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Abby sat down at her computer to check email. After seeing that she had no new messages she thought ‘My hair is getting a little long, maybe it’s time to try something new’. Deciding to look up hairstyles online, she tried searching for women’s hairstyles. A bunch of pictures and links popped up, the latest celebrity styles, links to glamour magazines, none of which looked good to her.

She had seen places where you could try on different haircuts, and it would generate an image of what you might look like with them. Deciding to try that, she typed in “haircut generator”, and came up with a link to a site called “Let’s Talk About Hair” she clicked it and it brought her to a page with a download link for a haircut generator program. 

‘Cool’ she thought, exactly what I was looking for. It downloaded quickly and she opened it up. Abby stroked her long brown hair as she read the instructions:

Welcome to the random haircut generator. 

Please enter your name :

She entered “Abby” in and hit enter, more text then showed up:

‘Please select from the following options and you will receive a haircut selected just for you.’

‘Would you like to use our default selection of haircuts, or select your own? Please press 1 to use our defaults, 2 to enter your own selections.’

Abby pressed 1 to select the default setting, she couldn’t think of any styles that she would like.

‘Would you prefer to go to a barbershop or salon?’

She selected salon and then was prompted to enter her zip code. She did and after a moment was prompted:

‘Your haircut has been generated, would you like to have an appointment set up at a local salon?’

‘What the heck’ she thought, ‘it would make things easy’.

She was prompted to enter a date and time, she looked at her watch and saw that it was only 12:00 on July 23rd, she entered 2 pm July 23rd and figured that would give her plenty of time to get to whatever salon she was going to.

Finally it spit out the results:

New Look Salon

815 NE 45th Ave 

Appointment Time: 2:00 PM

Your hairstyle has been emailed to your stylist for your convenience, thank you for using the haircut generator, enjoy your new style.

She hadn’t expected it to email the style directly to the salon without showing it to her, but she decided that it may be fun,  and would give her the chance to try something new, maybe it would be layers or a nice long bob or something. 

After making some lunch, she started to head over to the salon. She had driven past it before but had never been inside or looked closely. It was in a nice neighbourhood and she quickly found parking.

Walking in she was greeted by the receptionist. “Hi what can we do for you?”

“Hi my name is Abby, I have a 2:00 appointment.”

“Hi Abby, it looks like you booked with us online, Felicity will be cutting your hair for you today, I have a note here that says she has received the picture of your desired style already, so you can just sit back, relax and leave everything to us. If you would please follow me back to her station she’ll be with you shortly.”

Abby followed the receptionist back to one of the stations along the wall, it looked well equipped and was a nice black granite. She took a seat and waited for her stylist. 

She didn’t have to wait long and was quickly greeted by Felicity. “Hi I’m Felicity, I’ll be your stylist today, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing great,” Abby replied as she was being capped. “How are you?”

“I’m wonderful thank you.” 

Once Felicity had pulled Abby’s long hair out from under the cape, she started combing it out and running her fingers through it a little to get a feel for it. “So,” she said, “you decided to try the haircut generator. I get customers from that now and then. You are you looking for a change then?”

“Yes, I’ve just gotten a little bored with my hair, I did a search and ended up with the generator. I wasn’t expecting it to email you a style and all that, but I figured I’d just go with it.”

“So are we keeping it a surprise?”

“Sure, what the heck. Just please tell me, is it really short?”

“No,” Felicity said, “I think it will be a great length for you.”

Felicity then turned the chair away from the mirror. “Are you ready to go for it?”

“Yes, let’s go now before I back out”

Felicity sprayed a light misting over the hair, combing through it to spread the moisture. Then taking a few clips, she sectioned off all the hair above the nape and clipped it to the top of Abby’s head. 

Abby heard the click and hum of the scissors but didn’t have any idea what it was. She soon felt a gentle vibration on her neck and the vibrations combined with the cool metal felt nice. 

“What is that?” She asked.

“Oh these are just the clippers, I’m just starting to trim some of your hair.”

“Mmm, it feels nice.”

Felicity slowly ran them up the back of Abby’s neck, stopping as she reached the next section. As she made the second pass, Abby pushed against it gently, arching her neck into it. A few long strands of hair fell to the cape, and Abby picked one up and slowly played with it in her hand. 

Soon Felicity had finished with the clippers and released the rest of the hair down before re-sectioning it. Abby could feel the damp hair on her neck. However her hair had been cut felt really good for some reason. Next she felt the cool steel of the scissors as Felicity snipped the damp hair off just below her hairline. She let down one more section in back, snipping it at about the same length before moving on to the sides.

Abby was starting to get an idea of how the cut was going to be when Felicity started snipping her hair at about jaw length. She was surprised, not so much by the length, but the fact that she wasn’t freaking out, she had never had short hair, and when she woke up this morning, had no clue that she would be having her hair cut to her chin by mid-afternoon

Abby was so absorbed in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed that her cut was almost done. Felicity snipped the last foot and a half chunk off right by her chin before combing through it all and checking for stray hairs. After a little more trimming, she took the blow dryer, and a brush and slowly dried and styled Abby’s new bob.

Finally it was time for the moment of truth as Felicity turned Abby to look at the mirror. When she saw her reflection, Abby let out a shriek and clasped her hands to her mouth. 

“I love it!” she said, running her hands through it and watching it fall back into place, “thank you so much, I never would have thought of this.”

“I’m glad you like it, I’ve never had a client who wasn’t pleased with that haircut generator.”

Once the cape had been removed, Abby got up and looked around the chair. There were long chunks of her hair everywhere and she was amazed at how much hair she had lost. Felicity led her up to the front where she paid, leaving a very nice tip and setting up an appointment in 6 weeks.

As Abby headed back to her car, her hair bounced gently as she walked. She couldn’t resist running her hands through it every few feet and marvelling it how great it felt. Once she was in the car, she look at herself in the mirror for a few minutes before driving home, very happy with her new hair.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Please give me feedback as well as other story ideas if you have them.

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