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The introduction

“Welcome to the sorority.”

Jennifer, the head girl queen of the sorority for that year, addressed the freshies. It was induction night of the sorority.

“So, you girls want to join this exclusive sorority. Unlike our other rivals, we pride ourselves in having a straight-forward induction ritual.”

The senior members of the sorority wheeled out what looked like a “wheel of fortune” mounted vertically. It was covered with a heavy cloth, so the freshies didn’t know what it was.

“For those who are having second thoughts, now is your chance to leave. Otherwise, I assume that everyone here in this room is up for the induction.”

No one left the room, so Jennifer continued addressing the eight freshies.

“Ok. The task is simple,” said Jennifer, pausing a while before continuing. “You will all receive haircuts from the senior members.”

Loud gasps filled the atmosphere, followed by hushed whispering amongst the freshies.

“Silence!” Jennifer pointed towards the covered wheel and continued, “Underneath this, is a wheel. Each of you will spin the wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, the number indicated by the pointer is the number of inches of hair that person will lose. If that number is equal to or larger than the hair length, then she will be shaved bald.”

More gasps filled the air as the wheel was unveiled. The wheel was about 1.5 meters in diameter and divided into 10 alternating red and blue sectors. Labelled on the sectors were these numbers, distributed randomly across the wheel:

4, 8, 12, 18, 24

Each number appears twice on the wheel; one on a red sector, and one on a blue sector.

“You may be wondering what the colours mean, “ said Jennifer. “If you spin a red, then your bangs will be cut to eyebrow length on top of the inches you will lose from the bulk. If you spin a blue, your bangs will be left alone, unless your whole head is getting shaved, obviously!”

The freshie girls in the room began fumbling with their hair, caressing them for their last time. All of them wore their hair past their shoulders without bangs, and some of them even had hair so long, it literally covered their backs!

“You all probably think that this hazing is cruel, but I assure you that all of the more senior members here, including myself, have gone through the wheel in our freshman years. The process is completely random, and fair since you will be the one spinning the wheel, rather than us deciding for you.”

“Bring in the haircutting tools,” Jennifer commanded.

The senior girls brought in a stool, a pink cape, and a hairdressing trolley filled with an assortment of tools. Jennifer picked up a large pair of shears from the trolley, snipped the scissors in the air three times and proclaimed:

“Let the cutting begin!”

“We will draw lots, so as to randomise the order in which you get your haircuts as well,” said Jennifer.

The girls wrote their names down on small pieces of paper and placed them in a large bowl that was passed around. The bowl was placed before Jennifer, and she drew out a name. 


 “Mary, you’re first!”

The freshies gasped in shock when Mary was called, for her hair was one of the longest amongst the eight of them. As she walked up to the wheel, all eyes were upon her light brown wavy locks which reached her bum.

Mary took hold of the wheel’s edge, hesitated a little, and then spun it. All eyes were glued to the wheel as everyone wondered how much of her hair would be cut.

18 Blue

Mary gasped as she realised that 18 inches of her hair would be cut. One of the senior girls led her to the stool in the middle of the room and a pink cape was draped over her. The barberette pulled her trapped hair from under the cape, and released it. As her heavy mane slapped audibly against the cape, Mary knew that it would be a long time before her hair can do that again.

The barberette gathered the hair into a ponytail and secured it with an elastic band. She then measured 18 inches from the bottom of the hair with a measuring tape, and moved the band to that length.

“May you do the honours?” said the barberette as she handed a large pair of scissors to Jennifer.

“Gladly,” replied Jennifer as she took the scissors. She opened its menacing blades and playfully snipped them in the air in front of Mary. “What a trophy you have here!”

The blades were then positioned around the base of the ponytail above the elastic band; at least two years of thick wavy brown hair hung below the shears. Jennifer proceeded to hack away at the ponytail.

Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick!

The thick bundle of hair put up quite a fight, but eventually it gave way to the sharp shears.

Plop! Mary’s 18 inch ponytail dropped to the floor. The remaining hair on her head was now just touching her shoulders! Jennifer picked up the cut ponytail and held it up high for all to see, causing the senior girls to break out into cheers.

Tears began to flow freely down Mary’s cheeks as the full realization of what had just happened finally dawned upon her.

 “Now clean up this mess,” said Jennifer to the barberette as she handed the shears back.

Mary’s hack job was evened out into a long pageboy bob barely touching her shoulders.

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


Nikki’s name was the next one drawn from the bowl. She spun the wheel, and ended up getting 12 red.

“Looks like Blondie is going to lose a lot of hair!” said her barberette, another senior girl. She measured Nikki’s hair from the ends, which hung at bra strap length, and remarked “We’ll have to cut it to a lip length bob for 12 inches to come off!”

Gulp! “That’s so short! I’ll look like a freak, especially with bangs!” Nikki thought to herself.

After being caped, the barberette wasted no time and quickly snipped into Nikki’s hair!

Snip! Snip! Snip!

12 inches of fine blonde lengths fluttered to the floor as the barberette worked her way around Nikki’s head.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

Before long, Nikki’s hair was reduced to a short lip-length bob.

“Now for the bangs.”

Her forelocks were combed across Nikki’s face. The ends tickled her lips; a new sensation she never experienced before, since her bangs were never at this length before.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that soon enough,” the barberette remarked as she sprayed the forelocks wet. Nikki’s hair was so fine that her forelocks need to be moistened to stay in place.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

Five inch long wet locks fell before the scissors as Nikki’s bangs were cut across her forehead.

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


“Next up is… Leila!”

The wheel was in motion again. Seeing how much hair the two girls before her lost, Leila closed her eyes and muttered a prayer, “Please not too short, please not too short!”

When the wheels stopped, she opened her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief.

8 Blue

“You’re a lucky one, ginger!” said the barberette assigned to her. “Your hair will still be considered long by normal standards.”

Leila’s gorgeous fiery red hair hung down 12 inches past her shoulders to mid-back length. Her hair would still hang past her shoulders after cutting 8 inches off, hence the relief.

The barberette draped the cape over Leila, and proceeded to comb out Leila’s hair. Unlike Nikki’s barberette before, she took her time caressing Leila’s hair.

“You seem to wear your hair tucked behind your ears,” said the barberette. “I think you’ll look better with some face framing layers instead of this one length hair you now have.”

The barberette gathered Leila’s hair into a front ponytail, measured out 6 inches and secured the ponytail where it was goin
g to be cut.

“What are you doing?” asked Leila.

“You will see,” replied her barberette as she reached for the scissors and snipped off the front ponytail where it was tied.

Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! 

After a couple of snips, the front ponytail was finally liberated from Leila’s head.

“Now let’s comb out this mess.”

The barberette gave Leila a middle part from the side part she had before, and combed out her hair until it was neat. Because the hair was cut in a front ponytail, the final result was a layered shoulder length cut. The longest ends at the back were about 4 inches below the shoulders and the shortest face framing layers in front were at jaw length. A hand mirror was passed to Leila.

“I love it!” exclaimed Leila as she saw her reflection in the mirror.

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


Next up was the Asian beauty Susan. She had the longest hair of the lot. Her long raven black hair hung stick straight all the way to the bottom of her bum! As she walked up to the wheel, her healthy shiny hair gleamed in the room’s lighting.

“Please let it be 4, please let it be 4,” she prayed in her mind as she spun the wheel.

After what seemed like an eternity, the wheel stopped. Susan let out a gasp!

8 Red

“Eight inches isn’t much considering how long your hair is!” said Susan’s assigned barberette. “But looks like someone’s getting a serious bang chop!”

As Susan was caped, she said, “I haven’t had bangs since I was little! I’ll miss my one length cut!”

“Hey, at least you get to keep most of your hair! It could have turned out a lot worse,” said her barberette as she pulled Susan’s hair out from underneath the cape.

Slap, went Susan’s hair as it slapped against the back of the cape when it was released. Susan’s hair was already in such good condition that it did not require much brushing out. The barberette measured out 8 inches from the ends, and prepared to cut a straight line across, above Susan’s bum.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

8 inches of the black curtain fell to the floor as one side was cut, revealing Susan’s bum which was previously covered. The barberette moved to the other side to continue cutting from that side.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

More 8 inch locks rained down onto the floor. Susan’s hair now hung just above her bum in a blunt cut as straight as a ruler.

“Now you don’t have to worry about sitting on your hair anymore!” said the barberette. “Now, time for the bangs to go!”

The 8 inch trim wasn’t so bad for Susan; she was used to having it trimmed that “short” ever since she kept her hair at that extreme length. The bangs that was to come on the other hand, was going to be a major change.

The barberette was now in front of Susan. With a rat-tail comb, she partitioned the forelocks in a triangular section, and secured the rest of the hair back with clips. She took pleasure in combing the long forelock through its full length, knowing that it would be Susan’s last. It was so long that the ends were touching her crotch!

Finally, after she was satisfied, the barberette took out her scissors and positioned it at Susan’s right eyebrow. More than two years worth of growth hung below the scissors. Susan let out a gulp as the scissor blades were closed.


A two feet section of Susan’s dark locks feel to the cape and slithered to the floor. Her right eye was now no longer covered by those long veils.


Another section fell before the blades.


With the final snip, both Susan’s eyes are now “unveiled”, framed by freshly cut eyebrow length bangs. Susan gasped again as she looked at the cut hair on the floor. It was hard to believe that just a short moment ago, she wore her hair one length with a middle part.

“Don’t worry. You look cute in bangs!” her barberette assured her.

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


“Please not too short!” Kelly thought to herself when she was called up. If anything, she has even more reason to hope for the best, because her hair was the shortest amongst the girls. Kelly’s naturally curly brown hair was only up to her shoulders.

Nervously, she spun the wheel.


Everyone in the room gasped when the wheel stopped at 24 Red.

“Oh my. Your hair is obviously shorter than 24 inches!” said her barberette. “Looks like we’ll have to shave your head!”

Kelly was so terrified that she became speechless. She was led to the stool and caped. Before she realizes it, an electric clipper was popped on, jolting her back to reality!

Pop! Hum…

“No! Don’t shave me bald!” said Kelly.

“This is what you signed up for. Now shut up and hold still!” her barberette barked back. Mercilessly, she plunged the guardless clippers into Kelly’s hair, straight down the middle!


Kelly’s lovely curls fell before the clippers, piling up on her lap. All the freshie girls gasped in disbelief and shock at Kelly’s unfortunate fate. She began to weep, but her barberette continued the hair massacre, buzzing away more hair from her crown.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

Foot long curls rained down like mad. Some fell to Kelly’s lap, some fell to the floor and some ended up draped on her shoulders. After some more passes, the clippers reduced Kelly’s lovely mane to nothing more than stubbles. Kelly was still sobbing when she was finally completely devoid of her former glory.

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


12 Blue

“Oh no! My long hair!” exclaimed Veronica when she found out how much hair she will lose upon spinning the wheel.

“That’s right. This ponytail will have to go!” said her barberette.

Veronica was next up. Her auburn red hair which reached to the small of her back, was already tied in a ponytail. The barberette measured out 12 inches, and it turned out that her ponytail was roughly 12 inches long.

The electric clippers which was used on Kelly before was still there, so the barberette decided to use it to severe the ponytail.

Pop! Bzzz!

The clipper blades dug into the ponytail at the base of Veronica’s nape. Turned out that the clippers were faster at ponytail removal than scissors. A few seconds later, the ponytail came loose from Veronica’s head and the rest of the hair jerked forward in a rough bob. The barberette held the ponytail high triumphantly, before adding more insult by dropping it onto Veronica’s lap.

Tears trickled down Veronica’s face as she held the silky ponytail in her hands. The barberette draped the cape over her, and combed out the uneven long bob. Veronica’s middle part was changed to a side part. Using the flat edge of the clippers held inverted, she worked around her head, evening out the bob.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

Small half inch locks covered the cape as the barberette gave Veronica a chin length blunt bob. Veronica had stopped sobbing by now. When she was done, she handed her a hand mirror.

“Wow, is that me? I look so different!” exclaimed Veronica as she inspected her new cut. Because her hair had been trained in a middle part for many years, the side parted bob resulted in the heavy side draping across half her face covering one eye. “That’s not so bad after all!”

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


“Only two more left in the draw,” said Jennifer as she drew a name out from the bowl. “Hayley!”

Nervously, Hayley walked up to the wheel, carefully stepping around cut hair strewn across the floor. Her blonde hair was up in a bun, so no one in the room knew how long her hair was. She spun the wheel, and it came to stop at:

24 Blue

Everyone gasped, thinking that this could be another headshave if Hayley’s hair is shorter than that length. As for Hayley, her expressions showed disappointment rather than
shock, which indicated that her hair may still be long even after losing the maximum possible amount on the wheel. Hayley sat down at the stool and her assigned barberette caped her.

“Now let’s see how much hair we’ve got here,” said her barberette. She undid her bun, causing Hayley’s hair to cascade down her back, spilling all the way onto the floor! Everyone gasped at the magnificent curtain of golden shiny silk displayed before their eyes. Everyone thought that Susan’s raven black hair was the longest, until now. If Hayley had been standing, the ends of her locks would have reached knee length.

“Oh my! How did you manage to keep this length?” exclaimed her surprised barberette. “No matter. After this, your hair will be a lot more manageable, Rapunzel!”

She measured out two feet from the ends and visually marked where the hair would be cut. Cutting 24 inches would mean Hayley losing half her hair. The barberette positioned the scissor blades just above the small of Hayley’s back, and scrunched through the crowning glory.

Shick! Thud!

Due to its length and weight, the cut two feet lock fell to the floor audibly.

Shick! Thud!

Another shorn golden lock fell before the cruel scissors.

Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud!

Years of growth and maintenance fell to the floor, joining the pile of hair various coloured hair from the girls before. The initial cut was rough, so the barberette went back over the ends again, snipping the ends into a blunt straight line across Hayley’s back at mid-back length.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


Andrea, the last girl to get a haircut, stepped up to the wheel. Her dark brown hair was mid-back length.

18 Red

“Gasp!” thought Andrea. “Is my hair long enough? I don’t want to get shaved!”

“Hhhmmm, your hair might be long enough that we won’t have to shave you,” said her barberette. “Let us see.”

After caping Andrea, she measured out 18 inches from the end.

“You have enough hair to escape a complete shave,” said the barberette. “But you will get a short haircut!”

“Use this,” said Jennifer, passing the lot drawing bowl to the barberette.

With that, she placed the bowl over Andrea’s head; it fitted perfectly!

“Perfect!” said the barberette. “Now, we’ll just have to cut around the bowl!”

Pop! Hum!

With the flat edge of the clippers held inverted, the barberette clippered plunged the clippers into Andrea’s hair! She used the edge of the bowl as a guide, clippering away every bit of hair falling outside the bowl. As she worked around the bowl at above ear length, Andrea’s hair rained down onto the cape and floor. When she reached the nape, the clippers were turned back around in order to buzz the nape clean. After the nape and sides were done, the bangs were the last to go; they were clippered to half an inch above the eyebrows.

After she was done, the bowl was removed, revealing Andrea’s literal bowl cut. Her barberette passed her a hand mirror.

“I look like a mushroom freak!” Andrea exclaimed when she saw her bowl cut.

“Welcome to the sorority.” 


“There is one final rite to perform before you are officially accepted into this sorority,” said Jennifer. “You must all brush my hair.”

Before this, Jennifer’s hair length had been concealed; it was up in a chignon. None of the freshies knew how long her hair was. As if to add salt to their wounds, the freshies who had just received haircuts against their will, must now caress the hair of the sorority queen!

She walked up to the middle of the room, and sat down at the same stool on which the girls got their haircuts. In a display of superiority, she released her chignon, causing her light brown hair to spill down her back. Jennifer’s hair reached down past her bum in its full length! Her hair was of amazing health and shine, with neatly trimmed blunt ends.

One by one, the girls came up to Jennifer to pay homage to her; from the bald Kelly to Susan, whose hair length came closest to rivalling Jennifer’s. They gave their allegiance to their sorority queen by brushing out her beautiful hair.

“One day, one of you will be the next sorority queen,” said Jennifer as her hair was brushed out until it gleamed like the sun. “When you reach your senior year, whoever has the longest hair will become the sorority queen.”

When they were done with the brushing, Jennifer looked at bald Kelly and said to her, “Don’t worry; three or four years is plenty of time to grow out your hair.”

Then, she turned to Susan and said to her, “You might have an advantage ahead of the other girls with your waist length hair… but anything can happen in your time here.”

With that, she winked at all the freshie girls.

“Welcome to the sorority.”

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