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It has been said that strange supernatural things happen every time the moon is full. One hears urban legends of people being possessed by spirits, people disappearing mysteriously, people dying in unexplained horrific manners, werewolf transformations, and the appearance of a whole assortment of unholy creatures. Of course, most of these are what they are – myths – but is there any truth in these full moon “X-file” cases? I believe there is. The boundary between the netherworld and ours is at its thinnest once in a full moon, allowing real magic practitioners to tap into the power of the netherworld. In fact, some powerful shamans and witchdoctors are even able to get the spirits at work to do their bidding. Here’s my story.

 “It should work in theory, but like I said, I’ve never known anyone who has tried to control the will of two people at the same time,” said Nezra. “As long as you don’t mix up the vials, you should be fine.”

Earlier that day, I had gotten hold of hair samples from Lauren and Holly. It wasn’t too hard; they are best friends and they always sit next to each other in class. All I had to do was sit behind them in lecture, fake dropping my pen onto the floor, and reached down to acquire their fallen hair strands. Thank goodness that long hair tends to shed more, so it was easy.

Nezra make potions using his shamanistic magic, with which one can control the will of anyone. All one needs to do is acquire a body sample of that person; in this case, hair strands. However, this powerful magic only works on a full moon, and the effect lasts only for one night.

“Here’s your payment,” I said to Nezra. “I will contact you again later.”

My first time using Nezra’s magic wasn’t properly planned out; I had to come up with a last-minute cover. Not this time round. Even before the magic came into effect, I had already gotten both girls to come over to my place. It was under the pretence of helping them to prepare for an upcoming exam. I made sure that they came over in the afternoon before sunset, to ensure that they came over willingly. The magic will take effect as soon as the sun sets, at which they will both come under my control.

The girls turned up at 4.30 pm. I invited them in and we studied for the exam together. I wasn’t a whiz, but I knew the material enough to bluff my way as a tutor. Yet it wasn’t easy for a completely different reason; I was struggling to contain the surge of hormones within. Both girls were physically stunning with attractive facial features! Lauren especially was incredibly hot and most attractive amongst the both of them.

But what stood out the most was their hair. Lauren’s light auburn red hair was incredibly silky and long, reaching to her bum! Holly’s golden blonde locks, though not as long as Lauren’s, was thick and healthy, reaching to the small of her back. Both girls wore their hair one length and middle parted, like those shampoo commercial models. I struggled to concentrate on the study books, knowing that these lovely ladies would become my slaves for the night.

Dusk finally came, and when the sun fell below the horizon, the magic came into full effect. All of a sudden, both girls sat upright frozen stiff. Their eyes looked straight ahead into the distance. It was at that moment I knew that their willpower had been transferred to me; they were now my slaves for the night!

“Go upstairs to my bedroom both of you,” I told them. Immediately, they got up from their seats, left the study and walked upstairs to my bedroom. I went to get the hairdressing tools before joining them.

“Now strip down naked,” I told them, to which they immediately obeyed. I didn’t actually have to word it out verbally; a mere thought in the mind is enough to get the girls to obey me. From then onwards, I willed it all telepathically in my mind, and the girls followed suit, playing out the fantasy with me.

I enjoyed every bit of the stripping, feeling the testosterone levels surging within. “What stunning bodies they have!” I thought. “All that gorgeous body hidden underneath those clothes!”

I placed the hairdressing tools on the bedside table and then stripped down naked myself. The three of us went up onto the bed and knelt down. I was sandwiched between the both of them, with Lauren in front and Holly behind.

“Holly, massage my back,” I commanded. “Lauren, bring your hair forward.”

There I was, playing with Lauren’s silky red hair while Holly massaged my back! The texture of Lauren’s hair was unbelievably silky! I stroked it over and over again with my bare hands, enjoying the smoothness on my skin. I felt my cock grew harder with each passing moment. When I was satisfied, I handed Lauren’s hair back. With Holly still massaging my back, I went for Lauren’s breasts now. I caressed them gently, until her nipples were hard. Lauren moaned as she felt orgasmic surges.

She returned the favour by wrapping the ends of her butt length hair around my cock! It was long enough to do so without her having to bend over. At this, Holly joined in too. She brought her hair across my shoulders, allowing me to stroke her thick golden mane as Lauren continued to caress my cock! I was in heaven! It wasn’t long before the combined effort of both girls resulted in my climax. I ejaculated, spilling semen onto Lauren’s hair wrapped around my cock.

After seeing that I had climaxed, Lauren unwrapped her hair from around my cock, and held out the ends in front of Holly. It was still soaked in my cum. Holly licked up my cum from Lauren’s hair; every single drop of it! I was too fatigued to join them, so I laid back on the bed.

 “Now go wash and dry your hair while I recover,” I said to both of them. It was killing two birds with one stone; I needed to recover, and I wanted the girls hair to be in perfect condition for the next stage, especially Lauren’s hair which I had just cummed over!

I told them to leave the bathroom door and shower curtains opened, so that I could still watch them from the room. It was incredibly sexy to watch the two naked girls lathering each other’s hair in the shower. After recovering my strength, I had to join them in the shower. I stood between both girls, and they draped their wet hair all across my body! It was extremely arousing to shower together with two hot naked girls; I felt my strength return back to full from post-orgasmic fatigue. After washing off all the soap suds, we got out of the shower and the girls blow dried each other’s hair. Time for the next round!

We got back onto the bed. Again, I was sandwiched between the both of them. Lauren knelt with her back turned towards me, while Holly knelt down behind me. Lauren’s freshly washed and dried hair was truly breathtaking! I brushed out the waterfall of red silky hair gently, savouring every stroke of the brush. Not wanting to miss out, Holly draped her blonde locks across my left shoulder, and started to kiss the back of my neck!

After I was satisfied, the girls switched spots. Now Holly was in front of me with her back facing me, while Lauren was behind me, with her hair draped across my right shoulder! Lauren’s butt length hair was so long that the ends reached down to my crotch, tickling my cock! While I brushed out Holly’s thick mane, Lauren massaged my neck. I felt my cock begin to harden again from the tickling sensation of Lauren’s hair. If this wasn’t paradise, I don’t know what is!

After almost an hour of brushing both girls hair, I was satisfie. Time to move on to the “main course” as it were. I lied down on the bed, with the girls knelt on either sides of my body. I handed Lauren a pair of scissors and a comb.

“Cut Holly’s hair to her shoulders,” I told Lauren. “Slowly.”

Lauren’s hair was still draped across her shoulders, so I played with it while she prepared to cut Holly’s hair. I had already brushed out Holly’s hair, so it was r
eady to cut without needing anymore brushing from Lauren.

Lauren opened the scissor blades and positioned them at shoulder level. Slowly, she closed the blades, scrunching through the thick golden mane.


The cut14 inch lock fell on top of my chest! An orgasmic surge penetrated my body.


Another golden lock landed on me as the scissors continued to make their way across Holly’s mane.

Scrunch! Scrunch! Scrunch!

The mound of blonde hair continue to pile on top of my chest as Lauren continued to cut across in a straight line until Holly’s back was now bare. Her crowning glory was no longer covering her back having been reduced to shoulder length. It was deeply arousing to be covered in freshly cut hair that had been a woman’s prized possession!

After that, Holly turned around to face Lauren. The scissors and comb were passed to Holly, reversing the roles. Holly partitioned a triangular section of Lauren’s forelocks with the comb and tucked the rest of the hair behind the ears. Because Lauren wore her butt length hair one length, the forelocks were so long that it reached her crotch! I reached out for the forelock, and tickled Lauren’s clits with the ends! Lauren let out a moan from the tickling sensation at her sensitive privates. I wondered if she does this often; masturbating by tickling her clits with her own hair!

After I was satisfied, Holly combed out the full length of the forelock one last time, and proceeded to cut bangs into Lauren’s hair. She placed the scissor blades between the eyes and the eyebrow, and snipped off the 30 inch long lock!


An inch wide section of Lauren’s long forelocks fell on top of my chest, joining the pile of golden hair already there.


Another piece of red silken locks fell before the blades.

Shick! Shick!

With the last couple of snips, Lauren now sported cute blunt bangs at eyebrow level! The bangs framed her face perfectly and brought out the glimmer of her blue eyes. It contrasted sharply with the bulk of her hair still butt length. Watching those long bangs being snipped off was deeply arousing. My cock was so hard by now that I struggled to stop touching myself to avoid premature ejaculation!

Again, the roles were reversed as Holly turned to face away from Lauren. I passed an electric clipper to Lauren which she turned on immediately.

Pop! Hum…

Without guards, Lauren brought the clippers up Holly’s nape!

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

8 inch blonde locks rained down on my chest as Holly’s nape was buzzed away. The back of her hair now only reached the occipital bone! It contrasted with the rest of her hair which was still shoulder length.

After the nape was completely shorn, Holly turned her head to the right, allowing Lauren to work on the sides. Lauren held the clippers inverted, and plunged the flat edge of the clippers into the sides. She used to clippers to create a straight blunt edge at lip length.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

After the right side was done, Holly turned her head to the left, allowing Lauren to finish up that side. More golden locks fell before the clippers, piling up on the mound of hair on my chest.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

Holly turned around to face Lauren to allow her to work on the bangs. The front section of her hair was still shoulder length in stark contrast to the rest of her hair which had been clippered to a lip length bob. Lauren quickly took care of that by clippering away the bangs to the middle of Holly’s forehead!

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

Foot long golden locks from Holly’s cut bangs fell to my abdomen. Holly’s face was now framed by short bangs, revealing her lovely eyes. Holly now sported a Louise Brook bob! She looked even more adorable in that short haircut! I had to refrain from touching myself too much to avoid climaxing prematurely.

It was now time for Holly to return the favour. Lauren turned around so that her back is now facing Holly. Lauren’s hair was gathered to the back and released. The audible slap of her butt length hair against her back sent a testosterone surge through my veins! It was hugely erotic to see a long haired girl at total mercy to a short haired barberette.

I wanted to keep Lauren’s long silky hair for myself, so I got Holly to gather the long hair into a ponytail at the top of her neck. The ponytail was so long that I could easily wrap the ends around my cock like before. Holly took the scissors, and proceeded to hack off the lovely ponytail above the elastic bands.

Scrunch! Scrunch!

As the scissor blades sawed their way into Lauren’s ponytail, I was rubbing the other end of the ponytail against my cock!

Scrunch! Scrunch!

My hardened cock throbbed more and more from the combined sound of the ponytail being sawed and the orgasmic pleasure of rubbing Lauren’s silky hair against my cock.

Scrunch! Scrunch! Thud!

Finally, the two feet long ponytail came loose and fell heavily onto my chest! There and then, I climaxed for the second time that night, spilling semen onto the ends of Lauren’s hair again. This time however, the silken red lock was no longer attached to Lauren’s head!

But Holly wasn’t finished; Lauren’s hacked hair was now a rough chin length bob which needed to be cleaned up. She took hold of the clippers, popped them on, and plunged them into Lauren’s nape!

Pop! Hum… Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

More of Lauren’s red hair rained down on me as I lay there recovering from the climax. The bed and my abdomen were now covered with both blonde and red hair of various length. After a few more passes, Lauren’s nape was now completely shaved up to the occipital bone.

Lauren then turned around to face her barberette. She took her severed ponytail from my chest and played with it. Holly switched over to using scissors, and continued to snip away Lauren’s hair at the sides. She wanted the cut to match her own lip length bob.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

More of Lauren’s hair fell to my chest as her sides were cut to lip length level. Holly saw that Lauren’s bangs needed to be shortened to match her own. As Holly prepared to trim the bangs, Lauren unwrapped the ends of the cut ponytail from my cock, and proceeded to lick my cum!

Snip! Snip! Snip!

It was extremely arousing to see Lauren licking cum from her severed ponytail, while her bangs were being cut! Even though I had just climaxed, I could feel the hormone surge gradually return.

After that haircut, both girls laid down on either sides of me on my arms. I stroked their freshly cut bobs while recovering for the final stage. I felt triumphant that two hours ago, both girls had magnificent long hair; now their crowning glories lay lifeless on my chest. Both girls now sported the exact same haircuts, looking like red and blonde haired versions of Louise Brooks herself!

It took almost half an hour for me to recover. When I did, I got back up onto my knees, and brushed away the girls cut hair from my chest. Time for the final stage! I got Lauren to bend over to suck my cock and Holly to kneel down beside Lauren. I passed the scissors to Lauren.

“Now cut her hair short, while I buzz your head,” I instructed Holly, and went for the clippers.

Pop! Hum…

Snip! Snip! Snip!

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

The threesome now consists of Lauren giving me a blowjob, while her hair is being hacked off with scissors by Holly, whose hair I buzzed away to the scalp! Both red and blonde locks fell before the scissors and clippers respectively as both girls were shorn simultaneously. My cock gradually began to harden from the combined effect of Lauren working her magic with her tongue, and both girls being shorn.

After Holly’s hair was shorn completely bald, I passed her the clippers for her to use them on Lauren’s head. By now, Lauren’s bob had been hacked away into an ultra short pixie no more an inch long all over. The pixie was short lived however, as Holly plunged the clippers i
nto Lauren’s crown.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

As the last of Lauren’s short hair was buzzed away, she continued to “massage” my cock skilfully with her lips and tongue. The threesome ecstasy was electrifying! When the last of Lauren’s hair was finally shorn off, I ejaculated cum into Lauren’s mouth, which she gulped down!

After that third climax, I laid back down on the bed with my back facing up. Both freshly shaved girls began massaging my back as I laid there to recover. Under normal circumstances, climaxing three times in a span of a few hours would have been impossible. The Viagra pill I took before the night started truly paid off!

Half an hour later, I got back up. We needed to clean up ourselves after that smoking hot session. The three of us showered together in the bathroom again! In sharp contrast to the shower session earlier, this time round, both girls were now completely bald! Their bald heads didn’t need shampoo anymore, and they squealed in excitement at the feeling of the water drops splattering on their bare heads.

As much as I wanted the night to continue, I knew that I had to cut it short in order for my cover to work. Leaving them in the bathroom, I wiped myself dry and put my clothes back on. I swept the shorn hair from the bed top into a plastic bag. To keep my plans secret from the girls, I went downstairs to make a call to Nezra.

 “Yo, brother. It’s time,” I told him. “Make sure you stick to the plan and there won’t be any evidence pointing back to us.”

I went back upstairs and told the girls to put their clothes back on. After they did so, I gave them each a vial containing their respective antidote potions. In order for the magic to wear off, they must consume the antidote potion made by Nezra. Only then will their willpower return back to them. It must be done by sunrise as well.

“You may leave now. Take this too,” I told them as I handed them the plastic bag containing their cut hair. With that, Lauren and Holly left my house, and walked down the street back to their homes. The adventure has ended on my end, but not for them.

A few blocks down the road, a white van pulled up next to them. A masked driver got out, slid open the side door, and pushed the girls into the vehicle. He slid the door close behind them, and drove off. I saw the whole thing from afar and telepathically told the girls not to resist. With that, I grinned to myself and went back inside. My part was done.

The masked man drove the girls to an abandoned factory at the outskirts of town where nobody went. The girls got out from the van, and went inside with their captor. The man tied each of the girls onto a chair. He took the plastic bag containing their shorn locks, and emptied them on the floor around them.

Next, he took the antidote vials from them, and mixed tranquilizer into the solution. He made the girls drink the concoction. As soon as they swallowed the concoction, the magic was broken. The girls willpower returned back and they became aware of their surroundings.

“What the… Help!” they screamed when they realized they were bound. The captor gagged them, muffling out their cries.

Their cries for help quickly turned into weeping when they realized that their treasured hair had been shorn. Their struggles were short-lived however. As soon as the tranquilizer kicked in, they passed out, and they were once again silent before their captor.

The masked man himself did not realise that everything he did that night was not of his own accord. Nezra had cast a spell on him, and had been controlling his every move. As soon as the girls were back to themselves again, Nezra tipped off the kidnapping to the cops anonymously from a public pay phone.

Just before the police arrived at the abandoned factory, Nezra telepathically told the man, “Now drink the potion in your pocket.”

As soon as he did so, the spell was broken and the man’s willpower returned back to him. His initial confusion turned into shock when he saw the two girls bound and gagged before him. Next came the police sirens. He tried to leave the premise, but it was too late. The cops caught him as he attempted to reverse his van out of the compound. The man was apprehended, and the cops released the girls. 

The next day…

“So what happens now?” I asked Nezra.

“The man will plead his innocence, but the evidence against him will be overwhelming,” said Nezra. “Besides, the guy is a drug pushing scum anyway. His criminal record will mount up against him. The cops will be glad to put him away.”

“How did you obtain his DNA?” I asked.

“That was easy,” answered Nezra. “The guy smokes. All I had to do was follow him and pick up a freshly discarded cigarette butt.”

“Nice doing business with you again brother,” I said. “Look forward to next time.”

“With pleasure,” he replied.

I returned back home, and went back to my room. Unbeknown to the girls, I had recorded every moment of that night’s adventure. Before that night, I had placed secret cameras at various positions around the room, capturing everything from various angles. I retrieved the video recordings, and watched them again on my computer. There I was, reliving the night again, while stroking the acquired trophy; Lauren’s two feet long silky red ponytail.

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