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(Authors Note.  If you have not read Part One, published earlier in January, please read it first to hopefully appreciate the complete story) 

The next day she was quite busy most of the day and had little time to think about her hair but at about 5 o’clock she had a very pleasant surprise.  A van drew up outside and the delivery man brought in an enormous bunch of flowers addressed to her.  She opened the message card that simply said; “Thank you for being the perfect model.  Will I see you again?” and also enclosed were a number of high class photographs of her with the styles he had created.  She was very pleased that he clearly was still interested in her, or was it her hair she wondered.  She was still very apprehensive about allowing him to do a makeover, not because she doubted his ability but because of her fear of having her hair cut short after all these years. Again that night she found herself thinking about him and the pleasure she had felt as he had worked on her hair and she realised that she was definitely beginning to weaken and that she would probably be visiting his salon again and would submit to whatever new style he wanted to create on her.

  The next day was a Saturday and she was due to meet her best friend Ann – she would help her decide.  She had known Ann ever since she was a teenager and although they lived in different towns now, they were still very close and they always made an effort to meet for lunch about every couple of months. Ann was a very attractive woman and had the most amazing hair that Jane had ever seen.  It was a deep chestnut in colour and had a very strong natural wave but also was incredibly thick.  It just stood out from her head in a great cloud of spiral curls and over the years she had tried various lengths but it was impossible to style.  Now she just wore it half way down her back and her hair was always being commented on because of its amazing appearance.  Jane had worked on Ann’s hair quite often, trying various lengths but nothing could tame that incredible head of hair.

She was a little late for their lunchtime meeting and she looked around the crowded restaurant but couldn’t see her friend and then she saw someone waving at her from across the room…  She stared at the woman for a moment, not recognising her and then she gasped in surprise.  It was Ann but the reason she had not recognising her was that her hair had been cropped extremely short al l over Ann smiled at her friend’s stunned expression as Jane reached the table and raised her hand and stroked her very short hair. “What do you think then?” Jane stared at her friend, still hardly able to believe her eyes.  In addition to the very short hair her eyes were very dramatically made up and she had on a very bright lipstick.  Her eyebrows had been shaped and in her ears, that previously had almost never been visible because of all her hair, she wore very attractive pair of diamond studs. She looked sensational!  An attractive woman now turned into a sensationally beautiful one. “Oh Ann, you look fantastic.” she said. She pulled up a chair and sat down and Ann recounted how her amazing change had come about.

About two weeks earlier she had gone up to London to look for a new outfit for a wedding to which she had been invited and whilst in one of the large stores she had seen outside the beauty salon a sign offering a complete makeover of hair, skin, eyes and nails at a greatly reduced price. She had been thinking about changing her eye makeup and felt her hair probably needed a trim so on an impulse she decided to treat herself and within minutes she was caped and sitting in a chair in the hair salon and the leading stylist and a beautician were deciding what they felt was best for her.  “Are you happy to place yourself in our hands for your makeover today?”  she was asked.  Mentally she shrugged and decided that as it was such a high class salon she would go along with what they proposed.

Her head was tilted forward and she heard a low buzzing and then felt him grasp a great handful of her thick hair at the back and as she felt the touch of the blades on her neck did she realise that he was using clippers on her hair. She was very shocked as she felt the first lock of her hair coming away from her head but she realised that she had agreed that they should do what they felt was necessary.  He ran the clippers right up the back of her head and she watched in amazement and a great deal of apprehension as huge lock s of her hair tumbled down over the cape.  She felt like a sheep being shorn as she watched so much of her hair falling about her, for it wasn’t  just at the back he used the clippers, but all over her head.  Strangely the feel of the blades on her head was quite soothing and she could feel her head becoming noticeably lighter as so much of her hair was removed. 

After removing all the long hair down to about half an inch with the clippers, he had used a combination of the clippers with smaller head and scissors to achieve the final shape.  Ann loved her new look immediately and after her session with the beautician she could hardly recognise her new image.  Her husband had been initially shocked at the shortness of her hair but then realised how she looked more attractive and she had received many compliments from friends and acquaintances.

Jane had listened to her account with total fascination, greatly admiring the skill of the stylists who had created the new image and also admiring Ann’s courage into submitting herself to such a drastic change. She realised that she too should submit herself to a makeover but at the back of her mind there was still her fear of having scissors remorselessly stripping off her long hair as had happened all those years ago.  They ordered lunch and chatted more about Ann’s experience and then she told her about her being asked to model for another hairdresser.  She showed Ann the photographs of herself and about the flowers and the card with his invitation for a makeover session and dinner at a restaurant afterwards.

“When are you going?” asked Ann.  “Well I am not sure.  You know how I feel about my hair and I know he wants to cut it short.” she replied.  “You like him, don’t you?”   “Yes, he is very attractive and interesting”   Ann paused and then took her telephone from her bag; she glanced at the card and then began dialling the number and then passed it to Jane.  “Make an appointment now.” she said firmly.  Jane hesitated feeling very flustered and then took the phone.  He sounded delighted when he realised it was her and even more pleased when she said she would come for the makeover session.  It was arranged for Monday evening and Jane handed the phone back with a sigh of relief, “Thank you for making me do that, I am sure I would never have plucked up the courage myself.” Ann smiled and said, “We must meet again for lunch next week and I will be able to see your transformation and you can tell me all about it”

Monday soon came but Jane now felt far more relaxed although she was still a little nervous about her forthcoming appointment.  She checked her diary for that day and saw that she was due for a routine visit to one of her other salons and she recalled that when she had rung the manageress  the previous week to confirm a time, she had said that anew junior had started who would need her hair cut.  The salon was actually on the way to her appointment with John and she had the urge to have her hair freshly shampooed and styled before she saw him so she could combine her visit to the salon with having her own hair
done and also give the new junior a new style,

Lunchtime she went back to her apartment and spent a long time getting herself ready, changing into an expensive elegant outfit and taking care with her makeup and then a final spray with her favourite perfume.  On the way to the salon she could feel herself getting excited at the thought that she may soon have the opportunity of cutting off a lot of hair herself before her own submission to the scissors.  She realised that since her own cruel cropping all those years earlier she could not resist the sadistic pleasure in doing the same sort of thing. Cutting off masses of hair she knew was a source of great pleasure to many hairdressers and the excitement was even greater when the victim parted reluctantly with their hair.

She arrived at the salon and told the manageress that she wanted her own hair done as well as cutting the hair of the junior.  The salon, which employed six staff, was not all that busy and she immediately saw the girl who would be receiving the haircut. The girl was very young and her hair had the gleaming healthy appearance that eventually disappeared with age. She had an attractive face and her silky dark hair was gathered up and held on top of her head so it was difficult to judge its exact length.  Sally the manageress, asked Jane if she wanted her hair done first or did she want to do the junior’s hair. She added that Julie, the young girl had been told when she started at the salon that her hair would be restyled and she had agreed reluctantly as she was nervous about having short hair.

Jane smiled to herself. Perfect!  Just what she had hoped for; a reluctant victim!  She replied that she would like her hair done first and explained to Sally that she wanted it roller set in a ‘Rita Hayworth’ type style.  Sally looked a little surprised but swiftly she arranged for Jane’s hair to be shampooed, a rich creamy conditioner was applied and then it was set on some large rollers in the front that would create the soft waves and then a series of smaller rollers to give curl and body underneath.  She was placed under a hood dryer and as the warm air flowed soothingly past her head she looked around the salon.  It was now about 4 o’clock and the salon was now almost empty of customers and Julie was cleaning up the shampoo basins.  Jane called over one of the other girls and said. “Put a cape on Julie and brush her hair loose please.”

She saw Julie glance at her and she paled visibly and then walked reluctantly over to the chair.  A white cape was fastened around her and Jane watched eagerly as the pins holding up Julie’s hair were removed and the gleaming dark hair began to spill down over the white cape. Jane’s stomach gave a little lurch of excitement as she saw the length revealed.  Her hair was almost waist length!  She watched entranced as the long silken hair was brushed, knowing that in a few minutes she would be removing a very great deal of it.  The girl brushing after brushing the lovely hair for several minutes looked enquiringly over to Jane who motioned her over and said, “I want you to put her hair in a single plait at the back of her head.” 

The girl nodded and returned to the chair and swiftly fashioned the long hair into a beautiful, thick, snaking plait which she secured with a band and then released the plait where it rested heavily against the white cape. The girl moved away and Jane watched Julie tor a minute or two as she stared nervously at her reflection in the mirror waiting for Jane to begin on her hair. Jane could feel her excitement increasing as she emerged from the hairdryer and walked over to the chair.  She slipped off the cape from around her own shoulders and tossed it on a nearby chair and then gave Julie a little smile and said, “Right, it is time to see what is to be done with your hair.” The girl turned around and said imploringly, “Oh please must it be cut.  I love my hair long and I know I would hate it cut short.”

Jane looked at her sternly and said, “You knew when you joined the salon that we would decide on a suitable hairstyle for you.  Long hair is just not practical, please turn around, and bend your head right forward and keep it still.”   Julie gave a half sob and bowed her head to submit to the inevitable.  Jane lifted up the heavy plait, revelling in its beauty and weight so she could check Julie’s hairline – it was perfect for the short crop she had in mind for she had already noticed that her ears were small and well-shaped.  She released the heavy braid and then reached forward to the dressing table and picked up the large black object she had seen earlier.  She turned the clippers over so that the blades were pointing downwards and removed the guard and then with her left hand she grasped the thick plait just below the nape of the neck.  She had never cut off plaited hair with clippers before but had recently seen it done at a hair show she had attended and had wanted the opportunity to try it herself. 

  She lifted the braid slightly away from the bowed head and then switched on the clippers.  They hummed gently and she saw Julie tense her body and then with a feeling of great exultation she eased the blades into the gleaming hair.  The note of the clipper deepened as they bit into the hair and Jane held the plaited hair firmly as there came an involuntary jerk from Julie’s body as she realised what was happening.  Even though the plait was being cut at its thickest diameter the blades carved through effortlessly and within a few seconds Jane was able to lift the severed hair away from the bowed head. Julie raised her head almost unbelievingly and Jane could recall from her own experience, how light and bare her head must be feeling. Her face looked shocked and she gave a little gasp as Jane tossed her severed hair on to the dressing table shelf in front of her.  However she fought back bravely the tears that were springing to her eyes and meekly submitted as Jane repositioned her head.

Jane sectioned off the hair above the occipital bone and then fixed a number 3 guard on to the clipper head and began running it up the first couple of inches of the bowed head.  Julie kept her head perfectly still as the clippers hummed away and Jane wondered what thoughts were now flooding through the girl’s mind as she felt what remained of her hair being cropped.  Jane changed the head on the clipper so that she could take the nape hair really short and then when she was satisfied she had achieved the shape she wanted she straightened up Julie’s head.  She seemed to have regained control of her emotions now and watched with interest as Jane damped her hair down and then began cutting her hair into a bob shape.

Five minutes later Jane had cut a chin length bob and called forward Sally who had been watching with interest to shampoo Julie’s hair and then blow-dry the final shape.  She returned to the hood dryer to continue letting her rolled up hair dry and she watched as immediately Julie stood up her hand went to the back of her head to feel her cropped nape.  She actually managed a smile as Sally said something to her and Jane was quite surprised that she had taken the loss of her very long hair so well.  About 15 minutes later Sally completed the blow dry and Julie sat in the chair smiling happily at her reflection and delighted with her new style that actually did look very attractive.

Julie's new styleJane emerged again from the dryer and brushed through Julie’s hair herself and snipped away a few stray ends. “Do you like your new style?” she asked.  Julie smiled h
appily and said, “Oh yes!  I love it. I was very frightened at first when you cut my long hair off but I was just being silly to get upset.”  She stroked her clippered nape and added, “It feels very short but I will soon get used to it.” Jane was pleased with the style she had created and also that Julie had quickly accepted her new image. Jane glanced at her watch and realised that she now needed to get her own hair dressed so that she would not be late for her own appointment with scissors.

Fifteen minutes later Jane got into her car feeling delighted with her hair. Sally had carefully arranged it following her instructions; deep soft waves tumbling partially over her face and then lustrous curls bouncing on her shoulders.  Because her hair had been freshly shampooed and conditioned it gleamed and shone beautifully and because it looked so attractive Jane still had doubts about submitting herself to the makeover. Still her hair would grow again but she might not get the opportunity to be taken out to dinner by such an attractive young man.

She arrived at the salon feeling increasingly nervous but determined to conquer her fear of having her hair cut short.  He greeted her warmly and led her straight through to the room he had used the last time.  “Thank you so much for coming.  I have been looking forward to seeing you again.” Jane felt very pleased with such a greeting but at the back of her mind she could not help wondering if he was pleased about seeing her or was it because he could give her a makeover and photograph her for his display.  He stared at her and said, “You look absolutely fantastic.  I love your hair like that.” She smiled at him and replied, “Thank you.  I got one of my girls to try to recreate the ‘Rita Hayworth’ style you did for me last time.” “It looks great. I hope I can improve on it for you.” He paused and then said, “You are going to let me cut your hair, aren’t you?”

She felt her stomach give a lurch and swallowed hard.  The point of no return!  “Yes, you can cut it”  He smiled and led her to the chair and she sat down feeling her heart pounding and her mouth dry as he enveloped her in a large white cape ,flicking free the heavy freshly set bouncing curls.  He stared at her through the mirror and said, “Do you want to tell me why you are obviously so terrified about having your hair cut?” She gave a little smile, pleased that he was so understanding and then told him the full story of her experience and how much it had affected her.  She even told him about her sadistic pleasure of doing almost the same thing to others and told him about the cropping of the young girl she had carried out only an hour ago. He listened without interrupting and then squeezed her shoulder sympathetically, “Look, I don’t think I should cut your hair tonight.  I would hate to see you upset.” She swung round towards him and said, “Yes, you must cut it.  It is ridiculous for me to have had this hang up for so long.” She paused and then said the words she never thought she would have the courage to say.  “Cut my hair.  Cut it as short as you like.  You said last time that you thought a short haircut would suit me. Please do it for me now.”

He paused for a moment, looking hard at her, and then said “Are you sure?” She nodded in reply, hardly trusting herself to speak, and bowed her head submissively. Her heart was pounding and she felt almost sick as she knew now that the moment had arrived that she had dreaded for years. She felt him swing the chair away so that she was no longer facing the mirror and he said softly, “You may not feel so upset if you don’t actually see your long hair coming off.”   There was a slight rattle of steel, she felt a great bunch of her freshly set curls lifted slightly away from her head, and then came the sharp shearing sound as the blades began closing on her hair.  She gripped the arms of the chair tightly and tensed her body as he rapidly forced the blades through her hair close to the roots. She felt the hair come easily away from her head and immediately another handful of her hair was grasped and quickly severed from her head.  With a few plunging snips she realised that he had removed all the bouncy curling hair from the back of her head and then he straightened it up and moved to one side of her. He paused briefly and said, “I am taking off the long hair first before I start shaping it. Are you Ok?” She nodded, not trusting herself to speak, and then saw from the corner of her eye, that he was inserting the blade of the scissors just below her ear. Oh my God!  He’s cutting it short!  Then of course she realised that is exactly what she had asked him to do

She saw and felt the long locks drop away and roll down over her shoulder and closed her eyes as he moved in front of her.  He repositioned her head so that her chin was almost on her chest and she could feel the long heavy tresses in the front slide forward and then grasped firmly.  She knew that this was probably going to be the most upsetting part of her haircut.  The long gleaming softly waving 12 inch locks were the hair that she would miss the most.  The hair that she brushed first every morning and the hair she constantly toyed with during the day was about to be severed.  She screwed up her face and held her breath as she felt the tension increase and then felt the scissors pulling at her hair as he cut across the locks of hair at about eye level.  As she felt the hair finally severed she let her breath out in a great sigh.  There!  It was done now, for better or worse she really now had short hair. 

Quickly he snipped off the few remaining long hair over her other ear and said, “Good.  You have been remarkably calm.  How are you feeling?” She gave a little nod and then said, “Stunned.  I still can’t really believe I have done it.” He squeezed her shoulder and said, “You are going to look great. I am going to damp it down and then start shaping it,” He sprayed her hair thoroughly and then sectioned it off at the back, fastening the crown hair up and it felt very strange for Jane to feel the comb being drawn through her hair now that it was so much shorter.  He pushed her head right forward and then she heard the click of a switch and a low pitched hum. Her stomach lurched sickeningly as she realised he was now going to clipper her hair.  She had never had clippers used on her hair before although of course she had used them many times on others.  Oh my god, her hair was going to be short.  What had she done!

The cold touch of the steel made her flinch a little and then she felt then running up the back of her head.  It was a fantastic erotic feeling and she immediately felt herself growing wet but at the same time the knowledge that her hair was being really cropped.  He kept her head bowed for at least 5 minutes as he worked with the clippers, changing the head several times and Jane knew that each change of the head meant her hair was getting shorter and shorter.  At the same time she was becoming wetter and wetter and despite her dread of how short her hair was being cut she almost felt disappointed when he finally switched off the clippers.  He straightened up her head and now began combing through the rest of her hair.  She felt sure he must have noticed her reaction to the clippers but he made no comment about them as he now worked on the rest of her hair with scissors. Instead he began chatting about the restaurant and what sort of food she liked.  Jane responded almost automatically as she continued to watch snippets of her hair tumble down from his scissors, first on to the white cap
e and then roll down to the floor.

He used the clippers once again briefly over her ears and Jane could feel that they were now completely exposed but she could feel that the top hair appeared to have been left longer.  At last he seemed satisfied with his cutting and he said. “I am going to do your make-up now for the photographs.” He still kept her turned away from the mirror and spent quite a long time working on her face and Jane loved the intimacy of him so close and tried to soothe her worries about her hair. When he had completed her make-up he blow-dried her hair he removed the cape and then spun her round so that she could see her reflection in the mirror.  She almost gasped at her own reflection, barely recognising the image she faced.  Her hair had been parted on the left and swept across, still 4 or 5 inches long, the shorter side came straight down from the parting to just above her ear and then below that the hair had been clippered into shaped sideburns that completely revealed her ears.  The back hair had been cropped very short as she had felt and the additional eye makeup he had used to emphasise the dramatic look.

Cut 2She realised that her hair had been beautifully shaped and she would have loved the style on anyone else but she still somehow wished she had not surrendered her long hair. He now moved her to the area where he had photographed her previously.  He busied himself taking shots and Jane tried to come to terms with her new image, she wondered if she was should give herself time to adjust as it was almost 20 years since her hair had been short.  She was a little surprised that after he had taken the shots he led her back to the chair. It was surrounded by masses of her softly curling hair and she felt stunned when she saw the great piles. He put the cape back around her and said, “Your hair looked good in that style but I want to do something different for your final look.” He reached forward and Jane couldn’t believe it when he picked up the clippers again’

He gave a little smile as he saw her shocked expression and said, “Trust me.”  She remembered her brave words earlier that he could cut her hair as short as he liked.  Surely it was short enough already!  With pounding heart she gave him a little nod and once again surrendered her hair to the shearing clippers. He moved in front of her and tilted back her head slightly and then brought the buzzing blades into her hair beginning at her hairline. The long sections of hair he had spared earlier now began falling down in front of her eyes and she felt waves of terror sweep over her and this time even the soothing erotic feel of the blades did nothing to calm her. 

She realised that now he had started removing her hair that short she would have to let him continue.  She could see that he was using the biggest guard on the clippers so that it was at least leaving a covering of hair, in fact nowhere near as short as Ann’s hair had been cut, and she tried to take some comfort with how good her friend’s hair had looked after it’s cropping. For another 10 minutes he ran the clippers over her head until she felt he was never going to stop. Her head felt so light and bare and she just couldn’t believe that her hair was so short.  Whilst he was working on her head he kept telling how much short hair suited her and other complimentary remarks but she felt quite numb and sick that it was now so short.  After he finally finished cutting he altered her make –up again and took more photographs.  He was constantly feeling and stroking her cropped hair and despite herself Jane did enjoy his touch.


Cut 3When he had finished photographing her he said, “I know you don’t like your hair at the moment and feel I have cut it far too short but after keeping your hair long for so many years, any style would feel strange and take getting used to.”  She stroked her hair herself and was amazed how it felt.  “I know you are probably right and I am sure e I will get used to it.” “Do you forgive me then for cutting off your hair?” She smiled at him and took his hand “Of course, after all it was me who insisted you cut my hair short!”

Later that evening in bed, Jane found the feel of the pillow strange against her cropped hair but realised it was something she would have to get used to, just as she would probably get used to the lovely man who had cropped it  but was now sharing her bed 

The End 

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