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Danielle was my new housekeeper, she came straight from university to work for me, she was very pretty with her long dark hair and eyes. I knew she had big debts to pay off and danielle was very keen to do any extra overtime she could. her car had seen better days and I knew she wanted to save up to get a replacement. I didnt pay her that well but she had lots of perks working for me, she used my pool, rode my horses and always had sundays off.

After a few months working at my house danielle still hadnt saved enough money to get another car so I asked her if she wanted to earn extra cash, she was very interested and asked me how,  simple I replyed, at the moment you get £6 an hour but if you want £7.50 all you have to do is have your hair bobbed short. my hair she replyed bobbed, yes its that easy I told her, the shorter your hair, the more money I will pay you.

She stood there shocked about my proposition for her lovely hair, you can save more for your car I said. and your hair will grow back. get it bobbed I told her and its £7.50 an hour, short back and sides is £8.75 an hour and if you want £10 an hour get a grade 1 skinhead. she refused but I knew how much she wanted another car and decided to be patient.

I watched beautiful danielle working with all her long hair flowing down her back, so soft and shiny and I wanted it.

I wanted to send her to our local lady hairdresser to have it all cut off short, I wanted to see her bobbed high or cut into a short back and sides boy style. ultimately I wanted to buzz her head with clippers and strip it all off her. take all her hair.

she had never had a short haircut in her life, just trims and perms, all through school and university, but that would change soon. 

Another month went by, danielle continued to work hard and do overtime, but one friday her car broke down and it was terminal.  it would cost too much to repair and so her car went to the scrap heap. now she was in big trouble, she needed a car so I gave her an offer she couldnt refuse. I agreed to buy her a car in return for her having her long hair cut for me.

The car she wanted was £1200 and she agreed to have her long hair bobbed to the bottom of her ears and the back clippered and faded up high in return for me buying it for her,  that meant her losing nearly two feet of her thick dark silky hair. and I wanted her severed ponytail to keep. I arranged the car purchase and she booked an appointment at the hairdressers in the village. finally her long hair was coming off, I couldnt wait.

The following tuesday I left the house to collect her car and she left to go to the salon for her short bobbing. I couldnt wait

to see her without her lovely long locks. I watched her walk away, long hair flowing in the wind for the last time. sent for a haircut by me. I was back first and I waited for her to walk home from the hairdressers shop. i saw her coming up the street, her hair was so short, I could see her ear lobes, I watched out the window as she walked up the drive and got my first glimpse of the back of her head. all her lovely long hair had gone, it had all been finally cut short

The local village hairdresser was very old style and danielles hair was clippered and faded short all up the bottom half of her head at the back, it was supershort.  the sides hung just to the middle of her ears, it was a perfect high inverted short bob.

she had lost two foot of hair and it would take years to grow back. she burst into tears when she saw me and handed over her ponytail in exchange for the car keys. she had got her hair cut really short and bobbed high.

Now I had the pleasure of seeing danielle without all her long silky hair, her short bob annoyed her I could see that, she didnt like it falling across her cheeks all the time. I loved seeing the back of her head, the hairdresser had really thinned and clippered her without mercy, her hair was clipped into a high arch shape, fading from grade two to one to zero at her nape. danielle had her lovely hair bobbed very short and she didnt like it at all, again I was patient.

I need more money she told me one day a few weeks later, then get the short back and sides I told her, its £8.75 an hour after that.  danielle agreed to get a boy cut crop for me the following day. I told her I wanted to see her ears and the top shouldnt be longer than two inches. she agreed to the haircut because she hated the bob so much and she was still struggling with all her debts. more of her hair was going to be cut and clippered for me.

The following day I took her to a barbers I knew in a local town, I parked outside and sent her in. very short I told her.

it was busy inside, I thought about her sitting there waiting her turn in the barbers chair and the embarassment of her getting a short back and sides in front of everyone. she must of sat there watching in the mirror as she was cropped and clippered like a boy thinking about all the long hair she used to have. I knew if she asked for a short back and sides she would get a really severe haircut in that barbers.

I waited nearly forty minutes for her to walk out, she looked so embarassed when she did and her hair was so short.

she got into the car and cryed when she looked in the mirror.  look what he did to me she sobbed, think of the extra cash I told her, its only hair and it will grow back. but I knew it would take her years to grow out her new supershort boycut crop.

her hair had been cut and clippered so short and high all around the back and sides and the top was just two inches long.

it was a very short hairstyle for a boy but on beautiful daniella I thought she looked so much better cropped that short, unable to hide behind all her lovely dark silky long hair which I now had in my ponytail collection.

Her hair hardly grew for the next few months it always looked short and I liked seeing her in her lovely dresses and shoes but instead of all that long hair that used to hang and swing aroung her I got to enjoy watching danielle with her hair cut and clippered high and very tight. a beautiful girl but with her hair cut like a boy. and I got to play with her severed ponytail

At the end of the summer danielle was desperate to go on holiday but again didnt have the money. she was managing to get her debts paid off though as I paid her the £8.75 short back and sides rate. she just didnt have the cash for a hoilday and I knew that. I offered to lend her the £500 she needed to go away for a week in the sun and pay her £10 an hour if she agreed to a number 1 buzzcut.

Danielle refused the skinhead headshave, I had got her bobbed short from very long then had her cropped boystyle into a very high and tight short back and sides but I still had to wait to see her clippered completely.  she thought about it for the next two days, then agreed to the headshave because she was so desperate to get away for a few days. she didnt want to go to a barbers for the clippering so I took her to the discount store to buy some cheap clippers.

She hated that, I sent her in to buy them while I waited outside. she came out with the box  of head clippers that she knew I was going to use on her hair as soon as we got home. and in twenty minutes she was caped in my kitchen, I made her plug the clippers in and set them with the number one guard. now I would get to see her scalp that was once hi
dden away by a thick curtain of long hair that used to hang around her.

She was trembling in the chair as I switched the clippers on, £10 an hour I said as I dropped the clippers onto her forehead

I slowly drove them up into her short dark soft hair watching as her hair was instantly shaved to the shortest fuzz and fell away onto the cape, I swiftly shaved the top in lines until I could see her scalp underneath.then eager to see her with the skinhead hairstyle I buzzed off both sides as quicly as I could, flicking her shorn hair onto the cape and the floor.

Then it was just the back, her short back and sides had started to grow out and I was so happy to shave it all off. I pushed danielles head right forward and held her head down, I imagined the first time I saw her dressed beautifully and surrounded by the long hair she had always had and now she awaited the final bit of clippering that was going to turn her into a skinhead buzzcut girl.  it was going to be many years before danielle had long hair again.

The humming clippers removed the last of danielles hair on the back of her head. I turned them off, brushed her head of stray hairs and handed her the mirror. her mouth just fell open, she couldnt speak, she was practically clippered bald for her holiday by me. when she stood up I watched her short back and sides fall to the floor, gone forever. I removed the cape

Lovely long haired danielle was paid just £6 and hour but now my skinhead housekeeper danielle gets £10 an hour to work for me. she has paid her debts off and her car but she knows that to keep her hourly rate she has to have her hair close clippered once a month by me in the kitchen. and she hates it, but loves the money

The irony to the story is that I paid my old housekeeper £10 an hour and I didnt think I would get away with just £6 for danielle, but she accepted the job, so increasing her wages as her hair became shorter was a perfect move by me. in the end it still cost me no more money but I got to see her lovely long hair cut off and bobbed for me, then sending her into the barbers for the short back and sides was the perfect humiliation for her, before finally getting to clipper her head almost bald. all the way to a grade one.  danielle sold her hair to me and it cost me nothing.

And it will be many years before danielle is surrounded by a curtain of long thick dark silky hair again. I bought her hair from her and sent her to the barbers and she has to stay a skinhead girl to work for me now.  danielle was given three different haircuts and is kept shaved for my pleasure and I have her long hair to keep, cared for and uncut for many years  then cut off and sold to me.  money can buy hair !!!

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