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It was druing a family picnic that Steve’s older sisters Louise and Cindy got him alone and started asking him questions about his new bride Abbey who was 25 about 5’7″ and had a masssive mane of blonde hair down to her thighs. Today she wore it up in a high thick twisty bun.

Louise ” How are things going with your new wife now that you have been married six months? She is a very pretty lady.

Steve” Yes, but she is very plain. I wish she was a bit more sexy looking.”

Cindy ” Sexy like how?”

Steve ” You know like wearing  tight fitting cloths now and then that show off her assets like her breast and that real cute sexy butt she has. She is a bit frumpy looking and needs help with how to apply makeup. I notice it compared to lady’s at my office.

Louise ” I bet you really love her long rapunzel hair though.”

Steve ” I do but even that is plaiin looking and not sexy. Her hair just hangs down or she puts it up in a boring bun.

Cindy ” Are you telling us that you would like to see her with short hair!?”

Steve ” I think she would look more sexy with a short  hairstyle that would show off her curves and sexy assets. I don’t think she will ever cut it. I’ve noticed that some new brides cut their hair after they are married but she loves her long hair too much to do that.”

Louise ” I hate to be really nosy but is she that hairy in her private area?

Steve ” Oh, my god yes! I wish she would shave herself smooth and not be so bushy.  Don’t get me wrong she is a lovely girl. She just needs to update her look and be more sexy at company functions.”

Cindy ” It sounds to me like you think she needs a makeover that includes short hair , a shaved private, and a few short skirts and  revealing tops. That with those done you would really find her more sexy and attractive than she already is.”

Steve ” Yes, but I don’t see that happening without her feelings being hurt. Here she comes now.  Hi Abbey What is up?

Abbey ” It is time to eat so I’ve got your plate ready at the table. Hi Cindy and Louise.”

Louise ” Did you get all that conversation recorded on your mini-cam Cindy?”

Cindy ” Yes I did are thinking what I’m thinking?”

Louiise” Well his Birthday is coming next month and I’d like to make my little brother happy and now I think I have the perfect gift for him.”

Cindy ” I agree and I think me and you can have some fun with his new bride doing it.”

Louise and Cindy spent the rest of the picnic studying Abbey like a pair of wolves  stalking their prey. They agreed to meet over coffee the next week at Cindy’s home to put together a plan to give their little brother a new sexy wife with a head to toe makeover on his Birthday.

Steve’s Birthday came and on that day they had told Abbey to come to Cindy’s home for lunch and then the three of them would go Birthday shoppng for Steve. Abbey had no idea what she was in for when she knocked on the door at  11:55 am that faithful day for  a lunch of Ice tea and sandwhiches. Her long hair was up in a bun wearing a red loose fitting blouse and black pants.

Louise came to the door and greeted Abbey. ” Hi Abbey we were waiting for you and lunch is ready.” Louise  followed Abbey smiling looking at the large bun of golden hair and knowing in a few hours it would be no longer there. Cindy saw Abbey ” Hi Abbey we ordered a footlong sub from Subway. I’ve cut you a section so sit down and I’ll get you a glass of my home made Ice tea.” Louise kept Abbey distracted while Cindy took a bottle of something from the cabinet and put a capfull of the clear liquid into the glass of ice tea. It was a combination that in a few minutes would make Abbey a very submissive woman. She would feel drowsy but would be easy to command. Abbey would be completly asleep within three hours. The three of them began eating and with Louse and Cindy commenting on how good the Ice Tea was they made sure that Abbey consumned not only one full glass but part of another. They chatted away and looked for Abbey to show signs the drug was working. Shortly Abbey spoke ” Boy, I’m suddenly sleepy.” Cindy decided to give a test. ” Abbey please stand up and touch you toes and go over to the window and then come back and sit down here.”

Abbey got up without saying a word  and bent over and touched her toes and then walked to the window and came back and sat down in the chair between Cindy and Louise.

Cindy cleared the table and brought over her laptop where she had transfered the picnic video. She put the laptop n front of Abbey. She spoke ” Abbey we including you are going to give your husband our brother Steve  a wonderful  Birthday present. which is a new and improved Wife which is you Abbey. Your getting a makeover this afternoon. I want you to look at the laptop screen while I play the video clip.”

Abbey watched in silence and a bit of surprise. ” How come he never told me these things?”

Louise ” He was hoping you would progress yourself but you haven’t.”

Abbey ” Yeah  but he loves my hair being long and soft. Surely he doesn’t want it changed?”

Cindy ” Im afraid so my dear.” She fwds the tape to the part where Steve’s says he would like to see Abbey with short hair. A tear comes to Abbey’s eyes. She looks at Cindy ” Where and when will this makeover happen?

Louise ” It is going to happen now Abbey. We have a room set up down the hall. We will be gentle and nothing will hurt. We just want to make our Brother and your husband happy tonight when he gets home.”

Abbey stood up with the drug now taking full effect and followed Louise and Cindy to a room that had been prepared for today’s events.

Cindy opened the door and in the room was various stations; A makeup mirror and table Two full length mirrrors and a long bench with a pillow on it.Finally there was a bar stool that had a table next to it that had clippers, combs, and scissors on it. Abbey looked at it all and even in her drugged state started to get scared. ” What are you going to do to me?” Louise ” We are going to give you a full makeover like Steve spoke of on the video.” Cindy ” Now first we will start with your makeup. Now go sit at that small table and wash off your face with the cloth laying on it. ” Abbey did as she was told. Louise and Cindy showed Abbey how to put on different types of makeup and how to get different looks for day and evening. Abbey seemed to enjoy the education. Then they motioned for her to go stand in front of the full length mirrors arranged in a ushape. Louise ” Abbey look at yourself. You look so plain and frumpy.Cindy came up and loosened Abbeys bun and down tumbled down her long golden hair. Louise continued ” See how your long hair and cloths you hide all your assets. Now when we finish we are going to put you in some nice sexy cloths and have got a few other outfits for you to wear later. I got your sizes from your closet as I do have a key to my brother’s house. “Cindy now strip down to your panty and bra.” Abbey put on an outfit that showed her tight butt and a bit of cleavage.”

Cindy “Now I want you to strip and go over to the bench and lay down with your head on the pillow.” Cindy spread Abbeys legs wide appart and put each ontop of a chair. Wow, Steve wasnt’ kidding that you are really bushy. I don’t think you ever trimned yourself. Louise, I think you will take it from here.” Abbey What are you going to do to me?”

Cindy put the laptop in front of Abbey’s face and hit the play button.

” Louise is going to shave you smooth like a baby like Steve wants.Since your so  bushy she will start with clippers. Now lay still and enjoy.” Louse took a pair of wahl clippers and with a number two attachment attacked Abbey’s bushy private area. Cindy took pictures and saved some of the clippngs in a baggie. Then she removed the attachment and went over the area beng gentle. A can of shaving cream appeared and a nic
e amount was spread over the pubic area. A Gillette twin turbo blade removed the stuble in short order. Cindy ” Ok, Louise is all done. You can feel yourself now.” Abbey reached down and Louise handed her a hand mirror. ” Oh MY! That feels so different. I could have never done that to myself.”

Cindy and Louise looked at each other and then at Abbey.

Louise ” Put your panties back on as there is only on part left of your makeover.”

Abbey ” My hair.”

Louise ” Yes your hair our sweet sister in law. Now go over and sit on the bar stool next to Cindy.”

Abbey sat and Louise brought over the tripod with a  recording camera on it. They wanted to record the shearing of Abbeys golden mane. A mane that they had both been jealous of since their first introduction to her. Cindy came over and put a light blue cape tightly around Abbeys neck. She reached up and loosened the bun and the long rapunzel golden hair fell downward and downward till it almost reached the floor. Cindy took out a brush and brushed out the golden tresses.

Cindy ” Now, lets review the tape. Steve finds your long hair in simple styles boring and wants it cut short and short it will be in a brief time. You will be getting  a short inverted bob that will show off your neckline and since you don’t like to have your hair cut I’m going to make it ear length so it will be short for a nice long time. Cindy turned Abbey so she faced the mirror placed in front of her.”

Louise ” Abbeyhave you ever had short hair?”

Abbey ” Not since third grade.”

Cindy ” Ok first we have to remove the bulk of your long hair. We are going to create two long ponytails one on each side of your head. Once that hair is gone I will create your new hairstyle.”

A wicked smile came over Cindy and Louise as they divided Abbeys thick soft golden locks into two massive ponytails right above her ears. They pulled them tight to Abbeys head. Louise went back to make sure the camera was getting the action. She grabbed a  measuring tape  from the counter. ” My tail measures out to 40 inches Cindy.” Cindy ” I’ll make mine the same length. Here we go Abbey. Bye, Bye long hair.” Cindy reaches up and  with a large pair of silver scissors the snip, snip, snip begins as they cut their way through the thick soft hair. She hands the scissors to her smiling sister Louise who pulls tight and attacks the base of the tail with the scissors. Scnip, Scnip Schnip is heard andt;hen a final plop as the tail comes loose. Cindy holds the severed golden tails up in fromt of a teary eyed Abby. ” Oh, what a nice set of trophy tails for Steve.” She places them in a large baggie.

Louise combs out Abbey’s rough looking mop of hair and grabs the wahl clippers with a number 3 attachment she pushes Abbey’s head forward and moves the clippers upward to a point where Cindy will connect in the sides.  It is all quiet except for the buzzng noise and chunks of blond hair hitting the cape and then the floor.  Cindy is up front cutting short bangs above Abbeys eyes. She knows Steve like bangs. Then she wets down the golden blonde hair and with scissors over comb starts chopping off lengths of hair two and three inches long.

She creates her line from earlobe level to high up in the back of Abbeys head at a nice sharp angle. She knows time is running out with the drug and they have to work quickly. She loosens the cap and takes the wahl clippers and with no attachments shaves Abbeys neck area smooth and using a clipper over comb works her way up the nape of Abbeys neck blending in the haircut. ” The cape is pulled away and Louise turns Abbey towards the mirror and hands her a hand mirror.

Louise ” Ok, Abbey we are all done and you can reach up and touch your new hairstyle.”

Abbey ” My hair, it is all gone! Are you sure Steve wanted it this short?

Cindy ” No you still have hair  and we know Steve will like it.  Now, we have to hurry and get your new makeup applied and a sexy outfit put on you so you can greet Steve when he comes home for work. A few after pictures will end the makeover ” The sisters dressed up Abbey and got her home just in time. She passed out completely when they placed her on the Loveseat facing the front door. A large over sized card was placed next to Abbey proclaiming ” Happy Birthday-Steve  signed Friends. ” the bag of severed ponytails was placed next to it.

They left the house and Louise lamented ” I wish I could be there when Steve sees our work.”  ” Cindy ” Oh, I planted a remote camera with a feed to my TV so we will see the action. I’ll give Steve the video and pictures we took of the makeover at a later date.”

Now it was 5pm and Steve opened the door to see a new sexy wife just waking up from what looked like a nap. He exclaimed  ” Abbey! What happened to you? You look so different. “

Abbey ” Oh my God Steve. I went shopping this afternoon for a gift for you and the next thing I know I wake up looking like this. My long hair is all gone and I see this bag holding two long ponytails of my pretty hair. ” Tears came pouring out. ” There is one more thing ” She lifted up her short skirt. ” I’ve been shaved smooth  down here” Pointing to her pubic area. ” Oh, I must look just awful to you and it is your Birthday to boot.

Steve came over and began feeling and looking at his young wife. He felt her shaved pubic area, he felt her short hair and kissed her shaven neck area and marveled at the new look makeup.  “ Oh honey Ilove you this way. This is the best Birthday present  I’ve ever gotten. It is making me so horney I feel like it is our wedding day. I’m going to take you upstairs and make love to you right now.”

  Abbey ” Then your not mad at me. You still think Im pretty. “ Steve ” Oh you look the best I’ve ever seen you. Now dry those tears. You don’t know who did this to you but they didn’t hurt you “

Abbey ” I have no idea how this happened. Like I told you I went out shopping for a Birthday gift for you and woke up like this right before you came in the door.”

Steve picked up the card and looked at the handwriting. A smile came to his face. He picked up Abbey and they made passionate love . Steve loved touching his new wifes clipped and shaved areas.

When they were done and he was holding Abbey in his arms he spoke. ” Abbey have I ever mentioned how terrific my two sisters  Cindy and Louise are?

Abbey ” Yes you have and it seems they would do almost anything to make you happy. I wonder what they will give you for your Birthday?”

Steve ” I think what they gave me or will give me will be a special surprise gift. He looked over at the ponytails in the bag. I’m sure I’ll run into them the next day or two. Now go to sleep my lovely little wife.”

The End

Hope you enjoy..Mr.Snips

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