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There he had said it john hardly believed he was uttering those words

Since he was a boy  he had hated those dreaded  short haircuts from MAXIES

MAXI  was a no nonsense  barber who cut your hair short  in the seventies  a trip to MAXIES or

MAD MAX  as he was known , was like a trip to hell many a schoolboys  longish hair ended up on the floor of his shop.

Many a time a trim was asked for but MAX only gave short back and sides  and short they were MAXIES idea of styling was a crew cut many a schoolboy had been sent home from school  with a note to his parents




On receipt of this note  the boy would often  be dragged  to MAXIES  for a schoolboy special

A severe short back and shaved sides  the unfortunate victims often in tears when leaving  MAXIES

As john grew older however  his interest in haircuts  took a different turn the sight of men getting clippered would get him aroused  , even though his own hair was way past his shoulders , so much so that he would often  spend  his days off passing by barbers windows hoping to  see a young man getting brutally cropped.

If the barber shop was full of customers he would even wait in the shop hiding the bulge in his pants

When it was his turn he would make some daft excuse about coming back later or did the barber do full face shaves ?knowing quite well he didn’t

leaving the shop he would hurry home and masturbate at the thought of  a barber giving him a severe crop.,

on a few occasions  he had even gone to a  gay sauna  and had  sucked  complete strangers cocks  whilst imagining a good cropping from a fit young barber.

One day was walking down the high St  on the opposite side of the road he noticed a red and white barber pole where the newsagents  used to be

Cool he thought ill just walk past and check it out

Just then a  tall blonde guy in his 20s went up to the shop door ,his hair was in a ponytail, the guy opened the barbers door and went in

BOY  thought john  I hope he s getting cropped  ill have to see this

 John  rushed over and entered the shop

 The barber chair was unoccupied , the small waiting area was also unoccupied

strange the shop appeared to be empty

where was the blonde guy?

Where was the barber?

Just then the blonde good looking guy  appeared from a small room at the back  wearing a red barbers tunic with the name Julian embroidered on the front

Hello sir

Haircut or a shave?

John was lost for words he had no excuse  so he reluctantly said

Can you just trim the ends  please?

If that’s all YOU want  fine !!!

John got up  into the chair and was soon caped

Julian sprayed his hair with water and started combing  johns longish tresses

Id suggest taking off at least a 2 inches  said  Julian

you’ve got a good looking face you shouldn’t try and hide with all this hair!!

John was looking at Julian in the mirror

 boy was this barber turning  john on ,he was so fuckin  hot ,john closed his eyes and imagined Julian’s cock in his mouth   mmmmmmmmmm

Johns cock started to swell  and beneath the cape he started playing with it very slowly with his fingers

If you think 2 inches  would be good then so be it!!

Julian started cutting johns hair  john was getting so excited he almost cum his load

Julian put down his scissors and comb

That sun outside is shining right in my eyes ill just pull those blinds down he said

Julian went over and pulled down the blinds he also  pulled down the blinds on the door and put the catch on the door as well

Julian came back to john

Excuse me for 1 minute Julian went into the small room at the back

John closed his eyes again and started wankin so hard

I thought so! Julian said as he came back in to the room

John opened his eyes  startled  there in front of him was Julian wearing nothing but a big smile

John  stared at Julian’s hard cock  mmmmmm Julian came in front of john  would you like to play with mine he said

Yes please  soon john was sucking the blonde barbers  cock  mmmmm

Just as Julian was about to cum he tried to pull his cock away  from johns mouth

No screamed john  I want to swallow ur love juice

Julian came in johns mouth

YES  they both screamed together

I want to fuck your ass  shouted  Julian but first im going to crop you ok

John  couldn’t believe his luck sucking this guys cock  in a barbers but  now he wants to crop me

John loved his hair but the thought of this hot barber cropping him was just too much

Please crop me then fuck me hard!!!

Julian took his clippers put on  a number 2 guard  then proceeded  to  peel away johns hair from his head,

johns cock was so hard that he started to wank himself off ,this got Julian so aroused that he made john bend over the shampoo sink  he started to finger johns ass

 john felt  1 finger then  2 however johns ass was too dry to take Julian’s cock

Julian got some hair gel put it all over  johns quivering passage  and rammed his cock in hard!!!

Julian was ramming his cock  in and out  of johns ass john had never  had a mans cock in his ass b4  and it hurt a bit  but  having this hot barber inside him was heaven  as he was fuckin johns ass Julian reached around and started to wank john 

Getting wanked and fucked at the same time john was in ecstasy  Julian screamed CUM NOW as he shot his hot  spunk up johns  ass  john unable to contain his excitement dutifully obeyed

OH MY GOD thought john  this is the best  sex he had ever had  getting fucked in a barber shop by this  gorgeous looking blonde stud

Right said Julian lets get this haircut finished  a flat top  what do you reckon?

Is that short enough?

To be continued

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