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Itwas already a few months ago that I received my first crewcut in atraditional barbershop. The barberette had taken off my long hair andgave me a high and tight crewcut, what I liked a lot! The crewcut feltgreat, with the fresh air around my head, almost no maintenance at alland my head felt very light with it.

Butnow my hair growed back and start already covering my ears half way.When I looked in the mirrow this morning I decided to go for a haircutagain after I finished work in the afternoon. I remembered me the nicefeelings I had when I was sitting in the barberchair while my hair wascut off and the sides and back got shaved with a clipper.

Idecided to dress me in one of my favorite clothes again to exceleratethe feeling when the barberette will cut my hair again. I found thecombination of nice clothes and haircutting exciting. Last time I gotthe haircut I was covered in leather and satin.

Ilooked in my cupboard, took a tight black leather skirt and longleather blazer out and a pink shirt I just bought last week. It was midspring and these kind of clothes would fit perfect in this season. Ifully buttoned up the shirt, got my stockings and skirt and finallytook my black boots and long blazer. It feeled or I would go for ahaircut right away!

BeforeI went off for work I looked up the telephone number of the barbershopto make an appointment for the afternoon. In the commuter train Idailed up. One of the barberettes picked up. I explained that I visitedthem before when one of the barberettes gave me a high and tightcrewcut. She remembered me. We made the appointment for 5:00 PM thisafternoon. When I hung up I was shivering all over my body, just theexcitment of the idea only! I was pretty sure that I will ended up witha short haircut again. Beside that I will plan a little vacation in afew weeks time, walking around with a short haircut would be great then.

Thewhole working day took quit long. I could not really keep my mindclear. Everytime I had to think about the coming afternoon, sitting inthe barberchair and get my hair cut. The whole atmosphere in the oldbarbershop, the smell, the equipment and the barberettes, dressed astraditional barbers. I liked it very much. Finally it was time to go,finished off my work, took my long leather blazer again and walked tothe commuter train. The barbershop was not far from the railwaystation, just a five minutes walk. I was quit excited now, could hardlywait to drop off the train, but I had to travel for about twentyminutes to reach the railway station. When the train was slowing down,I walked to the doors so I could just step off the train as soon as itwas stopped. I walked over the platform buttoned up my blazer and wasfinally on my way to the barbershop.

Afterfive minutes I entered the barbershop again. When I opened the door Isaw the traditional barberchairs and the big mirrors at the wall andall the other authentic equipment in place. It looked like I came home.The barberette cutted my hair the first time was already waiting forme. She smile and greet me. They had changed their barbercoats, stillwearing the white nylon shirt with the black ties, but the barbercoatwas not a white nylon one anymore. They had replaced it for a black PVCone, that looked quit impressive to me. My barberette wear her hairquit short now in a flattop style with shaved sides and back! Prettycool I must say.

Shetook my leather blazer and guided me to the old barber chair close tothe window. Everybody looking inside will see how my hair will be cut.I seated in the hugh leather chair with the chrome armrests and lookedin the mirror to my black hair covering my head and ears partly. Eventhe hair at the back was touching my shirts collar. The barberettesmiled at me and asked me “How will you have your hair today?” I lookedat her and said “I leave it totally to you as long as it gets short!”.She nodded her head and smiled and said “Certainly”.

Shetook a tissue and placed it around my neck covering most of my collar,walked away to get a cape. It was a traditional white nylon one. Sheput it around my body, covering my pink shirt and leather skirt, onlyleaving some parts of my black boots visible and knotted the cape’s tietight around my neck and tilting the tissue around the cape. The nylonof the cape was touching the top of my hands now and I used my fingersjust to feel the nylon. At the same time the barberette start liftingthe chair to be able to work around my head. I looked again in themirror and knew it was the last time I saw my head covered with hairall over. The barberette smiled again and said “It grew a bit out,isn’t it. Don’t worry we will fix that!” She walked away to pick up asprayer to wet my hair. Spraying at the left side, working her way tothe back to wetten it from my crown down to the hair in my neck andfinally wet it on the right side of my head. She made it really wet.She pumped up the chair a little bit more and took a scissor out of thepocket of her PVC barber coat. Then she start slowly cutting the hairaway around my left ear. With each snip I saw more of my ear appearingback and could already feel some fresh air touching it again. I reallyliked it and I hoped that I could sit for a long time in this chair,while the barberette was cutting my hair. Finish with the cuttingaround my left ear, she walked to the other side and did the same withthe hair around my right ear. Looking in the mirror I could see my earsagain now and it felt good. In the mirror I saw the barberette nowwalking to the back, her black PVC barber coat shining in the light.She really looked impressive standing there with the scissor in herright hand. She combed my hair down into my neck and then tilt my headforwards cutting the hair away in my neck. Little locks start coveringthe nylon cape already. She said “Your ears and neck are already freeof hair again, it just the beginning!” What should come more, it feltgreat to get surprised by the haircut your barberette will give you. Iwas fully in her hands now! She walked back to the left side of thebarber chair, took a comb from her pocket and start using it to cut thehair shorter at my left side, working her way up to the side of myhead, while chunks of hair fall onto the cape now. I looked amazed inthe mirror seeing the scissor pairs going over the comb taking much ofmy hair away. While she was cutting she pushes the comb firmly againstthe left side of my head leaving only quit short hair. She finished onerow, starting again above my left ear working her way up, doing thesame thing. I could see the way she was using her comb and scissor thatshe was quit experienced. But that was what I already knew from thefirst time. Now she pushes the comb in my neck just behind my earlifting my head a bit, start shortening the hairs in my neck and back,ending quit high not far from my crown. Doing the same in my neck andat the back of my head. Even the fact that my hair grew only for a fewmonths, a lot of hair starts falling on the cape now. I am pretty surethat it will be in the back as short as on the sides. After a while sheis behind my right ear shortening the hair there, reaching the top andback above my right ear now, taking hair away. Not much later shefinishes. Even while she took her time it was to fast for me. I enjoyedthe cutting so far. She leveled down the barber chair and said to me”We have to shorten the hair on top of your head also”. Before shestart cutting again, she sprayed water on top of my head to wetten itagain. She walked behind me took my head and pushed it agains her blackPCV barber coat what gave a special feeling to me. She took the hair onfront of my head fermly between her fingers and start cutting from thefront to the back. Most of the time my head was pushed against herbarber coat, only when she cutted the last rows of hair around my crownshe stepped a little bit backwards.

Thehair was quit short now and I was wondering or she should start takenthe clippers to take more off. She walked away from me to thesideboard, and yes, she took out a pair of clippers. I loo
ked at it,saw the word “Wahl” standing on the clipper. She smiled again and said,”You’re ready for the next stage honey? We have to clean it up on thesides and back, like the last time!” I trilled in the barber chair. Itwas sure that she would give me a crewcut again now! First she leveledup the barber chair again, plugged the clipper into the socket,adjusted it (I do not know at witch number, possibly ‘zero’) andswitched it on. She walked to the back of the barber chair, put herleft hand on top of my head to move it forward, till my chin wastouching the nylon cape and hold my head firmly. Then the clippertouches my nape and I feel the cold steel touching my skin when theclipper is slowly moved up. I am sure that there is not much hair leftafter the clipper moved over it. I felt the clipper again just right ofthe place where the hair was just taken away making another path withnot much hair left. And again the barberette move the clipper from mynape up to the crown of my head. Now I saw the clipper just behind myleft ear again, taking away the hair. The barberette enjoyed herselfand so did I. I could hardly breath anymore. She turned the clipperaround my ear and there was only skin with some stubbles of hair left.I had no time to breath anymore. I saw the clipper already moving upfrom the top of my left ear over the temple to move hair away. Finallyonly stubbles where left at half of the back and side of my head. Nowthe barberette walked moved to the back of the barber chair again to dothe other half of my head. I felt the cold steel of the clipper againagainst my skin moving up from my nape to my crown. Path after path, itremoved my hair. The barberette was working already around my left earand took away the hair on the left side. I saw in the mirror thebeginning of a crewcut coming. The barberette asked me “You’re stillloving it honey?”. I took a deep breath and sad “Yes Mam, I do”. Shesaid to me “We’re only half way now”.  

Shetook another ‘smaller’ clipper from the sideboard, took her comb andstart shortening the hair on the top side of my head to make it more inline with the parts where she had shaved away the hair with the number’000′ Wahl clipper. Then she leveled down the chair, sprayed the hairon top of my head again and made it quit wet. She took a kind of largecomb move it through the hair on top and start using the clipper totake away all the hair coming through the comb to make it flat, leavingnot much hair on top. In the middle of my head I could see my skinthrough the hair, while it was a bit longer on the left and right sides.

Nowthe barberette put away the large comb and only helt the ‘smaller’clipper in her hand. She walked back to the chair and leveled anothertime up. She said to me ‘now we going to clean up the sides honey, justmake it smooth’. I could not believe it, she moved on with anotherstage. The small clipper was now put against the left side of my headand she worked up her way again to the top of my head, taking away thelast stubbles away. The feeling was great, cold steel with a kind ofsensational vibration, it felt like a massage. I saw the clipperalready going around my ear, shaving to the bear skin, and it was goingup again, path after path, in my nape going over my neck to the crownof my head, again path after path and I saw the clipper again appearingon the left side of my head moving up again, cleaning around my leftair and my left side. No hair was left anymore. 

Shewalked away with the ‘small’ clipper now. I believed that she should befinished now, which gave me a sad feeling. I would not leave at all thebarber shop and could stay for hours. She putted some lather cream in akind of cup and came back with the cup and a brush. She start puttingthe lather on the sides and back of my head with felt like it made thecold skin a little bit warm.

Thenthe barberette opened a drawer and took a barbers knife out. She cameback to the barber chair and took a kind of leather belt, that washanging on the backside of the chair. She was moving the knife up anddown over the leather belt. It had a kind of groovy surface on one sideand it looked like she was sharpening the knife. She finished and saidto me, “Please sit quit in the chair now, I am going to shave your skinsmooth and nicely with the knife now, but it is quit sharp!”. I heard ascraping noise when she move the knife over my temple taking away thelather leaving a smooth skin. When she removed the lather with theknife I got that feeling of the cold fresh air on my head back and itfelt lovely. Very soon one side of my head was cleaned shaved and againthe barberette moved on at the back. After a while the shaving wasdone. I could see that she was quit experienced in it. 

Finallyshe putted some drops of oil on her hands and start putting this on theshaved skin to make it smooth and shiny. She leveled the barber chairdown again and she dried the hair on top with a hairdryer while shemoved a comb to the short hair to make it stand up. When I looked inthe mirror I saw my face with a nice crewcut. I could not imaging mytoughest dreams. This what I would when I booked my haircut thismorning, and I got it. I thanked the barberette and said to her “I likeit very much”. She took the nylon cape and tissue away, took a brush toclean my nape just above the collar of my shirt. I looked again in themirror, seeing me sitting in the barber chair with the leather skirt,pink satin shirt and a face with a high and tight crewcut. Slowly Istepped out of the chair, touching the shaved sides with my hand,feeling that there was no hair left at all!

Ipaid the barberette, took on my long leather blazer again, greeted thebarberette and walked into the fresh evening air now. Walking outsidewas terrific, my head was light and fresh, the leather felt cool in thefresh air and it surrounded my body smoothly. Very slowly I walked backto the commuter train, standing on the platform waiting for the train.I did not mind that it took a while to come. I loved every minute Iwalked with my freshly shaven crewcut. Some people smiled at me otherskeep on looking at me. I knew I had something special to show. Finallythe train brought me back home. I went straight to my bathroom to havea look again. When I looked in the mirror I felt a very satisfiedfeeling and decided to sit a while on my bench have a glass of wine,thinking back on the haircut and shave I received in my ‘favorite’barbershop.


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