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Many years ago i moved to America and lived in a camper van of one sort or another. I didnt care i went there to surf and have fun. Often i slept on a beach somewhere. I did odd jobs to raise a few dollars and to tour around. I visited some of the most awesome beaches and rode the highest waves. and i met loads of gorgeous american women. i lost count of the lovely girls i dated in those 3 years i bummed around.   I followed my nose as to where to go next and late one afternoon i turned off the main highway onto country roads and headed into the sunset not knowing where i would end up.   My old blue chevy van was tired out and struggled to go anywhere quickly. soon i noticed the water temperature was getting hotter and hotter so i turned up a dirt road with a sign saying HH Homestead hoping to find some water and some help.  

The road went on for what seemed likes miles and miles until finally i saw a big old style wooden house. the garden was pretty with flowers and trees. i thought i would get some help here.   I stopped the old blue chevy van outside and went up on the veranda and knocked the door. the big door opened and two twin ladies in their late fifties or early sixties stood there together.they looked identical with their short grey bobbed haircuts.freaky i thought.   I explained my situation and they seemed only too eager to help.. they invited me into the house and into the kitchen where they made me coffee and gave me cookies. the house was very clean and perfect everywhere.   Eventually i got some water in my jerrycan and as i went to leave the kitchen one of them stabbed me in the arse with a needle. i remember dropping the can as i fell forward. the twins caught me.   That was easy one of them said. they dragged my limp body into the back room and layed me on the floor. a hidden door behind some furniture was opened revealing a flight of stairs.the two of them dragged me down the stairs into another room. i passed out lying on the floor.   When i came round the lights were on and i was sitting in a chair wearing a big orange mohair jumper. around my neck i had a large black collar. one of the ladys pressed a remote firing it towards me. instantly a shot of electric shocked through my body. i jumped in the chair violently.   Youre gonna be our new bald mohair slave the twins said together and you will do just as you are told. again one of them fired the remote at me jumping me up in the chair  painfully.   I begged them, ok ok no more please ,whatever you want. They hauled me up onto my feet and cuffed my hands behind my back.a lead was fitted to my collar and my ankles were shackled close together.   They led me slowly into another room hidden down underground. the poloneck collar on my jumper was pulled up over my face stopping me from seeing where i was going.    It was a hidden dungeon bedroom,the first thing i saw was a huge bed with posts. around the walls many long ponytails hung on hooks and pictures of bald men hung on the walls.   Welcome to the House of Hair they both said together.   On your knees slave they said zapping my collar. i sank to my knees. lets get his long ponytail hanging on one of our hooks one twin said. they held my head forward and brushed my long thick sunbleached hair. it was the last time ever.   My long hair was bound into a ponytail high on the crown of my head. one twin held me forward while the other cut into my hair closing the blades again and again until i felt it come away from my head.that was a quick short cropping one said laughing.    I watched as my long ponytail was hung on a hook along side many others of various lengths and colours.. my head was covered with my fluffy poloneck and i was led to the bed. they bent me over the bed and took it in turns to trash me with their slippers.   Hows it feel to lose all your long hair one twin said. they where laughing at me and beating me at the same time. i could do nothing but what they wanted. the electric shock was so painful and i didnt want any more jolts.   Lets shave him bald they giggled together, half each one said. i was made to get up on the bed behind one fat twin. fuck her now one said while i fuck you. i pushed my cock into her pussy and the other twin got behind me and fucked me with her strap on dildo.   As i fucked the first twin the second held my head back and began to clipper into my hair as she fucked me. shave his hair onto me the twin shouted as my shortened hair fell from my head and dropped onto her fat body.   I carryed on fucking her as her sister shaved half my head completely and fucked my arse with her dildo. they laughed as my hair fell onto the bed. my half now the twin said. they zapped my electric collar jolting me forward on the bed. then they swopped places.    The other one fucked me while i fucked her sister and she shaved the big clippers into my hair eager to shave her half bald. i can feel it falling on me the fucked twin laughed. i pushed my hard cock in and out of her as my lovely hair was stripped off my head right to the scalp.   My balded head was held forward , i could see all my hair lying lifeless on the bed as i shot my load up inside her. double fucked and double shaved they said. our new bald mohair slave.   I was then shackled to the floor on all fours unable to move, dressed up in a big very fluffy mohair jumper with my head clipped to a grade 0. the two of them lathered up my head with shaving cream.   Go they shouted and the two of them began razoring my scalp smooth and it didnt take long. they held my head and shaved me and i couldnt stop them. again again they were laughing. they foamed my head a second time and razored me again. this time in the opposite direction just to make sure i was totally smooth shiny and hairless.   My white bald head was dryed and i was unlocked and led to a mirror. my shaven head stared back at me. my hands were cuffed behind my back. my electric collar was clamped tightly around my neck and one twin held my lead attached to it.   My body was covered with an oversized hand knitted orange mohair jumper and my ankles were shackled just close enough together to allow me to walk slowly. i was about to start my new life as a balded mohair sex slave.   I had been captured by two mad old twins and no one knew i was missing or where i was. there was no way out and my electric collar was going to keep me obedient. they cuffed me to the bed on my back by my wrists and ankles.   One fat twin sat on my cock and fucked me moving her big pussy up and down my cock. the other twin sat on my face and lowered her pussy lips onto my mouth. i licked up onto her lips and pushed my tongue up inside her old cunt licking her out.   She held my bald head and rubbed her pussy over my face. so smooth and shiny now she laughed as i licked her hairy fanny. her sister was fucking me hard banging her old cunt down onto my mohair covered body.   They abused me for so long rubbing my balded head and fucking me in turns. i ate both their saggy old pussies and they both shagged my hard cock as i shot my spunk into them. when they finished with me i was chained to the bed.   They kept me in the bedroom dungeon all the time. regularly they zapped my electric collar just to remind me i was the balded mohair slave and they were my mistresses.my head was razored every day in the evening.   The same pattern most days . i was beaten with a slipper over the bed by both of them. then they foam my head with shaving cream. they take it in turns to razor my head while i eat out the other ones pussy.   I knew they had hidden my old van away from sight and covered my tracks they told me. they also told me
no one was looking for me and no one cared. my fate now was to be their bald mohair slave.   Always i was chained to something, often my hands were cuffed behind my back and i was led around on the lead by them and electric shocked. my bald head was often covered with a poloneck collar so  i couldnt see either. i was fed minimal food and water.   I was always hungry and learned to eat everything they gave me.every few days i am strapped to the bed and fucked by both of them. i didnt see the light of day so i forgot the time and date eventually. my electric collar rarely came off and when it did i was chained to something preventing my escape.   There was no way out for me. i learnt my place quickly and did whatever the twins wanted.they grew older and fatter always sporting the same bobbed haircuts. abruptly stopping at the bottom of their ears and with their napes shaved high.   I wore the same knitted jumper for the first month, since then they have knitted me many many different jumpers in lots of colours, always thick mohair or aran.   My head is always razored twice when i am fitted with a new handknit and i am spanked extra hard that day. its become a tradition for them. they take it in turns to razor me while i lick out their old pussies and they wipe their lips over my balded head.   One day they came to the dungeon armed with a new toy. they had brought a laser hair removal system. i was zapped and then chained to the floor by both wrists and ankles. i was fitted with a new extra big and fuzzy white mohair poloneck jumper.   I had several electric zaps and then the two old twins began to laser beam my scalp with their new toy.. their aim was to prevent my hair growing ever again. they took many days to complete my entire scalp. the pulses of laser beam destroying my hair folicles forever preventing further hair growth.   It worked too. my hair hasnt grown back anywhere. i am bald now forever i think. the old fat twins still razor my head everyday. thats what its for they say. they always enjoy it. dates and times have long gone, the oudside world is a distant memory now.   No one ever did come looking for me.  no one seems to have missed me and i dont think i’ll ever escape the old fat twins. my whole body is white and i am forever bald. i am the balded mohair sex slave.   My lovely long ponytail hangs on the wall. they sometimes add ponytails to their collection. i dont know where they come from, but out there people are losing their lovely hair to them and it ends up down here as an ornament for their pleasure with all the rest and mine.   Theres no escape for me from the House of Hair and no escape from the twins. i shall be here bald and smooth dressed in their handknits for their pleasure forever. never again seeing the light of day, trapped in the House of Hair.  

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