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Rick and his wife Jessica were having dinner at their favorite Mexican Diner Eldorado’s . They were being served by their favorite waitress Sonja Chavez. She was a petite Mexican girl with lovely shiny black hair that she wore up in a twist or like tonight pulled back high into a simple ponytail that was at least a foot long. Her face was framed with bangs. She usually wore a shirt with a pair of tight jeans. She was in her early 20’s and a single mom. During the brief conversation after ordering Jessica comments “ Sonja, your hair is really getting long. Why don’t you stop by and Rick will shape it up for you? Better yet you could be our Monthly Makeover Model and we will pay you to let us cut your hair. “ Sonja paused and spoke “ I have a problem in that when I work days your closed when I get off and on my days off I’m taking college classes. I never knew you paid girls for makeovers?” “ Oh yes, replied Jessica, but it can’t be a simple trim. It has to be a major style change. Now me and Rick would love to stay open late if you would like to be our makeover model. It would be a special night for you.” She looked at Rick who jumped into the conversation. “ Oh, yes Just let me know what night your available and we will set it up for you. I’m sure you can use the extra money for tuition and books. Here is my card. “ replied Rick. Sonja took the order and Rick’s eyes followed her as she walked away. Jessica saw Rick looking at Sonja’s figure and spoke “ She is a pretty girl isn’t she.” “ Oh, yes I was just looking at that thick ponytail” said Rick while smiling at his wife. Jessica laughed “ Rick her ponytail wasn’t the only thing that was moving back and forth.” Rick just smile at his wife. 

Sonja came back a few minutes later with the meal. She placed it in front of them and spoke. “Were you two serious that you would pay me to be a makeover model for you. How much could you pay me?” Rick took a pen out of his pocket and on a napkin wrote an amount and handed it to Sonja after showing it to his wife. He looked at Sonja and spoke “ Here is a ball park figure. You must do everything Jessica says it must be a major style change for you. “ Sonja looked at the number and said “ Wow” and walked away. Jessica looked a Rick “ Boy you really want to see what is under those jeans don’t you? Rick smiled at his wife “ Yes, and I do want to get rid of that long ponytail in the process. I’m confident you will figure out a way for me to satisfy my curiosity.” Sonja came back after the meal was over and handed Rick the check. She smiled at Rick and Jessica.” How about next Tuesday night at 7pm I’ll be your model.” “That is great Sonja. We will see you then.” responded Rick. Before leaving Jessica went over and asked Sonja a few questions and wrote the answers on a napkin.

It was almost 7pm on Tuesday night at Rick’s House of Hair when Sonja came to the front door. She was wearing black jeans and a red shirt. Her hair was pulled high into a ponytail. Jessica met her at the door “ Hi Sonja, we are so glad you could come. The model studio is downstairs so follow me. Rick has some accounting to do and will join us in a few minutes. I hope you brought an open mind.” Jessica led Sonja downstairs and opened the door to the studio. There were large mirrors on the walls and a large old red fashion barbers chair at the far end next to a styling chair by the sink. Placed on the counter where various sizes of scissors, a straight razor and a pair of wahl clippers. A few feet out in the center of the room was a small pedestal near eight inches high. Jessica came up and spoke to Sonja. “ This will be a special night for you Sonja. There will be before and after pictures taken of you. The haircut will be documented with a DVD camera. There will be a few surprises for you along the way.

Rick entered the room “ Hi Sonja, you look terrific. Now let me look at your hair.” Rick came up and removed the hair tie holding up Sonja’s thick shiny black hair. It tumbled down to the middle of her back with the ends curled upward. Rick took out a brush and started brushing the soft hair out while looking over Sonja’s neck and face shape. He felt her luscious hair in his hands. Rick spoke “ Your hair style doesn’t fit you current lifestyle so I will change that tonight. Now the amount I gave you is the proper amount if you do what we tell you with no arguments. You will need to sign the release form we made up for you. I want you to put your hair up in a ponytail like you wear to work. Now, I need to finish up some bookwork and Jessica has some precut photos to take. She will ring me when she is ready for me.” Rick closed the door and left the room.

Jessica motioned for Sonja to come sign the release form. Jessica came up and spoke to Sonja “ Ok it is just me and you in the room now. I want you to come step up on this pedestal. ( A bright spotlight came on as Sonja stepped on the Pedestal. ) Sonja continued speaking “ I want you to remove all you cloths including your panties so you can put on this pretty red bikini that I bought for you based on the measurements you gave me at the diner.” Sonja slowly removed her cloths and her pink panties. She stood naked for a moment in all her brown beauty.

Jessica came up close and had her turn around. She examined her lovely breast and then went downward to Sonja’s bushy pubic hair. It was a full bush and had never been touched. She smiled at a naked Sonja and spoke “ Sonja, I have for you a special treat. I’m going to style your pubic hair into a nice triangle shape like they do the girls in Playboy magazine. Is that OK?”

Sonja nodded ; yes. Jessica walked over and hit a switch and out of the darkness appeared a table out of a gynecologist office. It was all set up with a red pillow. Jessica motioned for Sonja to come to the table and place her feet in the stirrups. Sonja laid back and rested her head on the pillow. Jessica grabbed a stool and sat down between Sonja’s legs. Jessica took out a wide tooth comb and started to comb through Sonja’s thick bush. Sonja sat up and spoke “ What is that humming noise I hear?” “ Oh, that is a noise that happens when we turn on the bright lights down here. It must be a ballast starting to go out. We will have to call an electrician to check it out. Nothing for you to worry about. Just lay back down and let me shape you up down here.” Jessica grabbed the set of wahl clippers and Sonja felt the vibration off the clippers with a number 1 guard as they mowed through her virgin bush. Clumps of pubic hair fell downward into a plastic trash bag. Then Jessica applied shaving cream to Sonja’s pubic area and let it soak in. Sonja laid still and very relaxed. Jessica next took a straight razor and slowly shaved Sonja clean except for a small triangle of short fuzzy black hair. When finished she wiped it off and asked Sonja how it felt. She handed Sonja a mirror. Sonja sat up and when she reached down to feel the smooth area she exclaimed “ Boy, that feels awesome.! I could never had done that to myself.”

Jessica smiled at Sonja “ Ok, time to get back to your makeover.” She helped Sonja off the table and back on the pedestal. She handed Sonja the red bikini and Sonja put it on. Jessica took some pictures of Sonja front and back and with her hair up and down. The hair was returned to the ponytail position. Jessica was just finishing up the last picture when in walked Rick.

Jessica smiled at her husband “ Well, did you finish up your book keeping. “ Yes, when everyone is gone I can focus in on the task at hand. “ replied Rick. “ Well, I can tell Sonja has been a very good model. She looks great in that bikini. Just like a Hooters girl. Shall we set her in the chair and get started. It is time for me to do what I do best. I think Sonja is ready by now.”

Rick motioned for Sonja to sit in the big red barber’s chair. Rick turned the chair toward the big mirror and placed a light blue cape tightly around Sonja’s slender neck. Rick let down Sonja’s thick shiny black hair and spread it over the cape. He let Jessica take a few still pictures. Then he handed Sonja a brush and a rubber band. He spoke to Sonja “ Ok, Sonja I want you to put your hair up into a nice tight ponytail like you wear to work. “ Sonja did so and when finished she handed Rick the brush. Rick smiled at Sonja “ You know how we promised you a special night. Well, you have just put your hair up in a ponytail for the last time.” Rick reached over and grabbed the wahl clippers that had just a few minutes before been used to remove Sonja’s bulky pubic hair. He turned the clippers on and pulled tight the long black ponytail. A point three inches above the scalp and below the rubber band was selected for the cutting point of the clippers. Sonja heard the buzzing sound and looked in the mirror with shock as the clippers dug into the base of her thick black hair. It took only a few minutes for the 15 inch ponytail to be removed leaving choppy layers behind. Rick hung it in front of Sonja’s eyes a few minutes before he put it on the counter and told Sonja “ You won’t have to deal with all this hair anymore. No more up do’s and ponytails for you for a while. Now, I’m going to wet your hair and give you a new short style. It will be less than three inches on top and two inches on the sides. Your neck and ears will be uncovered.” Jessica handed Rick a spray bottle and he soaked down Sonja’s thick soft black hair. Then with a razor he began to slice away the wet hair he didn’t want. He moved Sonja’s head to the back and sideways as clumps of black hair came off and fell to the floor. He undid the cape at the neck and shaved Sonja’s slender neck smooth. The he took his thinning shears and strategically attacked Sonja’s thick mane creating the look he wanted. He left her the soft fringy bangs in front. Sonja sat in silence as she watched in the mirror as her new look emerged. It was the shortest haircut she had ever gotten. It was truly a major change for her. She knew there was more hair on the floor than on her head. Rick was working very quickly and there was no question as to who was in charge.

Rick removed the cape and took care of a full stray hairs. He blow dried the hair and brushed it out. He handed Sonja a mirror. “ Ok Sonja, I’m done. What do you think? “ “ It is so short. I feel naked without my hair. I’m sure I will get use to it in a few days.” Jessica came forward “ I think you look very cute and more mature without your long hair. Your accessories will show up now with your ears and neck exposed. You will see the difference when I show you the before and after pictures. Now, I need you to step back on the pedestal for the after pictures. “ Rick left the room to go upstairs and write out the check. Sonja took off the bikini and put back on her jeans and shirt. She followed Jessica upstairs. She took the check from Rick and felt her head. She looked at the clock “ Oh, my it’s 8:30pm and I need to get home. Rick and Jessica is has been a special night for me. I can’t wait to see what my friends think of my new look. “

Rick closed the door and locked it. He turned to his wife and spoke with a smile ‘ I knew I could count on you to get Sonja’s cloths off. I knew there was a terrific body underneath those tight jeans. However, I do need to fix that humming noise coming from the camera. Jessica smiled back “ yes, it is a good thing she bought my electric story. I think with the sell of the pubic hair, the DVD and the ponytail we will end up with a profitable night. Let’s turn off the lights and go home. I ‘ll clean up in the morning. I think it has been a special night for all of us.”

The End..

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