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Angela Yazzie and her daughter Alisha were on their way home one morning to Many Farms, Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation when suddenly their pickup started chocking and sputtering. They pulled off the freeway in the middle of nowhere and sputtered into Steve’s Auto Repair. Steve was looking out the window when he saw the blue pickup come to a stop in the driveway. He saw Angela get out and come inside the shop. She was wearing Jeans and a blue blouse. Her black hair was up in a triple twist bun on her head. Steve came up to her “ What can I do for you?” Angela excitedly looked at Steve “ My truck just stopped running and my daughter and me our on the way home.” Steve looked over and noticed a young girl with massive dark brown hair twisted up on her head get out of the truck. Steve spoke calmly “ Please have a chair in my waiting room while I have my mechanic check it out. I’ll get an estimate of repair in a few minutes. “ Steve looked the two ladies over up close while he got them coffee. The older one who must be about 35 had thick black hair in a thick triple twist. The young girl probably around 17 had thick dark brown hair up in a triple twist. He could tell they were both Native Americans due to their soft colored brown skin. He learned the mother was Angela and the younger one Alisha. . 

Thirty minutes later he came out and spoke “ Angela I have some good and bad news. We just found out what is wrong with your truck and I can have it fixed by this afternoon. However, I need this much cash.” He showed the paper to Angela. Angela looked at it “ Oh, my! I don’t have that kind of money on me. I don’t know what I’m going to do.?!”

Steve spoke to Angela “ Now, Angela why don’t you and your daughter take this estimate down to the Quick clips salon down the street and ask for Liz. She might be able to help you out.” He pointed out the sign just a short walking distance down the street. Angela and Alisha started walking toward the salon. Steve turned the corner and got on his cell phone to his wife Liz. “ Two special customers on their way down. A mother and daughter combo.” Liz looked out the window and down the street she saw two ladies walking toward her shop. One was older than the other.

Angela saw the sign and walked into the Quick Clips Salon and up to the receptionist. “ Hi ,I’m looking for Liz. Steve sent me down here.” The receptionist paged Liz and she came up from out of her office. Liz listened and took them back to her office and closed the door. She sat down behind her desk and spoke “Now ladies what can I help you with?” Angela spoke “ I need money to fix my truck down at Steve’s Auto repair. Here is the estimate. Steve told us you could help us out. “ Liz looked at the estimate “ Boy that is a major repair. Your Native Americans aren’t you?” Angela looked at Liz “ Yes, we are members of the Navajo Nation and are trying to get home.” Liz responded “ Aren’t you famous for your Turquoise Jewelry? “ Do you have any you could sell with you?” Angela looked down “ No we don’t. This was suppose to be a short trip.” Liz got up and walked around and behind the two sitting girls. She spoke” Since you don’t have any Jewelry it makes things tougher.” She looked down at Angela’s thick black twist and spoke “ Angela is this all your hair up here or do you have a filler in it.” She replied “ Oh yes, it is all mine.” Liz spoke “ I assume your daughters is all hers to Could you both please stand up and let it down with Angela going first .” Angela stood up all 5’5” and undid her hair. The thick black shiny hair tumbled toward the bottom of her rear. Alisha let her thick dark brown hair down and it was a bit longer than her mothers. Liz looked and marveled at the thick manes of hair she was looking at with it being high quality product. Angela and Alisha turned around and faced Liz. Liz spoke “ Ok here is the deal I can offer you. It will be a mother/daughter makeover. You will both pose in red bikini’s and I will cut your hair short for your new look. You are bartering your long hair and a new look in exchange for me paying off your truck repair bill. It has to be both of you and pictures will be taken before during and after. I’ll give you five minutes to think about it.” Liz left the room. Angela looked at her daughter “ It appears we have no choice but to let the lady give us makeovers. I don’t want your hair cut or mine but we don’t have the money and we need to get home tonight.” Alisha looked at her mothers long hair “ Maybe she won’t cut it too short but mom I do understand. We are between a rock and a hard place” Liz walked back in “ Well, ladies what is your decision?” Angela looked at Liz and then her daughter “ It is reluctant YES. Who do you want first.?” A smiling Liz spoke “ Alisha will go first and mom will sit in the waiting room. You will not see your daughter till after your both done.” Liz directed Angela up to the front waiting room.

She told Alisha to start walking toward a room at the end of the hall with a red door. She watched as Alisha walked with her dark brown hair swung back and forth across her young butt. Liz got on the phone on the way to the room. She called Steve “ She simply said “ The red room has a special customer in it.” She hung up and told Alisha to go into the bathroom in the red room and put on the red bikini that was sitting on the counter. Her hair was to be put back up into the twist. Alisha came out with her hair up. Liz spoke to Alisha “ That red bikini looks real nice against your brown skin. How old are you Alisha. ? Alisha replied “ Im near 18. “ Now whose idea is it to have you wear your hair so long yours or your mothers? “ Alisha replied “ It is mostly my mom and dads idea they won’t let me cut it above the waist. “ Liz spoke “ Well, I think a girl near 18 should be able to decide her own hairstyle. I’m going to give you a nice short modern hairstyle.” Liz had her stand while she took some before pictures with Alisha thick mane of hair down and up. Liz came up close to Alisha “Do you have a boyfriend?” Yes was the reply. “Does your boyfriend look at Playboy magazine?” Alisha nodded Yes again. “ Well, you know most of those Playboy models have shaved pubic areas. Just think of the reaction of your boyfriend when he learns that you have a new hairstyle at both ends. Don’t you think it would turn him doubly on. I can shave your pubic area and your mom will never know. What do you say?” “Oh, my boyfriend would love me to be shaved with a short hairstyle. We have talked about it every now and then. “ Liz responded :”Great now lets go over to the styling chair and I’ll lean you back like I’m going to shampoo you. Well, take those bikini bottoms off and lay your tight top across your belly while I shape you up. I’ll put your thick hair into the sink. “ Alisha did as she was told and was leaned back. Her thick hair filled the washing basin and Liz opened up Alisha’s legs wide. Liz smiled as first she scissor off the thick virgin bush pubic hair. Then she wet it down with shaving cream and let it soak in. Alisha lay comfortably all spread out and not knowing that high above the mini camera’s were being focused in on her by Steve in another room. She had been recorded since she went into the bathroom to change into the bikini. The room was covered with the mini cameras. Liz came back and shaved Alisha smooth as a newborn baby. Liz wiped it clean and then had Alisha feel it. “ Oh, that feels so different and sexy.”

Liz sat her up and brushed out her long dark brown hair that almost touched the floor.

She spoke “ Ok, let’s cut this hair off. I’m going to give you a nice A-line bob with buzzed neck area. “ Liz proceeded to section off five ponytails at the bottom of Alisha’s ear lobes. Liz brushed through the soft thick dark brown hair. The ponytails themselves were near 25 inches long and would make great hair extensions. The hair was thick and Alisha heard it being removed with scissors and she saw in the mirror her look changing.

Then she heard a click and a buzz sound as the Oysters were turned loose on her head.

Liz spoke “ Now dear don’t be alarmed. Your hair is so thick I need to use the clippers to remove and shape it to save time. I will angle it up from your ears to the middle of the back of your head. I will buzz the lower neck area.” Liz moved the Oysters into action using a comb to help with the process. Thick lumps of hair fell to the floor. Alisha’s neck was clippered upward and she felt a razor on her neck for the first time in her life. Alisha’ hair that was past her butt this morning was not even past her ears. Alisha looked with a bit of shock as her new look emerged. Liz took a brush and brushed off Alisha and handed her a mirror and asked for her reaction. Alisha reached up and felt her fuzzy neck and said “ Oh, my lord My folks would have never let me cut it this short. It will put them in shock. My boyfriend will love it. Thank you Liz.” Liz spoke “I think you look terrific now after the post pictures you will get dressed and . go out the back door and come around the front. I’ll have one of my assistants help you. Liz marveled at the transformation she had just done. Now it is your moms turn. “ Liz and an assistant quickly swept up the clippings and put the long brown ponytails into a drawer.

A Stylist came to the TV room and told Angela that Liz was ready for her. She followed the girl to the red room where Liz was waiting. There was no sign of her daughter or hair clippings. She felt her own soft shiny black hair bouncing around her waist. Liz greeted her and told her to put her hair up and go into the bathroom and put her cloths on the counter and put on the red bikini hanging on the rack. Angela came out and Liz compliment on how nice she looked in the red bikini against her dark brown skin. Then she let Angelas massive head of black hair down and took some before pictures. She then came over close to Angela. “ Does your husband look at Playboy?” Angela nodded Yes. “Do you know that most of those models are shaved in the public area.” Angela nodded yes. “Would it be ok for me to shave your pubic area today. Just you and me would know and think how excited your husband will be when he find out you’ve gotten a hair cut at both ends.” Angela smiled “ Ok, I’ve always been afraid to shave myself down there and I know it would be a turn on for my husband.” Liz smiled at Angela and directed her toward the styling chair which she leaned back as if to wash Angela’s thick hair. She removed the bottom bikini and placed the top part over Angela’s belly and complimented Angela on her nice breast. She put the hair in the basin and spread Angela’s pretty brown legs. She then took the clippers and buzzed off the bulk of the thick black pubic hair. She then proceeded to shave it smooth just like she had done to her daughter moments before. Steve was in the camera control room enjoying every moment of it as he closed in on the action. She finished up the shaving and let Angela feel herself and spoke. “ Oh, that is so smooth and sexy. I should have done that sooner.”

Liz sat Angela up and put a bright white cape tightly around her neck. She pulled Angela’s thick black hair up and over it. It covered the cape like a carpet. Liz brushed Angela’s thick shiny black hair out with a smile. “ Now, Angela it is your turn to have short hair. Your hair is so thick that only clippers can cut it so here is a box of tissues. I need your hair to sell for hair extensions to help cover the cost of your repair. It is such beautiful thick hair I know I will get top dollar for it. I’m going to give you a short pixie cut like Victoria Beckham’s the soccer players wife. She turned Angela toward the mirror and pumped down the chair. Angela’s thick hair touched the floor. Liz grabbed a comb and starting at the top crown she pulled up a thick section of black mane. She clicked on the Oysters and three inches from the scalp she turned the Oysters loose on the black hair. Angela heard the buzzing noise with dread and it went high and low as it fought through the thick soft hair. Liz pulled the section tight. She held up the thick severed lock in front of Angela‘s startled eyes. “ Now that is some thick hair you have. No more twist and buns for you for awhile.” She laid the thick hair down into Angela’s lap after tying a band around it. She took the next thick section upward from Angela’s scalp. The Oysters again went to work Quickly the section was severed. Liz held up the section and took out a yardstick “ Shall we measure what is coming off. Let’s see my, my it is nearly 25 inches. Good grief woman didn’t you ever think about cutting your hair.?!”

Liz placed the hair on the counter. Tears came to Angela’s eyes as she watched Liz ruthlessly remove her crowning glory. The counter filled up with her long black locks of hair. Her head felt lighter and lighter and when Liz attacked her neck with clippers she thought she would jump out of the chair. When she thought the worse was over Liz wetted her head and attacked it with the same razor she had used to shave her pubic area smooth. The tears flowed as she felt helpless and violated. She didn’t recognize the lady in the mirror looking back at her. Black hair covered the cape and floor of various lengths. She felt near baldness her head was so light. Finally Liz stopped and removed the cape. She handed Angela a mirror” Oh, my God what have you done to me ?! My husband will exile me tonight. “ Liz countered “ What I’ve done is given you a nice modern crop hairstyle Angela and don’t worry your husband will love it.” Now lets take some after photos. My assistant just motioned to me that the shop has called and your car is done. Just then Alisha walked into the room. She saw her mom and exclaimed ‘ Oh , mother you look beautiful. You have now moved into the 21st Century. “ Angela saw her daughter and barely recognized her. “ You look like one of those models out of that Teen magazine your always looking at and I think your dad will be shocked by both of us.” They embraced and Angela went to change back to her regular cloths.

She came out and Liz came over and gave her a note marking the estimate paid. The two were speechless with their new looks. They ran down the street to Steve’s Auto repair.

Steve emerged from the back room. “Can I pick out Special customers or what?” Liz looked at Steve “ I bet you got some special footage too.” Liz looked at her husband ‘ Now truth fully what was wrong with their truck.?” It was just a bad fuel filter. It took us about 20 minutes to change but when I saw those massive twisty buns I just had to have that thick hair in my collection.” They started to walk back to the red room to sweep up the black hair clippings and to marvel over the long thick black and brown ponytails. Later they would watch the tape of what Steve had captured on film with horny friends.

Liz looked at her husband “ :You know Steve I get a chill when you call me and say that there are ‘ Special customers” on their way.” “ Well, this mother and daughter were truly special with over two feet of hair removed from each of them. I wonder if they will ever discover that you shaved both of them down below.” replied Steve.

“All this work has made me really hungry for a big lunch.” said Liz as Steve called his shop and told them where he was going.

The End

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