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"Get on your feet you miserable wretch." I commanded, grabbing her hair, pulling her to her feet and then putting her face close to mine. "What is the name of the Shylock and whom is he collecting for?" "Remember, things will go badly for you if you lie to me!"

"He said his name was Frank." She replied, "I owe him ten thousand dollars." "Whom is he collecting for?" I asked, giving her head a jerk.  "I don’t know." "I met him in a bar with some bleached blond." "I think that her name was Mary or Martha; something like that."
"Rose my love, go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for me." "Your sister and I are going to have a little chat." "Do not come back downstairs for any reason." "I do no want you to know about or be exposed to this dirty affair or the people involved."
"Yes sweetheart, I am sure you know what’s best." As Rose was leaving I laughed to myself at the expression on Clarete’s face.

After Rose was upstairs, I said, "Now there goes a kind, sweet Lady and I love her dearly."  Turning my attention back to Clarete, and jerking her head with her hair, "Let me get this straight." I asked her. "You expect me to believe that you met a strange man in a bar, his name was Frank and he loaned you ten thousand dollars but you don’t even know his last name…you expect me to believe that?" "I’m telling you the truth, I swear to God!" Clarete exclaimed.

Letting go of her hair, and then shaking my head and sighing, "It is a shame that you are not more like your sister, Clarete." "You are either lying or not telling me the complete truth." "Obviously you have no idea of what you may have gotten yourself into; shy locks are not nice people." I told her as I removed her handcuffs.  "And if you continue lying to me……………………….…….."

I punched her in the stomach, pulling the punch, doubling her over before she sank to her knees, gasping for breath. I hoped that I wouldn’t have to hit her that hard again with my fist. The implied threat that I would do it again should be enough. Rose was sweet and kind, very pliable…. truly good person. Clarete on the other hand was not. In order to get Clarete to comply and change her ways, I had to first break her, making Claret totally dependent on me for everything.
"While we are on the subject of God." "You are not lay hands on your sister ever again." "God help you if you dare even to raise your voice to Rose." "You will never be your sister’s equal!"  "No matter how smart and clever that you think you are." "The sooner that you learn that the happier you will be."

I made Clarete crawl on her hands and knees to the basement and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Then I tied a rope around her neck and to the jack post. Using my serrated Spiderco Cricket, I cut Clarete’s tube top blouse off. I then fashioned a gag out of it and then wrapped a bar of Ivory Soap in it before placing it over her mouth and tying it snuggly behind her head.  "Perhaps now you will think twice before lying to me or leaving out information." "I will be back later for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." I then cut off her bra and black Capri pants leaving her in panties only.

I needed to watch Clarete carefully over the next few weeks. I did not want any distractions. My friend David has connections knowing many powerful, influential people.  Although soft-spoken, David is no pushover. As much as he loves his wife Laura, and as classy and confident as Laura is, she will always defer to him. We made arrangements to send Laura and Rose to a very exclusive spa and resort, making reservations for them and getting them out of the way for the next two weeks.

On the plus side, both of them were excited about the prospect at getting away to do girl things together. David would be available to help with the Shylock if things got ugly; the girls now safely tucked away. I can always count on David being discrete; he didn’t ask why I needed to be alone for the next two weeks…. or longer.

Clarete spent the rest of the day and the following night secured to the post. When I checked on her early the following morning, Rose and Laura were being driven to the airport to catch their plane to Colorado. Clarete had soiled herself, and then in an effort to get comfortable managed to get her feces on the floor; that was to be expected. "How dare you crap on my clean floor like some kind of ill mannered puppy?" I said, feigning anger. "Obviously you were never properly house broken."  I removed her gag noticing the dissolved soap that she managed to spit and drool down the front of her.

Removing her soiled panties, I made her kneel by the floor drain and hosed her off with cold water, and then the floor, followed by mopping the painted concrete floor with a bleach and water solution; a plan formulating in my mind to further break and humiliate her.
I let her drink from the hose to rinse her mouth out, letting her spit the soap into one of the two stainless steel bowls that she would be drinking out of, the other was for her Purina Puppy chow.

"Lets start over puppy." "I offered. Removing her handcuffs. Get on your hands and knees, good girl." "Exactly how much money did Frank give you in the bar?" I asked, pushing her wet hair away from her face. "He gave me one thousand dollars." Puppy replied. "You told me it was ten thousand yesterday." I reminded her.  "The other nine is the interest."  "Please let me go." "I promise…"  
"Save your breath and save my ears" I said, interrupting her by slapping her ass hard with my hand. "What is in it for him?" I asked. "Why did he loan you the money?" "He told me that he was tired of the bitch and pointed to the bleached blond sitting next to him."
"He said it right in front of her, Mary or Martha, whatever." "He said that we should go to Los Vegas for the weekend and party."
"Did you go?" I asked.  "No, I blew him off." she replied.  "The name and location of the bar?" I asked. "The Golden Key, on Mix Place." She replied.

"I know of the place." "It’s a scum bag bar that is frequently raided by the police." I said in disgust. "You had no business going there in the first place and now you probably have involved your sister and I as well." "The Shylock is likely to push up on us for your debt." "Do you hate your sister that much, Puppy?’ "Did you tell the Shylock about us?" "Do you know his last name?" Clarete hesitated before answering and I knew she would lie. "No, I swear to God." "I…

I slapped her face, first with the back of my hand and then with my palm making her see stars. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her over to a chair and sat down putting her over my knee and holding her in place, spanked with my right hand. "You are lying to me," I told her.
I spanked her until her buttocks were beet red and Puppy was pleading with me to stop… admitting that she lied and I continued until she was merely whimpering, going limp and accepting her well-deserved punishment.  I left her handcuffed in the front this time, securing her with a rope around her neck to the jack post.

I placed a clean gag in her mouth and spread newspapers on the floor for her to sleep on. Then I drove to the pet shop to pick up some supplies, going next to Radio Shack for a wireless camera and monitor. On the way home I saw a small plastic child’s wading pool put out to the curb as trash. It was a silly thing, but no doubt a treasure and delight to a small child’s imagination on a hot sunny summer day; bright yellow with cartoon sea horses, octopuses and fish. Growing up on a farm, money was tight. As a small child I remember my submarine…. an old galvanized sheet metal watering trough with a slow leak.  My Dad would get in with me to cool off, just coming in from the fields.

God bless him, Dad would make me paper hats from newspapers and carved boats from small blocks of wood: Dad was an old navy man, a submariner. What are your orders Admiral, he would say. Afterwards we would sit on the porch and share a double Popsicle broken in half. It made me rather melancholy, weighing the things I was missing…well…. back on subject; it was undamaged and without holes so I put it in the back of the truck and then took a detour to pick up some large bags kitty litter.

After breakfast, I carried the wading pool to the basement, putting it near Puppy. She was cowering by the jack post expecting another beating. "Please, I have to pee." Puppy begged. "Please I have to pee, Sir." I corrected her, observing that the newspapers were dry and unsoiled. "Please, I have to pee Sir." "May I please use the bathroom?" She begged. "In a bit." I replied, going back upstairs to the truck to get the kitty litter and making several trips until the wading pool was half full.

"Your rope will reach the litter box."  I advised her, taking off her handcuffs and pointing. "You will do your business in the litter
box you plump little puppy." I made her crawl on her hands and knees into the pool. "Good girl!" I told her, patting her head.
"Go pee- pee and pooh-pooh Puppy." "When I am convinced you are housebroken, I may allow you use of the toilet, depending how your obedience training goes." I advised her rubbing and patting her head as she peed and shat.
Clarete the puppy was crying quietly in her humiliation. When she was done, I stood over her with my arms folded looking down at her in the litter box. "Look at me Puppy." I told her. "I do not care how Rose addresses you." "No matter how things turn out between us; as Blanche became my sweet Rose, you shall be my Puppy." "Perhaps I may even grow to like you… perhaps not." "For now I hold you in contempt and you will obey me!" "Obedience is you only salvation."

Going back upstairs, I returned with her wire mesh dog kennel and assembled it while Puppy watched. It was high enough for her to
be on her hands and knees, but not tall enough to sit up, and was perfect for her to assume the posture of a bitch dog. I again left and returned with the surveillance camera setting it up to watch her small section of the basement. Placing a folded blanket in Puppy’s kennel, I made her crawl in closing the door, then locking it with a padlock. "Can I have something to eat Sir?" She asked.  "It is may I have something to eat, not can I, college girl."  I corrected her. "I will be feeding you in an hour."  "You will be fed twice a day."

I returned in an hour with a bowl of dry puppy chow and a bowl of water. "Here you go Puppy." "You may not use your hands to eat."
I said, putting the bowls down and opening the door to the kennel. It was not my intention to make her eat dog food for the next two
weeks. I intended on purchasing the smallest bag available. Fortunately I took advantage of a promotion and brought home one free sample.

U.S. law requires that pet foods be processed. A high quality product like Purina is a processed food and is required to meet the same strict standards as food processed for human consumption. While not particularly palatable, when she is hungry enough Puppy will eat it.  That will be the first mental shackle I will place on her. The second, making her beg for her dog food and be glad to get it. When Clarete eats it, and she will, I will move on to another mental shackle.

"Are you going to eat?" I asked as Puppy crawled out of her kennel, and looked down at her bowl of Purina. Claret just shook her head, tears forming in her eyes. "Suit yourself." I told her, removing the food bowl but leaving the water. "It’s time for your bath and haircut." Puppy crawled up two flights of stairs to the bathroom and got into the tub staying on her hands and knees. I purchased Sergeant’s Flea and Tick Shampoo as well as Crazy Dog Apple Conditioner for Puppy’s hair.

The Sergeant’s contains insecticide. I dumped it out and then rinsed the bottle well before refilling it with Suave Green Apple Shampoo that matched the color of the original. Puppy didn’t know that and I made sure she saw the bottles to read the labels.  Taking my time and using my hands, I washed her all over with Rose’s castile soap.  As I was washing her, I was questioning and talking to her, "Think hard Puppy what is Frank’s last name?"

"Abzug, his name is Frank Abzug." She replied. "Good girl." I praised her, patting her ass. "You need to trust me or I can’t help you."
"In the short time that I have known Rose", I have grown to love her deeply." "Do you know that your sister does not hate you and has forgiven you for everything?" "Rose told me to tell you that, before I sent her away to be safe." "I am not as forgiving as she." "Rose is everything to me and you have put her in danger." "Your own flesh and blood, your sister!" "Have you no shame?
No decency?"  "When you meet your maker and he weighs your soul… your immortal soul Clatete, do you know what he will find, I shall tell you; green ink on paper?"
I was becoming genuinely angry at her, my sublimated rage and resentment surfacing as I remembered her father’s wake and funeral, and then afterwards; how Rose cried as I tried to comfort her. Rose cried, not for her father… not for herself…but for her sister, the sister that she loved; the sister that she cooked, cleaned, and cared for…sacrificed for…. Clarete, the sister Rose protected from their drunken abusive father. The sister that my Rose, my dear sweet Rose………… "God damn you woman!"
I shouted angrily and then suddenly standing, I kicked the cast iron tub hard enough to hurt my foot and making Clarete cower at my outburst, the pain helping me master my anger as I left the bathroom to stand in the hallway to calm down, leaving her sobbing in the bathtub.

When I returned, I started washing her hair. "One way or another I will settle with this Shylock, this Frank Abzug!"  I said calmly.
"Are you going to beat me again?" She asked sobbing. I just ignored her and started rinsing the shampoo from her hair. While I was rinsing out the conditioner, Puppy was still sobbing, "Are you going to shave me bald?" "Please, I told him, he knows where you live."
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I have to pay him." "He says he has people." "I’m afraid, I… I didn’t know what to do." "You could have asked your sister to help." I told her.

"You could have gone to the police." "I can’t go to the police." "I can’t snitch." She told me. "I’ll go to jail."
"I have shoplifting warrants in three states."  "He said that if I didn’t pay him by the end of the month I would owe him fifteen thousand and he would make me work it off as a prostitute."  "I will check out your story and give you the benefit of the doubt for now." I told her. "If you are telling the truth, I will not beat you or shave your head." I finished by brushing her teeth for her, letting her spit into the bathtub drain.

I could have easily forced myself on her, but I put those carnal thoughts aside. Perhaps Clarete was not the hard case that I thought she was, perhaps there was hope for her after all. So far she was quite compliant and was not that bad to look at, despite the extra pounds. Puppy’s bath was very business like and impersonal. So unlike the baths or showers I share with my Rose. I really should fence in the backyard and put in a hot tub…but I regress. I toweled her off in the same business like manner, she still on her hands and knees, and then wrapped her hair in a towel ordering her to stand. I put her hands behind her back and held them there.

"Stop your blubbering and feeling sorry for yourself." "Because you are Rose’s sister and she loves you I will help you." "I give my word that I will protect you from the Shylock!" "Stand straight and keep your hands behind your back so I can get a good look at you." "You do not have permission to speak." "I have all the information I need from you for now." "From this point on if you speak without permission I will beat your for disobeying me." "Do you understand Puppy?" Clarete nodded yes.

Clarete had the same thick and soft well cared for hair as Rose, the difference being Puppy’s hair color was a rich shiny jet black cut in long layers falling to the middle of her back. Their ears were the same, Puppy had a round face and no dimples and almost the same nose. Although her lips were not as full as Rose’s, they were nice. Puppy’s eyes were a darker brown, so brown as to appear almost black in the right light. Puppy had the same long eyelashes as Rose. "Open your mouth I want to see your teeth."
I ordered, removing my Surefire ED2 flashlight from my pocket to examine them, sticking my fingers in her mouth and pulling her lips back.

Puppy had good teeth and healthy gums, excellent. I did not approve of her long nails painted nails, many now broken from crawling on the floor. I cut them short and sensible and removed the nail polish.  Slightly plump, she had a small belly and her hips were wider then Rose’s, plus her breasts were larger with pinky brown areolas and bigger longer nipples; tight clothing really didn’t suit her figure, which would be curvaceous upon she loosing 10 to 20 pounds.

Puppy’s pubis was covered in thick black hair and I stroked it with my hand making her shudder. "Your day’s in the tanning booths are over." I told her. "Don’t you realize the damage your are causing to your skin, not to mention the increased risk of skin cancer." "You have the same beautiful skin and complexion as your sister, why ruin it?" "Downstairs to the kitchen with you Puppy, its time for your haircut." "You may walk for now."

I had her sit on the bar stool and then removed her towel. I combed her long hair out smoothing it down her back. Picking up the scissors, I separated a section of her hair in the front with my fingers and slowly chopped it off just below shoulder length, letting Puppy see the severed lock before dropping it to the floor. I continued this all the way around from right to left until the last snip.
I wet her hair again and combed it out before dividing her hair into sections, twisting them up and clipping them on the top of her head
with plastic butterfly clips.

I combed out the first section again and cut it straight across, exactly to shoulder length, bringing each uncut section down to the cut sections, using these sections a guide.  After I blow-dried Puppy’s shorter hair, I checked for any stray pieces and evened them out with my scissors until the bottom was cut perfectly straight and even. It was now shoulder length with a good blunt cut: almost all of the layers gone. I planned on cutting it shorter as part of her punishment until Puppy was left with a short bob haircut.

I played with her hair, fluffing it about her shoulders. It felt much thicker and fuller without the layers. I parted her hair in the middle
and divided it into two even sections, and then fixed Puppy’s hair in pigtails. "Do you have to pee or poop?" I asked. Puppy nodded her head for yes. "Go down to the basement and use your litter box." "Remember, I can see everything you do on the monitor."
"I will be recording everything on my laptop."
"If your training goes well and you please me, I will not show anything to Rose." "Your punish will remain strictly between us." "After you do your potty, you will find baby-wipes in the red covered trash can." "You will wipe your bottom with the baby wipes, clean your hands with several others and put the soiled wipes in the can, and then come back to the kitchen." "After you return you have permission to speak."

Puppy ran down the stairs and defecated and urinated in her litter box. I watched the look of relief on her face as she was going. Clarete must have been holding it for a while. My best guess was that when she returned she might be full of questions and be more cooperative. When she returned I pointed to the closet. "There is a broom and dustpan as well as a trashcan in the closet." I told her.
Puppy sweep up her hair and dumped it in the can putting everything away. "Get on the stool Puppy and put your hands behind

I dumped her oversize purse on the table going through the contents, removing her Drivers License, Social Security Card, Credit Cards to help with the background checks David would have one of his many contacts do: pro bono of course. These I scanned into my computer and sent to David as e-mail attachments and followed up in a telephone call that I made right in front of her. During the call I updated him of the unfolding events.

We planned on bringing Puppy to David’s and hiding her if necessary, contingent upon the outcome of the meeting with the Shylock. Nobody can enter David’s property undetected and in this case, the trespassers would be shot and killed…. survivors would be shot again. The Shylock was a threat to my family. Now that I had a name, no doubt David would report back to me with a detailed report about this Shylock, this scumbag Frank Abzug.

"After I finished my telephone call Puppy asked, "Are you really going to help me Sir?" "Or are you are just saying that?"
"I am going to give you a pass Puppy to speak your mind." "Afterwards never again question my varsity." "Just come out and say it, what’s in it for me." "The answer is nothing." I really am going to help you with the Shylock." "I value honesty, loyalty and friendship…. family."

" I imagine these are concepts that are hard for you to grasp." "They come to me as naturally as breathing." "The people I surround myself with, we breath the same air." "All men want something." She stated, matter fatally." "To a certain extent, yes." "I admitted. "Don’t judge all men by your father or with the men you keep company." I added. "My father was a drunken bastard, I hate him!"
"Yet you didn’t refuse your inheritance as spelled out in the will, did you?  "That was different." She said defensively. "Why was it different?" I asked. "Because he is my father." "I was legally entitled to it." She added.

"I see." I said. "You were legally entitled to it because he was your father and you hate him." "You took the money, or to be precise, sold his things to get the money, but didn’t attend the funeral or wake, nor did you help your sister with the incurred expenses."
"You showed him didn’t you Puppy." "You are twisting my words." "She exclaimed. "Am I?" I asked. "You cleared out the house taking everything of value, including your sister’s bed and dresser." "You certainly showed him."
"But Blanche got the house. "She said defensively. "Did she?" I asked. "Well she got the ruby anyway." Puppy announced. "Did you know the house had three mortgages?"  I asked. "How could I possibly know that?" She answered, surprised. "I don’t know Puppy, how could you possibly know that?"  I answered sarcastically. "Perhaps you could have at least attended the funeral." "I never made Blanche stay with father." She said defensively.  "No you didn’t." I agreed. "She could have left at any time." She added.

"That is true." I agreed. "But if Blanche didn’t have any money, how did she pay for the funeral and headstone?" Puppy asked.
I folded my arms and just looked at her……………………………………………………………………."You?" She asked.
"Rose talked to me about selling the ruby, but I wouldn’t let her… how could I possibly let her?"

"Did you assume that Rose sold her birthright, a totally selfless act leaving her with nothing, "At that point you had no use for her." Puppy didn’t answer. "Then by chance, you ran Rose in the restaurant; you know the rest."

"This is the woman who protected you from your father, the father you admitted to hating." "You were seven when your mother died." "Rose was twelve." "Rose cared for you until you left for college at seventeen." "Rose wore second hand so you could wear new." "Rose worked two jobs to help put you through college, frat girl." "Eight years of college… and you never even graduated with a two year degree."

"When your father was bedridden and helpless Rose gave up the better paying of the two jobs and stayed home to care for him." "Because he was family!" "Even then, he was verbally abusive to her.  On his deathbed he asked for you Puppy, before the priest took his confession, before his last rights, when he was still lucid and begged for forgiveness. Rose forgave him and comforted him" "She assured him that you did too." "Perhaps she no longer loved him, but she forgave him."

"Your father died assured that his daughters did not hate him and had forgiven him, as for the rest, God will sort that out." "I talked with Father Dennis in private." He is the priest whom performed your father’s funeral mass. He was humbled by your sister’s compassion to the mean old bastard; those were the priest’s words, mean old bastard."
"From the time you left home up until your father’s death, who was there for Rose, green ink on paper?" "Get on your hands and knees and crawl down to your kennel."  "I’m done with you for now." I followed her down to the basement and locked Puppy in. Before I left I pushed one of her father’s Mass cards through the bars.

I left Puppy in the kennel for two days, letting her out twice a day only to drink water out of her bowl and use her litter box. Puppy refused to eat her puppy chow when it was offered, and each time I immediately removed the bowl. Puppy was not allowed to speak until she ate her puppy chow. I was not speaking to her as well.  When she tried to speak, I put her over my knee and spanked her as before.  I put her back in the kennel and left her there.

The background check on Clarete Rousseau came back first. Puppy did have arrest warrants in three states for shoplifting as well as
multiple traffic violations in numerous states; further difficult situations to deal with. In addition to this she had managed to accumulate several hundred thousand dollars in credit card debt. That being said, I had every bit of conceivable information available on her from birth to the present: birth certificate, baptismal certificate, etc., credit reports, medical and dental records, plus all her school records, from kindergarten through high school, as well as her college transcripts.

Puppy was an honor student with a near perfect grade point average all through public school. In college, she did fantastic her first and second semesters being accepted by Mensa with an IQ of 180.  At first, Clarete’s scholarships covered the costs of everything except for spending money, until her grades started slipping. When she was admitted to a highly desirable fraternity comprised of mostly wealthy spoiled girls; from there everything was downhill.

Frank Abzug was another matter entirely. We didn’t have much of anything on him. It was if he suddenly appeared on the scene five years ago and everything previous to that was erased from the system. Perhaps the man was an illegal foreigner; in any event as my father used to say "I hope you haven’t bit off more then you can chew, Adam." All we had was his last know address. All real property was listed in his wife’s Martha’s name.

We did manage a recent set of photos of the bastard, plus the vehicles that he drove: a red 1965 Corvette Convertible and a black 1973 Lincoln Continental. The last day of the month, October 31st. was fast approaching; I had eleven days to get him the money. Even if I paid him there was no guarantee that he would leave us alone. The Shylock might look upon it as a weakness and try to extort me for more interest. Right from the start I would have to convince him that he had bitten off more than he could chew.

By day six, Puppy had to be starving. After her bath early that morning, I brought her to the kitchen and had her sit on the stool handcuffed.  While her hair was still wet, I braided her hair in two braids tying ribbons on the ends.  I deliberately waited eating breakfast until after I bathed her. All that Puppy had over the past six days was water, therefore; I started with the coffee beans. There are few things that smell a good as a newly opened can of coffee. Better yet, grinding them fresh from beans. Next was the bread. I bought a few loaves of fresh Italian bread dough to bake in the oven, another marvelous smell, fresh baked bread, hot from the oven slathered in butter. Rose makes bread from scratch.

Fresh tomatoes, red and juicy…. a delight to the eye sliced and succulent on the plate, drizzled with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and sprinkled with freshly chopped basil, if you wish, sea salt or fresh ground pepper to taste. But the bacon, never forget the bacon; thick cut from the butcher, cold hickory smoked bacon with a touch of maple syrup, frying in the pan…   to be followed by poached eggs, round and perfect; the combination of all, visual and olfaction overload in the kitchen. Clarete’s bowl of Purina Puppy Chow was on the floor at by the stool.

As I started to eat breakfast, "Please Sir, may I please eat my puppy chow." Puppy begged. "Do you promise to be a good girl?"
I asked, taking a sip of coffee. "Yes Sir, I promise to be a good girl." She replied. "Are you my Puppy?" I asked. "Yes Sir, I’m your Puppy." She replied. "You didn’t lie about your warrants and that’s a good start." "I will never punish you for telling the truth." I advised her.
"The traffic tickets were a surprise however." I told her taking out a handful of the puppy chow out of her bowl and then I started feeding her one piece at a time and sipping my coffee until she ate about a dozen pieces. "Are they good?" I asked. "No Sir, they are terrible but I am so hungry." "May I have some water please?"  I put my coffee cup up to her mouth allowing her a few sips and then I took one.

"How is the coffee?"  I asked kindly. "It is delicious." She replied. I took another sip and gave her one. "I don’t hate my sister."
Puppy told me. "If you say so." I said. "I still hate my father." I didn’t comment, instead I refilled my cup from the pot and to gave her another sip. "I was scared, I didn’t think I had a choice." Puppy told me.  I took another sip and then let her take one. "Do you normally drink you coffee black?" I asked her taking a sip. "Yes, especially when it’s this good."  Puppy replied. " Then there is one thing we have in common." I replied, walking back over to the table with my coffee cup and sitting down.
"Come over here and kneel by my chair." I ordered, pointing to the floor. I sat there and shared my breakfast with her, feeding her by hand and letting her sip out of my coffee cup as before. When I was done eating, I let her lick and suck on my fingers and then lick the plate. As with Rose, my first connection with Clarete occurred in the kitchen, different circumstances, but both of them in need of help.

"I will give you a chance to redeem yourself in my eyes Puppy." "I will do anything you say Sir." She replied. "I will take you on your word then." "Don’t disappoint me." I said, taking her face in my hands. "You will start by cleaning the kitchen." I told her.  "You do know how to clean house don’t you Puppy?" "I know how, Blanche taught me." She replied. "Good girl." I said patting her head and then taking off her handcuffs. "We will make it a contest between you and Rose." "Get busy."

Puppy worked non-stop until early evening, glad to be out of the basement. In all honesty Clarete did a good job and followed me room to room while I was critiquing her work. "Very nice work Puppy." I complimented. "I find no fault with anything." "If I had, I would have told you." I added. "Thank you Sir." She said smiling and looking relieved. "Is there anything else I can do to please you?" She asked. "Your obedience pleases me, but no nothing specific for now." "Upstairs with you now." I said smiling at her. "You may walk from this point on."  "Consider it a reward for a job well down."  "You may also use the toilet."

I had Puppy stand in the shower while I undressed and then joined her. I washed myself first while she watched. Then it was her turn. Using my hands instead of the washcloth, I was gentle with her. I soaped her down paying particular attention to her breasts
and vagina my hands, lingering and probing. Of course I had a hard-on during the shower, what normal man wouldn’t.

Puppy was certainly aware of it.  I debated to myself about forcing her to give me head in the shower; she certainly would have, to spare herself a spanking. In the end I was content to just observe her and watch her nipples harden as I stroked them and arousing her against her will and then not allowing her to come; my theory was correct, the Rousseau women had marvelous sensitive nipples. I ended her shower by shampooing and conditioning her hair.
I allowed Puppy to dry my back and I then toweled her off, followed by blow-drying and brushing out her hair. I also allowed her to use the toilet and brush and floss her own teeth while I watched. I observed that she was fastidious about her teeth and very thorough in caring for them. When she was done, she turned to me and asked, "Sir, may I use some mouthwash please?" "Don’t push your luck with me Puppy." I said sternly. Looking down she meekly replied, "Yes Sir, I meant no disrespect." "Perhaps not." I replied. "I will wait for you downstairs Puppy." "Use the mouthwash if you wish and be sure to tidy the bathroom before you leave." "We have much to talk about."

I was sitting at the kitchen table when Puppy came downstairs. I pointed to the floor by my chair and Puppy kneeled down next to me.
I handed her a stack of papers, her background check. "This is you Puppy, from birth to the present." I informed her.

"As Clarete was looking through the papers, she said, "I don’t understand, Sir." "How could you possibly get all this information on me in such a short period of time?" "I have people too Clarete." "With an IQ of 180, you are obviously are an intelligent women." "Misdirected, greedy, coveting; intellectually lazy and certainly lacking discipline." I told her, playing with her hair. "But still with much potential and your obedience is the key to unlock it.

"This is what we found out about Frank Abzug." I said as I handed her the papers. "Not much, but in the end my gut tells me that this will be to our advantage." "If he were to disappear suddenly who would be there to mourn him?" "His wife?" Puppy suggested.
"If you mean Martha Abzug, the bleached blond you described to me in the bar, not likely." I bet she would be glad to be rid of him."

"Are you hungry Puppy?" I asked. "Yes please." She answered. "We are having a light meal this evening." I informed her.
And again I fed her off of my plate, as would a Master with a favorite bitch dog. Afterwards we shared a pot of chamomile tea drinking out of the same cup while Puppy was sitting at my feet.

Claret was forthcoming with much information about her perspectives growing up in being raised by her sister; she was jealous and resentful of Rose, being embarrassed by her at the same time. I allowed her to talk about a whole host of subjects, mostly listening and losing track of the time. I came to understand Claret as an intelligent woman and very knowledgeable on the subjects art and classic literature. Her greatest passion…. Clarete loved to paint.

She expressed these passions, as I would have for my own: rod-building, fly tying and fishing. Because of her high IQ, Rose and her father pushed Clarete towards math, chemistry, biology, physics; the hard sciences, insisting that she enter the field of medicine and become a doctor or surgeon; resentful, Puppy rebelled.

This would explain much, not that it excused the bad things that she did, the shoplifting or the scenario with the Shylock, leading up to her submission, but as I said it, explained much. In essence I was her confessor that evening, her disciplinarian as permanent and soon to be mediator between she and Rose. Then she became silent, and just sat there looking at me……………………….…..
I touched her face gently and she did not cringe or pull away. "It’s bedtime Puppy, well past two in the morning." "Go and get your handcuffs." When Puppy returned with her handcuffs, "Please don’t hate me, I can change." She uttered quietly, looking down.
"Put them on."  I told her firmly, but not unkindly. And she put them on, and then I double locked them. "I believe I said it was bedtime."  Puppy got up and headed to the basement to sleep in her kennel. "No Puppy, upstairs, second bedroom to the right."

The second bedroom to the right is my bedroom, not the former guest bedroom that I share with Rose. I refer to this room as my minimalist room, containing a Twin Mission Bed. No pictures on the walls no rugs, nothing…. just the bed. With heavy curtains and shades on the windows to block the light. I always found the room to be very peaceful and restful this way and was sleeping there alone after Rose left.  "You will be sleeping in this room with me but on the floor." I told her pointing to her blanket from the kennel.
"Thank you for giving me a chance, Sir."  "You are welcome." I replied. "Don’t disappoint me." "Goodnight Sir." Good night Puppy."

In the morning I let her use the bathroom. After washing her, she fastidiously cleaned her teeth not having the opportunity
before bedtime. I fixed her hair in a simple ponytail and then at breakfast fed her from my plate and we shared two cups of coffee.

Then it was time for her to "forge her own collar". Although not forged from red-hot iron with hammer & tongs, her gems will be a mental binding no less secure. I am speaking metaphorically of course. While Puppy was cleaning house yesterday I received an overnight package from FED EX, the materials for Puppy’s collar; a box of 6mm natural deep red carnelian round faceted beads.

I had her sit on the kitchen floor and gave her 3ft of quarter inch rope. I showed her how to tie the type of knot that she would use between the beads to separate them in the event that the cord broke. This would ensure that if the cord did break, all the beads would not spill to the ground. When she had mastered the knot with the rope, I then gave her the appropriate red silk cord to string her necklace, or if you prefer…. collar, and she practiced with this.

Puppy was a quick study and enjoyed the challenge, completing the forty- inch necklace by late afternoon. Claret enjoyed creating beautiful things with her hands, as did I, having a natural aptitude for such; I made it a point to tell her so and then complement her on a job well done. I was now certain in which direction to encourage her to pursue.

"Well Clarete, besides preferring our coffee black we have something else in common." "The ability to create beautiful things with our hands." " Some day I look forward to seeing you paint and learning from you about art, your bailiwick, in which my knowledge is lacking." "Obviously all the Rousseau women possess abilities and attributes unique to themselves although no less valuable."  "Things upon which money cannot weighed, money having no spiritual weight or value."

"Stand up and put your hands behind your back………………….Good girl, now close your eyes and keep them closed." Excellent, now don’t move from this spot or open your eyes until I tell you." Putting the necklace around her neck and taking her face in my hands
I then kissed her mouth. "Do you know what kind of gems stones you are wearing Clarete?" "No Sir?" She replied. "They are carnelian, a form of translucent red agate." I told her. "It is sometimes referred to as "cornelian" rather then "carnelian", the "cor" to the Latin meaning "of the heart."

"The Romans believed that the stone protected one from evil." "They further associated this stone with emotional warmth, creativity, and rebirth." "Your rebirth Clarete…your second chance to set things right." "This necklace is of your own making, a talisman if you will for the good, for the future." "Something to pass on to your heirs much like the ruby and no less valuable." "The real value of the ruby lies not for what it will sell for on the open market; the real value is spiritual, of what it represents, the tradition; the love of mothers and daughters and family passed down through the generations…priceless.

"Open your eyes Puppy." I said, wiping the tears from her face. "Why are you crying?" I asked, even though I knew the answer.
"I’m so ashamed of myself." She replied. "Of what I have done and failed to do." "I have thrown my life way." "How can I ever face my sister now after what I have done to her?"  "One step at a time."  "I told her. "When you are free of the Shylock and safe, I will send for Rose."  "For now, first and foremost you need to forgive yourself."  "Then you need to forgive your father."
"But how can I face Blanche after our falling out?" "I refused to talk to her for years." "Where do I begin?" "What will I say to her?"
"Do you love your sister?" I asked.  "Yes………….." and she started crying again softly. "And blessings on the falling out." "That all the more endears, When we fall out with those we love." "And kiss again in tears."  "You know Lord Tennyson?" She exclaimed?"
"Yes, even we brutes sometimes are surprisingly literate." I told her, wiping her tears." "You are a strange man Sir." She said, smiling.

"Am I?" I asked. "I don’t mean that in a bad way." "She replied seriously. "You were ruthless with Duke." "Good riddance to my final mistake in worthless men." "You could have killed him by striking his carotid artery." "Fortunately for him you managed the brachial plexus origin rendering him unconscious, followed on awakening by disorientation, nausea, loss of fine motor skills and a probable pounding headache." "I was terrified that you might do the same to me, or worse."

"And that makes me strange?" I asked. "No not that." Puppy answered. "You absolutely mean what you say and then you do what has to be done regardless of the consequences." "You love my sister Blanche with a passion I never thought possible." "I envy her that."  "Even though I am still afraid of you, I feel safe with you." "You came charging in with such unbridled rage and I didn’t even know who you were."  "What really scared me was how quickly you mastered yourself."

"Then Rose…. may I call her Rose?" "Yes, if you like." I answered. "Rose put her hand on your shoulder…and the way she looked at you and you her: no man has ever looked at me like that."  "I thought you hated me." Puppy said, wrapping her right hand in her necklace and pressing it to her heart.

"And now?" I asked. "I want to breath your air." She answered. "We shall see." I replied. "I understand, Sir." She replied. "I shall be patient and accept my penance without complaint now that I know that you don’t hate me." "You assume much Puppy." I warned her sternly.

"Yes Sir, but in my heart, I know what I say is true." "You are a strange man, but a good man Sir." "I do not believe that you would waste your time with hatred as I have; just look where it got me."  "Are you familiar with Sylvia Townsend Warner?" Puppy asked.
Not at all Puppy." I answered truthfully.  In her diary she wrote in part, "One cannot overestimate the power of a good rancorous hatred on the part of the stupid." "The stupid have so much more industry and energy to expend on hating."
"Next I suppose you will assume that I like you." I stated. "Perhaps, as you said, you may grow to like me." Puppy reminded me.
"Do you have anything else to confess?" I asked. Yes Sir, even though I doubt that you will believe it." "Try me, I offered.
"Are you familiar with the Stockholm Syndrome?" She asked. "Yes I am." I simply replied.  "I thought as much." "I have been thinking about that and how it applies to me." "At first I made excuses too myself; fear for one, convenience for another."

"You made me eat the dog food." "I was so hungry and it tasted terrible."  "It had to be the Stockholm Syndrome." "You shared your coffee with me and we drank out of the same cup and you fed me from your plate and I liked it" "Then the Mass card from the funeral home with my father’s name on it, I hated you for that… I hated you." "From that point on, you forced my thoughts inward and about myself, I didn’t like what I saw." "And the Stockholm Syndrome?" I asked. ""Just an excuse, just so much Psycho Babel. "She replied.

"I have come to a conclusion, Sir." "And that conclusion is?" I asked. "I actually enjoy being dominated and being submissive; I want to breath your air." "The necklace was the final key to unlocking the last mental door I placed in the way to deny the truth: a priceless gift on your part to be sure; how can I possibly refuse it." "I will gladly embrace a second chance under your terms."

"Do you trust me?" I asked. "Yes." She replied. "Why do you trust me Clarete?" I asked.  "When I cleaned the house from top to bottom I knew I did a good job." " You said very nice work Puppy." "You didn’t find fault where there wasn’t any, and then use that as an excuse to punish me." "You appreciated my honest efforts." "You have told me what to expect and when I comply or disobey you act accordingly."

"You are not verbally abusive and you do not curse at me… well maybe once when you kicked the bathtub."
"You started to curse, but stopped and then left the room to calm down." "You have not tried to rape me or force yourself on me, and I have been naked this whole time"  "I was actually annoyed that you didn’t find me attractive at all." "Just annoyed?" I asked, smiling at her.  "More then annoyed." Puppy replied, looking down.  "Then we showered, and well…. you know what I mean………….but yes I trust you."

"Will you please take me to the cemetery to see my father’s grave?" Puppy asked, adding, "I have something to tell him." "You want to go now Puppy?"  "Only if it is convenient." She replied. "Permission granted." I answered. "Then you do believe me."  Puppy exclaimed, smiling. "Trust has to begin somewhere Puppy."
"I can provide panties, but none of Rose’s bras will fit you properly."  " You are about the same size as Rose, although your bosom is larger and you have wider hips." "Not to mention having lost weight since you have been here….  I believe that the uniform will fit you though." "Shoes are not a problem, size 7, right?"  "Size seven and one-half Sir, what kind of uniform?"……………………………………….

One hour before we left the house, I telephoned David & Samantha to tell them where we were going. There are two entrances to the cemetery, and both entrances would be open this time of year. David went on ahead and closed one of the gates chaining it closed. He would remain out of sight and watch the open gate to monitor traffic in- and- out, just in case. After Puppy and I exited the cemetery, David would unlocked the gate and leave things as he had found them. Samantha would be sitting in her Jeep watching my house from the street, as did Grace when I went to the pet store to get supplies.

While she was in her Jeep, and just before I left, Samantha called me on my cell, "Adam, you will be careful won’t you?" "Yes don’t worry." I replied. "Of course I will worry." "If something happens to you, I will have to find a new lunch partner for Tuesday’s."   "I love you too Sam." "Adam." "Yes Sam" "Please be careful!" "As I was pulling out of the driveway, I received another call, "Adam, this is Grace." "Yes Little Brat, I will be careful." I said.  "Good, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my Bogeyman, good hair dressers are hard to find……………………..……………………………………………………………..

The trip to- and -from the cemetery was uneventful. Puppy was unaware of the extra precautions. She had enough to deal with making peace with herself in regard to her father. It would serve no useful purpose to have her worrying about an early confrontation with the Shylock or ex-boyfriend. My gut told me that I we had not seen the last of him. "Besides, I gave her my word to protect her;
I was prepared to take on grizzly bears this evening.

It was dark when we arrived. The cemetery would be closed for the night in two hours, which should give her plenty of time. I got out of the truck first, opened her door helping her out and then escorted her to the graveside my arm in hers as I always do with Rose. "Do you want me to wait for you in the truck Clarete?"   Clarete turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, "No, please stay with me… Sir." " Adam will suffice this evening Clarete." I said, squeezing her hand.  "Thank you, Adam." She said quietly, squeezing mine back, "Please stay."

Puppy was very quiet on the way home. When we arrived; I went upstairs to use the bathroom. When I came back down, Puppy was waiting for me in the kitchen. She had completely undressed except for her necklace, which she had doubled and was wearing as a choker.

"Put the panties back on Clarete and tomorrow we will see about getting you some appropriate clothing." "You did well this evening." "Put this on for now." I said taking off my green flannel lined canvas shirt and helping her into it. The shirt came down to her thighs and was large and loose on her. I asked her bra size and she told me." "We could just go to my apartment and get some clothing." She suggested. "Your ex-boyfriend cleaned the apartment out a few days ago Clarete." "Everything is gone, including all of your clothing."

We then sat at the kitchen table sharing a meal; Clarete sat across from me and I explained that I was in the process of arranging a meeting with the Shylock to settle her debt. "Will I be going with you?"  She asked. "No, you will be with a friend." David has a huge piece of property and a house with a state- of- the- art security system." "He is also a crack shot." "And then there is Socrates." "Who is Socrates?" She asked. "You will see him when you get there." I answered. "Don’t be surprised if he ignores you though he is like that."

"I have to make some telephone calls Clarete, and then will be taking a shower." "Pick up the kitchen and straighten up the house where it is needed." "I will be in my bedroom afterwards." "Yes Adam." She replied. "May I take a shower as well?" She asked.
"You may." I answered. "You may not sleep in Rose’s bedroom." "Other then that you may sleep anywhere in the house you like." Puppy just smiled and gave me a look before she got up to clear the table.
First I called Samantha and spoke with her, filling her in and thanking her for her help, and then I talked to Grace briefly, she telling me what she was going to do for me after her next trim. I also made arrangements with Grace for Clarete’s clothing. Grace would drop them off tomorrow afternoon. Then I called David. "Did you tell her about her apartment." He asked. "Yes I told her." I answered.
"How did she take it?" He asked. "Clarete took it well, considering." "Then you didn’t tell her everything." David remarked.

"I didn’t tell her about the graffiti he left on the walls about her: the profanity, or what he did to her personal stuff." "That would serve no useful purpose: I should have broken both of his thumbs." "Anyway." David continued. "The painters are finished and they will be putting down the carpet down tomorrow." "Her landlady agreed not to press charges, but she is keeping the security deposit." "You are stuck with Clarete and the bills." "Are you sure she is worth it Adam?" "I promised Rose." I replied. "That’s not what I asked you."

"I wasn’t talking about Rose and you know it; stop being obtuse!" "You know what I mean; Are you sure that Claret worth it?" "Pretty sure." I answered.  "And you Adam, how are you holding up?" "I’m ready for bear." I replied. "You are a stubborn bastard!" He said, laughing. "I wish you would let me go with you when I confront him." "This something I have to do on my own." "If things go sour you may have to post my bail." I pointed out.

Nevertheless, your note was delivered." He advised me. "The meeting is set for three in the afternoon at Salvatore’s on the 30th."
"I have made arrangement’s for you to have a friend’s private corner booth away from the public and they will be closing off that section near your booth." "You will be able to get your back to the wall and will be able to watch both entrances. Now for the bad part." "You are not going to like this." He said. "The ex-boyfriend is back in the picture." "Duke was the go-between gt;r he

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