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It has been said that strange supernatural things happen every time the moon is full. One hears urban legends of people being possessed by spirits, people disappearing mysteriously, people dying in unexplained horrific manners, werewolf transformations, and the appearance of a whole assortment of unholy creatures. Of course, most of these are what they are – myths – but is there any truth in these full moon “X-file” cases? I believe there is. The boundary between the netherworld and ours is at its thinnest once in a full moon, allowing real magic practitioners to tap into the power of the netherworld. In fact, some powerful shamans and witchdoctors are even able to get the spirits at work to do their bidding. Here’s my story.

“This is all I could get hold off,” I said to the shaman as I handed him a few long strands of hair.

“This will do. Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” he said.

“Yes, of course!”

“The power to manipulate another person’s will, can be very dangerous! In the long term, you will lose yourself.” Nezra, the shaman, warned.

“Do you want the money or not? We had a deal.”

“Just making sure. There’s no turning back after this!”

The hair I gave Nezra came from Jessica’s mane. Earlier that day, I deliberately sat behind her in the lecture hall. Jessica’s hair was a sight to behold indeed. Her waist length long raven black hair is so shiny and well-kept; she would easily pass as a shampoo model! But of course, everyone sheds hair to different extents. All I had to do was pretend to pick up a dropped pen in order to grab a few strands of her shed hair from the floor.

My love for long hair is equally matched by the desire to chop off those beautiful locks! It would be a dream come true to caress Jessica’s silky dark curtain… and then cut it off! The best part was that the dream is about to come true at last.

Nezra read out some incantations and then placed the hair strands inside a little bronze cup containing some incense. After finishing the chanting, he lit the incense, together with the hair strands, on fire. The aromatic smoke filled the air as the shaman read some more incantations, different ones, repeating them until everything in the cup burnt up. He then pour some water into the cup and mixed it. Half of the solution was poured into another vial. Nezra then passed the cup to me.

“Her freewill has now been temporarily transferred into these ashes. Now drink it, and she will be under your control!”

I took the cup from Nezra, hesitated a bit, and then gulped down the ash solution to avoid tasting the ashes. But still, some of the concoction found its way to my tongue, and I can tell you that it was the worst tasting solution I’ve ever tasted. I almost threw up, but managed to hold it back.

“Now, listen carefully to everything I am about to tell you. It is very important that you follow my instructions carefully or you will definitely face the wrath of the spirits,” said Nezra.

“I’m listening.”

“The spell has been cast and is effective from this moment onwards until sunrise, for the power of the night spirits is at its height on a full moon. Now take this other vial.”

“What is this for?” I asked.

“Before sunrise, she must drink this other half of the vial, in order for her will to return back to her body. If she fails to do so by sunrise, the day spirits will find out about this, and you will surely be punished! You must remember to do this!” warned Nezra. “I’ve seen some of my father’s clients who failed to do this in the past, and they ended up dying in the most horrific ways!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll remember. Here’s your payment.” I said as I handed him five hundred bucks. “I know you desperately need money to pay for your college fees and I think our little business arrangement here might mutually benefit us both.”

Nezra took the cash with a wide grin in his face. “I look forward to the next full moon to do business with you again.”

When I got back home later, a thought hit me:

“You idiot… you don’t even know where Jessica lives! What use is a spell if you can’t use it?”

I slapped myself on the forehead at realisation. How silly of me! But soon after, another thought came:

“Surely the spell doesn’t only just work when we’re within sight of each other!”

As silly as I sounded, I decided to say it out loud:

“Come to me Jessica, come to my house right now.”

I wasn’t going to wait around to see if it worked or not, so I went to surf on the internet to try to find out where she lived. Yet even half an hour of stalking on social networks yielded no results. I was rudely interrupted by the doorbell.

Ding dong!

“What! Could it really be…” I thought to myself as I rushed to open the door.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Jessica standing there at the door. I had not expected the “long distance mind control” thing to work! As I looked at her, I saw that she was not “zombie-like” like one usually sees in movies when someone gets mind controlled. But she did look confused, like she wasn’t sure why she was there.

“Oh hi Jessica, er, come inside!” I said, and she did.

“So what brings you here?” I asked, just to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence.

“I don’t know. I suddenly had the strongest irresistible urge to come here, and so I did.” she replied.

“Okay… Sit down at the couch for a moment. I’ll be back” I said, as I hurried back to my room. It was all happening too fast for me to process. I didn’t know it was going to be like that.

“Okay, don’t panic. Calm down. This is what you’ve always dreamed off, remember? Stick to the plan.”

After reassuring myself, I reached for my secret stash under my bed. I took the box containing hairdressing tools and a video recorder down to the living room where Jess was. I placed the video recorder on a book shelf beside the television such that it captured everything in the living room. I wanted to record this moment for my own future enjoyment.

Jessica’s hair was tied back in a ponytail, so I said to her, “Untie your ponytail and comb your hair.”

Without hesitation or question, Jess obeyed my commands! I sat back and enjoyed the show.

As Jess untied her hair, her 30 inch raven locks spilled across her back! She then took a comb from amongst the pile of hair dressing tools I had placed beside her, and proceeded to comb her hair thoroughly. The erection in my pants throbbed harder with every passing moment! I had to consciously stop myself from touching myself in order not to ejaculate prematurely. The sight was just too beautiful for words to describe.

“Now, I will comb your hair for you.” I said, as I took the comb from her. “Sit on this stool.”

Jess got up from the sofa and sat on the stool I had placed in the middle of the room, obediently without a word like a little girl. My dream finally came true as I combed her hair carefully, caressing it like a delicate sheet of silk, for silk it was! I could not believe how soft her hair was; it passed through the teeth of the comb effortlessly.

Jessica is one of those girls who change their hair parting once in a while. When she came over, her hair was parted with a left parting. I have always preferred middle parting on long hair than side parting. To me, a middle parting is the epitome of beauty and symmetry which only the most beautiful could pull off. Jessica, with her beautiful eyes and lovely facial features, definitely fitted those criteria.

“Take off all your clothes. Slowly.”

And so her clothes came off one by one, gradually revealing her slim petite body. It was incredibly erotic to see her clothed in nothing save her own long locks! I had to control my breathing to avoid myself climaxing from this strip show.

I proceeded to part Jess’s hair in the middle and allowed the forelock to fall
on both sides of her cheeks and covering her breasts. Her hair was one length all over; hence her forelocks cascaded down to just touching her crotch! At the back, the ends of her hair hung just above her bum. One side of me could not bear to destroy such a beautiful mane, yet the other side longed for the pleasure of cutting it off! I took a couple of photos before proceeding to the next phase.

“Now, I want you to grab those scissors.”

“Hold out your left forelock with your other hand.”

“Open the scissor blades and position them six inches from the ends. Now snip them off slowly.”

Snip, snip, snip, went the scissors as she cut off six inches of her own locks. Her hair was so long that even after cutting off six inches, it was still long enough to cover her breast.

“Now do the same to the other side.”

Snip, snip, snip, and now both forelocks were even again below breast level. Not a feeling of remorse was seen on Jess’s face at all with her full obedience to me. In fact, her face is totally neutral, in the truest sense of the word. Losing her free-will turned her into a robot.

“Now let me even up the length at the back.” I said as I took the scissors from her.

I brought her cut forelocks to the back. I saw that it reached the small of her back, just above waist level, while the rest of the uncut hair was still at bum length. I decided to bring the length up to mid-back by cutting another two inches on top of the six inches already cut, to even up the unevenly cut hair.

Snip! Plop! Snip! Plop! Snip! Plop! Snip! Plop!

The snipping sounds followed by the sound of her cut hair plopping down on the floor were music to my ears! My pants bulged even more from the erection. Before long, Jessica’s hair had been reduced from bum length to mid-back length in a blunt straight line across like a ruler! Cutting away the uneven growth and reducing the weight made her hair fuller and healthier!

For a “Cousin It” look, I combed Jess’s forelocks down to cover her face. The slightly shorter forelocks were now just covering her nipples. I admired the ruler straight lines I had created, and snapped some more photos.

I then stood in front of Jess, and pulled her forelocks apart to reveal her face. With her forelocks still in my hands, I asked rhetorically, “Shall we cut bangs?”

“Your will be done.” Jess replied.

Cutting eyebrow length bangs at this stage would mean her losing 15 inches of her forelocks. I drapped the forelocks across her forehead to judge how Jess would look with bangs.

“Hhhmmm, your forehead is too narrow for full bangs. Besides, I love your middle parting, with long forelocks. I’ll leave it… for now.”

I moved the video recorder and placed it behind her on a tripod for the next step in the makeover. Because Jess’s hair was in the “Cousin It” style, I had to brush out her hair again. I held her hair high above her head, and then released it, causing her hair to spill across her back. I did it a few more times, enjoying the “thudding” sound of her thick hair slapping against her back.

I then combed her hair out for the last time – at least at this 22 inch length – making sure that all the hair falls nicely in place behind her back. Taking the scissors, I positioned it above her right shoulder.

“It will take a long time before you have long hair again!” I said to Jessica.

Shick! Thud!

The first eight inch lock fell to the floor.

Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud!

Jessica’s hair rained down on the floor as I continued cutting the silken tresses across the top of her shoulders. What a sight indeed to see her bare back revealed as the long shiny hair was cut away! She could no longer hide her body behind her hair now! I would love to relive this moment again from the video recording, watching the hair giving way to the merciless scissor blades.

Working my way around her, I evened up the length. The final product was a long bob about 3 inches below her chin! Jessica looked incredibly sexy in this hairstyle! To stop myself from touching myself too much, I quickly grabbed the camera to snap some more shots.

For the next step of the makeover, I plan to graduate the back. I felt for her occipital bone and separated the nape section below that point from the rest of the hair. The rest of the hair was separated and clipped to the crown.

“Now I’m going to shave away this hair to reveal your sexy nape!”

I wanted it to be as dramatic as possible, so I went straight for the razor blade in my haircutting tool kit! Starting from the sectioned line, I razored away the nape! Jessica was shuddering and moaning from the feeling of her nape being scalped with a razor!

“Look who’s found her fetish!” I said to Jessica. I got even more aroused as I saw her hands were going for her crotch. I pinched myself to stop myself climaxing prematurely before the cut was finished!

8 inches of nape hair floated to the floor, joining the longer lengths, as her nape was shaved clean! To make it even smoother, I applied shaving cream on the nape and went over it again with the razor. After that I wiped the shaved nape with a wet cloth, and then patted it with a dry cloth. The contrast between her shaved nape and the rest of her shoulder length hair was breathtaking. I snapped a few more photos.

“Now for the graduation, “ I said as I removed the clips, causing the rest of the hair to spill to her shoulders.

I positioned the scissors at the new hairline and snipped away the hair covering the shaved nape. More 8 inch locks fell to the floor, exposing the smoothly shaved nape. When the scissors reached the sides, I angled it downwards and continued cutting towards the front. The length of hair being cut decreased progressively as the scissors made its way to the front, ending three inches below her chin. I repeated the same for the other side, snipping away until the finished outcome was a sharply angled bob; graduated at the back at ear level with a shaved nape, and three inches below the chin at the front! The middle parted hair made the incredible cut stand out even more with the symmetry.

My love for long hair is rivalled by my weakness for these A-line bobs. To me, there is nothing more arousing than a freshly cut A-line bob, especially knowing that the hair used to be long! The throbbing in my pants increased nearly to the point of ejaculation! I could see that Jessica herself was getting wet from touching her shaved nape!

“I can’t stand it anymore! Mount me!”

I stripped off my pants and lay down on the floor. Jessica mounted me, and moaned even more intensely when I penetrated her! She continued to stroke her shaved nape, while I fingered her sexy A-line bob, bringing us closer and closer to orgasm! Finally, there, amongst her chopped hair strewn across the floor, we climaxed! It was the most incredible sex I ever had!

We must have laid there on the floor to recover for goodness how long after that. Then it dawned upon me that I had lost track of time. I caught a glimpse of the wall clock and saw that it was almost 5 am! Only an hour before sunrise, and I must deliver Jessica back to her house and get her to drink the potion before it’s too late.

“Get up and put your clothes back on,” I said to Jessica as I searched around for the remainder potion.

When she was fully clothed again, I snapped some more photos of her sexy A-line bob. Too bad the night is about to end soon.

“I need to come up with a plausible cover story for her or she’ll freak out when she returns back to herself,” I thought to myself. “But what?”

Then an idea hit me. I took a piece of paper and wrote down this note:


When you wake up, you must be feeling traumatised at worst or confused at best. You probably don’t remember what happened the night before, and how you ended up with a bob hairstyle! Allow me to explain.

You went to a pub for a drink last nigh
t. Somehow you ended up playing a drinking game which you lost. You bet your hair, so they ended up cutting off your ponytail and leaving you drunk out in the streets.

I was there too and brought you home after that. I saw the hack job they did to your hair and decided to clean up the job. Unfortunately, they cut your ponytail very close to your head, so you ended up with a bob.

I had to leave you alone after that because I have work. I hope you recover well. All the best!


A good Samaritan

I folded the note and placed it inside her purse.

“Now I need to find some booze to make it believable,” I thought to myself.

I needed something strong and found some vodka. I mixed the potion and the vodka together and gave it to Jessica.

“You will not remember anything that happened tonight. Do you understand?” 

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“Now drink this mixture,” and she did.

She collapsed immediately after drinking the liquid! Fortunately, I caught her in time. There is no way the vodka could have an instantaneous effect, so I reasoned that it must be the magic potion. I carried her to my car and laid her across the back seats. Only half an hour before sunrise!

“I must bring her home before she wakes up!” I said to myself as I drove to her home.

On arrival, I carried her out and laid her down on her bed. After double checking that the note I wrote was in her purse, I left and went to Nezra’s house.

Knock, knock!

“Who is it? Why’d you have to come so early?” he said in a sleepy voice.

“It’s me.”

On hearing my voice, Nezra rushed to greet me at the door.

“So, did you do everything I told you to do? Did you followed my instructions down to the letter?” he said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, everything’s done as you said. It worked!” I replied. “Will she remember anything at all?”

“If you did everything I told you to, she won’t.” replied Nezra.

“Good. I’ll see you again next time. Remember our little agreement.” I said as I left.

A few days later, I saw Jessica again at the lecture hall. She still sported the A-line bob I gave her, and her friends complimented her new hairstyle. I smiled to myself as I saw her stroking her nape every now and then.

My attention was interrupted by two girls walking in late into the lecture hall. An idea sparked in my head.

“I wonder if I can control two at the same time.” I thought to myself. “Time to pay Nezra a visit!”

(To be continued in part 2)

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