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Kuppu visited this time with a hope to Vijay the wig maker. After a long time he got a worthy stuff.

“Hello Kuppu! Gladto see you after a long time”. Vijay invited with a gay.”This time Igot a good stuff boss.” I am sure that you will pay nice…look at this.”

He took lengthy locks of hair and showed to him. Vijay was surprised.”Wow! That’s indeed a good stuff! He whistled romantically.

“How did you get it? Went to any festival this time? I think its not even festival season.” “No it’s a good story. Grab a chair. I will tell you from the start.” Kuppu started the story.

It was12 noon at Saturday and the sun was scorching heat. Kuppu saw a girl coming to his salon with her head covered. Kuppu was running a salon at the mid of the town in an Outskirts of the Chennai.

This summer was so much scorching as most of the customers has visited to get a good summer cut preferably a crew or too short cut as if they have been recruited to army.

This girl is not a new customer to him. He would be seeing her often with the kid to get his hair cut. Kuppu received her with the instant smile. The girl let the boy in and smiled at him.

“Hello madam! Same cut for this boy as usual?” asked Kuppu arranging the chair for the kid’s height.

The girl cut in and said “Can you shave his head?”

“What?” Kuppu asked surprisingly.

“Yes sir you see the summer heat is so burning. He is crying daily of sweating. So that mom told him to have his to shave his head. Kuppu refused and told him he could buzz cut him so that it would not make him too ugly look.

The girl refused his points but later some how she accepted it.

“Okay. Come on boy sit down.”

Kuppu adjusted his seat and placed him on the seat.

“Sanju, you should not make any move. You should do what Barber uncle says ok? The kid nodded his head and “Said All right, only if uncle puts cartoon.” The girl looked at Kuppu and asked if she could TV to cartoon channel.

Kuppu took the TV remote and changed the channel to cartoon network. He took the last guard out and plugged the buzzer. Slowly started pull from the front head of the boy. Then the side burns and nape, crown. At last he came to his forehead. It took not a much time as the boy did not move or refused to co-operate. Within ten minutes his head looked nice like a cue ball.

The girl was carefully watching the boy getting buzzed. She gazed at her kid’s head till the end of the shave.

“That’s nice work. Thank you sir! She greeted Kuppu.

She paid the money and thanked him. She came back after a while.

“How long Salon will be open?” She enquired.

Kuppu said that he will close usually at evening 7:00 PM.

“Will you stay for some more time today?” She puzzled.

“I think no body come till night.”

“If you don’t mind please wait till 8:00 PM will you?”

“May I know what would be worth staying for?”

“I will bring you a customer”.

Can’t they come in day time or now?”He questioned

“No no! I cannot tell you why, but if you could help me then I will plan upon.”

“All right but you should not waste my day I have to go long distance to my home.” he said.

“Sure Sure I will come before 7:30 evening”.

Kuppu routine is to take lunch and watching the T.V for some more time. If there are customers he would go on with his work, if not some time he would take a nap. But today some thing bugged up his mind.

Evening went on, humid and hot. The ground heat raised and made fan useless to bring hot air to burn out.

Time was 7: 20 Pm and the girl came again. No one was able to see except those to in the deserted street.

“Hello again” he wiped with his towel and searched for some other.

“Where is the customer you promised? He asked curiously.

“Actually I am the one to get hair cut.” Kuppu thought it was a dream in the evening nap.

“What?” He asked naively.

“I asked you can you give me a hair cut.”

“Well I don’t cut ladies hair and I feel the summer not so much scorching!

“That ultimately made me to decide like this. No matter how much bad it looks just give it a try.”

“Please let me know if you are taking sense.”

“Of course sir, I am talking sense. Summer is not only scorching men.” The girl smiled at him and replied.

Kuppu now saw that girl again. She would be nearing in her late teens, a dull colored but good structured.  A beautiful, soft, waist length black hair made her look like a model. She should be studying in college. She wore a sleeve-less and jeans and dupatta (a long scarf). She should have been decided to get some haircut. But why she decided to shave and particularly at Men’s Salon. Her cat eyes bored Kuppu as he could not stare her more that two minutes.

“Sir I am staying at a rented apartment. Top of my house is an open terrace. This time the summer is so terrible that I get sweat and headaches often. Also it’sitching me a lot so I got really tired out of my hair. It’s a completemess. My Mom could not tolerate my sufferings and opted to get me ahair cut. First I did not even listened to her and refused her idea. But now I could not avoid it. Since you are very much known to me I thought you can help me out?”

Kuppu did not have any option, but he was very much moved by her, should say that he was pretty much seduced by the handsome girl coming right before him to get a shave!

Kuppu said with half-hearted, “All right madam! But why should you do it in the Salon? Can’t you make it in the beauty parlor itself?”

“Yes I know, but I was so much interested when you started to shave the boy in the morning. Apparently I could not resist it.”

But Once I have started there is no turning back!”

“Yeah I know, and I am ready!”

Kuppu nodded and adjusted the seat back to adult. He turned on the he closed the door and put a sign board as out.

“Would any one come here this time?” the girl questioned nervously.

“Once I put that sign no one would probably come in he replied.”

She sat on the barber chair nervously. Kuppu told to relax and sit, he thought her to make easy.

“Are you studying?”

“Yes I am studying college.”

“Does your friends don’t look you differently and tease you?”

She said that she did not go to college as she already told them that she is going to some pilgrimage.

“Oh! So you planned everything and came.” Kuppu amused and grinned.

He then covered her with a cloth and set seat right to the height. He took the comb and told her to do her hair for the last time.

“I bet this length of hair will take at least 3 years”

She refused that it’s not required. Kuppu took it to part her hair right in the middle. “Shall I cut it over and then shave it or how do you want me to do?”

“Do you want my hair?” she questioned.

“It’s my first time to cut a female hair. I will keep it” he said.

She stared at her head. “I think you can make it straight.

Kuppu took a rubber band and tied a tight knot by making her hair into a pony tail on both sides. Now he took the cut scissors and chose a thick lock and snipped it gently.

“Snip” A thick lock got released from the head and popped. The next two snipe’s half tail popped out.

“Snip, snip, snip.” Another few more locks got released and a tail of hair came over in a few minutes.

“Wow that looks like a tails of horse.” he exclaimed.

The girl started to weep. Kuppu consoled her. “Sorry madam! But it’s your choice, as I said there is no turning back!”

The girl consoled herself and told that it’s all OK and asked what is next. Kuppu told that he would buzz cut her so stubble would be left so that the hair would grow soon. But the girl asked to shave her head as like they do at temples.

“Do you want to go bald?” he asked.

She said she will do that. Kuppu grew amused. “I think you are excited. But you should not blame me at the end.” he said.< /p>

“After all its one time in life time that I would get a different look.” She replied.

Suddenly Kuppugot fetish sense. Why can’t I play with her hair? After all she isgoing to get full head shaved and going to listen whatever I say.Thinking this He slowly asked her.

“Madam, if you don’t mind shall I make my own style of shaving?

“What that means? You would not shave my head fully?” She got some what feeling tensed.

“Yes sure but I want to make it in my own style. Of course you will enjoy it. And takes no longer time”

“I gave my head to you now any how. The girl said with a confused look. At last she said yes.

Kuppu took the sprayer and started to sprinkle the water and started to massage her head nicely. He took some little amount of shampoo and applied to get a little lather.” I think this would reduce you more burn after shaving “. The hair was wet and damp dripping with water.

Now Kuppu took his straight razor and took out the old blade. He cleaned the razor nicely and changed the new blade. He bowed her a little.Now he took a comb and parted the front portion of the hair and combedthe left over back wards. The scalp marked like the band and thicklocks and bangs dangled wet.

“Madam, in the afternoon I saw a Chinese movie. Do you know how the hero looked like?” He said.

“I think you should tell me that.” The girl replied blank.

“Let me show you.” He kept exactly in the middle scalp mark and moved the razor down wards. The tan color scalp revealed on her head. Now he shaved the next patch, and the wet hair fell over her face. The girl took her hand and touched her head. To her astonishment she smiled and started to giggle.

“I am looking different?” She asked.

“Absolutely! Let me make the next moves and then see the difference.” Kuppu replied.

The strong smell of shampoo spread slowly. He put the fan on so thehair fell like a waterfall. In the next two pulls, a big patch appearedover her head. He shaved it slowly as to take care that he does not scratch her head or make any wound.

Nowhe shaved the bang and the left side wards. The fall of hair wasuniform and gradually falling down her capped sheet. Now he shaved thefront head. The girl looked like a samurai film hero now.

The giggled a lot this time and seemed so funny now. Then girl stared the wall clock.”

“I think it’s late for you now right?” She asked.

“Let me finish the remaining and let you go then I could start.” Kuppu replied smiling.

Now he combed the back half remaining hair now he took the clipper and took off the guard.

“You can now experience the electric buzz cut now he said.

Now he spotted the middle back and started to push the clipper on her head. The side hairs cut released and showered on her shoulders.

The girl started to look different now with the stubble on her back head fully shaved head on her front.

Now Kuppuapplied some shaving cream and brushed to form a thick lather. He tookthe straight razor again and started to shave once again. The whitecaped foam was stoked and removed patch by patch and stroked it till hegot satisfied. Now he stroked her right side back and left side. Herback was now shaved completely.

The girl looked like a tan color cue ball now. Again he rubbed his hand on her head to see if he feel any stubble.

“Do you mind if I tell you some thing?”

“Go ahead”

“Your arm pit has lot of hairs over grown”

“What to do with that?” She became questioned.

“I can help removing that.”

“hmm..yes. I forgot to make it in course.” She gradually lifted her arm pits.

Kuppu brushed her arm pits withshaving cream and gently stroked with the razor. The sleeveless whichexposed her armpit bush now transformed to a decent look .

Once the shaving got completed he applied after shave lotion on her head and rubbed nicely.&nbsp;

“Nowyou can go to your home and get a shower that wil cool your burningsensation” Kuppu took of the capped cloth and brushed her clean.

“”NowI wonder how my friends will think about me when they return from thesummer holidays.” She rubbed her head and replied smilingly.

“That’s Okay, you can tell that you went to pilgrimage for head shave.” Kuppu replied.

“That’s really a nice work, now I am feeling free like some one vacated my head. Thanks a lot!” She paid laughingly and went off with her head covered as she came in.

“Indeed Kuppu!” That’s a nice story. And you can ne happy that I am going to pay a good amount for the story and the hair.

Kuppu and Vijay enjoyed their tea with the story.

(NO characters are original I swear!)

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