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Danielle walked away and one moment later, she rolled a large, rather futuristic device behind my chair. She adjusted the device to be on the same hight as my head and rolled it even closer to the chair. She then took my head and placed it in the device.

The device produced heat but wasn’t as uncomfortable as a hairdryer. It was completely silent. So there I sat again, waiting and waiting. This time under this, rather futuristic looking device with some colours in my hair without even knowing which colour was in my hair. Slowly, the heat of the device increased and became more uncomfortable. Not only the heat, but also the idea of sitting there, exposed to everyone.

I sat there and had no idea whatsoever what Danielle did to my hair.

One of the women that clearly didn’t have enough of the idea of me being humaliated came to me and asked me to lay my hands flat on the armrests. She then started to do my nails. I couldn’t see what she whas doing, as the large cape blocked my view, but I could feel that she was manicuring my nails. The feeling wasn’t unpleasant at all, women where lucky enough to have all this done to their bodies. It al felt very good, except for the facehair removal.

Suddenly, something cold was applied to my nails. Slowly, but gentle, finger after finger, was covered with a cold, somewhat viscous liquid.

In the meantime Danielle and Jenny checked the foils in my hair to see if the color was good. They repeatetly unwrapped the foil pakkages to check the hair inside.

I had no choice than to wait and sit. My arms where stil tied to the chair so I was unable to move. I could feel every movement, every touch of their hands, the talking to eachother but I couldn’t hear what they where saying although that would be clear in a minute.

Danielle fethed the shampoobowl and took my head. Gently she placed my neck in the semicircularspace in the shampoobowl. I could feel how she started to takeout the foils.  It was a strange sensation. I could almost feel how the locks went out of there foil-prison.

Danielle started to run Water thru my Hair and I could feel how the dye slowly ran out of my hair. After a while Danielle applied Shampoo and started to massage my head. Once again I could feel how the foam was building up on my head. The noise of the leather and the feeling was lovely.

Danielle rinsed the hair and a pplied the shampoo a second time. Again I could feel the leather in my Hair.

I was almost dissapointed when Danielle rinsed the hair a second time and took a towel.

I wished this could go on forever.

… To be continued

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