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©opy writeNovember 2009 JimB

Patti hadjust turned thirty-seven when she made the decision to begin making a change inher life, and her lifestyle.

That,”high school” sweetheart she so dearly loved got caught with anotherwoman and it was not his secretary because he was a laborer. He was one who(Ha, Ha) worked with his hand’s, boy was he ever working with his hands thenight he got caught.

She, likemany of women who catch their “better-half”, had come home from workearly.

There theywere, not on the couch or in the bedroom, but in the garage on the trunk of hiscar.

Theneighbors were all out doing things in their front yard, when she hit thatlittle button to open the garage door. His ass was pushing “up anddown” faster than a racehorse running to stay out of the glue factoryline. Her legs were high over his shoulders, flopping in the air like a branchon a tree when the wind is blowing fast and hard.

She wasmoaning (Ha, Ha) so loud and he was trying to keep her from falling off thetrunk, that neither one heard the door open.

Patti satthere in her car watching this “stud”, who had said he “wastired from working to shake the sheets with her”.

“TIRED”was not the word she could think of now, more like “petered-out” wasmore like it.

Anyway shewas not going to let him finish with a “bang”, unless it was fromher.

Knowing him,and his ways of making it, she waited for the right moment and let her hands dothe blowing.

The soundcould not travel any way but in their direction and because of how close shewas it could not expand outward. It, was one of those “frontalattacks” you hear the military talk about. It could not have been a betterplace and time.

When she hitthe button the horn sounded, the woman let out a scream of “Ohhhhh,shit” and he jumped back shooting white stuff all over the trunk.

When hejumped, pulling out, she fell between him and the car, with her body sliding ina “V” shape as her ass hit the cement floor and her head the metal ofthe car.

He did notturn and run, because he knew Patti was fast on her feet and would catch himwith whatever she could get her hands on.
The womantried, while holding her ass and head in pain, to get up and grab her clothingand make it down the street to her car.

That wasthree years ago and she wanted everything about him out of the way. She had thehouse painted another color, because he picked the color it was painted. Thedog’s name was changed; he even got a bigger bed out of it. Their bedroom was turnedinto a storage room and the room where he had his model train display was turnedinto a playroom for her.

And, play init she did.

Over theyears she had expanded her interest in “love” to include women. A fewtimes, when she had too much to drink, she found herself waking up to two,three or even four, men in her playroom. When she tried to get up, she was verysore in a place she used to sit on.

Her femalelovers sometimes left behind their “toys”, which she kept for theirnext visit.

She tried tomake changes in her life before, but they would only last a few days, a week atthe most.

Like themonth, well two months, she dyed her hair from blond to a multi-color rainbow.Her dresses and skirts became very short, she did not have to sit down for thehemline to touch her ass.

She even changedjobs, four or five times.

But, lastyear she put her childhood dream to work.

She always liketo draw and paint, she took art in high school. Her parents had spent athousand dollars on one of those home study courses you see advertised inmagazines.

Even incollege art was her major.

So, withthat little extra spending money from her “ex” she began doingfreelance work. The money was not so good at first, but after a few months shewas well on her way.

It was twomonths ago that she and Carol and Carol met.

They werehusband and wife.

She had beenout partying with a girlfriend from college, who had come into town for aconference. They had not seen each other since graduation day. They had met atthe hotel where her friend was stay, had dinner, a few drinks, and did a lot oftalking to catch up on each other’s adventures.

Her friendhad an early flight back home, so they said good night and goodbye around 10pm.This was too early for Patti, so she “went a-wondering”.

She cameacross a new night club a few blocks from the hotel, it had just opened theweek before.
The musicwas a mixture and the lighting was not too soft and not too heavy, you couldsee your way around when you entered.
Patti wentright to the bar and ordered her favorite, “whiskey straight”. Shewas there about an hour when this couple walked in.

The man gavethe woman a kiss and went to the bathroom, and she wondered around the clublooking for a table.

Finding no opentables, she walked to the bar.

“Arethese two seats taken?” she asked Patti.

Patti lookedat her and shook her head “NO”.

The womantook the seat next to her, a trusting wife Patti thought to herself, andordered two drinks.

Her husbandjoined her within a few minutes and paid for the drinks, leaving a good tip forthe bartender. They began to talk low, almost in a whisper.

At firstPatti did not bother to try to hear what they were talking about, but as timewent by, and after two more shots, her ears were stretching beyond their limits.

The womannoticed how Patti was trying to hear, and how her husband was looking at Patti.She leaned over to her husband and whispered something in his ear. When she wasfinished her husband shook his head with a smile, and the woman got up andwalked away.

“Mywife thinks I am making eyes at you,” he told Patti.

Patti lookedaround for the woman, not seeing her she told the man, “You do look prettyinviting.”

Patti wasabout to lean over the chair, when his wife’s hand pulled it back and she gotinto it. She looked at her husband and then at Patti.

“Well?”she said to her husband in a questioning voice.

“Notyet,” he told her. “You came back too soon.”

The womanturned and looked at Patti, she had that look Patti had seen on many otherwomen. That looked that told her the woman was a “player”, so was herhusband.

Patti smiledat her,

“Wejust started to talk, but you came back too soon. But, I think it was soonenough, for me”.

The womanturned to face Patti and she placed her left hand on Patti’s right thigh. Pattismiled and gave her a wink.

After anhour the three of them left for the couple’s hotel room.

Patti hadnever been with a man and woman, but she was well on her way.

She and thewoman took turns with each other and the woman’s husband had Patti in her sorespot. It was well into the next morning when she left the hotel, with theirnames and telephone number.

She calledthem a few days later, too see how they were doing and if they remembered her.

The woman,Carol, did all the talking, while her husband, Carol, listened in on anextension. She had told them how it was her first time with a husband and wife,and she found it to be very enjoyable.

The wifeasked Patti if she would like to get together with them another night,”maybe this time she would come to their house”.

Patti likethis idea and did not waste any time asking when she could drop by for a visit.

The womantold Patti that she and her husband had to think about it for a while. But,Patti should call her at her place of employment in two days and she would lether know.

It was thelongest two days Patti had waited since her divorce, but she felt it was worththe time. Carol had promised her a “wild” time. To do things to hershe had never done to another woman.
She toldPatti of “new” toys she had just gotten and how her husband could notwait to play with Patti’s ass.

It was aboutnoon when Patti called her. The telephone was answered “Carol’s BarberShop”.

“Barbershop?” Patti thought to herself. “I must have dialed the wrongnumber.”

She hung upand dialed the number again.

“Carol’sBarber Shop,” the soft voice said again.

This timePatti said to the voice, “Is this Carol, the female Carol of Carol andCarol?”

“Patti,is that you?” the voice said.

With a deepbreath Patti was relieved, “You did not tell me the name of the place youworked at.”

Carollaughed, “Sometimes I forget. Many people think the “Carol” ismy husband.”

“Well,I am calling like you said,” Patti replied.

“Then,you do want to get with us,” Carol asked.

“YES,”Patti said.

“Well,let me make you an appointment,” Carol continued. “We can talk morewhile I do your hair. It will be for free, of course. I think you will likewhat I have in mind for you.”

“So,when is the best time for you?”

“Anytime” Patti said in a low voice.

“Let’s see…..”

“YES,5pm is open. Come in at 5pm,” Carol voice commanded a little.

“When,….. I mean today?” Patti inquired.

“Oh,yes today,” Carol again commanded a little louder.

“And,do wear that blouse and skirt you had on when we met. Also, some five or sixinch heel would look great on you,” Carol said in a pleasant voice.

“Caroland I would like for you to join us tonight. If, that is all right withyou.”

“Allright,” Patti thought to herself, “it would be wonderful”.

They hung upand Patti went shopping, she did not have any five or six inch heels that Carolmentioned. She had never worn shoes with a heel higher than three inches, butfor some reason she was willing, and wanting, to wear five or six inch heelstonight.

Afterfinding a shoe store that sold them, she had to decide whether to get five orsix inch heels. Her problems was settled when she found the shoe store had onlysix inch heels.

When she gothome with them, she put them on and started walking around in them. Her calveswere being pulled with each step, but she was determined to walk in them. Thetrick was being able to balance her self with each step, after almost two hoursshe was walking in them as if she wore nothing but six inch heels.
She noticedthe time, it was a little before 4pm.

She rushedto shower and get dressed.

She wouldneed about fifteen minutes to drive to Carol’s shop.

When she arrivedshe found a parking spot in front of Carol’s shop. The shop was on the firstfloor of a small two story building.

As sheentered the shop she saw Carol was giving a woman a haircut. The woman lookedto be about fifty and she had taken care of herself over the years.

“Patti,”Carol called out as she entered the shop, “Have a seat. I will be with youin a few minutes”.

Carol satdown looking around at the shop. She had never been in a barber shop andeverything was so different from the beauty salons she had gone to over theyears.

“O.K., Mag,”Patti heard Carol tell the woman. “This should keep you for another threeor four weeks.”

After payingCarol the woman said “bye” and left.

Carolstepped away from the chair, “All right lady, ….. your turn.”

Patti lookedat her then the chair. It was big.

Carol wasdusting hair from the seat with the cape. She stopped just as Patti steppedonto the footrest.

“Firsttime,” Carol said. “This is the footrest,” pointing to theleather covered object coming up from the ú small metal floor.

“Putone foot here and cross your other leg over,” she said as she guided Pattiinto position.

“Oooooo,”Patti said as she sat in the chair, “this feels comfortable. Plenty ofroom to move around, if you get uncomfortable.”

Carol smiledas she pulled the cape up and around Patti’s neck.

“Carol,my husband, and I were talking about that night,” Carol said as she beginto comb Patti’s hair out.

“Weenjoyed your company and were hoping you would call us. When you did he almosthad a heart attack. He did not think you would want to see us again. But, Itold him you would.”

“Well,I kind of thought about it for a few days, and I enjoyed your company, also.So, I figured I would give it a try and I called,” Patti said as she beento feel at easy in the chair.

“I amglad you offered to cut my hair. I have been thinking about going a littleshorter, about two or three inches, being as summer is a few months away. Doyou have any suggestions?”

“Well,yes,” Carol said with a twinkle in her eyes as she turned the chair toface the large mirror behind the chair.

“But, Iwas thinking more than two or three inches.”

Pattibrushed her fingers through her hair brushing it back off her face, “Howshort are you talking about.”

“Howbrave are you?” Carol inquired as she pulled Patti’s hair back behind herhead. “Carol and I like women with real short hair.”

Patti lookedat how Carol had her hair pulled back. It was short, shorter than she reallywanted to go. But, then it would grow back if she did not like it and she wouldbe doing something different with her life as she had wanted, too.

“Yousaid you had something in mind for me. Is it really short like I see itnow,” Patti inquired.

“Youwant it short for the summer, don’t you,” Carol asked with a hesitation.

Patti lookedat her in the mirror, then at how she was holding her hair back.

“Whatthe hell,” Patti responded. “You only live once, and I’m looking fora change. Just do what you think is best, and I will live with until it growsback. My hair does grow fast.”

With thatCarol spun the chair back around so Patti was looking at the larger mirrorbehind where the customers sat.

“Youknow once I start I can not stop,” she told Patti.

Patti lookedat her and took a deep breath, letting it out as to tell Carol “O.K..”

Carol pickedup the comb and scissors and begin combing a section of hair in the front. Sheplaced the strands between her fingers of the left hand and about two inchesfrom her scalp, ten more than Patti was thinking about cutting off, and quicklycut the section of hair. It fell down past Patti’s eyes into her lap. Shelooked down at the first cutting in her lap, as another section of strands camefalling down past her eyes.

When shelooked at herself in the mirror, it was too late to tell Carol to stop.

QuicklyCarol was combing and cutting her way back over Patti’s head, leaving behindhair only about two inches long and sticking up from her head.

When shereached the back, she begin cutting the strands on the right side of the centercutting. It did not take her long to reduce this path, and she was now cuttingthe right side of her head.

Hair wasfalling on the floor, on her shoulder, and in her lap.

Her head wastilted downward as Carol began cutting the back.

Neither saida word, only Carol would say “tilt this way and that way” as she cutmore and more of Patti’s hair off.

Ten minuteshad passed and Carol was finished with the comb and scissors. She was brushingher fingers through the short strands, rocking Patti’s head back and forth alittle.

“You’regoing to like this cut. I have given it about ten other women we havemet,” Carol said as she placed the comb and scissors on the shelf.

“Theystill come in for a trim, you know keeping the cut I gave them. Yes…, I thinkyou will like it. It is going to be different than any other haircut you haveever had. And, I know my husband will like it, too.”

Carol tiltedPatti’s head downward causing her to look down at the strands of her red hairin her lap. She looked at them thinking of all the years they were together,the time she dyed them blond then multi- colored. She had put them through alot. Many times they were brushed out of the way as a lover wanted to see her”do her thing.” The men who held them as they took her from behind.

Now theylaid in peace in her lap. Soon to fall to the floor with the others and beswept away.

“Nowkeep your head still,” Carol commanded, “If, you move it will causepulling of hairs.”

Patti did asCarol asked she knew what pain it would be to have her hair pulled out fromtheir roots. As a child her brothers would pull on her hair to lead her aroundlike a “slave” w
hen they played games.

She feltcold metal below her hairline, as Carol held her head tight on top of her head.She could not move her head if she tried.

“SHhhhhh”…”SHhhhhh” … “SHhhhhh,” Patti heard as the metal moved upthe back of her neck, then her head. She could feel a breeze as the metal object”SHhhhhhed” up the back. She felt hair falling over the path, asstrands faintly touch her skin below the metal object. When it reached the top,Carol began anther path upward to the right.

Then,another to the left of the first path. The back of her head felt strange andbreezy.

She startedto take her hand from under the cape, to feel the back, but she was stopped byCarol.

“Don’tdo that. Your fingers may get cut,” she said sadly.

“Youcan feel it after I am finished.”

Her head wastilted downward as her eyes caught a large pile of red hair come falling downover her right ear. Her eyes opened wide in disbelief, as Carol pushed tiltingher head to the left.

The “SHhhhhh”… “SHhhhhhh” was now moving up in front of her right ear, as morered hair fell into her lap. She felt the breeze on the right side of her head.She tried to look up at herself in the mirror.

She feltCarol’s hand move around on top of her head, as she walked behind the chair tothe left side.

Still shecould not see herself in the large mirror, as she felt the metal object “SHhhhhh”… “SHhhhhh” … “SHhhhhh,” up behind her left ear.

Again a pileof her red hair came tumbling down her cheek, on to her shoulder, and slidingdown into her lap.

When Carolhad stopped the metal object Patti’s head came up looking at her self in themirror. She took a deep breath as her mouth opened.

Carol stoodon the right side of the chair brushing a long brush over her head and face.Dusting hair that did not fall into her lap or on the floor. The two inchesCarol had scissors’ her hair into was now, somehow, cut closer to her scalp.

“Yes, Iam sure my husband and I will enjoy tonight,” Carol said. She was washingPatti’s head with warm soapy water.

Patti satnot believing what had happened. How could she do this to me!

Patti wasbeginning to have second, even third, thoughts about going with her and herhusband tonight.

She wouldnever had agreed to met them tonight if she knew Carol was going to do this,whatever she was doingto her.

Then,reality hit her between the eyes, as Carol begin piling shaving leather from acan on top of her head.

Before Patticould say a word, Carol was spreading the shaving cream over her head.

First, shespread it over the clipped hairs, then she begin rubbing it hard against herscalp and hairs. It did not take Patti long to realize what Carol was going todo next.

Again Carolsaid, “Yes, my husband and I will enjoy this tonight,” as she beginshaving Patti’s head.

Her firststroke was down the middle, like she had cut her hair with the comb andscissors. She shaved slowly, as if she was getting some sexual release from it.Back and back she shaved removing shaving cream and red hair.

Pattiwatched in horror as Carol came back to the front of her head and began shavinganother path on the right side of the first. Again she shaved slowly backwards.

Patti couldnot believe she was having her head shaved.

She tried tounderstand what was going on and why was it happening.

Why did sheagree to met with Carol and her husband tonight?

Why did sheagree to let Carol, someone she did not know until that night, talk her in toletting her give her a haircut?
Carol tiltedher head to the left, as she began shaving the right side of her head. Shavingupward and back around her head. Shaving just far around the back to where thetop had been shaved, too.

After eachstroke she would rinse the razor under cold water and as she begin shaving anew section of her head she used a new razor. It was as if she had done thisbefore, maybe to those other eight or ten women they had met, also.

Patti lookedat herself in the large mirror, as Carol took short strokes, not understandingwhy another woman would do this to her.

Did she notknow how she was feeling!

How wouldshe feel if another woman, even her, did this to her!

Carol forcedPatti’s head to the right, as she begin her last strokes to shave her headbald.

Bald, …..

Patti hadnot thought of it that way until now. She would be bald, no hair.

She wantedto start crying but that would not do anything to help the problem.

Carol, shethought, would only get more excited. She could see that Carol was shaving thelast of her head in back.

Crying nowwould do nothing to stop her.

Carol tossedthe razor into the sink and picked up a wet towel from it. She wrapped it aroundPatti’s shaven head and began to wipe it clean.

The warmthfelt warm, but different.

She hadalways washed her hair with warm water, but she did not feel it like she wasnow. It was beginning to give a strange feeling.

Carol undidthe cape and let it fall down into her lap.

She put asweet smelling powder on the long brush and began brushing across her shavenhead and neck, then whisking a few strokes across her face.

She reachedacross Patti’s lap and removed the hair filled cape, letting the strands of redhair fall on the foot rest.

“Allright,” Carol said sweetly, “your haircut is finished.”

Patti broughther hands to her head and began stroking her shaven head. The feeling wasdifferent, like the first time she shaved her legs. Like the first time her,then, boyfriend stroked her legs at the movies.

As sheturned to watch Carol sweep her hair away, she heard a noise. Her eyes searchedfor it, as Carol just sweep.

As her eyeslooked around the shop, her ears listened for it again. It was coming frombehind her. Her eyes looked in the mirror as she saw a man coming from out acloset.

Carol lookedup, “Did you get it all.”

“Yes,”the man said, who Patti recognized as the other Carol, the male Carol. In hishand he had a camera. “All I have to do is get the others out and we are a”go” for tonight.”

“We cando some edit work tomorrow. But, I think the best shot is from the front,”he said.

He walked byPatti, giving her a pat on the cheek, “Nice haircut.”

Carol pickedup her things from under the shelf and they walked to the door.

“Well,coming with us?” she asked.

Patti lookedat herself in the mirror …..

I cannotwait to see what the have planned for me at their house.

The End  ©opy write November2009

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