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Rick of Rick’s House of Hair was walking into his hotel for a two day Salon management conference. When he got to the desk he couldn’t help notice the desk clerk checking him in. When she turned around to get his key his eyes fell upon her past the waist  Honey blonde hair. He made a note of her name ” Gina”. She looked to be in her early 20’s. He went to his room and came back down to the lobby and opened his briefcase and took out his laptop. His eyes were watching Gina and her long blonde tresses move around the desk area. He decided to take a chance. He got out his buisness card and in a simple white envelope wrote a note “  Would you be interested in cutting your hair short for some VERY good Money? If interested call the cell phone number on the business card.” He put a $20 bill inside and sealed the envelope. He waited till no one was around the front desk and went up to it. Gina came over ” Can I help you?”  Rick spoke ” I’m here for two days and I’d like for you to have a look inside this envelope when you have a private moment.” He handed her the envelope and went to his room.

It was near 8:30pm when his cell phone rang. A female voice  spoke ” This is Gina. I’d like to discuss with you the information in the note you gave me.” Rick ” That’s great, where would you like to do that?” Gina ” How about in the courtyard in the south end at 9pm tonight.” Rick ” I’ll be right there.”  Rick regrouped and grabed his briefcase. He took the elevator down and headed to the south end of the courtyard where he saw Gina and her long blonde tresses sitting on a bench. Gina spoke ” Hi Rick, I just had to find out what you meant by  Very good Money  and why your so interested in my hair?  Rick replies looking at Gina’s lovely locks..” Well, I think you have the face and neckline to look great with short hair. I run my own salon and can use your hair for extensions for my clients. Now for how much I’d pay for your hair I’d have to appraise your hair first by examining it. Do you have any idea or a specific need for a certain amount of money?” Gina replies ” I’ll turn around so you can examine my hair. I’m working at the hotel to earn my college tuition. I need $1,000 extra to go to school full time. Can you pay me that much? Rick lifted Gina’s long soft honey blonde tresses into his hands and felt the thickness. He lifted the mass of hair high and pulled it into a ponytail and saw Gina’s neck. It was magnificent material. He wanted it all. He turned Gina around gently. ” I can pay you $1,000 but I’m going to have to cut your hair short into a crop. You will look like the actress Baccarrin on the ” V” television series. Your young so your hair will grow back quickly.I’m sure you have the features to carry out that style.” Gina pulled her hair over her shoulders and felt her tresses. She looked up at Rick and spoke ” Can you give me cash money?” ” Yes, I can tomorrow after the banks open.” responded Rick. Gina ‘ Ok, its a deal ” She shook Rick’s hand. ” Where do you want to cut it at?”

Rick ” I know the owner of the barbershop down the street. He is at the same conference I’m attending. What is your cell phone number? I’ll talk to him and give you a time tommorow night. Rick took out a measuring tape out of his brief case and had Gina turn away. He measured  Gina’s hair from close to her scalp to the ends which came to 30 inches. He turned Gina back to him. ” Now finally so we understand the deal.  It is $1,000 for 30 inches of your hair. I’ll pay you when I’m done. I want to you wash your hair tomorrow and curl the ends like you have it tonight. Do we have  deal?” Gina ” Yes, we do.” Rick followed Gina out of the Courtyard and into the lobby watching Gina’s long blonde mane go to and fro and knowing it would be his in 24 hours.

Rick met Bob the owner of the barbershop and they talked. He called Gina at 11am during a break.” Hi Gina, this is Rick. The barbershop owner says I can u;se his shop tonight at 8pm. The name of the shop is ” Your Father’s Barbershop” down the street from the hotel on the left side. The address is  in the yellow pages and her is the phone number. You can yahoo map it to make sure if you want to. Now there is one more item. Since we are using Bob’s barbershop he want to record your haircut. Is that ok? It is, Great we will see you at 8pm Gina and I’ll have your cash. ” Rick turned to Bob and gave him a thumbs up. Rick had describe Gina to Bob as looking like Erin Andrews the ESPN sportscaster and Dancing with the Stars finalist only with thicker and longer hair.

Rick and Bob got to his barbershop near 7:15 pm to get things ready. It was about 7:50pm when they saw Gina coming to the door.Rick greeted Gina and introduced her to Bob and they exchanged greetings. Bob pulled the curtains closed so no one could see in. Rick took Gina’s purse and set it on the counter. Rick looked at Gina ” Bob wants to take a few ‘ Before” pictures of you with his DVD and still cameras. Let me brush out your hair.” Rick had Gina stand while he ran the brush down through her silky soft mane ending just past her waist. Bob had Gina stand while he took pictures from the front, back and sides. Bob motioned to Rick he was done. Rick came to Gina ” Now before we start I need you to sign a release statment stating the haicut your about to get is consensual.  It is the same form we get from teens from their parents when they want a major style change. Just sign two copies where the X is. ” Gina read and signed it.

Rick motioned Gina over to a red barber chair with a light blue cape over the back. Gina sat down and Rick lifted up the mass of Gina’s hair and placed the cape tightly around her slender neck. He pulled Gina’s long soft hair up and let it fall over the back of the chair towards the floor. He brushed it out from roots to end and turned her toward the mirror as Bob took pictures. Rick came over in front wth a camera and took a few pictures. He smiled at Gina ” Gina, since this is Bob’s Barbershop I’ve decided to let him give you a gentlemens haircut like the salesman in the MADD Men  TV show. The style won’t be that much different than the style we discussed. Now in return Bob has agreed to add an extra $100 to you money. Rick turned Gina away from facing the mirror. Rick spoke ” Ok Gina the moment of change is here. Are you ready?” Gina nodded yes. Rick ” Ok Bob she is all yours. I’ll operate the cameras.”

Bob looked at Rick ” Well, I think first we need to get your hair extension material cut and remove the bulk of her long hair.” Bob and Rick created three tight ponytails out from Gina’s head.  Rick felt the soft tresses in his hands and the length came to closer to 25 inches than 30 he was still pleased. Rick took the camera and recorded as Bob took a pair of haircutting shears and one by one  snip.,scnhnip, scnhnipped the long locks off and laid them on the counter. Gina was left with a choppy looking head of hair.Bob grabbed his oyster clippers and put a number 2 guard on them. He spoke to Gina ” Ok, dear tilt your head forward and don’t worry this won’t hurt a bit. I know you have never felt clippers on your head before. You’ll feel a bit of vibration.”  A click sound near Gina’s ear meant the oysters were coming to life.Bob pushed them up the nape of Gina’s head. Soft tufts of blonde hair tumbled  down the cape to the floor. The he had the clippers work the sides and up and around the ears. He took out a water bottle and wetted Gina’s top hair and with combed it up to a short length and cut it off the top of his fingers. He blended the top into the side and in front cut Gina’s hair into a soft bang., He took a brush and brushed off the cape. Then Gina felt him loosening the cape around her neck. Bob spoke to Gina ” Now in the spirit of the Gentelman’s haircut I’m going to shave your neck and around your ears with  my straight razor. I’l apply shaving cream and let it soak for a minute or two.” Rick, brou
ght the camera to Gina’s face who had a befudled but submissive look to it. Gina felt the warm shaving cream on her neck and up around her ears. She felt Bob put his hands on her head and tilt it this way and that as the razor scraped her neckline smooth to the skin. She could tell Bob had done this many times. She looked at  the floor and saw long and short locks of her severed golden mane. She felt the strange sensation of air on her neck and ears. He head felt so much lighter now.  Her thoughts were interupted by the sound of a blow dryer going over her head. Bob was combing out her hair or what was left of it. Rick woke her out of her stupor. ” Ok, Bob lets turn her around to the mirror so she can see her new look now that your done. You did a great job Bob.

The red chair was turned to the mirror and Gina saw her new look for the first time. ” Oh, my God that is short hair! I’ve got no hair! People wil either think i’m a dyke or blonde haired boy.! This will definetly take a few days to get use to dealing with” She reached up and felt the shortness of her neck and side hair. She ran her fingers through her closed cropped top hair. She looked on the counter and there were her severed golden tresses laying there in a pile. Bob took off the cape and had Gina stand as he took a few after pictures. Rick went to the counter and fetched Gina’s purse. He opened his briefcase and took out a bundle of $100 bills. ” Here is your money and Bob will give you his extra $100. It is almost 9:30pm and you made yourself $1100  in just a bit over an hour. Your  a very brave lady and good luck with college.Gina looked in the mirror ” it feels so cool but man is it short.” She turned and walked out the door. Bob was sweeping up the floor hair ” Now, that is what I call getting a haircut. I owe you a drink for letting me cut her hair.” Rick took a plastic bag and put the soft long blonde tails into it and into his briefcase.

The next morning as he was checking out a middle aged lady at the desk turned around. It was Charlene the Hotel Manager. ” Good morning Rick. I hope I can expect my young employee to have a shorter look this afternoon.” Rick smiling from ear to ear ” Oh, she will and you can thank Bob down the street the next time you run into him. Thanks for making her schedule fit mine.” Charlene ” No problem  Rick she is a good employee but that super long hair of hers was becoming a major distraction to customers and myself. Have a good trip home and I’ll see you next trip. Do I owe you anything for taking care of my problem?”

Rick ” No the free room was enough and I always enjoy a good makeover. I see my Taxi is here. See ya Charlene.” Charlene would indeed be pleased when the New look Gina walked in at 2pm that day.

The End

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