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Jackie the State University Track coach was in her office one nice late August morning when her secretary informned her  that a new student athlete had arrived.Now into her office walked Julie Snark a Freshman cross country runner. A lovely young 18 year old girl with light brown hair like Jennifer Lopez that was worn with full bangs and hung down to the middle of her lower back.She sat down and gave Coach Jackie her papers and sat down.

Jackie looked over all the paper work.” I’ve seen you have complied with all the requirements except for a major one.”

Julie a bit surprised ” Which one is that? I went over everything.”

Jackie ” Section 5 Paragragh 5 that states: All freshman track athletes must wear there hair no longer than chin length during their Freshman year. Just by looking at you come in I see your not in compliance”

Julie ” I thought that was just for male athletes so I dismissed it as not meaning females.”

Jackie” Well, young lady we live in a time of unisex and equality among the sexes. I am a coach of a TEAM and you are part of a Track TEAM which includes male and female members. The rule doesn’t distinguish between  athletes. Now since you have complied with all the other requirments of the team I assume that you want to be appart of that TEAM. Is that correct?”

Julie ” Yes, it is.”

Jackie ” Well, you can’t join that TEAM untill your in compliance with the rule in Paragraph 5. I say  we get you in compliance with that Rule Today. Don’t’ you agree?”

Julie ” Ugh.da..Yes coach but..”

Jackie ” Now fortunately we have a very good track team booster that will do your hair in compliance with Paragragh 5 and she will do it for free. Her name is Gloria and she runs Gloria’s Sexy  Hair Salon not far from here. Let me call her.” Jackie picks up the phone and dials Gloria ” Gloria, this is Jackie the University track coach and I have a new Freshman Team member that I need you to style her hair so that she is in compliance with our grooming rules. Can you get her in today? pause..You can at 4:30pm. That is great. Her name is Julie Snark and she has light brown hair. I’ll make sure she is there. Thank you. ” Jackie looks over at Julie. ” I assume that is agreeable with you. Now here is a Yahoo map from your dorm to the Salon and the address for you to punch into your GPS Device. I’ve also written down the phone number.

Do you want  me to have a Senior member of the track team go with you so you can find it? Julie ” No, I can find it  I don’t need a chaparone.” Jackie takes out a piece of note paper. Writes something down on it  and seals it in an envelope and hands it to Julie. “Now when you get to the salon you hand this note to Gloria. Now see Gloria and get in compliance with the Rules and then come see me at 9am tommorrow and we will make you an official member of the Track TEAM and issue your uniforms and your workout schedule.”

Julie got up picking up the map and holding the envelope she felt her long soft hair. The first meeting with her new Track Coach hadn’t gone the way she had expected. She had a lot to do before 4:30pm. Jackie looked at Julies long brown hair as she left her office and smiled.

Gloria waited anxiously for young Julie to enter her salon. It was 4:24 pm when a young girl with light brown hair that fell about a foot from her waist and bangs entered the salon. Gloria met her ” You must be Julie”  Julie ” Yes I am. I’m suppose to give you this note from Coach Jackie.”  She  handed her the envelope from Coach Jackie. Gloria opened the envelope and read the note it said ‘ Cut her short and cute. Activate the Salon Web Cam.’ Gloria folded it up and stuck it into her smock pocket.

Gloria looked at Julie. ” Come sit over in this styling chair please.”

Gloria started brushing Julies long soft brown hair. ” How do you wear your hair when you run?”

 Julie ” I put it up in a high tight ponytail like this.{ She demonstrates.} I guess I can’t do that here at the University.

 Gloria ” Who cuts your hair at home.”

Julie ” My mom and Aunt. I’ve only been to a salon a couple of times.”

Gloria ” Well as you can see this is my salon. I do have two other stylist but  they have gone home for today.  I can see why you didn’t want to comply with the Rule and Paragraph 5 as you do have pretty hair. Cutting it so soon into your Freshman year was not something you planned on. I can tell you that your not alone in thinking that Rule was for males only. Still Rules are Rules. I’LL Style your hair so it is in compliance . The first thing I will do is give you  a good shampoo and conditioner. I first want to take a few before pictures for my studio album. Then I want you to remove any earings and necklaces you might be wearing. You can put them and your purse on the counter. Let me go get my camera and go stand over by white  Wall.”

Julie did as she was told and Gloria went to get her camera but also activated the Salon Web Cam and made sure it was pointed to the styling area. She also put on the additional lights so the hidden  video cameras over the wash basin and  behind the styling mirror which was two way were activated. Gloria had Julie stand in front of thewhite wall. She brushed her hair down in front of her. She took a picture of Julies long mane flowing down her back and one from the sides. She then led Julie over to the shampoo station and pulled her soft hair up and into it. She turned on the water and made  sure the temperature was just right and then applied Vidal Sasoon super rich shampoo.Julie seemed to relax as Gloria worked the shampoo into a thick lather. Julies long wet hair filled the sink. Gloria did a riinse and then added Vidal Sasoon Creme conditioner and let it be absorbed into Julies pretty hair. While she was letting the conditioner soak in. She went to the styling chair and placed a long pair of sharp silver cutting shears, a selected set of combs, and a set of oyster super clippers on the counter in front of the mirror. She came back over and rinsed out the conditioner. She hand wrung what water she could from the wet hair. Then she took a towel from the drawer and placed it under Julies wet hair. She lifted Julies head up with the towel twisted around Julies wet mane.

She led Julie to the styling chair. She then squeezed the towel over Jullies hair removing as much moisture as possible. She then removed the towel and put it in the dirty towel recepticle.She then took a silver cape and placed it tightly around Julies young slender neck. She then took a wide tooth comb and combed front to back through Julies wet hair. The comb slid with ease through the long brown mass. She then took a fine tooth comb and combed out Julies long mane. She spoke to Julie as she turned her slowly to the mirror. ” Julie, the big moment is at hand.  To style your hair in compliance with the Rules I must first remove the bulk and lenth of your hair. There is no gentle way of do so but to chop it off. i’m going to pull it up tight into a ponytail like you showed me you wear it when running and then cut the ponytail. Prepare yourself or close your eyes.” Julie felt Gloria take the fine tooth comb and pull her hair up and backwards to create a high ponytail. Gloria pulled it tight to the scalp and secured it with a rubber band. She titlted Julies head a bit forward and with one hand grasping the long wet brown ponytail. She placed the silver shears in her other hand and began snip, schnnip, snipping, through the wet thick ponytail.Since the hair was wet and conditioned the sound was more like schnish, shcninish , that a sharp snip. Julie closed her eyes. It took ony a couple minutes for the shears to do their job and cut off Julies long hair.

 Gloria held it up and brought it around so Julie could see it. Julie look
ed at it and her hands covered her face. ” Oh, my God, My pretty hair..Its gone.!”

Gloria ” Julie it is nearly 18 inches long. Do you want to save it. I’l put it in a baggie for you.?” Julie ” NO”. Gloria knew that coach Jackie would want the long ponytail so she placed it on a towel on the counter. Now with Julie having a long mullet hairstyle Gloria took out the large tooth comb and went back to work. She started front side to back lifting wet brown hair and behind using the silver shears to cut off the length she didn’t want. That meant wet locks of hair from four to six inches being removed. When the sides were done she attacked Julies crown area,.Locks of brown hair tumbled to the cape and then to the floor. A stunned looking Julie looked on as her brown eyes followed the severed hair to the floor. Gloria took the fine tooth comb and tilted Julies head forward and shortened up the nape. She took a fine tooth comb and came in front of Julies face. She comb down her bangs and cut them an inch from the top of her eyebrows.  The hair was dryng and it was time for Gloria to activate the Oyster clippers. A flip of a switch followed by a buzzing sound was heard. Then a clackity type sound as using a clippers over comb technique Gloria shortened up and blended in the sides and back area of Julies head. Short pieces of brown hair tumbled earthward. Gloria was nearing the finish iine as she took a pair of small scissors and began the final lap. She spoke softly to Julie ” Now, Julie you’ve been wonderful so far. I can’t just give you a simple bob because the hair will be in your face when you run and I think you would look stupid with a head band around your head. I mean there will be photographers at the track meets and you want to look good for the news paper and school paper photos.”  Gloria loosened up the cape and using clippers with no guide shaved Julies neck area free of any hair and outlined her neck area. Julie had the look of Halle Berry or a bit longer version of the Baccarrin actress on the ” V” TV series. Gloria took a styling brush with a blowdryer and worked some styling gel into Julies short crop. She styled the hair into a real cute look like Jackie wanted.

 She brushed off the cape and handed a hand mirror to Julie A smiling Gloria spoke. ” Ta DA we have made it to the finish line. You are now in full compliance with the Rules. Now, to keep in compliance your bangs are the key. When they reach you eyebrows it is time for trim which I will give you free.What do you think? Ithink you look really cute.”

Julie ” Holy Jesus my hair is short. I’ve never since I was 8 years old and my mom chopped it off for summer swimming classes had it this short. This will definetly take some major adjusting to. I’ll defintely use less shampoo.” Julie couldn’t help but feel her neck and run her hands through her short mane.

Gloria ” I think it is almost 6pm and time to take a few after photos and get you off to dinner. Here are a couple of my business  cards in case anyone ask you who you went tto or just tell them them the truth and tell them Coach Jackie sent you to me. I know you will miss your long hair but we all know that Rules are Rules and we all must follow them. Some we like and some we don’t. Here is your jewelry and purse.”

Pictures were taken and Julie thanked Gloria and off she went to McDonalds and to a Dorm room where she surprised her roomate with her new look. The next morning coach Jackie was more than pleased with Julies new hairstyle.  Julie made practice that afternoon and noticed that several other freshman girls had panicked and self cut their hair into short choppy disasters. She was glad after all that she had taken Coach Jackies advice and went to see Gloria. A few came up and even the Junior and Senior Girls asked here where she got her hair done. Having had long hair for so long she was even surprised by the number of boys who came up and not only complimented her hair but also exxpressed a desire to see her later. Maybe this Freshman year wouldn’t be so bad after all. Even if she did have to follow  Rules she did’n’t think were fair. She felt like a winner inside.

The End

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