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She paused before opening the door, admiring the simple elegance of the shop front and the large attractive photographs of hairstyles that were on display.  Jane was an attractive woman in her early thirties who owned her own very successful salon and she made a point that whenever she was in a new area she would visit a local salon, have her hair done and see if she could get any ideas that she could take back to her own salon to improve it.  She was frequently disappointed by many of the things she observed: the appearance of the salon, the attitude of the staff and of course the quality of the work.  Today she was in a small town about 30 miles from her salon that she had never visited before.  She had visited her mother who had recently moved there and now before returning to her own home she was using the opportunity to try out a new local salon that apparently had a very good reputation for its work. 

It was approaching 5 o’clock and Jane knew it was a good time to stop by a salon without an appointment, as an uncaring staff would say that it was too near their closing time to take another customer. Jane entered the salon and she breathed in the familiar warm softly scented air and saw that the interior was quite small but all the fittings were very modern and luxurious.  There was a small reception desk and then one wall was covered with a large mirror with a shelf running along and cupboards underneath.  In front of the mirror were two very comfortable looking large chairs and on the opposite side was a large settee with a coffee table covered with magazines.  Deeper into the salon was another room and Jane could see that it was the shampooing area. 

One of the chairs in front of the mirror was occupied by a middle-aged woman with shortish jaw length hair that was being blow dried into a bob by a tall handsome young man.  He smiled at Jane and then a young girl came quickly through from the rear of the salon and said politely, “Can I help you?”  Jane nodded and said, “Yes, I was wondering if it would be possible to have my hair shampooed and blow-dried now.”  The girl glanced enquiringly at the stylist who immediately said, “Of course, I can do it in about 10 minutes. Please sit over there.  Clare, could you take the lady’s coat and get her a cup of coffee if she would like one.”  Jane removed her coat and then sat on the comfortable settee in the waiting area.  Full marks so far she thought as she watched the stylist continue his work and the coffee arrived quite quickly.  She could see that the woman’s hair was beautifully shaped and was being expertly dried and within a few minutes the drying was complete and he whisked the enveloping cape from around her and she stood up and smilingly said. “Thank you Paul.  My hair looks lovely, I am pleased you persuaded me to let you cut it.” 

Jane wondered how much hair he had persuaded the woman to let him cut off; as she knew that most stylists including her always took great pleasure in cutting hair off.  The woman paid and left and Paul motioned Jane to the chair.  As she stood up she felt just a little surprised that he had not sent her to be shampooed first as most stylists would.  Another plus for the salon, as he would be able to see how her texture and shape was dry, as well as after shampooing.  Jane sank into the chair and he draped the cape around her, flicking out her heavy gleaming light chestnut hair that fell to about four inches below her shoulders. He studied her reflection for a few moments before picking up a brush and drawing it slowly through her hair. She always loved having her hair brushed and she felt a little throb of excitement as he expertly handled her hair.  As he continued to brush her hair he said, “Oh your hair is magnificent, a hairdressers dream.  The texture and weight is just perfect for any style.”  Jane gave a little smile to herself for she knew that this was not just false praise as she was fortunate to have the type of hair he had described.  “What would you like me to do with it today?” 

“Oh, I don’t mind, I will leave it to you.”  He smiled as he continued to slowly draw the brush through her hair, and said, “Wonderful!  He gazed at her reflection in the mirror for a few moments and then said, “Are you in a hurry?”  “No, not really,” she replied, wondering why he had asked. He motioned forward his assistant and she was led away and given a very good shampoo and some sort of conditioner was massaged into her hair.  She was led back into the main salon and as the young girl seated her in the chair and he said, “Thank you Sarah, just finish tidying up and then you can go.  I will lock up when I leave.”  He turned back to Jane and began carefully combing through her damp hair and then spent about twenty minutes expertly blow-drying her hair.  During this time he chatted with her and she found him very engaging and amusing and she loved the expert way he handled her hair. He told her he had opened the salon a few months earlier after working for 7 years in the hair and make-up department of a large TV company but had always wanted to eventually run his own salon. 

Eventually he switched off the dryer and Jane examined her hair in the mirror. He had styled it from a side parting and then quite simply down over her shoulders where it turned under slightly and she was just a little disappointed that he hadn’t done something more interesting.  He put down the hand dryer and the brush and brought forward a tray of heated rollers and then said, “I am going to put some curl in your hair.”  Jane nodded, “That’s fine.” This was a bit more interesting!  He proceeded to now use the rollers all over her head, large ones on the top and then lots of smaller ones elsewhere, then he sprayed her hair with some sweet smelling setting lotion, and then applied additional heat with the hand dryer for a few minutes. 

He then took all the rollers out carefully from her hair that was a mass of soft gleaming curls.  He now brushed and loosened her hair with his fingers for a few minutes and then he stood back looking at her reflection in the mirror and said, “Hollywood hair!  I think your hair looks just like Rita Hayworth used to wear hers.  Do you like it?”

She gazed at her hair spellbound.  It looked magnificent!  He had brushed her hair smoothly across her forehead in a soft wave and then it tumbled down to rest on her shoulders in a foaming bouncing mass of curls and she realised what he meant.  She had always thought that the hairstyles of the 40’s were very feminine and attractive. “Oh, I love it!” she said excitedly.

He smiled at her reaction and then said, “Could you do me a very big favour please.  I like to photograph some styles I have created, I use them in the window and in my style portfolio.”  Jane remembered the large photographs she had seen earlier as she had entered the salon and the books of hairstyles in the reception area.  “Would you let me do it now?  I have a room at the back of the salon I have fitted out as a small photographic studio.”  Jane felt slightly flattered that he thought her attractive enough to use as a model and it would be interesting. She smiled at him and said, “Yes, alright.”  He looked very pleased and said, “Thank you very much.”  He released the cape from around her shoulders and led the way through the shampoo area and then into another quite large room that was full of quite professional looking lighting equipment and cameras on tripods.  There was also a large chair that he ushered Jane into and then said,  “
Would you mind if I just altered your make-up a little, I need it a bit more dramatic for the photographs.”  Jane nodded her assent, feeling really excited now, wondering how she would look.  He drew forward a well-equipped make-up trolley, covered her once more in a large cape and began work 

He cleaned all her make-up off and then worked applying new for 20 minutes or more.  He had turned the chair away from the so she was unable to see what he was doing but she felt her eyebrows being reshaped, new eye shadow applied and then face powder before the final application of lipstick. She found the intimacy of him working so close to her very sensual and began to feel quite aroused.  When he finally spun the chair around she could barely recognise the image she saw in the mirror.  Her new hairstyle combined with the totally different make up had altered her appearance completely but she realised that she did look striking.  He smiled at her obvious surprise at her appearance and then said, “Right, come over here and I will take some photographs.”  He carefully positioned her in front of the camera and then took a large number of shots before ushering her back to the chair. 

He glanced at his watch and said, “Have you got time for me to do a few more styles.”  Jane was enjoying herself so much that she said, “Yes, I am loving all the attention and seeing myself look so different.”  He spun the chair back around and said, “ I just need to alter the make up a little,” and she felt him working on her eyes and then applying a different lipstick and then he picked up a brush and began brushing her hair very firmly.  He then finished off arranging her hair with his fingers, pulling it to the final shape and then spun the chair back around to face the mirror.  “Still forties style,” he said, “but this time more Veronica Lake.”  Once again Jane was astounded at how different she looked.  The firm brushing of her hair had loosened the waves and curls and allowed her hair to fall down over her shoulders from a soft swooping wave.

He now led her back to the photographic area and posed her for a number of shots and then they returned to the other room.  “I would like to do a couple of styles now with your hair up. Ok?”  She nodded and said, “That’s fine. I love the different styles you have done already.  I don’t put my hair up very often so I will look forward to seeing what you can do.”  He nodded and then glanced at his watch and said, “Look I am sure you must be getting a little hungry.  Do you like Indian food?”  “Yes, one of my favourites.”  “There is a very good take-away nearby, I often use it. I can ring them up now for some food and we can eat it in the salon. What would you like?”  “I will leave it to you,” she replied. 

He smiled and went back into the salon and she heard him speaking on the telephone.  What an interesting visit to a new salon this was turning out to be!  He returned and once again began working on her hair and she was impressed at how quickly he changed her hairstyle.  Within about ten minutes her hair had been arranged in a simple but elegant French twist at the back with soft fronds of hair loosely draped around her face “Your hair suits you beautifully up from your neck. You have a lovely hairline and well-shaped ears. You should show them off more often.”  She was led through again and photographed and just as they were returning to the main salon the take-away meal arrived. He spread the food out on the dressing table in the salon and as they ate she smiled at the thought that she had come in for a simple wash and blow dry and it had ended up with her being a hair model and eating Indian food! 

As they ate he asked her casually what work she did and looked at her with some surprise when she told him about her owning her own hair salon.  “What made you come in to another salon to get your hair done?” he asked. She explained how she observed what was going on and if there were any ideas she could use to improve her own business and he was impressed with her reasons. “What about my salon?” he asked and they both laughed when she said it was unusual to find a salon that did photography and provided Indian food! 

When they had finished eating he unpinned her hair and dressed it in a more elaborate style and then photographed her again.  They walked back into the salon and he thanked her again for being so co-operative and then he said casually, “Would you be prepared to come in again and allow me to photograph your hair the next time you come to visit your mother?”  Jane immediately agreed as she found him most attractive and loved all the hairstyles he had created. He looked pleased and said enthusiastically, “Wonderful!  I would like to do a complete makeover on you. Something really different.”  Jane felt her stomach give a little lurch and said, “Would that involve cutting my hair?”  He stared at her intently for a brief moment and then said, “Yes.”


“How much do you want to cut off?”

“ I am not sure at the moment but with that lovely hairline of yours I would probably cut your hair quite short.”

“I am sorry, I don’t like my hair short.”, “Really.  Why not? It would suit you beautifully”

“I want to keep my hair long.” 

He gave a little shrug of disappointment and said, “What a pity.  I know I could create a beautiful style for you. When did you last have short hair?”

“Oh, I don’t really remember,” she replied and he realised that she did not want to discuss it anymore.

“Anyway, thank you once again for being such a brilliant model.  Do you have a business card; I will send you copies of your photographs when I have printed them”

She opened her handbag and passed him one of her cards and then said, “How much do I owe you?” He smiled and said, “Don’t be silly, I should give you a modelling fee and I enjoyed sharing a meal with you.  Perhaps we could do it again some time but at a decent restaurant?”  She felt very pleased and flattered but replied casually. “Perhaps”  He smiled and just as she was leaving he said, “If you change your mind about your hair please let me know.”  She looked at him and said, “Is that a condition for the meal?”  He laughed and said, “Of course not.” 

She left the salon with her mind in a whirl.  She had found him very attractive and realised that he obviously was interested in her despite the fact that she was at least eight or nine years older than him but was it just her hair he found attractive she wondered as she drove home. Her long hair did mean a lot to her and she had worn it shoulder length or longer for over 15 years.  She could still recall vividly her feelings the last time her hair had been cut short.  It had been her first day at the large salon that had taken her on as a trainee and at that time her hair had been almost waist length and she was very proud of its length and beauty.  She had spent a long time before leaving for work in arranging her hair in a complicated French plait that she then coiled up and pinned at the nape of her neck. To her surprise when she arrived at the salon she was immediately led to one of the styling chairs by the manager and had been enveloped in a large cape. 

He had swiftly removed the hairpins that held up her plait and allowed it to fall down over the cape behind her.  He fingered it gently and then said, “You have arranged your hair beautifully but it isn’t really suitable now you are working here.  I want to see you with a more fashionabl
e style.”  He grasped her thick gleaming plait of hair just below the nape of her neck and reached into his pocket.  He pushed her head forward and she just had time to see that he had taken out a pair of scissors.  Her stomach lurched with panic and she gave a little whimper of terror and desperation as she felt a tug on her plait and heard the sharp shearing sound as he began forcing the blades deep into her hair at the nape of her neck. “Oh please she gasped, “Don’t cut my hair,” but already knowing that it was too late to save her treasured long tresses. She managed to hold back her tears as with a few great plunging snips he severed her plait and he tossed it casually on to the shelf in front of her. 

She could always recall the terror of those few moments as her treasured hair had been so ruthlessly removed and had cried herself to sleep for many nights afterwards but she also could remember that despite her shock and horror she had also been intensely aroused by the feel of the scissors in her hair.  He had taken about a further 15 minutes to shape her hair into a short wedge and during that time despite her misery she had actually experienced several intense orgasms.  Over the years that had followed she had always felt little tremors when her hair was being trimmed but had let it grow longer and longer and for the past 5 years or more she had kept the length always at least a few inches below her shoulders. 

She had become very successful when she had opened her own salon and now owned a large salon that employed over thirty people and two smaller salons that she had set up with former staff in partnership.  Now she spent most of her time on the business side of running the salons, only personally looking after the hair of a few valued customers.  However despite her own preference for long hair she did not allow any of her staff to have hair longer than chin length as she felt as a large majority of the women who used her salons did not have longer hair. Of course this led to a number of situations arising when new staff joining the salons would have to submit to allowing their hair to be cut. Jane herself was always the one who wielded the scissors, as she just loved the opportunity to cut off long hair.  Ever since the day her own long hair had been shorn she had been obsessed with re-creating similar scenarios but with her in the commanding position and not the reluctant victim. She loved to see long locks tumbling from her shearing blades and create a totally new image.  She had often seen the look of fear on a girl’s face as she heard the scrunch of scissors biting deep into their hair and then feeling their long locks coming away from her head. 

In addition she had instructed all her staff that when they knew that anyone with long hair was booked in for a restyle then the appointment should be made with her.  Over the years she had been running her salons she had cropped many heads of beautiful long hair but now there was someone who wanted to do the same to her. That evening before she went to bed she sat in front of her mirror brushing her hair and studying her reflection.  She gathered up her hair and held it behind her head; she knew that short hair would suit her features and that perhaps it really was time she changed her image but at the back of her mind was her experience the first time her hair had been cut short.  She often relived the sheer terror she had felt as her long hair had been removed but she smiled to herself as she could also recall the magnitude of her orgasm.  She released her hair so that it tumbled back over her shoulders in a riot of soft waves and curls and gave her head a little toss so that her hair bounced about her face. Should she allow him to cut it? 

To be continued.

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