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It was a June Monday at 4:30pm  at the Hilltop Apartments when tenant Isabell a Navajo/ Hispanic girl of 24 walked into the Managers Office. The manager Christine age 54 saw her. ” Hi Isabell,  sit down and what can I do for you?” Isabell ” How can you evict my friend Beth?”  Christine ” She violated community Policy and cusssed out my maintenance man again. I gave her a 30 day notice.” Isabell ” But there is an apartment shortage in this town and she just go through going through a Divorce. She is stressed out.” Christine ” I know you and Beth are close friends and work together. I can understand your passionate response. However, rules are rules. I’ve got the ok from the Head office to evict her.” Isabell got up to leave and turned to Christine ” It’s not fair.! It’s just not fair to evict her now!.  Something caught Christines eye. ” Isabell, I tell you what is not fair is  young girl like you having a head full of pantene hair down to your waist to go along with a model like body with no man to share it with. Wait a minute Isabell I’ve got  an idea that might let Beth stay but it is up to you. ” Isabell stopped and looked at Christine ” What do you mean it is up to me?”  Christine looked at Isabell and smiled ” Your friend Beth has a short crop hairstyle. Youi have lived here 5 years and I’ve never seen you change your hair length. You let me cut your long hair short like your friend Beth’s and share a shower with you for five minutes cleaning off the clippings and I’ll change the eviction notice to a warning notice.”

Isabell sat surpised she felt her waist length chocolate brown hair which was parted in the middle. ” Oh, that is the craziest  idea I’ve ever heard of. You must really be jealous of my long hair.” Christine ” Yes, I guess Iam but I think it is time for you to make a change and why not make a dramatic one. Now, if you really want to help your friend Beth and your that close of a friend you’ll accept my offer. I don’t think five minutes in the shower with me washing you off will r;uin your life. I just want to see that young bronze body of yours up close. Now, I’ll give you a few days to think about it and no one will be the wiser. I’d accept it before she has to start packing up her belongings.  A simple call to my private cell phone number saying  ” I accept your offer will put things in motion. Have a nice day.”  Christine watched as Isabell walked away with her just a bit longer than waist length golden brown hair moved to and fro with a cut little butt underneath it all.

Isabell didn’t want Beth to know she had talked to Christine when she saw Beth later that day. Beth was in despair” Oh, Isabell, What am I going to do? I don’t have money for deposit and my folks can’t help me. I can’t afford the higher rent the other places charge on my salary. I wish I hadn’t made those remarks to the maintenance man and made Christine mad.”  Isabell looked at Beth with her blonde hair cut short on top and feathered on the side like Ellen Degeneres the daytime talk host. She looked at her long soft brown hair  and the idea of cutting it short  made her shake. Isabell looked at Beth ” Oh, Beth it will be ok, I’ll help you look for a place and maybe something s;urprising will happen.”

The next couple of days the duo looked and looked with the only option being a cheap hotel that had weekly rates.

 Isabell looked in the mirror on Friday morning as she brushed her long soft light chocolate colored hair over her shoulders. She proceeded to put on her bra and the thought of Christine in she shower touching her breast made her cringe. It was Friday afternoon at work that Beth informned her that the loan place had turned her down. Isabell’s friend was going to be homeless in two weeks.

Isabell was being backed into a corner. She was losing sleep at night over her situation. It was 10:30pm  when Isabell dialed Christines private number and spoke the words. ” I accept your offer”.  It was only 30 minutes later at 11pm on a Friday night that Isabell’s phone rang. ” Hi, Isabell, this is Christine. You accept my offer completly.? ” Yes,” spoke Isabell. How does 1pm after Church on Sunday at my apartment sound? ” OK,” Isabell responds. ” I want you to wash your hair good on Saturday night. Iwant you to put those big curls in like you do and I want you to wear under your cloths that blue bikini that I see you at the pool in from time to time. I’ll see you Sunday afternoon. Now sleep tight. Goodnight.”.

Saturday afternoon Isabelll ran into Beth. ” Beth, if our places were switchedyou would do whatever you could to help me wouldn’t you?” “ Yes, I would of course. Then Isabell looked at Beths short hair. “ I’ve seen photos of you with your hair long past your breast.How did it feel to cut it short the first time? Beth looks at Isabell “ It  was scary and a tramatic event right afterwards but with in a few days I was glad that I did it. I decided to make a dramatic change as my hair grows fast like yours. Why do you ask? Your not thinking about cutting your beautif;ul hair are you? She reaches over and touches one of Isbell’s curls. Isabelll,” Oh, you never know when the time comes to make a change.”

Sunday morning came and Isabell brushed out her long soft chocoate brown hair and curled the ends one last time. She put on her makeup and went to Church.  She couldn’t help but to think of what was to come in the afternoon in a few short hours. She went home and removed her church cloths. She put on the blue two piece bikini that Christine told her she wanted her to wear. Then over the top she put a lo0se blouse and put on a pair of loose jeans. She brushed out her long hair and looked at it longingly in the mirror. She had a quick bite to eat and it was 12:45pm. Time to go see Christine.

She knocked on the door and Christine answered at12:55pm. ” Hi Isabell, I want you to remove your cloths so your just in your bikini. I’m going to take a few before pictures of you so you can see the difference later. Now, here is  drink of specially made Ice Tea to relax you for what is ahead.” Isabell, took the glass and gulped the Ice tea down. It was very good. Isabell proceeded to rremove her pants and blouse. Christine had her pose in various poses with her hiair down and around her body. She drank more Ice Tea. Christine had just finished the photos when the door bell rang. Christine answered ” Sorry, I’m late is the young lady here?

Christine said ” Yes, “  The lady spoke again ” Did you give ther the drink?  Chrstine ” Yes, I did about 20 minutes ago and she has had two glasses of it.” ” Then she should be ready by now.” the lady spoke;. Isabell looked at the middle aged lady coming through the door with short black hair  and carrying a big red purse. They came over to Isabell and Christine spoke ” Isabell, this is Faye and  she runs the beauty shop down the street. She is going to give you your new look.” Isabell reached out her hand ” Hi my name is Isabell”. Christine had Isabell turn around so Faye could see Isabell’s hair up close. Christine reached up ” See how pretty and thick her hair is. It is a beautiful light chocolate color on top and then as she pulled the hair upward with the underneath hair being a dark rich chocolate color.”. Faye took a handful of Isabell’s hair in her hand and felt the thickness. “You don’t color your hair do you?”  “No” was the reply. Isabell who was then on her third glass of Ice Tea asked a questtion to Faye ” What is in the big red purse?” Faye smiled at Isabell ” Just the tools of my trade to make sure you look just as beautiful witihout your long hair as you do wi
th it. I think she is ready for her haircut Christine. Let’s proceed.”

Christine ” Now that we all are aquainted lets get she show on the road. I have  tall bar stool sat up in the kitchen just like you wanted Faye. Faye and Christine led Isabell lead the way with her long chocolate hair hanging down for just a few minutes more. Isabell sat on the stool and Faye proceed to brush out Isaells long soft locks. She looked at Christine ” Did you decide on a style.?”  Christine looked at Isabell and then at  Faye ” I want it as short as possible so I can sell you as much of her hair as possible like we discussed. I think like that lady Morena Bacarrin who plays the Queen on the TV series “V” or Jamie Lee Curtis. It would be a nice wash and go look for the young lady.” Faye ” Yes, I agree that a style similar to those two would look very nice on her.She looked at Isabell. I hear your doing this for a friend named Beth? ” Isabell,nodded yes. ” She must be a special friend for you to give up such beautiful hair. Ok, Isabell we are going to remove the bulk of your thick hair by dividing it into 4 sections tight against the scalp.in tight ponytails. One on each side with one on the crown area and one in the back. Christine follow my lead and do two for me.” Isabell sat and felt her hair being divided and pulled into four thick ponytails tight against her scalp. Faye produced a measuring tape and spoke. ” Lets make all the tails the same length for my use for extensions. I have 36 inches to the band and I’ll cut behind it. Make yours the same Christine. My what lovely hair you have Isabell. I know of a number of customers who are going to be happy to have it. ” By now the Ice tea and made Isabell very relaxed though she did flinch a bit when she hear the Wahl clippers oome to live and start to cut the first ponytail off. The buzzing noise was close to her head. Faye calmly spoke to her ” Your hair is so thick that it is quicker to remove it with cliippers. One the bulk is gone I’ll shorten it into a nice new style for you.” Isabell sat and llooked as first one ponytail was removed and then another.She noticed that Christine stood apart and took pictures of Faye cutting her hair.

The tails were laid on the kitchen counter and Isabells head felt significantly lighter as the hair was removed. When the four tails were laid on the counter Faye took a comb and ;using clippers over comb procceeded to remove more hair by the inches. Locks of hair tumbled down the front of Isabell past her bikini to the floor. Soon a ring of brown hair surounded the chair. Faye took a spray bottle and wetted Isabell’s remaining hair down and then using fingers and scissors cut it very short to Isabell’s head. Things were coming along at a quick pace when Isabell felt a new sensation. Clippers on her neck and nape as a number 3 guard went up the back of her head and around her ears. Short bangs were cut and with the guard removed her slender neck was shaved. Christine spoke first ” Wow, what a difference. She looks amazing. Faye came over and brushed out the look. ” I hope your friend Beth appreciates your sacrifice. Course we will know soon won’t we.  She proceeded to dry the hair for the finished look. ” She handed Isabell a mirror ” Ok, Isabell, I’m all finished you can look and touch now.” Isabell looked in the mirror ” Oh, my Hloly Jesus! What a change?! Beth was right ” Im in shock” Christine brought Isabell back to earth.

” Yes, you look really cute but your covered with hair so now it is shower time. Time for the last part of our deal. ” Christine led Isabell into the bathroom. She watched as Isabell removed her bikini and stood completely nude in front of her. ” Oh, Isbell you have such a lovely sexual body. Now, get in the shower and I’ll be back in a minute after I remove my cloths  so I can join you.” This was Isabell moment of dread. She jumped into the shower and closed her eyes to the warm water. She waited for Christines cold touch as the door open and someone entered behind her. The person took a body puff and started cleansing her back. She heard a voice ” Oh, Isabell, you look so sexy without your long hair and watching you get it cut has made my juices flow.” Isabell completly startled turned around ” Beth, what the #$$%? Oh, Isabell I’ve wanted to disoover you for so long. Isabell jumped in ” Beth, you don’t have to move. I cut my hair off so you could stay!”

Oh, Isabell I never was going to move. You see me and Christine discovered each other a few months ago and your name came up during one of our visits.  I just couldn”t see being able todiscover

you with all that hair being in the way. We knew you wouldn’t cut if off unless you were forced to. Now, look at you. Your beautiful and it is time for me to  discover  you properly. Christine has set up her spare bedroom for us to discover  each other.  A bewildered Isabell looked at Beth as she pulled her out of the shower nude and toward the bedroom.  ” Beth, I’ve never  done anything like this before.” Beth smiled back at Isbelll ” You never had short hair before till just a few minutes ago and you look so sexy. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. I hate to tell you Isabell but you have been set up in the name of ” Love”.

Christine and Faye were standing in the hall holding Isabell’s sevred ponytails as Isabell and Faye came by on the way to the bedroom. Christine looked at Isabell ” I told you it wasnt’ fair that you had such beautiful hair and body with no man but maybe what you really need is a Good Woman . Beth have fun showing Isabell the new toys I bought for you. Ice Tea is by the bed. Beth smiled back and Christine and opened the bedroom door. 

Christine looked at Faye. Well, it is 2:30 so Lets let those two discover each other and take those ponytails and your bag to your shop.  Faye looked with a smile at Christine ” I think I’ll lieave you one to give to Beth. She should get an Oscar.  Are you sure you want to leave now.” ” Oh, yes, I’ve got the camera hidden so I can watch them disovering each other later. I shall told Beth to call my private number when they are done. I think we are over due for our Sunday tea at Camile’s don’t you. ” Faye lifted Isabell’s ponytails to her face and felt the softness and sweet smell of the virgin hair. I’m so glad that I could help you out on Isabelll’s Day of Discovery “. Christine smiled “I’ll say one thing no more hair clogged drains at Isabell’s apatment. Ha! Ha!

The End.. Hope you liked..Mr.Snips.

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