a short cut I learned in beauty school”

Claudia wasn’t buying this for an instant.  If this was some sort of new technique she would have read about on the beauty web sites she visited.  He was up to something, but she didn’t know what.  Before she could even finish that thought, Steve began taking the rollers out of her hair, a task that didn’t take very long.

She fully expected to feel the pull of a brush as Steve would begin combing her hair out; however, that wasn’t the sensation she felt.  What she felt was the slight pull on each curl and the very distinct sound of  ‘snip’.  Not once, but over and over again.

“What are you doing,” she screamed.

“Claudia, Claudia, I warned you about speaking without permission so there will be a punishment to follow later.  Right now, my dear, I’m cutting each one of your curls about a ½ inch from your scalp.  I knew that if I told you what I was going to do you would probably have left, but now it’s too late.  Sorry, but you had it coming.”

“Why would you go to all the trouble of setting my hair if you were just going to chop it off and you promised only a trim if you were happy with the way I sucked you off and judging by the load you left in my mouth you were,” she cried.

Cutting off the last curl, Steve once again reprimanded Claudia for speaking without being told.  He then explained, “I find women in hair curlers a turn on especially if I’m the one who put them in and, yes, I very much liked your cock sucking ability and would rate your performance a 9+ on a ten point scale.  However, I averaged today’s performance with your performance the first time I shampooed your hair.  You didn’t even unzip my pants and that rates a zero.  Any school teacher will tell you that earning 9 points out of 20 possible points is 45% and that is a failing grade.  For you, a failing grade means a buzz cut”

With that, Steve flipped on the clippers and proceeded to shear the remaining ½ inch of hair off Claudia’s scalp.  Claudia was frozen in time, she wanted to run but her legs wouldn’t move.  Steve quickly applied shaving cream to her scalp and with great care and speed shaved her bald.  This he explained was the consequence for speaking without asking for permission.  When he finished, he wiped the remaining cream off her head.

Claudia ran her hand over her naked scalp and looked Steve in the eyes.

“This was never about punishing me for my infidelity and clearing my conscious was it?” She asked. “This was about you getting even for me not sucking you off the first time you washed my hair.”

Steve looked at her, hesitated a moment, smiled and replied, “Exactly.  We’re even and now it’s time for you to go home.  Oh, I hope your conscious is clear.  I know mine is.”

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