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I am my masters sissy boy, I worship my bald fur master, my life is to serve him. I am his slave, its what I do. whatever he wants he gets, I only ever say yes master. he takes me out and I hang on his arm always. he takes me to fetish clubs, usually I am on my lead and gagged and I spend my nights worshipping him and sometimes his friends too.

He makes me dress as a girl for him, I wear fluffy jumpers in angora and mohair and short shiny black skirts and stockings and heels, lots of red lipstick and my long hair hanging halfway down my back, my lovely blonde curls.

The fetish club is always busy especially saturday nights, where somebody, usually someones slave boy or girl is hung on the frame for all to abuse, they can be fucked sucked buggered and dumped with lots of hot cum. normally they are gagged and masked or hooded while hanging on the frame.

They are sacrificed for the good of the others pleasure and they normally enjoy it,  its a popular attraction, because once you are strapped to the frame and suspended you are at the mercy of anybody who is there. nothing you can do.

I never thought my master would put me on the frame, I thought he wanted me all for himself but one saturday everything changed for me. master had bought me a new orange mohair dress, knee length and very fluffy.  it had a big high poloneck and long sleeves.  it was a thick and fluffy handknitted dream to wear,  before we went out he blow dryed my long hair and brushed my lovely curls. I was all long hair and fluffy mohair.

I was ball gagged and my hands cuffed behind my back and I was taken to his club on my lead.  master always arrived early and entered through the members door,  but instead of going to his table he handed me over to the marshalls and demanded I was hung on the public frame. I was strapped in my both wrists and ankles and suspended flat out.

I thought maybe he just wanted to humiliate me and hang me for a while but he was sacrificing me too. I couldnt make any noise or move much. I just hung there dressed in orange mohair fluffy and thick with all my beautiful long hair hanging down everywhere. then it statred.

master placed a sign next to the frame,  it just read CUT OFF MY LONG HAIR, and he left a small pair of scissors on the table next to me.  then he sat down opposite to watch me humiliated and abused by anybody who walked past. master who had a lovely shiny bald head was going to watch me having my lovely long hair cut off and I could do nothing

It wasnt long before I was having my hair chopped and hacked off in clumps by a selection of people, I watched the joy on their faces as they cut my beautiful hair off and dropped it on the floor or took it as a memento of their night out. in the first hour I was fucked and beaten and whipped and slippered and sucked by many clubbers and my hair was reduced to very small, very short tufts.

I hung on the frame being fucked by a master and with other gimps abusing my cock and balls and all I could see all over the floor was my hair. I couldnt believe it was all gone. in the second hour I was whipped alot and many people still tryed to cut some hair off me even though I practically had none left. they lay the small scissors onto my scalp and cut closer to my head each time, snipping off every tuft.

Master fucked and beat me in the interval and held my head, running his fingers over my near naked scalp.  he seemed so

pleased my lovely hair had gone.  in the third hour master left a set of balding clippers on the table and a sign saying, HEADSHAVE ME WITH CLIPPERS, and it didnt take long. my head was further abused by many people who took it in turns to shave my head in lines. I was close clippered in a few minutes,my head completely stripped of all hair.

Many people used my freshly shaved head as a cum dump for the rest of the night, I was splattered with spunk all over

while hanging on the frame wearing my fuzzy mohair sweater dress. still people fucked me and ran the clippers over my head even though I had no hair left at all. all my pubic hair was shorn off with the clippers too.

After four hours as the saturday night slave boy, I hung on the frame orange fluffy fucked sucked and beaten and my lovely hair was gone. I watched people picking up my hair and taking it away with them. I couldnt believe master had watched everybody take my long hair away from me. then he left a razor and shaving foam on the table. the sign now read, RAZOR MY SCALP SHINY BALD.

It wasnt long before I was being sprayed with shaving foam all over my hairless head and razored bald by strangers. my head was held and shaved by many abusers that night. my scalp scraped with a cheap razor. every inch of my head was foamed and razored many many times in the last two hours on the frame as I became masters balded mohair sissy boy.

it was a total humiliation in fluffy mohair to be bald shaved and have my head sprayed with lots of hot cum for master

And I lay there watching him in front of me, unable to speak, my long beautiful curls all over the floor, my head white wet and very very shiny and smooth bald. many people queued to fuck me and hold my new bald head, people threw my long hair up into the air and I watched it fall back to the floor. I was very popular in the last two hours. and very bald and mohaired and covered in spunk and humiliated.

I stop counting after I reached forty different people who lathered and razored some part of my head bald that night. I had been sacrificed for masters pleasure in his favourite club for all to see. I had six hours on the frame beaten whipped spanked fucked sucked and taken long haired to shiny bald headed by many different people of both sexes. as time ran out I was rescued by master from a fat granny mistress who was dildo fucking me and still trying to shave my head, even though I had been bald for a long time.

I was taken from the frame and I escorted master out of the club, my hands cuffed behing my back, my ankles shackled, wearing my ball gag and my huge fluffy mohair jumper dress and heels and lipstick.  my new white smooth balded head shining out for all to see. on the way out, as master stopped to say goodnight to his friends I knelt at his side.

Normally at this time he would run his fingers through my beautiful long curls or hold me by my ponytail but now he ran his fingers over my smooth hairless head.  my lovely hair sacrificed at his fetish club for everybody to enjoy.  many people thanked him or commented about all my long hair that had been removed by everybody or my new balded head. In the car home I sucked his cock and he tormented me about my public humiliation and how much he enjoyed it.

He enjoyed my new bald look with me wearing just that mohair dress and high heels and lipstick he said. master had watched me become a baldie for his pleasure and after that night I am still headshaved daily by my bald fur and mohair master.  if he wants me to have hair I wear his wigs. but he enjoys fucking me and taking off my wig to reveal my shiny shaved bald head more than anything and he rubs mohair over my shiny shaved head for his pleasure.

Master is always right.

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