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This is a continuation of a 2 part story written by Donna Marie several years ago.

Grandmother and Aunt Grace went on a personal mission to correct everything they felt was wrong with me.  Grandmother immediately started giving me 3 small light meals a day with absolutely no snacks. I had to keep up my chores. If I got into the pool to cool off, they made me swim laps. When I was not doing chores, I had to run or do exercises. And on top of all of this, if I talked back, cried, or if they thought that I was not working hard enough, I got another spanking. By the end of the first day I was absolutely exhausted. Twice a week, we were at Mr. Jackson’s Barbershop when they opened to have my head shaved again.

After about 2 weeks, Grandmother took me to Mr. Jackson again for the shave. We were first in the shop as usual and Mr. Jackson had me be seated in the chair. He went through the now familiar routine of the hot towel, lathering up and the close shave until my head was completely smooth again. Today I was fortunate in that no one came into the barbershop to see me, the bald topless girl. Grandmother had not allowed me to wear a top in 2 weeks.  We got into Grandmother’s car to leave  but instead of heading home, Grandmother said to me, “Brenda, you have another appointment with Dr. Thompson.”

I dreaded going to see him.  We pulled up and went in. In a couple of moments, Mrs. Thompson called us back. Grandmother came along. First, Mrs. Thompson weighed me. She exclaimed, “Brenda this is good, you now weigh 193 pounds, you have lost 12 pounds.”

She put us in the examining room and told me to remove my shorts.  After a couple more minutes Dr. Thompson entered and took my chart from Mrs. Thompson.  He looked at the weight and said, “Brenda, you are doing well with the weight loss.”

Grandmother asked him what I should weigh and he replied, “With her height and bone structure, 115 to 120 pounds would be ideal.”

Grandmother gave me a stern look and said, “We have a lot of work to do.”

Dr. Thompson began to examine my rashes starting with my head and he said to my Grandmother, “I see you are keeping her head shaved and it is helping the rash heal. Keep up the shaving regimen until her next visit.”

He started looking at my chest and stated, “Her chest is also healing up well, continue to not have her wear any tops.”

He had me lay back on the examining table and began to examine the rash on the inside of my thighs and on my rear end, it was worse and had spread up in front to my pubic area.  He shook his head and with a worried look said, “Brenda the rash down here is much worse and it has spread.”

Grandmother asked, “What can we do about it?”

Dr. Thompson replied, “Really the best Treatment is what we did for her head and chest.  All of her pubic hair needs to be removed in front and back and it need to remain exposed to the air. I know she cannot remain naked all of the time but even with good washing, clothes carry many bacteria and keep moisture against the skin. She needs to only wear a disposable diaper like this.”

Dr. Thompson opened a drawer and pulled out a large diaper and showed it to my grandmother. He continued, “The problem is her pubic hair, in the past Mrs. Thompson handled the shaving. But now neither she nor I have a steady enough hand to do it.”

Grandmother replied, “Don’t worry Dr. Thompson, I am sure I can persuade Mr. Jackson to shave her down there also.”

I started to argue about that but Grandmother cut me off stating, “Do not argue with me young lady, or you will get another spanking when we get home.”

Dr Thompson interjected, “I thought I saw spank marks on her rear end, corporal punishment is fine and will not affect the rash healing.”

He finished the examination and I started to reach for my shorts. Grandmother picked them up and said, “You heard what the doctor said, put on the diaper.”

I dejectedly took the diaper and pulled it on. Mrs. Thompson handed a few more to grandmother to get us by until we could get some at the store.  I know the people in the waiting room were staring as we walked out with me wearing only my shoes and the diaper.  As we got into the car, Grandmother announced that we were heading back to the barbershop. I was too defeated to argue but let out a loud sigh. Grandmother sternly said, “I will not have that attitude, you will be getting another spanking when we get home.”

We got to Mr. Jackson’s parked the car and went in. Mr. Jackson looked up from the man whose hair he was cutting and queried, “Back so soon?”

To my embarrassment, Grandmother told him about the situation with the doctor visit and asked him if he could help.  He told her that he would be happy to help after he finished this customer. Grandmother took my arm and led me to the bench to be seated.  I stared at the floor but stole quick glances at the man getting his hair cut. He stared at me intently through the rest of his hair cut. After he paid and left, Mr. Jackson called me to the chair. He asked me to remove the diaper and have a seat. He reclined the back and asked me to spread my legs by handing them over the arms of the chair. He picked up some small clippers and clicked them on. He asked me to hold still and began to shear away my pubic hair. I started to cry but Grandmother to me that young girls have this kind of thing done all of the time and there was no reason to cry. He finished the front and moved down along my labia. I continued to sniffle and Grandmother threatened to stop him and spank me right there if I didn’t stop.  He continued to the back and removed all of the hair there.  I had composed myself a little but about the time he finished with the clippers, I sobbed again. Grandmother got up from the bench and came to the chair and said, “That’s it, I warned you.”

She stood me up, spun me and leaned me over the chair and proceeded to give me an extremely hard spanking right there in front of Mr. Jackson. I was really sobbing when she finished. She looked at Mr. Jackson and said, “You may finish now.”

He repositioned me on the chair and placed the hot towel over my pubic area, after a moment he removed it and applied the lather all over my stubbles. He stropped his straight razor and began to remove the last of my pubic hair. He started at the front and carefully worked his way to the back removing every single hair. He wiped me clean and pronounced me finished. He helped me up and grandmother paid him. I reached for the diaper to cover myself and Grandmother said that I had to ride home naked to let it air out. She took my arm and led me out the door to the car.

Fortunately, I don’t think anyone saw us going to the car or noticed me on the drive home.  Aunt Grace was sitting on the porch when we arrived. When I got out of the car completely bald and naked, she asked what had happened. Grandmother explained about the doctor visit and the second visit to the barbershop.  Aunt Grace looked at me and said, “Brenda honey, you look good bald and being bald down there will help that rash heal. You will be fine without clothes out here.”

I followed Grandmother and Aunt Grace into the house and into the kitchen. Grandmother pulled out a chair and sat and said, “Over my knee young lady.”

I began to cry and protest, but Grandmother said, “The spanking you got at Mr. Jackson’s was for your actions there. This is the one I promised you at Dr. Thompson’s. Crying and arguing now is only making it more severe.”

I lay over her lap and Grandmother blistered my bottom worse than any other spanking she has given me.  When she finished, she stood me up in front of her and as I stood there rubbing my bottom with tears streaming down my face she said, “Grace, we are going to have to set up a few new rules here. Brenda will continue to
follow Dr. Thompson’s orders and will lock up all of her clothing in the big trunk in the attic until she is allowed to wear them again. Also she will remain completely bald on top and bottom not just until the rash heals but until she has lost enough weight to be down to 115 pounds AND she has learned how to behave.”

I exclaimed, ‘Oh, no! “ and started crying again uncontrollably. Grandmother pulled me back over her lap began giving me another very hard spanking, while Aunt Grace headed upstairs to get all of my clothes and lock them away.

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