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Kala was seeing that a hundred times by now. Whenever she sees that butterflies start to fly in her stomach. A rare fetish it would be but for her she could not freely express it, enjoy until some one understands it. She had thought as if she would be a barber if she have had been born as a male. Since an Indian woman with poverty and her family she managed only to get sweeper job in a big salon. 

Easwar came in when she was staring the pile of hair. He is her boss and he leaves late after all of the employees leave out. He was observing her activities some days from now, but he did not feel and difference with those. “Still cleaning are you?” the voice of him made Kala shocked.

N…No sir stammered Kala. Just finished. She dumped the hairs into the bag and tied it. 

What happened to you Kala? you look so pale? are you okay? he inquired with some smile.

“No nothing sir! I am having slight headache that’s all” she managed.

“O.K don’t feel hesitant to ask me any help.So shall we close for the day?” he enquired.

“Yes sir we can. I ‘ve finished cleaning.”She told. as she  took a long hair banded as a lock and was about to put it in the bag.

“Kala stop!”  Easwar shouted. 

“Yes sir?” she cocked her head.

Easwar came hurried and asked for the hair locks. She handed it to him. “Such a lovely thing to loose. Where it was?” he asked. “I took it from the second table sir” Kala replied.

“You know? I like these gifts.” He exclaimed. “I saw a school girl came for boy cut.It must be her.” saying so he smelled it suddenly. Kala looked like awestruck. “I missed the view.” he smiled at her. Suddenly his face turned red with shy.  “Sorry I was blabbering something.Okay shall we close for the day?” he had to change the topic. They were off for the day.

Kala was thinking about Easwar that day. Such a fetish hair lover. It’s my luck she thought. but how could she share her thoughts or feeling to him? He is as young as her age. But I should  never open my thoughts to a boss. It may be a maddest mistake to make. She slept with the thoughts.

She was submerged with the work for some weeks, but never left the fetish towards hair. When ever there are chances she would really grab it.She never missed to touch her hair with her hands and feel the softness She cleaned it with her hands for touching it while sweeping. She had taken some locks unknowingly. But there was some vague feeling some one is watching her activities. She thought it must be her imagination.

It was a Monday evening, the barber shop was filled with the customers for routine shaving and normal haircut. It was quick close time. Two barbers left for the day. Easwar was sitting in the cash stash and Kala entered for cleaning. She made the routines and was finished pretty quick.

She informed that she has completed the work and was about to leave.Easwar called her to come his side. 

Kala went to him. “Kala, I wanted to ask you some small favour or help “he asked.

Kala was surprised. Usually he would volunteer for help, what is sudden change, it was her turn to help. “Yes sir! what can I do for you? She asked meekly.

Actually I don’t know how to start he looked puzzled. 

“No problem sir. Please tell me.”

“Kala, you know I love hairs.Not by profession. For some reason I was excited to touch feel and later on I wanted to cut it. Whenever I was with them I felt very happy and that’s why I wanted to become a barber. I love cutting, and shaving hairs. For these years I have a long, unfulfilled desire to shave a female hair. For some days I have been so obsessed with the female head shaving fetish and desire. Since you are well known to me, can you do a favour bringing a volunteer for me?” he finished with an enquiring look.

Kala was speechless. No one in her life have ever asked this kind of request. That too a fetish like her it’s a splendid offer. Immediately she was about to say yes to him. At last her dream would become true.

But she did not want to reveal herself. She thought he might be pulling her leg. She wanted to drag on.

“Sir! I am surprised, why are you asking me? Are there some one who could help you? although I could help you but how we can expect without any offer?” She hooked him.

Well I know its a tough job though. I will pay both of you. I assure that nothing would be revealed and I would promise I would not void dignity or anything peril.”

Kala thought foor a while. Really this offer is not to loose, also this could pay her good bounty.

“Sir, in that case I need some time.” Kala acted as if she is not interested. 

“Please don’t let any one.Look, there is a long weekend in this month end. Three days leave. I would be happy if it is finished in this time. Easwar thanked her so much and she left.

Kala was in cloud nine. It was a double shot offer. She could satisfy her fetish and would be paid for it. For a volunteering and a commission. “Good! but I have to make it neck time”. She thought to try her luck.

It was two days to go and Easwar waited eagerly to hear some news from Kala. He was quite determinant that she would be making it. But also he had some other plans inside too!

One day more and Easwar was quite tensed. Kala did not answer and did not update any news to him. He thought he would miss the opportunity.Kala came later that evening and informed that she managed one girl for volunteer.She talked to the girl and managed to convince her from the neighbour area. She asked what would be the payment. He told that he would be ready to pay 2000 bucks for the head shave. She thought that would be an increment this month. How much he would be surprised if I stand tomorrow as a volunteer?” she smiled and went way.

The next fine day every thing was set. She wore a good Saree from her stock. She combed her butt-long thick mane for last time well oiled and neatly plaited it. If at all she was spotted with this figure, she would surely be a super model for Shampoo advertisements. She never let bangs but thought to make the style one last time. She wore Jasmine flower and looked handsome. She called Easwar’s mobile. He told that he is waiting for the volunteer. She told that she would arrive in one hour. Since it is a longest weekend. It was a local holiday and next day is a festival with weekends. Obviously the streets were deserted around her house. She lived with her friends sharing the room so there is no problem of convincing her parents. She lived too distant with them and seldom goes upon festivals. Her communication is through phone. None other than her younger sister she has revealed she is going to shave her head. She was shocked but understood that it all for money. She thought Kala was sacrificing for her family a lot. Absolutely she don’t know that it’s all her wish for fetish. She took a vow not to reveal anyone until her return to home.

Easwar was eagerly waiting for the call. Kala was now informed to be present that she has to be used for convincing his plan. Kala was confused more, but she told she would certainly be present. A mutual confusion spread among them.

Kala knocked the back door of the salon. It would be seldom opened whenever the chairs to be sent for repair or for some other reasons. Easwar was surprised that none other than Kala was present. He wavered his eyes elsewhere.

“You told you will bring some volunteer didn’t you?” 

“Absolutely sir, the volunteer is before you.” she winked with some courage.

Easwar was puzzled with her looks “So you are my volunteer today?”and he started to giggle at her.

“Why sir? Am I not Okay to you?”

“Hmm! really a good volunteer
, but I had some other plans upon her, I don’t know how would you be accepting it.”

“Any change in plan?”

“Actually yes. There is really a great change in the plan. I thought of asking my volunteer for a complete shaving..with a really good payment.”

“What do you mean?”

“Kala I was thinking to make a head shave, but it would not be exiting and I did not wanted to loose opportunity.”  And this reply made her confused.

“I could give you good cooperation, provided with good payment.”

“Well I am not going to make any change.The amount has been increased to 5000 bucks now, provided you will be undergoing entire body shaved.”

Kala stood stupefied.She could not refuse, 5000 bucks is a month increment, but she has to sacrifice beyond limits. Being nude to a stranger would not be a good plan at all.

“Kala I know what are you thinking about, I swear I would not make anything stupid. All I want to make is to enjoy my fetish, I want only your vanity not your body or pleasure. If you want to option only head shaving I am also ready to agreement”.

Being a young man, with lot of fetish it would not be wise decision. But 5000 bucks is not at all an amount to loose. Kala fell into a great dilemma now.

Sir please give me some time. Kala blankly replied. Easwar said he will prepare something to eat meanwhile she could think.  

Kala was in fully confused now. She don’t know how could he trust him. What if he has crossed his limits and how would she be nude to stranger? In spite of this does he have any more surprise plans upon me? Well okay, let me take a risk, if at all he does anything we can act upon it. Anyways, he is going to pay the money.

Easwar returned with rice food. “Have it first, we can talk later he said. They dined.In.

“now tell me, I am happy with your preference.I am not at all going to press you, also you can get your commission too!” he said.

“ I am not afraid of you sir,but our age is not to be relied.” “Okay Kala, I swear, no crossing limits.”

“In that case I am ready sir.”

“hey! are you sure?”

“I believe you now. Also I know how to stop it” she grinned.

“So what is the plan?” Kala asked eagerly.

“Well I wanted to start with shaving your head, instead lets start with reverse. I am going to shave your head at last.”

“Okay sir, agreed but I have one condition.”

“what is that?”

“I don’t want my eyebrows to be removed.”

“Why so?”

“Well, it would be awkward and I am afraid I might be caught, well I could justify my head shave as vow to pilgrimage or something.”

“HMM! sounds good. shall we start?” Easwar winked.

Kala was still hesitant, she felt shy, after all she was being denuded for the first time to a stranger. 

“Kala trust me. Don’t feel shy. Come on!”said Easwar firmly.

Kala started to peel off her shy with her dress. She removed her blue Saree first. She stood really good with her blouse and petticoat.  Easwar encouraged her. He took off her blouse and bra. Her breast was visible and looked gorgeous. Next off went her petticoat. To his surprise it is the last one to go off.She was looking like an angel now. Easwar controlled himself. 

Kala was fully nude now and her breast got erect ,She tied her hair to bun. Easwar stood motionless.” Kala can I tell you something? What a beauty you are?Also would‘ve never shaved I believe ” he commented.Her face red with shy eating her.Absolutely He was very lucky  to have a volunteer like this. 

He told her to wet her body in the bathroom behind. She took a quick bath and came wet. She did not shower her head as he advised.Easwar adjusted the barber chair as to full slanting position and asked her to lay on it. She obeyed.He took a shaving cream can and sprayed the can on her till empty. The smell of the shaving cream and chillness of the A.C made Kala to moan. She started to get out of shyness slowly.

He then took a large size brush and drenched it in the hot water bowl. 

“Kala I will brush the body to make a lather so it would not itch when I shave. Okay?”

Saying this Easwar started to  brush her low neck , he made her erected, 

“Please make it faster sir..”She pleaded. She was about to burst out with excitement.

He took a straight razor now and changed with a half blade. He placed his hand on her and moved the razor slowly. The blade took the later off leaving bare skin behind. slowly it removed the stray hairs out. He repeated the process. He now had full control over Kala.Her breast were cleaned without any stray hairs. Now he asked her to raise her hands. She obeyed as a doll. He examined her arm pits. “It’s like a bush, ever thought about removing them? he grinned.”All in your hands now, please go on.” She replied more romantically. Slowly he lathered the armpits and in no time both were cleaned with professional touch.

He examined her body completely and the intimacy grew up slowly. She turned to act like a doll in his hand. This turned on Easwar like anything. Bit by his words he must act mechanically.

He widened her thigh gap and took the foam and spread it to lather nicely. He moved his razor to quick strokes. Slowly her legs are completely clean shaved. Now her bush remained untouched. He stared it at with some ale look. “Both of their intentions are the same. She refused to shave her private area.

Now The remaining part was the head. He asked her to sit straight and adjusted the chair. He covered her with the cloth Now he took off her band and loosen the plait. He caressed her hair and touched it again and again. He removed the bands and flowers, he untied her braid and made her hair loose. Now massaged her head nicely with his bare hands and took a deep breath of the smell of shampoo. She moaned but controlled. It was soothing her a lot and she enjoyed it. He asked her to sit in the wash tub to wash her hair wet. She rested her head in the tub. He rinsed with hair  with water. 

Again she dried her hair with towel but it was still wet out of mass. 

Kala was not so fair even though she looked beautiful. Her advantage is her butt length hair. Thick and jet black. She had a good amount of it but never let it out since she always knots like a bun tightly whenever she comes to work. Easwar was amazed of it. He touched and played with for some time with it. Now he caped her with a cloth and observed her. He sprayed some water and took a comb. He parted her nape and clipped the upper portion.

He took a buzzer and removed the guard.

She gazed herself in the mirror with hair, lush, spilling its vanity. Some drops of tears dropped from her eyes. 

“Kala what happened?”

“Nothing sir, it’s out of happiness.”

“Why so?”

“Nothing, Can you please tell me what are you going to do now?”

Easwar told one by one what he is going to do. Kala was excited hearing them.

What are they? Well now it begins.

“Kala here you withering begins. Enjoy with your eyes closed!” he commanded.

Kala closed her eyes. She heard the humming noise of the buzzer and felt vibrated tooth gnawing her nape rapidly. The plucking sensation tickled her flying butterflies inside her stomach. Easwar’s professional hands used the clippers with precise and style. He shaved off her nape to the top of the ears and it looked like some one drew line. He turned the chair to her left side. He tilted her head and saw her not closing eyes at all.

“Too enthusiastic huh ? “ he grinned.

“An obedient volunteer” she smiled. 

“Well I laud you then!”

He smiled at her and bend her ears and continue to m
ow her hairs off. The ruthless machine severed her hair leaving a stubble all over. The silent room now hummed with the buzzer sound. The hairs were raining on her shoulders and fell on her lap. Her butt length furs raining ou t leaving a bare stubble.

He turned the chair with right side and completed the half circle. 

Kala took her hands and rubbed it hurriedly. 

“Wait don’t jump into conclusions”  he took her hands off. 

Now he took the straight razor and cream. He lathered the nape and rubbed with the brush leaving he hairline. Now slowly he moved the razor on her nape. a white patch with scalp got revealed. He paced upon the act now the entire nape is clean as an egg.

He now lathered the side burns and repeated the process again. 

“Now try “ he told Kala. She touched the smooth nape and giggled. “ So soft sir. I really love it now.Think I missed this opportunity before” she commented. 

Better late than never. I would ‘ve missed a good volunteer. 

He combed her hair top wards and sprayed the hair whenever required. Now he parted the bangs and the front hair neatly semicircle leaving a hair line. her face was covered with wet hair barely visible . He now lowered her head and clipped the top hair lock with the clips. Now he sprayed more water as if drenched wet. He now moved backwards and tilted her head back and made rest to the chair. He started to massage her front portion nicely. Kala felt like bursting out inside and her expression was hard to control. He took the razor now and slowly he scraped towards the top. The razor removed her bangs and front head was now lost the hairs. he repeated slowly again and the front was completely bald now. Now he positioned the razor on her crown and started to shave toward him from the forehead to teh crown a patch was removed and little bit of locks remained. She opened and saw herself at the mirror. She could no believe her transformation. Now with a couple of strokes they were gone too. Kala immediately started to tear. “Oh no! all my hairs were gone!” She started to cry suddenly. Easwar turned helpless now. All he could do is to immediately hugged her from back “Hey Kala! Please don’t cry, do you know how much beautiful you are? I started to love your looks you know?” He soothed her.See , we are no half pas. Please compose yourself, you will really enjoy the final part, now close your eyes and relax.” Saying so he started to resume his work again. Kala some how managed and obeyed him.

After some time they started again. He took the shaving cream and lather her head. He now shaved stubble left and examined her head nicely. He repeated it twice and ensured the head is cleanly shaved. He washed her head nice and clean. He took some after shave lotion and rubbed her head nicely. Now Kala looked her self in the mirror. She rubbed her que ball head again and again. Her ears were prominent and her studs were visible nicely.

She still could not believe herself. Free flown asset and her favourite asset was now gone but an admiring different personality and a different vanity came in.This was the transformation what she was craving for. She can’t resist herself to let out her feelings to thank Easwar. 

Easwar felt himself as if in luck is in his pocket. He loved Kala from the first sight, not her status and by her job. He always wanted her to be her life partner but could not share with her. Above all Kala’s hair made his fetish doubled and induced  him to keep hands on it. He felt as if he was in cloud nine as his life time wish got fulfilled.

Now When Kala shared her fetish towards him he could not believe himself. Alike poles were attracted each other.

“Kala, What about this?” He asked weakly. pointing his finger on her bush.

She hastily replied “Need it to be shaved?”

“Well, it looks awkward now!” he commented.

“Okay  please go on.” She replied wit her eyes closed.

“Easwar hands trembled touching it. But when it happened, they went to trans Mr. Good guy was no more.

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