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I got caught in the rain gardening for tilly, a real downpour that soaked me to the skin. by the time i put the tools away and locked up the shed i was drenched. i went into her house and stood in the kitchen dripping.  did you get wet she shouted from the front room. soaked to the skin i told her. get your wet clothes off and i’ll dry it all she said.

I stripped down to my shorts and they were soaked through too.  Tilly appeared in the kitchen doorway, get your shorts off she said they’re dripping. i dont have anything on underneath i replyed.  i’ve seen it all before she said, now get them off and follow me upstairs for a hot shower before you catch your death of cold.   

Tilly was not the kind of lady to argue with. she was strict and sharp, her short hair made her look severe, she was plump and rounded, but she was wearing a soft long handknitted aran cardigan tightly buttoned all down to her knees that softened her hard personality

She turned and walked off, i pulled off my shorts and naked i followed her up the stairs to the bathroom.  she pulled back the shower curtain, in you get she said, theres shampoo and conditioner on the shelf, thanks i replyed getting in the shower. and tilly walked off to get me a towel.

I was rinsing out the conditioner when she returned. towels on the radiator she said and theres a hairdryer here, make sure your hair is dry properly before you leave the bathroom, i dont want you catching a cold. yes tilly thank you i replyed. your clothes are in the washing machine, they’ll be a couple of hours, so i’ll find you something to wear she said and she left the bathroom.

When i got out the shower the towel was tiny, i dryed with it and hung it back on the radiator. then i blowdryed my hair with her hairdryer. it had a brush attachment and was quick and easy. it had been ages since i had blowdryed my hair and it looked really good.

My hair was long, nearly half way down my back, i fanned it all out and putting the towel around my waist i left the bathroom. on the landing i called tilly. down here she replyed from her bedroom. i walked down the landing, her door was slightly open.tilly i called . come in and shut the door she said.

She was standing between her wardrobes and the four poster bed holding a big pile of jumpers. got any favourite colours she asked. no anything will do i said

As i looked at the pile on the bed one stood out, an orange big fluffy mohair jumper and i knew she was going to pick that one.  she pulled it out and let it unfold. and it was huge thick and very fuzzy. this one will keep you warm tilly said. head down.  i put my head down and she pulled it straight over my head and down onto my body knocking my towel to the floor

As she encased me in her handknitted mohair right down over my knees, my cock began to grow bigger each second,  arms in tilly said, i pushed my hands down the wide long sleeves.  the poloneck was completely covering my face and tilly folded it over at the top of my nose so i could just see.

By this time my cock was throbbing and poking out of her lovely soft mohair jumper she had dressed me in.

naughty boy tilly said grabbing my cock and leading me up to her four poster bed,  grab the posts she said you need a good spanking fluffy boy. as i grabbed onto both the bed posts she slid a metal cuff around my wrist and clicked it shut, right wrist and then the left one too.

I wasnt worryed at this point, but tilly went on to cuff both my ankles too,  locking me to her big bed in an X shape. and i thought she was just going to spank me.  but she then went on to gag me with a ball of mohair and tape my mouth shut

then she tightened up all the 4 cuffs until i really couldnt move or make any noise.

Then i was worryed.  tilly lifted up the big jumper exposing my white arse and with her other hand she thrashed me with her rubber soled slipper without any mercy again and again all over my arse until she was out of breath and panting.

my arse was on fire burning all over from dozens of hard hits from her.  naughty mohair boy wont sit down for a week now she laughed at me.  i hung from her bed thrashed, gagged and mohaired in an orange jumper

Tilly was behind me out of my sight, i heard her open a drawer but then without any warning she grabbed my long hair at the back of my head and pulled my head backwards. she began to gather up all my hair in a ponytail at the back of my head. My fluffy mohairboy’s getting a short punishment haircut she shouted and she cut into my long locks, snipping quickly through my beautiful hair cropping it all off short at my collar.

Silently i screamed no, no , no, but she had just butchered my long hair off all short so quickly and then she threw it all over my shoulder onto the bed. my long locks of hair lying all over the bed and not on my head and i could do nothing about it.  Tilly pulled the big poloneck off the back of my head and ran her fingers into my shortened hair,  nice crop she said thats much better.

she pulled up the poloneck to completely cover my head and tied the top.  you can hang for an hour she said and left the bedroom and closed the door

Mohaired, cuffed and gagged i hung from her bed with my hair cut short for what seemed so long, faintly in the background i could hear tilly doing things in the house but i was at her mercy and had to wait for her return.

Finally i heard her coming up the stairs and into the bedroom. 

Time for a clippering mohairboy she shouted. Tilly untied the poloneck and exposed my head . on the bed she had layed a set of big black wide clippers. i shook my head pleading to her with my eyes not to clip me but i knew it would be in vain.

I watched tilly plugging in the clippers into a long extension lead. she ran her finger along the blade, number 1 she said, very close to your scalp, super super short she laughed and then she was behind me holding her left hand on the top of my head to stop me moving

she pushed the buzzing clipper blade into the centre back of my head and shaved straight down to my neck.  i knew straight away how high and short she had buzzed my hair but i was powerless to stop her giving me another shorter haircut

Tilly clippered me around from the back in a line to the top of my right ear stripping off my shortened hair to a number 1 in lines and the right side of the bottom half of my lovely hair was buzzed off and falling everywhere.

I was having a bowl cut clipped to the top of my ears with a number 1 tight undercut all the way around. i was so horrified at what it must look like , all my beautiful long soft hair cut and clipped up to top of my ears and i could see it all over the bed gone forever as i hung for tilly being punished wearing her big mohair jumper and unable to stop her haircutting and clipping.

Slowly she buzzed the left side down and around to match the right, what was left of my hair hung down forward across my face very short and bowled. tilly clicked off her clippers and ran her fingers up onto the back of my head and said that was the best high clipped bowlcut she’d done for a long time. then tilly got her mirror and held it up in front of me, tears ran from my eyes as i saw what she had done to my hair.

She covered my head again and rubbed the mohair up the back of my freshly clipped head,  hows that feel she laughed another hour hanging i think and she was gone again.  i was her mohairboy and my hair was ruined and i couldnt move or speak. and i hung there for another hour at least thinking about my hair all over the bed and the sight of me in her mirror

When tilly returned she exposed my head again and then
stood in front of me on the bed with the clippers in her hand. she slid the attachment off and dropped it onto my hair on the bed.  now its time for your buzzcut she told me,  she held my head forward and i knew i was going to be shaved bare.  tilly clipped up my head, straight up the centre. i didnt move at all

my hair was clipped all off all over in minutes and tilly had bared my scalp.

She was such an expert with removing my hair, her clippering deliberate and slow and right to my scalp. now i could see all my hair everywhere in front of me and stuck all over her orange mohair jumper that covered me. and none of it was on my head anymore. tilly covered my head again for another hour hanging in her jumper cuffed gagged and now clippered to 0000 all over, totally hairless

The mohair rubbed onto my freshly clipped scalp and lots of my hair was trapped inside her jumper stuck to me.  i hung there for the 3rd hour and as it got darker i waited for tillys punishment to continue.  it seemed longer each time waiting for her each time my hair got shorter. finally she returned to her bedroom.

Time to razor your head shiny bald and smooth mohairboy tilly told me as she exposed my clippered head and caped me with a big white towel around my shoulders. she had brought a bowl of hot steaming water, some razors and foam in a can.

 your head is going to shine when i’m finished she told me as she sprayed the cold foam onto my now hairless head.  carefully she spread it all over my head, more tears ran from my eyes as i waited for tilly to bald me completely with a razor.

My long hair that i had so carefully washed and conditioned and dryed just hours earlier was all gone,  she had taken it all off as punishment while she had me dressed in her fluffy long thick orange mohair jumper, gagged cuffed and thrashed trapped in her bedroom and no one could stop her.

Dont move at all tilly told me and i didnt, i just hung there motionless as she stripped my scalp smooth with a razor. she scraped the razor forward down my head smoothing the top bald so quickly  and the back of my head too. razor shaved down and across. tilly angled my head to the side and razored smooth bald around my ears and down the sides of my head

she was in total control, gripping my head tight and razoring me close and slowly to expose my white bald hairless scalp.

Shaved long to bald in my mohair as punishment tilly said as she dryed my bald head with a towel.  it felt so cold bare and strange to be balded without a choice when you had such long hair. my hair hadnt been cut short for years and years and i had never been clippered all over before ever. once again tilly covered my head with the jumpers poloneck and she tied the top. another hour she told me but this time you are my bald mohairboy she laughed before leaving again

I was in total shock, hours of hanging cuffed tight to her bed and fluffy with thick long orange mohair all over me , gagged tight and given the ultimate long to bald haircut without a choice. tilly had dealt me out the ultimate punishment. and i was so scared at what my head would look like without my lovely long hair.  and although i felt so balded and smooth she hadnt let me see what she had done to me.

Mohair covered me from head to my knees and i was bald waiting for tilly.  finally she came back and exposed my head. she finally showed me my head in the mirror hairless and shiny bald.  smooth by tillys hands she told me rubbing my head all over with her fingers.  i took it all off you mohairboy she laughed.  i watched her pick up handfuls of my hair from the bed and drop it in front of me , there was so much of it.

Tilly removed my mohair gag, my cock throbbed.  tilly slowly wanked my hard cock while rubbing my balded head.

it was so horny. i think you liked being my mohairboy for today she said. being made fluffy in my handknitted mohair jumper and being cuffed gagged and spanked hard. and i’ve been waiting for so long to get your long hair off you and expose you as a baldie she said. and now you are and i’ll send you home balded smooth and only we’ll know why

Tilly uncuffed me from her bed. she made me kneel in front of her mirror, the light shined on my bald head. i watched tilly undress and expose her white fat body. she put back on her lovely cream white aran cardy buttoning it down to her belly.

i was bald and horny and covered in orange thick mohair. tilly got onto the bed and lay there beckoning me.

Get up here bald mohairboy tilly shouted to me. i scrambled up onto the bed, she opened her cardy, her hairy pussy exposed for me, here she pointed. i lay in between tillys fat white legs and she gripped my balded head.  make me wet she ordered me.  i licked all around and inside her old sagging cunt and she teased me about being balded in mohair for her.

tilly was so turned on by my balded head. she lay there on my cut and clipped hair which covered her bed holding my smooth head while i ate her pussy.

Tilly rubbed her mohair jumpers poloneck which she had knitted and dressed me in,  up onto my shiny scalp and that turned her on more too.  mohair and no hair she laughed as i licked her hairy cunt more and more.  i have fantasised about having your long hair off with scissors she told me and dreamt of you fluffy and clippered for me and now i have you balded for my pleasure.

Tilly pulled me up onto her body, my throbbing hard cock slid inside her pussy, she held my bald head and we kissed hard , her pink lipstick on my lips. i touched tillys short short hair finally , fuck the old granny baldie boy tilly shouted my smooth mohair boy.  i didnt last any longer, exploding my spunk inside tilly.  she flipped me over onto my back and strapped my wrists and ankles to her four post bed.

Then she sat on my cock and fucked me, bouncing her fat body onto me, holding my bald head and giving it to me like never before.  i was her bald mohairboy and it was all for her pleasure. and then she sent me home. bald and humiliated.

Tilly told me that when i arrived to do her gardening every week the first thing she was going to do was dress me up in something fluffy she had knitted and clipper my head again then razor it smooth.

Now by lunchtime on monday every week, tilly has bald clippered and shaved my head shiny smooth in her kitchen, dressed in her lovely handknits and then i do her gardening for 4 hours. when i have finished she takes me upstairs, dresses up in something soft and fluffy and tilly fucks me and has me bald for her pleasure dressed up in her mohair. i am tillys bald mohairboy.

Everybody i knew was very shocked the first time they saw me balded. they were so used to seeing all my long thick soft hair hanging down all around me and it was all gone.  i told so many different lies about losing my hair, most people believed me

it was my secret i keep with tilly. i love being her bald mohairboy. that day she took my hair off for her pleasure was the start of our fluffy bald adventure and i love mondays going to tillys house for gardening.

On special weekends tilly has me at her house friday after work, she washes me clippers my head and razors me shiny smooth and i spend hours hanging bald for her dressed in layers of her mohair handknits while she gags and spanks me

tilly fucks me for hours and i spend the night with her. i wake up saturday mornings bald completely mohaired and with short haired tilly dressed in her aran handknitted cardigan. i love tilly xxx

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