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Steve walked into his wife’s salon Affordable Styles. He had just walked  up the street from going down to the corner Walgreens Store.

“You won’t believe what that lady did now?”


His wife Valarie ” What lady?”


Steve ” The Assistant manager. I think her name is Arlene. You know the the long dark mohagany hair to the middle of her back near 30 years old.”


Valarie ” The one that always helps us out and is there almost every day? Now what about her?”


Steve “Yes that is the one. Well, she permned or body waved the last foot of her hair. Now it is soft and fluffy on top but straight with curly ends. It looks awful. I sure wish we could get her in here and let you cut her hair.” 


Valarie ” I’ve been thinking along that line too when I see her. She really would look good with short hair.” 


It was the next day during a break in activity that Valarie walked down to Walgreens and sure enough Arlene  was working. It was like Steve told her being her hair was a disaster site. Arlene was working alone stocking a shelf with new items.  Valarie approached her ” Hi Arlene, my name is Valarie and I run the Affordable Styles salon down the street. We are running a ‘ New Client special’ this month. Why don’t you come down and see me. Here is my card.I’d be glad to work with you. Your always helping me and my husband out when we shop down here. What stylist do you go to now?”


Arlene ” I don’t go to see anyone. My sister did this body wave on my end area. The problem is that I work the hours your open.


” Valarie looked at Arlenes lovely dark long brown hair. ” What if I told you I could come in early or stay late to work you in for a visit. Now what is a good time for you?” 


Arlene looked at Valarie ” Ok, if your serious I work the grave yard shift starting Friday night. I won’t be off till 7am Saturday morning. Could you see me at 7:15am this coming Saturday mornng? You don’t open till 9am normally.”


Valarie thought ” I’d be glad to come in early to cut and style your hair. You sell hair style magazines so take a look the next couple of days and see what styles you might like. It will save us time.” A page came over  the intercom calling for Arlene. Arlene “I’ve got to go. I’ll see you Saturday morning. I’ll call you if anything changes. Have a nice day.”


That evening Valarie saw her husband Steve ” I’ve got some news for you about your Walgreens lady.”

Steve ” Is it good News?”

 Valarie “ Yes, she is coming to the salon Saturday at 7:15am sharp.”


Steve ” Wow, that means an early wakeup. I want you to save those big brown curls for me.”


 Valarie ” Your going to be my Assistant. You can save what you want. You can even take photo’s if you wish.”


Steve ” It is going to be a long Saturday then.”


Saturday morning came and Steve and Valarie got to the shop at 6:30am. Valarie got on the phone to Walgreens and told Arlene to just ring the door bell and she or Steve would be there. A little  after 7am the bell rang.Valarie opened the door and greeted Arlene. ” Good morning Arlene. I’ve got a station near the back so I don’t have all the lights on. My husband Steve will be my assistant if you don’t mind.  I’ve got the coffee on and I’ll give you a cup. ” Valarie led her to her cubicle station and sat Arlene in the chair. ” Ok, now do you have any ideas on how you want your hair done” Arlene ” I was thinking  a simple bob. You know straight accross the top of the shoulders.” Valarie ran her fingers through Arlene’s long soft dark brown hair and spoke ” I was thinking a short crop style for you. It would be a no fuss wash ‘N’ go style. Short and professional. A no nonsense style. You seem to put in a lot of hours at work. I think your the type of women who doesn’t have alot of personal time to spend on her hair. { Valairie pulls back Arlene’s hair into a tight ponytail away from her face.} You’ve got the face and neck for sh
ort hair. I’ll leave your soft bangs. ” Arlene took a sip of coffee and looked at herself in the mirror.” I haven’t had short hair for 20 years. You do make some good points. I hate going to salons with the smell and all the gossip.. I do like things simple and time for my hair is not a priority. Your sure I’ll look pretty with short hair?” Valarie replies ” Arlene you’ll love short hair after you get use to it. I’m so sure you’ll like it that I’ll cut and style it for free if you allow my husband to take a few before and after photo’s for our in house style book up front. Do we have a deal?”


Arlene looked in the mirror and lifted up her long soft dark brown hair.

” Oh, what the heck. I’ve been wearing the same style for year. Now, I guess it is Time for a Change. Go ahead and  ‘chop it off’. ” Steve had Arlene stand up and he took a few pictures with it down in front and down her back. Arlene then sat back down in the styling chair and Valarie put a light blue cape tightly around her neck. She spoke to Arlene ” I’m going to get rid of the bulk of your hair first by putting it in a tight ponytail and then removing it with clippers as your hair is so thick. “  Valarie combed Arlene’s long soft brown hair into a tight ponytail right behind her ears. Steve handed her  a hair tie and she tied it off and she pulled the hair tight. The big curls bouncing at the end of the ponytail. A Click, and a buzzing sound was heard as the Wahl clippers came to life and dug into Arlenes thick mane of brown. Valarie slowly and with steady hand pushed them though the thick tail. Soon it was over. Valarie held up the severed tail.” That is 20 inches of hair you won’t have to mess with anymore.” She handed the tail to a smiling Steve. Valarie ” Now I’ll shampoo and condition your hair before I cut the final style.” She leaned Arlene’s head back into the nearby washing basin. She gave it a good shampoo and applied conditioner and let it soak in for  a few minutes. Arlene relaxed in the chair. It had been a long graveyard shift and she was tired. She then towel dried Arlenes remainng choppy looking hair and kept her turned away from the mirror. She combed out and then parted Arlenes hair into  six sections.

She then using a comb and pulling the wet hair up and over her fingers she reduced the top area down to a two inch length. The sides were cut down to an inch in length. Locks of wet dark brown hair tumbled to the cape and then to the flloor. Some four inches and longer. Locks of severed brown hair began to surround the chair. Not a sound was heard except for the sschnip, schnip , snip of the silver shears as they did their job of reducing Arlenes long mane to a short crop. Steve took an occasional photo and collected a few of the longer severed locks. Valarie took out a razor comb and began slicing  more hair from Arlenes head.

The hair neared the drying point and Valarie activated the Wahl clippers and using them over a comb blended the sides of the hair and tapered Arlenes nape. More short pieces of brown tumbled to the floor. Valarie loosened the cape and took a straight razor and shaved Arlene’s neck area. Arlene’s long hair was history and it would be months before it was ever the previous length again. A blow dryer was turned on and with Arlene now having a short pixie or crop style like  Hallle Berry or the actress Baccarin the style was brushed out and finished.Valarie turned Arlene to the mirror and handed her a hand mirror. She looked at the wall clock. The time was 8:15am. Valarie anounced to Arlene ‘ I’m all done. I think you look ‘Hot” and ‘ Sexy’. What do you think?’


Arlene looked at the floor. ” Do  I have any hair left?” { Her hand reached up and felt her soft short hair and buzzed and shaved neck areas.} Wow! That is short! What a change?! It is no fuzz, wash and go alright. You were right I do look very professional and no nonsense without all that long hair.Man my head feels lighter. I think I’ll really like it after I get use to it in a few days. Are you sure I don’t owe you anything?”


Valarie ” No, it’s always fun giving a new customer a new look. Just let Steve take a few after photo’s of you. Here  are a few of my business cards to give away to those who give you compliments or ask where you got it done.Call me in the next few days and let me know the reaction you get as this is a big change for you. I’m sure your ready for some breakfast and sleep now.” Arlene left the salon feeling her new hairstyle. Steve was sweeping up the clippings.” Honey, that woman looks ‘Hot’ and thanks for the ponytail.”


Monday morning at 9:05 the phone rang. The rcceptionist told Valarie she had an urgent phone call on line one. Valarie picke up the phone. ” Valarie this is Arlene.”  Valarie ” Something wrong Arlene?” Arlene ” No, I just wanted to thank you for the new hairstyle. It is so easy to fix and I would have never cut it that short. You won’t believe the reaction Im getting. You’d think I was a movie star. I must have had fifty customers come up and tell me how great I look and ask where I got it done at. I’ve given away all your cards. A girl named Monica asked a lot of questions. I put my name on the back oft the card I gave her.  I’ve got to run and thanks again. Now be sure to say hi the next time your in and that goes for Steve too.”


 Valarie hung up and looked at Steve ” Your not the only one who thiinks Arlene looks ‘ Hot’ with her new haircut.” Steve ” I’ve been telling you for the past few years that Arlene needed a new style. I am right every now and then.” Valarie ‘ Ok, Mr. Right now get to the Bank before the line at Commercial Accounts gets too long.”  Valarie smiled and remembered she needed to get Arlene’s haircutting photos into the style book up front.


The End

Hope you liked the Story.

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