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Hannah still couldn’t believe it. It was supposed to be her dream trip. She had taken a year out before college to travel the world and was touring the middle east. She got up particularly early that morning to see the sunrise when she heard a van behind her. She turned around to see the van had stopped and two men approaching her. She sensed something was wrong and began to run but they were too fast and strong from her, bundling her into the back of the van. She remembered the prick of a needle in her arm and then everything went black.

When she woke up she realised that she was imprisoned in a large cage. She had been stripped to her underwear and her wrists were bound and a rubber ball gag had been strapped to her mouth. As her eyes focused she saw a man unlocking the door of her cage, he had a whip attached to his belt ‘Welcome slave’, he said ‘My name is Sabhu and I am hear to escort you to your Mistress for inspection’. Hannah couldn’t take in what was happening, she thought she must be dreaming. ‘Come, before I take my whip to you’ he barked. The though of being whipped prompted Hannah to struggle to her feet and follow.

As she walked behind she saw a row of a dozen cages side by side, each containing a teenage girl, some sobbing quietly, others sitting quietly, seemingly resigned to their fate. She was led through a grand hall down a corridor to a lavish bedroom with gold walls and jewelled chandeliers. In the middle of the room stood a four poster bed and sat upon it was regal looking woman, dressed in a beautiful silk robe. ’Welcome my child’ she said, ‘I am Zaquira your new Mistress, now let me see you in all your glory’. Zaquira moved behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it drop to the floor and pulled down her thong. ‘You are very beautiful my child’ she said as she began to remove Hannah’s gag. ‘ ‘you shall serve me sexually and if you please me I will treat you well, now what do you say to that ?’

Hannah was filled with a mixture of embarrassment, repulsion, fear and above all anger, ‘you can go to hell’ she replied, I’m not a lesbian and I will not submit to you so you better let me go’ and instinctively she spat in Zaquira’s face.

There was a hushed silence as Zaquira slowly wiped the spittle from her face. ‘Sabhu’, she said calmly, ‘take her back to her cage whilst I consider her punishment’. Hannah felt embarrassed as she was marched naked, in full view of the girls in the other cages, and thrown back into her own cage. She started shaking when she began to think about the consequences of her actions.

About an hour letter Sabhu returned pushing a trolley in front of him. He opened Hannah’s cage and unceremoniously grabbed her and laid her on the trolley, placing her hands and feet in the straps at each corner and putting a fresh gag on her. ‘You have been very foolish’ Sabhu told her as he reached into a bag that hung from his waist and pulled out a pair of shears. Hannah started screaming through her gag as Sabhu started chopping unceremoniously at her gorgeous long blonde locks which fell limply to the floor.

Out of the corner of her eye Hannah could see that Sabhu was reached into his bag again. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was but seconds later she felt a knot in her stomach as she heard a click and buzzing sound behind her and realised that pair of clippers were being run from her nape to her forehead and back again. She shut her eyes and tried to imagine that she was somewhere else but the rasping sound of the clippers brought her back to the present, as they made pass after pass from one side of her head to the other, roughly pulling at the remnants of her hair as it snagged in the teeth of the clippers, causing her to yelp in pain.

And the there was silence, other than the laughter of Sabhu as he once more reached into his bag. Hannah felt something cool and creamy being daubed over her scalp, looking upon she saw something white on Sabhu’s fingers, shaving crème. She again tried to scream through her gag as she realised to her horror that she was about to be shaved completely bald. She fainted for a moment but then came round to the feel of a cold blade scraping up and down her cranium. ‘Nearly done my dear’ said Sabhu, as he applied a little more crème to each of Hannah’s eyebrows and with a flourish removed them and then ordered Hannah to close her eyes whilst he clipped off her eyelashes with a pair of nail scissors.

Hannah could only imagine how ugly she now appeared with her completely bald head. Clearly Sabhu hadn’t quite finished as he yet again reached into his bag and pulled out a plastic container. ‘This, my dear, is saddle soap from the Mistresses stables as he placed a dry sponge into the container and rubbed it up and down until it was covered with a sticky, waxy foam. He then applied the sponge to Hannah’s bald pate, making circular motions as he coated her entire head with foam. ‘Now my dear we have a few minutes to wait whilst the foam dries so I will explain your full punishment’.

‘You have committed a grave act by refusing your Mistress and spitting at her and you are to be made an example of. She has decreed that you are to be permanently bald from now on so take a look at this blonde hair’ he continued while scooping up a handful of Hannah’s shorn locks from the floor and holding it in front of her eyes, ‘because you will never see it again’. Of course the Mistress could easily arrange for you to have electrolysis to kill the roots on your pretty smooth dome but she felt a more fitting and exquisite humiliation would be for your head to be smothered in crème every morning and re-shaved and polished. If she’s feeling aroused she may even tend to you herself.

‘Of course it will be very time consuming for me or my helpers to shave you every morning but in recompense as a she has kindly decreed that we may use your mouth or backside as we please once the task has been completed. I look forward to seeing your shiny bald head bouncing up and down on my shaft and spurting my seed over your gleaming pate, not to mention the thrill of forcing my manhood into your tight little bottom’. In fact after I’ve opened you up a few times you’ll probably need to wear a nappy.’

Hannah was aware of Sabhu speaking to her but she had lapsed into a state of shock and could hardly understand what was being said ‘But do not be fooled’ continued Sabhu as he began to buff Hannah’s bare scalp with a dry cloth, ‘your Mistress is a very generous lady and enjoys giving pleasure to girls who please her in turn but you have already made clear that you are not interested in her ways and so she has decided that you shall no longer have the capacity for pleasure. The Mistress has recently been to Africa where she has been studying female castration’. Hannah felt her bladder lose control and her blood turn icy cold as Sabhu continued. An appointment has been made for you visit the Mistresses surgeon next week where you will have your inner labia and clitoris removed. The surgeon will also remove all your body hair and perform an electrolysis procedure to ensure that it never grows again and insert nose and nipple rings’.

Sabhu finished buffing Hannah’s bald head and inspected his work with pride. Hannah had her teary eyes tightly shut but Sabhu ordered her to open them and placed a mirror above her, forcing her to look into the mirror he held over her. Hannah could hardly recognise the alien vision that stared back at her, expressionless, deathly pale and hairless, with a glossy and glistening bald dome. Without her eyebrows she felt like some sort of freakish animal rather that the pretty 18 year old girl with gorgeous blonde locks that she had been only 24 hours earlier. She screamed and screamed in horror at her bald appearance and the knowledge that she was to be castrated. Sabhu removed the straps from her hands and she instinctively put her hands to her head, but her cranium was so slick and shiny from the saddle soap that they immediately slipped off.

Sabhu removed the rest of her straps and threw the mute and shaking Hannah back into her cage, hanging a mirror outside the door so Hannah couldn’t escape her baldness. ‘You better get used to your new look, for whilst those girls who please the Mistress will wander around the palace in silks, perfumes and make up, you will remain permanently naked and hairless from head to toe, with your gleaming polished cranium, oiled body, and castrated genitals on display as a warning to other girls who may be inclined to disobey the Mistress’. Now bend over you bald bitch whilst I get started on that sexy bottom of yours’.

The End 

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