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He was at the after show party when he felt someone touch his arm and saying, “Hello, do you remember me?” He turned round and his stomach gave a little lurch of excitement. It was Trisha! He gave her a beaming smile and replied, “Of course I do. How lovely to see you after all this time.” She looked absolutely gorgeous, beautifully and expensively dressed and made up and of course his eyes were drawn to her hair. It was still a beautiful pale blonde and was drawn smoothly back from her and expertly arranged in a looped chignon. She saw him looking at her hair and gave a little smile, “The last time I saw you was when you were about to chop all my long hair off. As you can see it is still long, I often think about having it cut but the thought terrifies me – I think I must have been a lot braver then than now.”

Jack was still gazing at her and said, “Your hair was absolutely beautiful then and perhaps it would have been wrong of me to cut it short as I had so little experience but perhaps now……” He smiled as he said this and Trisha said quickly, “I am not sure I would let you do that but I just loved the way you used to arrange my hair, I have never had it done so beautifully since.” He felt his stomach give a little lurch of excitement and said, “I loved doing your hair and I would love to do it again for you. Are you in Milan for long?”

He soon learnt that she was here for the fashion shows as she was now a freelance fashion writer and was on an assignment for a leading fashion magazine to cover all the shows. Now Jack had finished his work for the designer he had several days free before having to return to London and offered to spend some time with her and escort her to some of the other shows. She clearly was delighted and he found himself rapidly being captivated by her. She accepted his invitation for dinner and during the meal he often found himself looking at her hair and wondering how it would look when freed from its immaculate arrangement. He noted that she would often touch and smooth her hair subconsciously and he realised that it clearly was very important to her.

She was staying in a nearby hotel and as they were walking back to it, from the signals she was sending out it was clear that they were going to spend the night together. He kissed her passionately and her response was eager and they had only managed to half undress each other before they fell on the bed and made frantic love. During the lovemaking he had plunged both his hands deeply into her hair and the silken feel of her beautiful hair had aroused him even more. After the first bout of lovemaking they fully undressed each other and lay together for a few moments before she jumped up and said, “I must just go and take off my make up.” Her previously immaculate hair hung about her face and shoulders and as she moved to the bathroom she was rapidly removing the pins that held up the remainder of her long hair.

He lay back on the bed and could already feel himself getting hard as he awaited her return. A few minutes later she returned and he almost gasped as he saw that she had now totally freed her hair and brushed it and it fell around her back and shoulders like a gleaming silken cape. As she walked towards him her wondrous silken hair swung gently with her movement and he saw that it was now much longer than when he had previously seen it and now almost reached her waist. He raised himself up and stared at her and said, “Oh! Your hair is magnificent!”   She smiled at his reaction and a few minutes later she was astride him as he entered her and they made wonderful love under her blanket of silken hair. They lay silently together and her long silken hair splayed out across both their bodies. He fingered it gently and the silky feel of her hair aroused him again and once more they made love. Her hair was a great arousal for him and he smiled to himself as he recalled that in the years since he had last seen her, he had thought often about her hair and her desire to have him crop it, now the long hair was giving him such wonderful erotic feelings. 

The next morning he sat her down naked and began brushing her magnificent long hair and it gave him huge pleasure as he saw how much she too was enjoying it. He realised that her hair was the most magnificent he had ever handled and he just brushed and stroked her hair for at least 10 minutes and soft moans of pleasure came from her and she reached out and stroked his enormous erection. She suddenly jumped up and pushed him down on the stool and lowered herself down on his throbbing member and ground herself violently against him. Her gleaming long hair thrashed about their bodies with her violent movement and this aroused him even more. They climaxed together and then fell exhausted onto the floor. After a few minutes he got up and helped her back on the stool and briefly brushed her hair before beginning to arrange it.

As he worked on her long hair he reflected how much he was enjoying the pleasure of handling her hair and the opportunity to arrange it as he wished. That of course had been his first love ever since he had brushed his sister’s hair all those years earlier, however, then he had realised there was even more excitement from cutting hair. Ever since he had learnt to cut hair he had never been able to resist the opportunity to cut long beautiful hair. The surge of excitement when he was able to plunge scissors deep into gleaming tresses was irresistible and now before him was the most beautiful heads of long hair he had ever seen and because of the earlier pleasures he had experienced, at this stage, he had no overwhelming desire at this moment to cut it. Did he want to cut off that wonderful hair, which would be, he knew, tremendously exciting but once that was done he would never be able to make love to her underneath her erotic gleaming fall of hair. Yet he knew that sooner or later he was sure he would not be able to resist the urge to cut off this magnificent hair. It would be sacrificed for the even greater few minutes of extreme pleasure he would experience in removing her hair and he knew that with her hair cropped she would still arouse him but in a different way.

He knew from her remarks about her hair, when he had met her at the party, that like all girls with long hair she thought occasionally about having it cut and he felt that he would be able to persuade her to surrender her hair to him when the time was right. All these thoughts whirled around his head as he expertly dressed her hair. He divided it into two sections across her head from ear to ear, allowing the rear section to stream down her back in a gleaming fall that showed off its magnificent length and texture and then he arranged the top hair in a riotous tumble of soft tendrils and curls. She smiled delightedly at him as he completed the arrangement and said, “Oh, that is magnificent, you really are so talented with long hair.”

They spent the day together attending a couple of the fashion shows that Trisha had to cover and then afterwards they returned to her hotel and she checked out as it made sense for them now to use just one hotel. He had booked a restaurant for that evening

and when she had changed ready to go out he sat her down at the dressing table and unpinned her hair and began brushing it. She gave a little moan of pleasure as he drew the brush through her long tresses and whispered, “Oh, you really turn me on just brushing my hair.” He indicated his rapidly growing member and said, “What do you think it does for me!” They both laughed and he said, “We haven’t a lot of time now but you can excite me even more with your hair later.”

He rapidly finished her hair, dressing it in a simple but elegant 6-strand braid and they left for the restaurant. His eyes were drawn many times to her hair during the evening and he could imagine the pleasure of slowly releasing her hair and making love under its silken blanket, but in addition he was also thinking more and more about forcing scissors through the glorious silken tresses. He loved really short hair on attractive women, especially if he had had the pleasure of cutting it himself! He wondered how she would react if he told her he wanted to cut off her beautiful long hair and the more he thought about it the more of an obsession it became, despite the sensual properties of her long hair.

That evening in bed after she had let down her long hair and brushed it free of the ripples from the braiding, she used it to excite and arouse him. She dragged it slowly and sensuously across his naked body as she knelt over him and the sensation was electric and then when it was splayed out around his member he could barely control himself. His hands clutched at her magnificent hair as her mouth closed over his penis and he had the longest climax he could remember.

The next morning they went into the shower together and he shampooed and conditioned her long hair and then they sat on the room balcony together and he carefully brushed her long tresses as the sun began to dry it. As he worked on her hair, his stomach lurched as she said, “ Do you think my hair is too long? My regular stylist in London is always trying to persuade me to let him cut it. I do sometimes feel I should do something different with it but I am terrified really at the thought of cutting off my hair.” He realised that now was the chance to persuade her to let him cut her hair but did he really want her to sacrifice her glorious long hair after all the excitement and pleasure he had experienced because of it?

There could only be one possible answer – the urge was too great to resist!!!!

He continued to tenderly draw the brush through her slightly damp hair and said, “You shouldn’t be frightened about cutting your hair. It will look superb however you wear it.” There was a long pause and then she said hesitantly, “Do you want to cut my hair?” Already he could feel himself becoming excited but he knew he would have to take things slowly otherwise should could panic and not let him near her hair. “If you came to me as a client I would suggest a restyle but I know how important your long hair is to you and I certainly enjoy working on it. If you feel ready for a change I would love to cut it for you. Let’s go off and enjoy ourselves today and we can talk about it tonight.” She looked at him gratefully and said, “Thank you for not pressurising me about it, you are very understanding.” He smiled back at her, feeling slightly guilty as he felt certain that he would be cutting off a very great deal of her treasured hair later.  She was ready for a change but almost certainly not as drastic as the one he planned!

He brushed her hair until it was dry and then did a simple double ponytail arrangement that showed off the splendid length and texture of her hair as it bounced over her back and shoulders. They decided to skip the fashion show today and instead spent it exploring the city. It was their last day together as she was flying to New York the next day and he had to return to London but they had arranged to meet up again as soon as it was possible. During the day he could hardly take his eyes from her beautiful long hair and once or twice she saw how intently he was looking at her hair and she flushed slightly and he knew that she too was thinking about what might be done to it later.

They returned to the hotel at about 5.30 and he could see how nervous she was looking as they entered the room. She turned and looked at him and said softly, “ You want to cut it, don’t you.” This was said as a statement, not as a question and he knew she had made the decision to allow him to cut her hair. He gave a slow nod and replied, “Yes, I do. I have wanted to cut your hair ever since that day I last saw you seven years ago. I think too that deep down you are looking forward to it, although I know you are very nervous.” She moistened her dry mouth and said, “Are you going to do it now”? He nodded and said, “Yes but let’s both undress, it will help you relax.” As they both began to undress she said, “Does the thought of cutting my hair excite you?” “Just handling your hair does that for me but cutting hair does give me the greatest thrill.”

As soon as they were both naked he sat her down at the dressing table and released her hair from the arrangement he had done earlier and began to brush it for what would be the last time. Already he was becoming hard and she gave him a little smile and gently stroked his erect member and he said quickly. “Just let me arrange your hair a moment and then I want to make love to you before I cut it.” Swiftly he parted her hair right down the centre from the middle of her forehead to the nape of her neck and then he braided both sections but began the plait over each ear instead of the nape of her neck. She was staring at her reflection in the mirror looking extremely nervous 

but made no comment as he swiftly braided her hair. His excitement was mounting rapidly and he could see that she too was becoming aroused as she continued to gently fondle his erect member. He now picked her up in his arms and took her place ion the chair and then very carefully lowered her on to his erect member. She gave a little gasp of pleasure and began moving up and down on him and he reached out and picked up the scissors from the dressing table. She had her eyes closed in ecstasy, and it was only when he grasped the plait over her left ear and felt the tug of the scissors and the deep scrunching sound above her ear, that she realised what was happening. She gave a great sobbing moan and tried to twist her head away from the shearing blades but savagely he continued to force them deep into the silken locks and at the same time he began his climax.

She sobbed and threshed about and he didn’t know or care whether it was in ecstasy or despair as he had the most sensational climax he had ever experienced. He was holding the now severed plait of hair tightly in his fist as spent, they collapsed on to the floor. He held her in his arms for a while as they lay on the carpet and then gently he helped her back up to the chair. Her face was swollen and flushed from the many climaxes she had been having as he had been inside her, but also tear stained from the shock of feeling so much of her hair being chopped away. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, short ends of hair sprouting out angrily above her left ear whilst a thick heavy gleaming plait fell over her shoulder on the right. She brought her hand up and fingered the very short ends of her hair and sadly, “Oh, it is so short.”

He put a reassuring hand on her naked shoulder and said, “It is going to look sensational when I have finished.” He had his scissors ready and could hardly wait to cut off the other plait of hair. He reached out and held it gently, his fingers thrilling to the warm silkiness of her beautiful hair and she suddenly said, “Wait. Give me the scissors please.” He looked at her for a moment and said, “I have to cut the rest of your hair now, it can’t be left like this.” “I know,” she replied, “I want to do it myself.” Silently he handed her the scissors and released her plait of hair. She drew it back over her shoulder and gazed at her reflection for a moment and then she pulled hard on the plait and savagely began forcing the scissors deeply into her hair as close to the roots as she could. With about four or five great plunging movements she severed the hair and tossed it down on the dressing table in front of her and said, “Now you can carry on.”

Seeing her cut off her hair had started to arouse him again and her quickly opened a drawer and took out a set of clippers and plugged them in. She stared at them with a shocked expression on her face as he adjusted the head and switched them on and meekly allowed him to tilt her head forward but he saw her clench her hands tightly and give a little choking sob as he made the first pass up the back of her head. The clumps of her blonde hair fell in clouds on to her naked shoulders and then rolled down to the floor. He worked swiftly all over her head with the clippers and she almost eagerly moved her head into them, as though wanting her hair removed as quickly as possible. He cut her hair down to less than half an inch all over and then cut the nape hair and over her ears even shorter.

She made no comment throughout, but stared at herself with a shocked expression and tears rolling unchecked down her face. Finally he switched the clippers off, satisfied he had achieved the perfect result for her beautifully shaped head and that she looked absolutely stunning with her extreme haircut. He felt sure that and sure that once she got over the shock of losing her long hair she would love her dramatic new appearance. Gently he kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you for waiting seven years”

The End.

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